• Published 13th Nov 2013
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More Than a Sister - Pegasus-skip

Due to the actions of another, Rainbow realises how much she cares for Scootaloo

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Spitfire powered through the air and fell just short of the Medic, who was providing a perfect slipstream. This was one of the Wonderbolts secrets to getting anywhere at top speed, sometimes even reaching Mach three. Difference being it was usually Spitfire who took spear point.

As they flew over the town of Ponyville, the hospital soon came into view. Outside, emergency staff stood ready with two gurneys. As Spitfire landed, she could feel Scootaloo’s breathing stop in her arms.

“She’s not breathing!” Spitfire shouted out to the Unicorn taking charge. He nodded and immediately fired a spell at Scootaloo. Spitfire watched as Scootaloo's body convulsed with the magical discharge. Moments later her little chest started to draw in air again.

Collapsing on the ground, Spitfire watched as Scootaloo was wheeled away. When a nurse trotted up to check on Spitfire, the Wonderbolt Captain just waved her away. “I’m okay, just... tired,” she explained as she got back up and made her way into the hospital’s waiting room.

In the background she could hear the commotion of more ponies landing. She turned to see the other Wonderbolts, carrying the injured Rainbow Dash. Her mind was finally at ease now that she knew the pair had arrived.

She sat herself down as the team trotted over to joined her. As the adrenaline left her system and she was no longer able to do anything, the emotions she had been suppressing hit her full force. Then she did something that very few Ponies had ever seen: she cried. Not caring that they were trying to keep their relationship private, she turned into Soarin’s shoulder and allowed him to be her strength.

From what Rainbow Dash said, Scootaloo looked up to Rainbow as something of an idol. Rainbow had been carefully using that to help steer Scootaloo along the right path. The little filly was all Rainbow spoke about aside from her friends. Now here she was in the hospital, and the doctors weren’t even sure she’d survive.

*Slam* The door flew open and in ran a little yellow filly with a shockingly red mane gathered together in a bright pink bow. She shot through the room, evading everypony who tried to stop her. “Scootaloo, where are ya! Come on, this ahn’t funny! Scoots!” she was crying out as tears rolled down her little face.

Spitfire got up and took a deep breath. Instead of trying to fight through everypony she shouted in her full drill sergeant voice, “EVERYPONY STAND STILL!” Instantly, everypony in the room stilled, even the little filly. As the chaos finally settled, Spitfire was able to get a closer look to who exactly had been chasing the filly. They were all Rainbows friends.

“Hey, kid,” Spitfire started with a soft yet firm tone. “They’re doing the best they can for your friend. I’m sorry, but they won’t let us see her until they’ve finished.”

The little filly looked up to Spitfire her golden eyes brimming, begging her to say more. “Come on, we’ll wait together for news, okay?” The little filly nodded as she and the other’s all sat in the corner with Spitfire and Soarin’. They all stared at the doors waiting, waiting for the doctor to come and tell them anything.

The doors swung open and one of the doctors came out and approach the group. He spoke, his voice full of authority, “Ma’am, you’re Rainbow Dash’s Superior Officer, correct?” Spitfire blinked a moment, before nodding. Looking around, the doctor and noticed who else was there. “Ah good, then you’re all here. . .”


Rainbow’s eyes opened heavily, her first sight being of a machine with a green line going across the screen that jumped every second. As she turned her head, she saw a drip with a line leading into her foreleg. Looking down the bed, she saw bandages wrapping about her chest, and could feel more about her wings. But all this was inconsequential; she needed to know about Scootaloo.

Pressing the nurse call button, she stared agitatedly at the door. Moments later a nurse she recognised very well from all her times in this very bed. “Nurse Redheart, how’s Scoots?” Rainbow asked. She had found out in the past that although Scootaloo had a family, the little filly had put Rainbow and her friends as main Points of Contact. Now, Rainbow understood why.

The nurse looked to the floor a moment, obviously bracing herself for what she was about to say. "They’re still working on her... we haven’t made much progress in the hours you’ve been unconscious. And despite all attempts by both your Captain and Medic, Scootaloo’s wing has had to... had to be amputated, I’m sorry.”

Rainbow’s world stopped. She couldn’t have heard that right, no way, nu-uh. But as the shock wore off, her anger replaced her numbness, rage taking place of reason. “Where. Is. He!” Rainbow asked, every syllable a death threat to Scootaloo’s father.

“Stand down, Recruit,” Spitfire’s voice, full of command, coming from the corridor where Spitfire and the doctor were standing.

“Ma’am,” Rainbow answered, her professional Wonderbolt mask washing over her features.

“Now, the doctor has said you can leave the bed and can have your friends in the room with you, if you behave. Am I going to have to order you, or will you cooperate?” Rainbow looked to her Captain, whose expression radiated ‘Don’t argue’ quelling any fight in Rainbow.

Sighing Rainbow leaned back into her pillow staring at the bed covers. “Okay, but can you and the team stay a bit too Ma’am, I need to talk to everypony before I make some... decisions.” She saw Spitfire nod as she turned heading back down the corridor to go and retrieve everypony.

Nurse Redheart and the still unnamed doctor came forward to disconnect Rainbow from the vital signs monitor, before helping her into a chair by the side of her bed. While this was happening the Wonderbolts, rest of the mane six, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle had all come in.

As she settled comfortably, Rainbow looked them all in the eye, and going on to explain what she’d heard Scootaloo call out, right before she went up against Scootaloo’s father. “After hearing that... I’ve decided that I’m gonna see about makin’ it official. But before anything can be done about that, I need two things to happen. Girls, I’m gonna need you to look around for a house on the gr-ground, one that I’ll be able to afford once I sell my cloud-house.” She ignored the shocked, tearful eyes of her friends and turned to Spitfire.

“Ma’am, I need to know now... do you need my resignation? Being a Wonderbolt has been my dream, but now I got Scoots to think about. If you want me to stay, even as a reserve, you’ll have to understand she will be my priority,” Rainbow finished addressing her superior.

“Recruit Dash, two things. One you’ll not need to resign, as it is, one of the team, Cloud Dust here,“ Spitfire pointed to a navy blue Pegasus, “Is a mother too, she’ll tell you being a Wonderbolt doesn’t stop you being a parent. We just adjust your training schedule to allow for that. If for whatever reason you can’t get a foalsitter, there's a foalcare service on base.”

Rainbow nodded, relief colouring her features.

“Rainbow,” Twilight said trying to catch the blue Pegasus’ attention. Rainbow turned her head to show Twilight she was listening. “Why do you need to move? You’re both Pegasi, and with you as a mother Scootaloo should be flying in no ti...” She cut herself off when Rainbow’s eyes closed and tears began to slip down her face.

“She won’t fly, Twi, her wing was too badly damaged. They h-had t-to a-amputate,” Rainbow stuttered out.

Twilight and the other earth bound ponies were shocked. Rainbow knew Twilight hadn’t fully gotten used to her wings, nor did she understand the innate sense of self they gave a Pegasus. But unlike her both Fluttershy and the Wonderbolts all seemed to collapse on to their rumps simultaneously, horror filled expressions across all their faces.

“Okay... ah don’t get it, she’ll still be mah friend. Why y'all so shocked?” Apple blooms voice asked quietly.

“Come here, kid,” Rainbow said quietly. As Apple Bloom got closer Rainbow lifted her off the floor and settled the filly on her knee.

“You see, to us Pegasi: the sky is our territory. We belong in the air like a fish belongs in the water. We need to feel the wind in our feathers, the sky is our friend and enemy in one.” She gazed out the window as the passing clouds as she continued, “Without the battle against the weather’s elements. Without fighting and using the wind, our sense of purpose, our identity comes into question.” She paused to look back to Apple Blooms eyes, before carrying on, “Scootaloo is going to have a hard time over the coming years, and she’s going to need you an’ Sweetie there for her... can you understand what I’m sayin? No matter how much she lashes out and tries to push you away, you’ll need to be there.”

Apple Bloom nodded. “It’s laike ah said, she’s still mah friend no matter what.”

Rainbow smiled and set the little filly down. “Thanks, Apple Bloom,” she said quietly as Sweetie Belle came up next to her friend.

“Hey, don’t forget me!” Sweetie Belle added. “I’m always going to be there for her.”

Rainbow smiled once more. “You do that.”

Looking about the rest of the room, she saw everypony in various states of sadness, but what shocked her was how hard it had hit the Captain of the Wonderbolts. She was once again being held by Soarin’ as her shoulders shook, crying into his shoulder.

“Captain,” Rainbow said quietly trying to get her attention to no avail. “Ma’am?” she said a bit more forcefully. Still no answer came, hoping this would work. “Spitfire!” she called out shocking the fiery maned Pegasus into look at her.

“What’s wrong, Ma’am?” Rainbow asked gently.

“I-It’s nothing,” Spitfire answered, obviously lying. Something that Applejack instantly picked up on.

“Nah tha’s just horseapples, yer clearly more upset than the rest o’ us. Lan’ sakes, what’s wrong girl,” the orange pony all but demanded.

“I-it’s my fault... maybe if I’d treated her better, bandaged her w-wing mmmore sec-securely. . .”

“Stop right their Captain,” Cloud Dust interrupted, “You know I’m the Medic of the group right?” Spitfire nodded, slightly shocked at how forceful the normally quiet medic was being. “I told you back then you did a better job than me, and I meant it. If it had it been me looking after the filly.” Cloud Dust paused a moment. “Then I’d probably have had to do a field amputation. At least here she’s in a safe, healthy environment.”

Spitfire nodded once more, but Rainbow could still see the traces of lingering doubt in her face. “Look, Captain. If it wasn’t for you she wouldn’t have surv-“ The Medic cut her words off, realising what she was about to say wasn’t for little fillies ears, glancing to Apple bloom and Sweetie Belle. But enough was said to help as Spitfire gave a small, yet genuine, smile of thanks.

Just then the door opened and the doctor stepped in. “Miss Dash? Scootaloo is out of surgery and she’s in her own room. Now, from the paperwork we have on file, I assume you’re taking responsibility of her...” He paused and waited for her nod. “I need you to sign here, it’s to say that you’re happy to pay her medical bill.” Rainbow took the form, looked at it, blinked... then started to swear.

“Oi Rainbow, I’m just a filly!” Sweetie Belle chastised the pony’s profanity.

Rainbow looked up to Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Twilight. “G-guys... Help?” Rainbow squeaked out.

Twilight stepped over to take a look at the bill, and practically exploded.

“WHAT?! I know how much these procedures cost, and this is way too expensive. How do you justify charging a 75% saving life fee? You can’t put a price on a life!” Twilight ranted, bearing down on the doctor.

“But ma’am, we saved her life! We’re entitled to charge whatever we want!” That statement cost the doctor any shred of respect he had left in the room.

Turning to Spitfire, Twilight commanded with all the authority she held as a Princess.
“Captain, I want two guards on Scootaloo at all times. If these... individuals charge for saving a life and don’t get paid, unforeseen complications may happen to a helpless filly. From now on only Nurse Redheart or Dr. Time Turner will be allowed to see Scootaloo.”

The Doctor shouted out at this, “Now see here, that’s slander that is!”

“BE SILENT!” Twilight commanded before grabbing a scroll and quill off the bedside table as Spitfire despatched two Wonderbolts to guard Scootaloo. While this was happening, Twilight stood next to Rainbow, who could see what was being written:

Dear Princess Celestia,

Earlier this afternoon, Rainbow Dash was involved in an altercation between herself and the father of a filly who goes by the name of Scootaloo, who is very dear to all of us.

After the altercation, which turned out to be Rainbow stopping Scootaloo’s father beating her any more than he had, Scootaloo and Rainbow were brought to the local hospital for treatment - lifesaving in Scootaloo’s case.

At present time she is stable but the hospital is trying to add a surcharge of 75% on top of the bill as a ‘Lifesaving Fee’. I currently fear for the filly’s safety and would not like any Unforeseen Consequences to happen, and have as such decreed that at the moment only one doctor or nurse whom I trust will be allowed to tend to Scootaloo.

Unfortunately I fear further expertise will be required to help the little filly to as complete a recovery as possible – please could you send one or two physicians from the Royal Canterlot Hospital to aid in her treatment.

Thank you
your faithful student
Twilight Sparkle – Princess of Magic

“Captain, please have your fastest available flier take this,” Twilight indicated the scroll, “to the library and tell my assistant, Spike, he’s a baby dragon, to send this to the Princess’ immediately.” Spitfire nodded and pointed with a hoof to the note.

“Cloud Dust, take that and do as the Princess asked, then get home to your own little one, it’s getting late,” Spitfire ordered.

Cloud Dust Saluted, and with a “Yes Ma’am” she left the room, carrying the Scroll.
After the Wonderbolt had left, Twilight turned on the doctor.

“So, you think you deserve to charge more than what is laid down by law for doing your job? Fine, you are hereby barred from tending any care to me, my friends, their relatives or their dependents.” She glared at the doctor with thinly veiled disgust.

“Let’s see how many ponies are willing to be your patient when it’s known the bearers of the Elements of Harmony refuse your services. Now… GET OUT!” With that, Twilight turned and scraped a rear hoof on the floor towards him, showing her utter contempt at the stallion.

They spent the rest of the time talking and planning for when Scootaloo would be released. Using her authority as a Princess of Equestria, Twilight conjured up a set of adoption scrolls for Rainbow Dash to fill out to take full guardianship of Scootaloo.

With Scootaloo’s father being an unfit parent, it was a foregone conclusion he’d lose custody.

Spitfire and Soarin’ provided the necessary two professional character references while Fluttershy and Rarity were happy to do the Personal References. Applejack and Pinkie both put their names forward for the care of Scootaloo if anything should happen to Rainbow. Now all that was left was for two signatures on the form one could be Twilights but another official needed to sign it and ratify the decision.

“Who we gonna get to do that? Huh, huh, huh?” Pinkie asked out loud.

“I believe my signature should be sufficient for what thou doth propose,” Princess Luna’s melodic voice answered from the doorway. She stood there flanked by two of her bat-winged soldiers.

“Luna!” Pinkie called, the Party Pony had absolutely no sense of decorum. “When you gonna visit my dreams again?” she called out, completely ignoring the matter at hoof.

Luna visibly shuddered.

“When I’m drunk, drunk enough to believe it safe,” she murmured, before stepping into the room and looking over the form that they had been working on. “Indeed, I believe all is in order. Thou should know, Rainbow Dash, that this is a dream come true for thy new daughter,” Luna spoke as she finished the spell to sign her name.

“I know,” Rainbow said looking to the floor, guilty at not seeing Scootaloo’s plight until now.

“Now, we’ll have none of that, Lieutenant,” Spitfire’s firm voice said.

Rainbow looked up to spitfire confusion evident in her face. “But Ma’am, I’m just a recruit,” Rainbow said, wondering what was happening.

“Not anymore,” Spitfire said with a smirk. “Oh, don’t you know? In order to be allowed to adopt while serving in the Wonderbolts, you need to, at the very least, hold the rank of Lieutenant. Congratulations, Lieutenant Dash. You are now no longer a reserve, but a fully active Wonderbolt with all the responsibilities therein,” Spitfire finished with a smile.

“Whaaaaa-“ Rainbow said eloquently as she kept looking around, waiting for somepony to say ‘Gotcha!’

The reality of the situation hit her when Pinkie Pie started hopping around the room as she exclaimed.
“Ooh–oh, we need a ‘Congratulations-on-being-a-mommy-and-your-promotion-party!” Rainbow could feel the smile on her face was one of the biggest she’d ever worn.

“Thank you, Ma’am, I won’t let you down, I promise!”

Spitfire just shook her head before she spoke, “Just raise that filly right, that’s all I ask, that and let me visit sometimes.”

Rainbow nodded before turning to Luna. “Err Princess, not that I’m glad to see you, because I am, but what are you doing here?”

Luna turned to Rainbow, and started to explain.


Celestia and Luna were sharing their evening tea together, going over which petitioners had been delayed, so Luna would need to see them first, during her night court.

A 24 hour court wasn’t easy to manage, but they’d had millennia of practice before Luna’s little ‘Nightmare Moon’ incident.

A green flame wisped in through the window, coalescing into a scroll in front of Celestia. “It is a bit late for a report, dost thou not think, ‘Tia?” Luna asked, looking in confusion to the scroll.

Celestia nodded before reading its contents, and carefully settling the scroll down like it was venomous snake.

“Luna dear, you tend to visit the dreams of one little filly in Ponyville more than most, do you not?” Celestia asked carefully; Luna nodded, slightly worried at the change in topic that must have been prompted by whatever was written.

“Tell me, sister, what her name is?” Celestia continued.

“Scootaloo,” Luna answered, and watched as Celestia slid the scroll across the table to Luna.


Everypony in Canterlot looked to the castle a moment as the sound of rage echoing from the Princess’ quarters spread across the city as a blast of red meteors shot across the evening sky.


Luna finished her explosion and turned to her sister. “Allow me to bring both her and Rainbow to Canterlot Hospital for their continued treatment.”

Celestia nodded before she spoke, “Very well, sister. But take our most skilled Pegasus Paediatrician and adult consultant’s with you, they will need to run assessments of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash before travel, no doubt.” Celestia rubbed her chin with a hoof a thoughtful expression upon her face before continuing, “Take some guards with you as well. I do not trust any hospital that would start charging such a fee, I believe I shall order an investigation as to what caused this to happen.”

Luna nodded before striding out the door, calling her guards to her with a well-practiced spell, which not only told them they were needed: but why. She had put out the word for four volunteers, yet after retrieving the doctor’s she stepped in to the courtyard to see most of the entire battalion of her guards. Both those on or off duty, with more flying in.

As her jaw dropped to the floor she looked out to them all, and spoke in full regal voice, “We are pleased that thou take a filly’s plight so seriously; we unfortunately cannot take all of thee, however, thou art aware of the injustices done, yes?” She waited until she saw the all nod. “Good, I command this, from this day forth, any known and convicted of the practice in foal abuse will be dealt with by us! These atrocities happen mostly of the Night. We are the Guardian of the NIGHT! AND WE SAY NO MORE!” She finished with a powerful stamp of her hoof, the crowd of her Bat-Pony soldier’s erupting in a loud roar.

She pointed randomly into the crowd of her guards, and chose six to accompany her before addressing the rest. “Now those off duty, go, return home to thy loved ones, those on duty, return to thy stations.” With that she entered her chariot with the two doctors as the guards assembled in the harnesses and they took to the air to Ponyville.


Rainbow looked on, shocked at what she had heard as Luna stepped aside to let a wizened old unicorn approach and run a diagnostic scan of her before tutting.

“Good lord, miss, I don’t know of any other pony that could take the beating you did, and still continue; by my results you were under constant assault for at least a good half an hour! How did you manage to stay in the air?” he asked while noting his findings.

Rainbow looked Soarin’ straight in the eye when she said the next bit, now knowing it was thanks to him she survived. “Training, Doc, bucking good training. You can thank him for that.” Rainbow finished pointing at the stoic faced Soarin’.

“Don’t think that promotion means I’ll go any easier on you, rookie,” Soarin’ said as the Doctor continued his examination.

Rainbow nodded back. “Wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said with a slight smile which held a tinge of pain to it.

“Well, I think you’re safe for transport. We’ll just get you loaded up and-“

“Not until I seen Scoots you won’t,” Rainbow interrupted. The doctor looked like he was about to argue the point until he saw both Princess Luna and Princess Twilight’s faces all but demanding he comply.

“Very well, Miss Dash. Shall we?” He indicated the way out just as he finished removing her drip. As Rainbow got up, she stumbled until Spitfire caught her and Soarin’ took her other side.

“Easy there Rookie, you took some hard hits, hits that I’d wince at,” Soarin’ said as they followed everypony out the room.

It was only a short walk down the corridor and they heard shouting before they even got to Scootaloo’s door.

“NOW SEE HERE! I’VE GOT TO GIVE HER THIS SHOT OR SHE’LL GET WORSE!” one voice was screaming down the corridor as they approached.

In front of the door were the other two Wonderbolts and two of Luna’s guard. They were blocking the way to the doctor who had tried to charge for saving Scootaloo’s life.
They were however quite happily letting Nurse Redheart and Dr. Time Turner through.

As the group approached, the unicorn who had been tending to Rainbow lit his horn up and the syringe that the Doctor had been waving, flew out of his grasp and over to the unicorn. He studied the label a moment, before turning to Luna’s guards.

“Seize him!” he all but commanded. While Luna’s guards hesitated looking to their Princess for confirmation, the Wonderbolts at the door had no such qualms, and had him pinned to the floor in seconds.

“This amount of Ketamine would killed her in her weakened state you… you… AARGH!” The unicorn lost the power of speech and went to slam his hoof in the doctor’s nose, but a powerful purple aura stopped him.

Rainbow turned to see Twilight, her horn aglow and the her face was something she hoped never to have sent her way. “That’s what you were hoping, isn’t it? A dose of painkiller that would normally be fine, yet in a weakened state could kill her. Were you going to put on her Death Certificate ‘unforeseen circumstances’. How many others have you slaughtered because they wouldn’t pay? How much blood money have you extorted!” Twilight was now practically screaming. Luna had set up a barrier blocking her friends from enacting their own justice as the Doctor on the ground, who sneered up at them.

“You’ll never know. But at least I’ll never be convicted, I know who to pay to see to that; then I can move to another hospital! You’ll see! Best is, no pony would realise what I was doing!” He had a slight crazed look in his eye as he said this.


Luna looked down at the unicorn that would have had no regrets in taking the life of an innocent filly. Starting with a calm detached tone, she spoke, “Because of your words today, said here in front of witnesses; my guard, my sisters Wonderbolts, myself, Princess Twilight and more than three citizens of Equestria. It is hereby proclaimed by thy own words thou are GUILTY! Thou shalt spend the remainder of thy days in the darkest, loneliest jail cell I can find, and when thou sleeps, no respite shall come to thee there. I will fill your nights with such terror you shall know why I was once Nightmare Moon! TAKE HIM AWAY!” she commanded, now with full fury and passion in her voice.

As he was dragged away, she dropped the barrier before following Rainbow, who still had to be supported by Spitfire and Soarin into Scootaloo’s room.

As soon as the bed came into view they saw a pale, wan looking Scootaloo on the sheets. The Canterlot paediatrician was working with Nurse Redheart to keep Scootaloo stable and prepare her for transport.

She layed on her left side facing the door, eyes closed as she stayed in slumber. When the Doctor finally pulled the blanket away, however, all Rainbows self-control left her. She collapsed to the floor suddenly, neither Soarin’ nor Spitfire were fast enough to catch her. As her shoulders started to shake and sobs breaking out of her, Pinkie stepped up. Her blue eyes already watering as she wrapped her hooves about Rainbow. Offering a pink shoulder to cry on, one that Rainbow gratefully took as she buried her face.

What had caused those cries was the sight of how badly injured Scootaloo was. She had casts on three of her legs, her head bandaged tight, with another bandage going about her barrel.

On the side she wasn’t lay on, exposed to the full view of everypony in the room, was the bandage flush against Scootaloo’s side. there wasn’t the usual bulge of a wing beneath. The bandages had been stained red from the blood of her amputation site.

Rainbow cried into Pinkie’s shoulder with harsh jarring sobs. Luna could tell she didn’t even notice the pain this was undoubtedly causing. The only sounds in the room: were of those of sadness.

Luna looked about, trying to stifle her own tears at this. Scootaloo had come to mean a lot to the Princess of the Night ever since she had asked to be her friend, and invited to visit her In her dreams any night she wanted.

Fluttershy had collapsed against Applejack; her own tears matting the orange fur she leant against. Twilight was just stood there, tears falling freely. Applejack kept a hoof about Apple Bloom, trying to comfort the distraught filly, as her own tears fell. Rarity and Sweetie Belle held on to each other, quiet cries coming from them as they supported the other. As Luna looked about the only ponies not obviously affected were the Doctors and nurse working on Scootaloo.

Before long they stepped back, getting a carry litter and gently rolled Scootaloo’s unconscious form on to it. “We know it’s very late, but we need two strong fliers to volunteer to carry her to Canterlot Hospital,” the doctor Luna brought with her said.

Luna looked to the only other Alicorn in the room catching her eye.

Twilight nodded. Ever since she’d gained her wings, she’d been having lessons on flight from Luna, Celestia and Rainbow; because of this, she was now one of the best fliers in the sky no matter the weather.

“Let’s go,” Twilight said stepping round Rainbow and Pinkie to the bed, Luna moved to the other side.

They stood still, wings lifted out the way as the litter was strapped to them. Once secured, they carefully manoeuvred their way out the hospital to the night, surprised at who was waiting outside for them: Celestia and Cadance.

Luna checked her wings, making sure every feather was in place, and none would impede her flight in any way as she preened and teased one or two back to position. She turned her attention to her sister as she watched Twilight finish checking her own wings.

“Cadance and Shining were visiting as you know, when the doctor used some Dragonflame I’d bottled to send me the report and how he felt was safest to get Scootaloo to Canterlot.” Looking her sister in the eye, Luna paid close attention as Celestia continued, “You know it is many miles flight, and will take hours at the pace he will want. You and Twilight shall carry her for the first two hours, Cadance has offered to take your place the next two hours as I shall Twilight’s,” Celestia continued, nodding her head to Twilight. “We will change places every two hours until we arrive. Doctor, how slow do you wish us to fly,” Celestia asked turning to the one in charge of Scootaloo’s care.

He looked at the litter that had been built to allow him to ride along to keep an eye on her. “I’d say no faster than 10 knots your highness; I may at any point need you to land fast.”

Luna nodded along with Twilight as they both set the spell that would tell them if they were going too fast.

Rainbow decided to stay with her friends after the doctor’s had finished working on her, she’d only slow them down getting to Canterlot otherwise.

The four Princesses looked to everypony gathered before Twilight spoke, “Don’t worry, we’ll get her there safely, we promise.”

Cadance, Celestia and Luna all nodded before turning and leaping into the air, with so much care not a single blade of grass was disturbed.

Once they were high enough the Pegasi and Bat-Pony guards took to the air and took up formation in front as they formed a giant slip stream tunnel, making the ride smooth as possible for the unconscious but still badly damaged Scootaloo.


As they flew into the distance; Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow and Pinkie all looked at one another, and in one voice all said the same thing: “Train Station.”

There was no argument either for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle that they were coming.
They would catch the earliest train possible, and most likely be in Canterlot before Scootaloo and Rainbow.

They were going to be there for them, it mattered not that they weren’t blood related, but they were all family.

Less than an hour later they were boarding the train. “All aboard for Canterlot Central!” the guard called as they entered.

Settling down for the journey they all looked out the window at the passing scenery, normally they relished in the excitement and anticipation of the journey itself to their destinations.

This time though, their thoughts all strayed and stayed with Scootaloo.

Author's Note:

Carry litter: A special cot that can be carried between two pegasi (Or Alicorns in this case) Large enough to allow for an injured pony, medical equipment and a medic to be carried by air.

The litter is bespelled so that the weight the carrying pegasi feel is only a fraction of the true weight on the litter.