• Published 10th Jan 2014
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Same Life New World - Whiskey Drops

A year and a half later, the family grew about another Apple. Lowell, and his family are happy but baddies lurk.

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The Start Of Change

~~~~~The Start Of Change~~~~

A year and a half later since the previous story, the Apple family has grown by one. Golden Apple who is a new born earth pony colt, he had slightly darker green eyes, orange coat with his mother's freckles along his mane was goldish with streaks of brown. Lowell was sitting in their bedroom looking at the sleeping foal in his crib. Look at the lil guy....fricking cute. Lowell thought before Applejack cantered into the room.

“ There ya are sugercube, ah been lookin for ya.” Applejack said as she cantered up too Lowell.

“ Oh hey Jackie. “ Lowell said as he looked to the mare as he smiled.

“ Ya'll ready for later on when me and the girls leave?” Applejack asked as Lowell chuckled a bit.

“ I am Jackie...don't worry..you mares have a fun weekend.” Lowell said as he smiled to the mare as she returned the smile.

Applejack and her friends along with Lighting Storm were going to Las Pegasus for a weekend get-a-way, while Lowell would stay home and foal sit the CMC, His own foals, and Red Wing. No problem...I can handle the small fries. Lowell thought as he leaned over and nuzzled the mare's cheek.

“ Okay...okay ah'll get out of yer mane.” Applejack said before she kissed the foal's forehead as she left.

“ Just us....well and the fillies....and colt... we can handle this!....I mean I dealt with being an Ivey...before I was an Apple....heh.” Lowell said as he smiled at the sleeping foal.

Lowell went down stairs as Sweetiebellie and Scootaloo cantered in with their bags.

“Alright got the other to fillies of the CMC about.....just do something after the girls leave......heh.” Lowell said as the fillies smile and nodded before they went upstairs to meet up with his fillies and Applebloom.

“ And we got Red Wing! “ Lowell said as he waved to the colt who looked around some.

“ Yer...a bit quiet Red....” Lowell said as he tilted his stetson back some.

“Sorry sir...” The colt looked around some before looking to Lowell.

“You don't gotta call me sir......doesn't suit me.....go on lad go play with them.” Lowell said as the colt cantered away upstairs.

Lucky for Lowell it was in the middle of winter so there was no apples to take care of just the normal farm chores, along side with keeping the farm afloat if the CMC try something like home renovators. He heard the foal had woken up by the crying, Time to be a daddy. Lowell thought as he cantered back upstairs and into their bed room.

“Hey...GA....whats up lil guy?” Lowell said as he picked up the crying foal.

He leaned over to sniff at the foal's diapers before he mentally facehoofed. The buck am I doin...I can't smell. Lowell thought as he shook his head some before checking the diaper.

“Nope..yer all clean down....I bet yer hungry!” Lowell said as he carried the foal down stairs and sat the foal in a high chair.

“Now, you stay put while I make ya something nummy to eat!” Lowell said before he turned away and started on making the foal a bottle.

He gave the foal the bottle as he happily drank from the bottle while Lowell watched with a smile. The CMC came down stairs and out the door. He wasn't to worried it was only cold out with light snow for this winter, he then started on making some stew for later on.

“This be the life.....got a wife...kids..friends.....a job of sorts...” Lowell talked to him self as he lightly ruffled the foal's mane earning a coo from the foal.

“ I don't care who is around.....your fricking adorable lad!” Lowell said to himself as he chuckled.

Lowell continued on making the stew till Applebloom cantered in to ask something.

“ Lowell can we go to our club house fer a while? “ Applebloom asked as Lowell looked to the filly.

“Sure ya can just if the snow picks up I want you foals back here got it?” Lowell said as he watched the filly nod and disappeared outside.

“Too be a kid again...ah well..” Lowell said as he took the foal out of the high chair cradling him.

“Now...Golden Apple who's my lil buddy?” Lowell asked the foal as he held the foal out facing towards him, only to be answered by a coo and a pair of hooves on his nose.

“ Aww......yer my lil buddy alright!” Lowell said as he gently hugged the foal.

Golden Apple only cooed as Lowell held the foal up making a silly face too him earning a giggled from the foal.

Later on during the mid day Lowell had just finished up the last of the chores while the CMC was watching the foal. That is that for the chores of today..... Lowell thought as he slowly cantered into the house and looked around noticing it is quiet.

“Uh?....Its quiet....and... where are they?” Lowell asked himself as he looked around before cantering into the living room and saw the group all either coloring or drawing up plans with the foal playing with his toys.

“Phew...thought I lost ya'll for a moment..” Lowell said as he cantered over to the foal picking him up and looked to the group.

“Lets see got every pony here....yup...How about a lil story since we are all about eh?” Lowell said as he held the cooing foal.

“ This is a story that took place a long long time go in a town much like Ponyville, this is the story of Robin Hoof.” Lowell said as he started the tale for the foals.

His tale lasted for about two hours just enough for the sun to have set and all the foals were asleep, he gently carried the foal upside resting him into his crib. The pay off..watching your small ones growing up...and being happy. Lowell thought as he smiled at the sleeping foal, he cantered over to the bed and climbed in as he got one of his romance novels out and started to read it.

“ Day one down....heh..easy lemon squeezie..” Lowell said quietly to himself its a shame he didn't notice that the CMC were only setting up their plans for that day for Hot Air Ballon Racing Cutie Marks.

Author's Note:

Short I know but I wanted something out there for this new story...stick around...It gets better and the anthro bit....It ain't there yet O:...how did this have 12 views....I didn't submit this yet!