• Published 13th Nov 2013
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More Than a Sister - Pegasus-skip

Due to the actions of another, Rainbow realises how much she cares for Scootaloo

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Off to a Bad Start

Rainbow Dash was lazily flying through the air, having just recently returned from her latest two week session at the Wonderbolts training camp.

She was thrilled to learn that she’d been promoted to active reserve; this meant she would be receiving a duty roster in the post in the next couple of days that would detail her on call duty shift.

As she flew over the schoolhouse she noticed a few stray clouds that hadn’t been cleared yet. Knowing that tonight had been forecast to be clear skies throughout all Equestria she diverted. She bucked and slammed the clouds into non-existence.

“Rainbow Dash! Down here!” Cheerilee’s voice sounded from below with urgency, catching Rainbows attention.

Back flipping into a dive Rainbow oriented herself to land on the ground next to Cheerilee, spying a very agitated Sweetie-Belle next to the schoolhouse teacher. “Hey, what’s up?” Rainbow asked as she landed softly on the ground, bringing her wings flush against her body.

“Rainbow, it’s about Scootaloo,” Cheerilee spoke. Distress evident in her voice, her face betrayed how worried she was.

“Okay, what’s wrong?” the blue pegasus enquired quietly and calmly - trying to sooth the agitated teacher’s state of mind.

“She forgot her saddlebag after school ran a bit late when she dashed out, I asked Sweetie here to take it to her, and thought nothing of it since. That was until Sweetie just came back and told me what had happened.”

Rainbow looked down to the little white filly unicorn that seemed not to want to move much as she started speaking, explaining what had happened earlier.


Sweetie trotted up the path to Scootaloo’s home thinking about her next sleepover with the crusaders as she knocked on the door. Before her second knock had even faded the door was opened by a large, dark orange Pegasus stallion glaring down at her. Sweetie assumed this was Scootaloo’s father having never met him before.

“E-excuse me sir, but Scootaloo forgot her bag when school let out this afternoon - Miss. Cheerilee asked me to bring it to her.”

The stallion didn’t say a word to her just stepped aside turning his head to call up the stairs, “Hey runt! You got a friend at the door!”

Sweetie couldn’t believe what she heard, and was even more surprised at the demeanour of her friend when she came to the door.

Scootaloo kept looking to the floor downcast, jumping slightly every time the Stallion so much as twitched. “Th-th-thanks Sweetie, I’ll see you t-tomorrow,” Scootaloo said quietly taking the bag from her friend before turning to go back to her room.

*SLAM* The door swung shut in Sweetie-Belles shocked face, a raised voice coming to her ear’s from the other side, “I TOLD YA’ NOT TO BRING YOUR FRIENDS ROUND RUNT! YOU KNOW WHAT’S COMIN’!”

Sweetie gasped as the words echoed through before she heard Scootaloo’s voice pleading - fear in her voice. “No please, NO!” The sound of running was heard going away from the door.

Sweetie couldn’t take it anymore and for the first time ever she used her magic. The door flew open in a pink aura and Sweetie-Belle ran inside. She wasn’t thinking straight, she just knew her friend was in trouble. Tearing up the stairs she ran into the room where the noise came from.

Entering she screamed at what she saw: Scootaloo was dangling in the air, being held roughly from her wing by the stallion. He brought his other hoof into a vicious backhoof into the filly’s stomach causing her to cry out once more.

Sweetie-Belle screamed “Let her GO!” as she charged into the room at the stallion, only thinking to stop him form hurting Scootaloo.

The stallion threw Scootaloo contemptuously across the room into the wall above her bed, and turned to hit Sweetie-Bell in her side. With the sudden lack of air she stumbled to a halt, and was soon picked up by the stallion and carried to the front door where he unceremoniously threw her out.

Getting up Sweetie looked to the house once more in complete horror. She knew she needed to get help, fast. Without hesitation she turned ran, hoping that Miss. Cheerilee was still at the school.


By the time Sweetie finished the story, Rainbow was practically trembling in rage. She had truly come to care for Scootaloo. Not just as the sister she portrayed, but more like she would her own daughter.

Looking to the teacher Rainbow spoke, “Can you watch Sweetie for a while? I’ve a feeling Rarity won’t be home before long.”

Cheerilee nodded, yet before she could verbalise an answer Rainbow was already flying, one destination in mind as she blasted through the air: the library.

Slamming through the door she landed next to the shocked Alicorn.

“Rainbow this is- “ Twilight started to lecture her.

“Not now Twi, this is important!” Rainbow interrupted before immediately explaining what she’d been told.

“You get the girls, I’m going to get Scoots outta there and to the hospital.”

She finished as she saw Twilights own face mirroring the rolling fury inside her own chest before she took off. She flew out the door, pointing herself in the direction of Scootaloo’s home.


Scootaloo watched as the stallion who had sired her carried Sweetie out of the room before returning moments later.

“I told you, an’ you didn’t listen. Didn’t I discipline you enough?!” he shouted at her as she scrambled to get away from him as he approached, terror filling her veins. She hoped he wouldn’t hit her too hard as she pressed up against the wall by her bed.

The first hoof landed on her wing sending a jolt of pain arcing through her body, but she wouldn’t scream - he only hit her longer if she did. As the blows rained down upon her she started to think this was finally it, this would be the day he would go too far… this time, he’d killed her.

Her thoughts went to the times she felt safe within Rainbow’s arms and wings. She started crying with the pain and desperation to be there again.

“MOMEEE!” she screamed as the pain went on while she kept trying to dodge the blows - this was the longest he had ever beat her.

“Your ain’t got no momma! Ya killed her! She died when you were born, remember?!” The stallion roared as another blow connected – this time hard as she felt one of her ribs give. She tried and failed once more to dodge his assault.

Finally she ran out of energy and curling up into a ball, hoping he’d stop. She finally started screaming in pain, calling for the mare she thought of as her mother.

“MOMMA! MOMMA DASH!” She knew it was pointless, hopeless! Rainbow would never hear her. Yet, she wanted her final thoughts to be of the mare who had taken her under her wing.


The last thing she saw as her father’s hoof struck her head knocking her out: was a rainbow trail bursting into her room, followed by the sound of broken glass.


Spitfire sat back breathing a sigh of relief as she looked through the progress reports of her favourite recruit.

Rainbow Dash had come a long way from the brash young mare who’d started as Lightning Dusts Wing Pony. How time had flown. She chuckled and shook her head at how happy Rainbow had been when she’d been promoted to active reserve.

She deserved it though, outside of training or off duty she was a cocky, brash determined mare with a strong core of friends. Yet on duty it had turned into a Confident, Strong and Resolute attitude willing to get the job done and pushing herself beyond the boundaries.

Suddenly an alarm sounded, an alarm she hated to hear as she grabbed her flight goggles and took to the air. Her goggles -- charmed by the unicorn magic -- provided a detailed HUD and had a directional arrow: showing for her to follow a labelled marked ‘RD’.

Her blood ran cold, if there was one Pegasus she thought would never use the emergency wing band it was her. Putting on an extra burst of speed as she glanced to the mini-map in the corner. She saw the other dots of the Primary team all homing in on Rainbow’s position.

As they got to the edges of Ponyville they all managed to meet in the air and form up as they followed the distress signal. What Spitfire saw as Rainbow came into sight would be burned into her mind forever: how Rainbow was still flying the Captain didn’t know.

There battling with an unknown stallion was the supposed to be blue mare - coat stained red with her own blood. One wing was obviously dislocated as she fought to stay in the air.
She was bucked in the chest, but when this strike hit, it was one blow too far and she started to fall.

Spitfire jabbed towards Rainbow thrice with her hoof, pleased to see the trailing three of the Bolts peel off and head to catch her. Spitfire and Soarin’ closed on the strange stallion and unexpectedly for him - attacked!

Fortunately for him they were only aiming to incapacitate and detain. With a perfectly executed flyby, Spitfire rammed a hoof into his stomach as Soarin’ slammed a hoof across the back of the stallions’ head.

The now unconscious stallion was caught and lowered to the floor before being restrained with both hoof and wing cuffs so he couldn’t get away when he awoke.

Rainbow was just struggling to her feet as Spitfire approached. “Easy there Dash, you’re in a bad shape,” Spitfire said trying to get Rainbow to relax.

“H-help Scoot… a… loo... Hurry!” Spitfire saw Rainbow pointing her not so damaged wing to a house.

Spitfire nodded as she passed Rainbow over to Soarin’. She ran into the house, breaking the front door down as she did so. Running through the house she searched every room until she came to a little filly’s room. There on the floor was a sight that broke Spitfire’s heart, the broken and battered body of a bright orange filly, with a smooth purple mane and tail.

Thanking all the times she had taken courses to treat wounded pony’s she set to work, horrified at each new injury she discovered while tending her so that she’d be stable enough to transport to the hospital.

The sight of the destroyed wing almost broke the Captain, even with the best doctors in Equestria, Scootaloo -- the filly Rainbow always praised as never giving up -- may now never be able to fly.

No wonder Rainbow had gone into a rare Pegasi Battle Rage. It was why mostly Pegasi served in the guard even now, they were the warriors of the pony race. Looking to the filly she swore that she would help, however she could.


Rainbow didn’t know how fast she flew, she barely registered pressing the panic-band on her wing as she blazed through the air from the library.

She cursed the fact that Scootaloo’s home was so far from the centre of Ponyville, knowing that it would be a long time before her friends got to the house. She could only hope she would be able to help Scootaloo as she left a rainbow trail behind her.


Rainbow heard Scootaloo’s voice call as she approached the house. Her heart lurched that the little filly saw her so as she aimed for the cracked window that lead to Scootaloo’s room. She slammed through just in time to see Scootaloo’s father landing a blow to Scootaloo’s head.

Rainbow screamed in fury slamming into the stallion before grabbing him with her forearms and threw him across the room. Not noticing as he twisted in the air landing on his feet until he charged her, slamming her into the wall, his hoof coming down on Scootaloo’s wing in the process.

Rainbow’s vision centred on the being that was supposed to offer unconditional love and support to Scootaloo. Her blood pounded in her ears as she reared up and with a whinny, slammed her hooves forwards into his chest as he came again for another blow.

He sailed out the window with her following him into the air. She flew above him and dove down with a blow to his withers that he turned into a forwards roll, bringing his rear legs to bear as he bucked her in the gut.

On the aerial combat raged, each blow landed weakening Rainbow a little more, but she couldn’t stop, she wouldn’t go down. Because as long as he was fighting her - he wasn’t hurting Scootaloo.

As the injuries mounted Rainbow misjudged a blow and he got a shot in on her muzzle, breaking her nose. Rainbow was aware she fought on, but it was now a haze, she was in a full rage – something no pony dared raise in a Pegasus.

Finally her body could take no more and she began to black out, her body slipping from the air. Her only hope was that her friends would get there in time, as the darkness claimed her vision. The last she knew was a pair of strong, friendly hooves catching her.

As she came around her body screamed at her for rest as she ignored it, she needed to get Scootaloo help. It was with immense relief she recognised the Captain of the Wonderbolts.
When she pointed to the house and managed to mumble about help for Scootaloo she watched as Spitfire became a blur when she flew into the house.

‘Daaamn, I thought I was fast. I guess the Wonderbolts are too when it’s one of their own in trouble,’ Rainbow thought as she collapsed to the floor once more, allowing the Medic amongst the team to start helping her.

The sound of galloping hooves reached her ears. She looked up to see Rarity and Applejack leading the rest of her friends at full speed to them.

“Rainbow, are ye okay?” Applejack asked as she got to her.

Rainbow only nodded once before she passed out.


Twilight carried on running into the house calling out.

“UP HERE!” a female voice called out, leading her to scramble up the stairs into the room.

“Oh no,” she whispered as she stopped dead at the sight. Spitfire, however, just carried on working, only glancing up once.

“Princess, you can either help me or get my Medic... Don’t just stand there!” Spitfire’s voice commanded, jolting Twilight out of her shock.

Twilight ran over, her horn lighting up as she conducted a scan on Scootaloo’s broken body. What she found had her glad that the one who had done this was already in custody.

“Spitfire, what do I need to do?” Twilight asked before listing the injuries her scan found that Spitfire couldn’t even know about.

Looking Twilight in the eye Spitfire spoke very deliberately, and quietly, “Pray...”

With that she ran to the window and shouted for her Medic to hurry up, and for another pony to come take the list of injuries Scootaloo had from Twilight to the hospital. Giving them optimal time to prepare for when they flew both Scootaloo and Rainbow in.

Twilight watched as Spitfire turned back to carry on tending Scootaloo. “Not gonna lose you, kid... I promise.” Twilight heard her whisper as two other Pegasi entered the room.

Twilight passed the one a list of Scootaloo’s injuries she had written down on a conjured scroll, and before she could blink he was gone - a mere speck in the sky on the way to the hospital.

“Okay, she and Rainbow are stable enough to transport to the hospital, but we gotta move now if we want to minimise the long term damage,” the Medic said as she finished inspecting the work Spitfire had done on Scootaloo.

“Damn, Captain. You did a better job than I would have done,” she whispered to Spitfires stoic face.

“Okay, get the squad ready, I’ll carry the kid, you stay with me in case of complications. Soarin’ and one other help Rainbow to the hospital, the other two take this kids. . . father,” Spitfire said gratingly, “to the hospital and keep him under guard... Let’s move!”

Spitfire finished her orders and scooped Scootaloo up into her arms before she leapt out the window followed by the Medic, who Twilight saw stop by the ground briefly to relay orders before the Wonderbolts took to the air, duties assigned, Fluttershy with them staying close to Rainbow.

Twilight left the house the conventional way going to the others.
“They’re all going to Ponyville General. It doesn’t – doesn’t look to g-g-good for s-sc-scoot…” She slumped to the floor at that point.


“No, oh dear Celestia... No,” Rarity gasped out as she moved next to the distraught Alicorn. “Tell me there’s hope,” she pleaded with Twilight.

Applejack’s face had seemingly turned to stone while Pinkie’s mane suddenly deflated, all of them coming to terms their own way that they may not see Scootaloo’s bright eyed smile again.

Rarity helped Twilight struggle to her feet, well aware that although they had seen Spitfire carrying the filly, Twilight would have seen the true extent of her injuries.

“Come on, we... we need to be at the hospital... In case…” Twilight didn’t finish what she was saying, as they all knew what could happen.

Pinkie looked completely lost as Applejack moved closer to her. “Come on Pinkie, we need ta get Applebloom an’ Sweetie-Belle, Scootaloo needs her friends near her nah.”

Rarity nodded with the other three and listened as Twilight told Applejack where to find Sweetie-Belle.

They all turned and ran back towards Ponyville, Twilight taking to the air and flying above them, Pinkie and Applejack breaking away at the town to collect the others as Rarity and Twilight carried on to the hospital, all hoping the same thing.

Hoping that Scootaloo would survive.