• Published 10th Jan 2014
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Same Life New World - Whiskey Drops

A year and a half later, the family grew about another Apple. Lowell, and his family are happy but baddies lurk.

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Deathly Forgetfulness

~~~~~Deathly Forgetfulness~~~~

Lowell yawned a bit tired from being a bit paranoid since Death has been around him, as he was standing outside as the sun was half way in the sky with a figure only he could see standing beside him, Death stood there staring at him as he crossed his arms. Death has hung around Lowell for the past couple of days just staring at him, patient as he was it slowly withers when ya got Death staring at you distracting him from an important day.

“Buck me......do ya gotta sit there......seriously..” Lowell muttered as he readjusted his stetson.

I'm am watching you.....that is all..” Death said as Lowell just glared at her.

“Ya don't bucking say....ya have been for the past couple days!” Lowell growled as he started to walk off with Death in tow.

Lowell leaned up against the barn mumbling to himself, as Applejack stepped out onto the pouch with her ears flatten out as she glared out onto the farm.

“Where is that stallion!” Applejack growled as she then leaned on the railing.

And only I can see Death or hear her....now ponies with think I'm way more crazy than normal... Lowell thought to himself as he glared at Death.

“Lowell!!!” Applejack called out as she crossed her arms with a rather ticked off expression.

“Ah Jackie...the only mare who can bring a bright smile to my face..” Lowell said with a small grin as he walked off towards the front of the house.

“Do ya know what today is Lowell?” Applejack said as she was tapping her hoof on the porch angrily with her arms crossed.

“Uh...its Tuesday...ain't it?” Lowell said as his ears slowly flatten as he was getting a bit worried.

This seemed to anger the mare as her eyes just boiled with anger.

“How the buck can ya forget its our anniversary!” Applejack yelled at him as he took a step back as he took off his stetson.

“I...I'm sorry...I had....some things going on...W-we can go on a picnic! I'll make the food...as a sorry..” Lowell said as he smiled hopefully at the mare who's eye only twitched

“Out of all tha things ah ask ya to remember...Ya forgot this!” Applejack said as she flared her nostrils as Lowell looked down some.

“I'm...sorry..” Lowell said quietly as he messed with his stetson a bit.

“Ah mean, honestly! Today was tha day that we were married! Tha day that we made a bucking commitment to this dang relationship! Ah know this is probably Rainbow's line, but where the hay is tha loyalty!!” Applejack ranted as Lowell slowly hung his head as he dropped his stetson.

“I....I'm so sorry....I am loyal...it...just slipped my mind.” Lowell said softly this only seemed to anger her more.

“It just slipped yer mind?! Lowell, Ya'll run around and whatever ya want all day while ah sit there and work on the farm! If ah were to take a day off ahn do whatever the hay ah wanted to all day this farm would die! The most ya even do anymore is sort a few misplaced files and watch the fillies! Even then, that's not even ah job! That's paradise compared to half of the crap ah have to do!” Applejack yelled at him as he just took another step back.

“I....I....I...helped a few times....with some of the chores....ya won't let me help with the applebucking..” Lowell said as he slowly looked up at the mare as he sniffled a bit, obviously not liking the fact they are fighting.

“Cause yer going to hurt yerself if ya try apple bucking! Even Big Mac had troubles doin it sometimes.” Applejack growled as Lowell looked off to the side a bit.

“Well...I'm sorry....” Lowell said as he eye started to get a lil misty.

“Yeah, sure ya are!” Applejack said as he eyes filled with tears before she stormed off into the house slamming the door.

He only winced as the door slammed before he picked up his stetson and placed it back onto his head as he walked up to the door placing his hand on it while a single ear dripped down his cheek.

“J-Jackie..” Lowell said softly as he heard the mare storm upstairs as he slowly followed after.

“F-forgive me....I'm so sorry..”Lowell said as he stopped at their door.

Behind the door as the sound of Applejack grumbling before the sound of something being broken.

“Ya..okay?” Lowell said as he opened the door looking a bit worried.

Applejack was on the floor cleaning up the mess minding her bloody fist, he walked over and kneeled helping her with the mess.

“G..go fix yourself up..I'll clean this..” Lowell said as he looked at the mare who only gave him a cold glare.

“No, ah do this on my own!” Applejack growled as she continued to clean up the mess.

”Your...hurt though...please.” Lowell said as he sniffled a bit while backing away from her glare.

Applejack only grumbled as she walked out of the room as Lowell cleaned, he stood up and looked to the door. I bucked up bad.... Lowell thought to himself he then glared at Death who was standing by the window. Thanks to you. Lowell thought as he looked at the door opening and Applejack walking back in. She and gave a glare at him with her ears pinned against her head.

“I..I cleaned it...” Lowell said as he took off his stetson and watched the mare as he worried.

Applejack only grabbed the book from the night stand before slamming the door leaving him in there.

“I hope I don't lose her..” Lowell said as he slowly went downstairs messing with his stetson.

“Jackie..I- Lowell was cut shot as Applejack turned towards him with the anger building up in her eyes.

Don't start. Don't even try to apologize for fergettin the one day of the year that means the most to me. An if this day doesn't mean anythin to ya than maybe ya should just leave!.” Applejack yelled as she took a step closer as he stepped back panged with guilt.

“I...its the best day...I would do anything just to make it up to you...please.” Lowell said as she stepped back some with some tears in her eyes.

“Just...leave me alone...” Applejack said as she gritted her teeth.

“I can't do that...we are married...I'll never leave ya.” Lowell said softly as he placed his hand on her cheek as it was slapped away before her eyes looked like they were about to go up in flames.

“Oh so now ya remember we're married! What happened to that earlier huh?! How can ah trust ya to never leave me if ya can't even remember the bucking day ya made the promise not to! Just get out!” Applejack blew up on him as she pushed him out of the house and slammed the door locking it.

Lowell tripped and fell off the porch landing on his face as he laid in the dirt, The buck am I kidding even here in Equestria I manage to buck things up. Lowell thought to himself as he got up and slowly left the farm with his head hung low. He walked not caring for the dirt that matted his fur or where he was walking.

“Guess I was was lucky to get her....” Lowell muttered to him self as some tears streamed down his cheek.

~~~~~ Around the time of midnight~~~~~~

Applejack sat outside on the porch leaning her head against the railings, Lowell was sitting in some fields not sure where he had walked didn't really care since he was sitting there blaming himself.

“I...bucked up sooooo bad....I..” Lowell said quietly as he took off his stetson.

“If he ain't ganna come back, ah'll go get him mahself then.” Applejack muttered as she place her stetson back on.

Lowell turned back and glared at Death who was behind him before he sighed before he laid back.

“Now she hates me...I bucked up as a husband.” Lowell muttered to himself as it started to rain.

Applejack looked to the sky as it started to rain as she mumbled to herself as she came across a grain field.

“....She deserves to be mad....I was stupid enough to forget...I can't even tell her who I see with out it sounding like I'm a mad stallion." Lowell muttered to himself as he sat up.

“Cause I mean really, who the buck would believe that I can see the Grim Reaper....cause I barely do. Jackie would leave me in an instant, thinkin I finally snapped and that she married a crazy stallion. Take the foals with her...leaving me to be alone. Again.” Lowell ranted to himself as Death stood there.

Applejack's ears perked as she looked over to see Lowell sitting there with a large shadow behind him.

“ Lowell watch out!” Applejack said as she started running at him

“Its only Death Jackie.....wait...Jackie?” Lowell muttered as he looked to her as she dove into him hugging tightly.

“Ah'm so sorry Lowell!” Applejack said with a shaky voice as he held the mare.

“I-I'm the one who is sorry...I let Dea....something distract me..” Lowell said as he looked down at the mare

“No, ah shouldn't had gotten all mad and kicked ya out like that!” Applejack said as she wrapped her arms around him.

“I'm sorry....I did forget though..” Lowell said quietly as he buried his face into her mane.

“Ah'm sorry fer blowin up on ya sugarcube...” Applejack said as she sniffled and rested her head onto his shoulder.

“I can never be mad at ya Jackie...I love you too much.." Lowell said as he ran his hand thru her mane as death walked away.

“Ah love ya too sugarcube.” Applejack said as she smiled up at him weakly as she rested her head onto his chest.

Lowell only rested his forehead again hers as some tears streamed down his right cheek, Applejack sniffled holding back her tears as she looked into his eye.

“I'm with ya like caramel to an apple.” Lowell said softly as he smiled.

“But Caramel is only a family friend.. I don't think he has a crush on any of the Apples at the moment.” Applejack said as Lowell tilted his head some.

“I was trying to sound sweet...like caramel apples..” Lowell said as he smirked a bit.

“Ah know sugarcube, ah was only pickin on ya.” Applejack said as she chuckled lightly.

Lowell gently leaned in and kissed her on the lips as he closed his eye, she returned the kiss as she leaned her fore head against his.

“Ah love ya Lowell.” Applejack said quietly only for Lowell to hear.

“And I love ya Jackie....my sweet apple mare.” Lowell said it quietly only for Applejack to hear.

Applejack nuzzled her head under his chin and smiled.

“We better get home...we are getting soaked.” Lowell said as he gently smiled at the mare.

They both stood up as Applejack leaned against him as he draped his wing around her as they walked back home in the pouring night.

Author's Note:

-Looked at the title and sighed-....I actually forgot to post this......but in any case super huge thankies fer Lighting Storm who helped me with this like a toooooon she did parts for Jackie...so I'm posting this before I go to sleep =wx