• Published 4th Jan 2014
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Our Voices Carry Through The Hills - Surry

Twilight wakes up to find that she has lost her voice completely, and even worse, her magic. All the while, Ponyville is being absolutely annihilated by a unicorn that looks exactly like her.

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Prologue: Her Heart Speaks In Whispers You Can't Hear


Her Heart Speaks In Faint Whispers


Another explosion from deep within the cave shook the very earth beneath their hooves. The ungodly rumbling of stone and rock made them lose what little stability they still had, sending the unicorn haphazardly falling out of her friend's embrace and colliding with the solid floor below them. The small purple wisp of magic alighting the tip of her horn began to flicker in and out of existence, as she struggled to stand back on her feet.

"No, Twilight!" Rainbow cried, "Let me help you up..." She leaned down and let Twilight place her foreleg over her shoulder, once again giving her something to support herself. "Are we almost there? Please tell me we are," Rainbow asked.

Twilight simply nodded at her statement, and continued to stagger forward down the dark cave with the help of her dear friend.

"Don't worry, Twilight. We'll get your voice back soon and we'll make them see that you're innocent. I promise."

Twilight smiled weakly up at her. What would I do without you, Rainbow? she thought.

The unicorn's body ached all over... but so too did her heart. If it hadn't been for Rainbow coming along, she would've probably left Equestria for good and never came back. It tore her apart to see everything she loved around her being destroyed... but she didn't know what to do, or who to turn to.

What had she done to deserve this?

Who could possibly be ruining her life?


A second torrential detonation of energy tore through the cave, causing Rainbow to clumsily let Twilight fall again despite holding onto her even more securely than before. Absolutely horrified, the pegasus could only watch in disbelief as her friend hit the wet ground for a painful second time. Twilight's breathing was becoming erratic and her limbs began to feel unstable. And yet, she pushed herself up again, and she was going to keep getting up until she restored her good rightful name.

"I'm s-so sorry, Twilight. P-please forgive me," pleaded Rainbow.

Expressionlessly, Twilight propped herself over her friend's shoulder once more. Seeing that her friend cared for her so much made her heart positively melt. Gently, she reached her head over and gave Rainbow a soft kiss on the cheek. Her friend blushed at the sudden gesture, not exactly sure what to think of it considering she couldn't even speak.

Twilight slowly pulled away and gave her a fleeting sorrowful glance. You've done nothing wrong, she thought.

Somehow Rainbow could tell what she was trying to do, attempting to tell her not to worry herself over it. But she did worry. Having to see Twilight go through such agony tore at her heartstrings.

Rainbow made yet another promise to herself. Should they both make it out of this situation alive, things were going to be different between them.

Nodding in the direction they had been following, Twilight took the lead with her dimly lit horn guiding the way. With her magical power nearly sapped, this was becoming an exceedingly difficult task. Beads of sweat cascaded down her forehead the deeper into the dark chasm they went.

"C'mon Twilight. We can do this," Rainbow said reassuringly.

Though she was comforted by her encouraging words, she had the faint feeling as though something worse was still to come.

Now heavily gasping for air, Twilight started to slow down, while Rainbow on the other hand wasn't about to quit on her now. They had come too far, faced too many obstacles, and faced such increasingly overwhelming odds, that to give up now would be so foolish. She wanted to restore Twilight's good name just as much as she did, even if it cost her own.

The black tunnel's floor was beginning to become damp and occasionally the two would step in a puddle, lightly splashing up water. The ambient humid air started to fill their lungs with each breath, making it even harder now for Twilight to continue.

Her limping pace began to falter, and she nearly fell to the ground again. But luckily, Rainbow caught her this time.

Deciding that she needed a break, the pegasus stopped and allowed her a moment to breathe. The purple wisp of her horn started to fade again, but she forced herself to keep it alight, grunting and wheezing all the while.

I don't think I'm gonna make it. Rainbow might have to go on without me.

Her head drooped, causing her to stare at her reflection in a puddle. Seeing her own self so defeated greatly frustrated her and hardened her heart.

Angrily, she splashed away the water that bore her image. No longer did it remind her of herself... but of the impostor, the one who took everything away from her, the one who destroyed her reputation and the town she called home.

With a bit of her pent up rage released, she now sadly draped her foreleg over Rainbow's shoulder again and signaled to her that they should continue.

While her friend didn't necessarily want to obey her, she knew they had to keep going. "I get there's a lot of things you probably want to say right now, Twilight... and I also know that there's no way I could possibly understand how you feel right now. But please, just know that I'll always be there for you, and that once this is all over... we can go home together."

Twilight stopped for a second, feeling a lump form in her throat. A tear began to fall from the corner of her eyelid and curtail at the end of her cheek. She pressed her face into Rainbow's neck, silently whimpering to herself.

Saying nothing in response, her friend simply let her grief into her soft blue coat.

Please don't ever leave me, Rainbow. You're just... so amazing and you're the only one who'll ever stand by my side. Every time I get beaten down, you gracefully pull me up. Every time I give up on myself, you bring me back from whatever abyss I've fallen into. And... every time I get lost, you are my light in the darkness... because even though you don't know it... you are home to me.

Rainbow could feel her neck becoming saturated with Twilight's tears. Not knowing what to do at this point, she simply pulled her into a firm, one-legged hug. "We'll make it Twilight. We'll make it."