• Published 10th Jan 2014
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Same Life New World - Whiskey Drops

A year and a half later, the family grew about another Apple. Lowell, and his family are happy but baddies lurk.

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The Bustling City Part 2

~~~~~~The Bustling City Part 2~~~~

The next morning Lowell woke up before Applejack which was new, he only laid there smiling softly to the sleeping mare as he placed his hand onto her cheek. I really lucked out here. Lowell thought as he gently stroked her cheek causing the mare to pull him closer into her embrace, he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer as he closed his eye and kissed her forehead.

“Love ya Jackie..” Lowell whispered into the mare's ear as it twitched as she started to stir.

“Mmm.....mornin sugarcube.” Applejack whispered as she opened her eyes and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“I love these kind of mornings.” Lowell whispered as he brushed a bit of her mane from her eyes.

“Ah hate to break it to ya, but we need to get up...we got a job to do.” Applejack yawned before she slowly sat up and stretched her arms.

Lowell groaned as he sat up stretching his arms and wings as he lets out a yawn, Applejack was already up and changing into her cloths. He soon got up as well changing into his normal attire donning his stetson as well.

“Welp, I'll get the rest of the crew.”Lowell said as he walked out of their room.

~~~~~ Several hours later.~~~~

Lowell and Applejack were on a roof top with the sun high above them, Lowell groaned as he stretched his arms some sitting on the edge. The group had waited all day on these rooftops for any signs till the moment of the meeting. As a human I would be terrified...but I'm a pegasi so no worries on falling..well if my wings were broken again. Lowell thought to himself as he looked down at the busy street. Rainbow and MDW were on opposite roof tops of each other while Blade was on a fourth, the time was about 5 PM near the setting of the sun.

~~~~~~~60 minutes later ~~~~~~

“Lowell get up, its almost night time..” Applejack said as he looked over at the mare tipping his stetson away from his face.

“Right then, is the rest ready?” Lowell asked as Applejack nodded tossing him a pair of binoculars.

As Lowell peeked though them as a couple of cars drove into the alley way, Iron Hoof got out with some of his ninjas. Lookie at them ninjas! Wonder what the other dude got packin! Lowell thought to himself as another car drove up. A white unicorn got out of the car along with a couple of minotaurs Lowell's ears perked up.

“No bucking way......” Lowell muttered as Applejack looked at him a bit worried.

“What is it Lowell?” Applejack asked as Lowell kept his eyes on the unicorn as he gritted his teeth.

“Remember that unicorn that I told ya about...the one that pushed Paint down....that bucker is the seller!” Lowell growled as he looked to Applejack who's eye twitched.

Lowell sighed to himself as he looked back thought the binoculars, As much as I would love to put my rifle together, I don't think I got it in me to pull the trigger.. Lowell thought to himself as he zoomed in some.

“Loyalty..MDW you two ready for anything?” Lowell asked over the comms.

“We are ready Winged.” Rainbow whispered over the comms.

“How about you Shadow Knight?”Lowell asked over the comms.

“I'm all set up on this end Winged.”Glistening said over the comms.

“Right, keep an eye out for any signs of trouble.” Lowell said as he was putting a sniper rifle together, his Barrett is last resort if things got outta hand.

Lowell looked down the scope as Iron Hoof who was dressed in a simple suit with a red tie. Two ponies I don't like. Lowell thought till he spotted a white pegasi stallion, he had a bright orange mane while his eyes were a darker orange and he had black feathers for his wings, his business shirt was black and untucked along with his gray stonewashed jeans donning a black fedora. He was street level peeking around the corner with a pistol, spying on the meeting what his motives were Lowell didn't know.

“Da buck, who is that pegasi down there...” Lowell muttered to himself.

“Rainbow, ya'll keep an eye on our targets.” Applejack whispered though the comms.

“I'm going down there, cover me Jackie.” Lowell said as he gave the rifle to Applejack as he flew down off the side.

He made his way though the crowds and past the traffic as he approached the pegasi, readjusting his stetson some as he slipped a hand into his pocket. He had his hand on the pistol, he plastered a friendly smile onto his face as he approached the stallion.

“Hey, what are ya doin?” Lowell asked as he tipped his stetson back some as the pegasi glared at him.

“MPD business kid, beat it!” The pegasi said as he held up a police badge as Lowell smirked.

“I got a right to be here, my mission laddie. I'm with the ESPS..”Lowell said as he showed his badge which only seemed to anger the pegasi.

“Buck you man! I've been tracking that unicorn for months, screw it!” The pegasi growled before he went around the corner.

Buck me... that idiot! Lowell thought before he chased the reckless pegasi around the corner, the minotaurs and the ninjas were all at a ready as they glared at the two pegasi.

“Move in! That pegasi blew it just move in! Shadow, Loyalty, and MDW move in after the targets” Lowell said thru the comms.

Lowell ducked under a minotaur's swing as Iron Hoof and the unicorn both started to leave.

“Buck nah!” Lowell muttered as he slipped past a couple of minotaurs and a ninja as Applejack arrived to the brawl arrived to assist.

Lowell was stopped by a ninja who had tackled him as he rolled over kicking the ninja off, but he was too late the car was gone and a mess to still clean. Buck, Daring ain't gonna like this one bit..Well, that pegasus knows about that unicorn. Lowell thought to himself as he ducked under ninja's katana, Lowell pulled out his knife and deflected a couple of swings till he spun around and elbowed the ninja in the face.

“One down, two to go!” Lowell muttered as he readied himself for the other two ninjas.

He ducked under one's swing as he grabbed their arm and flung them into a wall, the second punched Lowell squared on the cheek as he spun around some and stumbled a bit. He was kicked right in the back as he face planted against the wall, Lowell pushed off on the wall and spun around slamming his fist right into the ninja's gut. As the ninja keeled over some Lowell brought his knee up slamming it into the ninja's face as they fell over. The other ninja jumped over him and swung at him as he stepped back only to stumble over onto of the knocked out ninjas, this opened a window for the ninja to attack. Hit after hit onto Lowell's stomach and side till Lowell recovered a bit grabbing the ninja's arms glaring at them.

“Stop bucking hitting me!” Lowell growled as he headbutted the ninja causing him to stumble back wards into a minotaur.

A Minotaur towered over him as he whimpered a bit looking up at the minotaur. Cut me a break man.. Lowell thought as he readied himself, a butt of a rifle was seen before a solid hit upside its head. The minotaur was knocked out by Applejack unfortunately the minotaur collapsed on top of Lowell, crushed under the minotaur he laid there sprawled out groaning.

“...He is drooling on me! Grodie!” Lowell muttered as he slowly slid himself from under the minotaur.

“Lowell, ya okay sugarcube?” Applejack asked as she helped Lowell up as he nodded.

“Hey there pretty thing.” The pegasi said with a grin as he looked at Applejack.

“Who the hay are ya?” Applejack asked with a bit of a glare.

“I could be the stallion of your dreams.” The pegasi said as Lowell leaned down to pick up a knife.

“Ah got my stallion right here!” Applejack said proudly as she wrapped her arms around Lowell's head and hugged him into her chest.

Lowell's only action was a muffled yelp along with his wings pomfing out as his stetson fell to the ground. I'm such a lucky stallion....lordie lordie! Face full of two apples......eeeeh. Lowell thought as a smile crept onto his face along with a blush. He straightened up with a stupid grin on his face with the blush, Applejack only glared at him some as if asking what.

“I like that kinda hug....alot.” Lowell muttered still not all there before Applejack flicked his nose.

“Don't get use to it..” Applejack answered with a glare while the white pegasi muttered to himself.

Lowell cleared his throat some as he picked up his stetson placing it back onto his head before he looked at the pegasi.

“Annnnnnnnnywho, who are ya lad, and how do ya know that unicorn?”Lowell asked the pegasi who was straightening his shirt some.

“I'm White Streak. I work with the Manehatthen Police Department...” White answered but was stopped by Applejack.

“How about ya tell that to our friends, while ah take a look at my husband..” Applejack said as White slowly walked over to Glisten who pulled out a note pad of some kind.

“I'm fine Jackie, I swear.” Lowell assured as Applejack placed her hand on his chin turning his head some as she looked at his face in general where he was punched.

“Are ya sure? Ya were hit pretty hard.” Applejack muttered as she looked him in the eye.

“”I'm fine...” Lowell smiled as he took the mare's hand and kissed it earning him a small blush from the mare.

“Ah... ah'll never understand ya...” Applejack muttered a bit as she cracked a weak smile.

“Yes, you understand me perfectly.......in here.” Lowell whispered as he placed his free hand over where his heart is as he smiled.

“My actions, unknown as they be....but you know what I would do.....no matter how cheesy it would be, I'm a hopeless romantic kinda stallion..” Lowell seeming to rant on a lil as Applejack only smiled as she chuckled a bit.

“Yer fine as far as ah can tell, ah'm happy....” Applejack said softly till she placed her hand onto his cheek and leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss was a classic make out session you see in most romance novels, if you ignored all the knocked out minotaurs and ninjas scattered on the alleyway ground. White traveled with the group back to Ponyville, and agents came along and cleaned the mess left behind, Lowell passed the test with an average score.

Author's Note:

Boom! White streak will make appearances now and then and I'll have him some what ref a story......and there's that unicorn again O:

Manehatten..........quite a place ain't it!