• Published 6th Aug 2013
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Rarity and the Thief - StormLuna

This story is about what happens once Rarity starts to offer credit at her boutique and the customers don't pay their bills on time.

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The Break In

It had now been 91 days since Octavia signed the agreement for the credit arrangement and Rarity had yet to see a single bit of what Octavia owes her. Rarity headed over to Octavia's house and knocked on her door. Miss Cheerilee was outside tending to her garden and looked over Rarity's way.

"Hi, Rarity." said Cheerilee "How is everything going?"

Rarity replied, "Oh it's going. It would be better if Octavia were home. She owes money for a dress I made her and she is over three months late."

Cheerilee said, "Well I wouldn't count on seeing her anytime soon. I saw her with a huge bag of bits and she was talking to herself about how she was going to strike it rich in Las Pegasus."

"She did what?" shouted Rarity "She has plenty of money to go gambling but she can't pay me? I WILL DESTROY HER!"

Cheerilee looked kind of stunned as she had never seen Rarity act like that before. Rarity stormed off before Cheerilee could say anything. Rarity thought to herself, "Well, I guess it is time to take that precious cello of hers."

Rarity went over to the library to talk to Spike to see if he could help her take Octavia's cello while she was gone.

"Hi Rarity, how is everything going?" said Spike

"Oh, they've been better. Is Twilight around?" asked Rarity

"No, Twilight is not around. She had some sort of official business she had to take care of up in Canterlot." replied Spike

"How long is she going to be gone?" asked Rarity

Spike told her that it was some sort of meeting with other ponies from around the planet and Twilight had to be there for 5 days.

Rarity was thrilled at this news. She was thinking that now would be the perfect time to enlist Spike as her assistant in breaking into Octavia's home and stealing her cello.

"Spike, can I ask you of a favor?" asked Rarity

"Yes oh most beautiful one?" replied Spike

"How would you like a big bowl of gems and a kiss on the cheek? All you have to do is help me with one little thing." said Rarity

"Anything for you Rarity!" replied a lovesick Spike

Rarity took Spike to her boutique and told her about what her plan was. Spike was initially shocked that Rarity would even think of doing something like that. Then she told him why she was going to do that. After she told him that, he was ready to do anything he could to help her.

Night arrived in Ponyville and everypony was turning in for the night. Rarity told Spike that they need to be very quiet and try their best to not be seen. Spike said, "Why don't you just teleport us over there like Twilight does?"

Rarity replied, "I don't know that kind of magic Spike. The most advanced thing I know is levitating things."

"Ok," said Spike "so when are we going to do this?"

Rarity looked out the windows and noticed that there were not any lights on anywhere in Ponyville. "Alright Spike, let's go."

Rarity and Spike were sneaking through town, being as quiet as possible. They finally got over to Octavia's house after sneaking between buildings for about an hour. When they got there, Spike asked Rarity how they were going to get in there.

"Spike, I have magic. I do know how to unlock doors!" whispered Rarity

Rarity and Spike were sneaking through the house when Spike got his claw stuck on something and he couldn't get it dislodged. He finally was able to get his claw loose but broke part of it off. They go into a room in the back of Octavia's house. Rarity lights up her horn to provide a bit of light and there is Octavia's cello, bow and case.

"Rarity, we found it!" shouted Spike

"Shhh..Be quiet Spike. We can't get caught." whispered Rarity

Rarity opened the cello case, levitated the cello and its bow into the case and then closed it. She levitated it as they were leaving. Rarity gets her mane caught on a nail on the wall.

"Ow, Spike help me. My mane is caught on something." said Rarity

Spike crawled up on her back and got her mane away from the nail, but one of her hairs got stuck on the nail. This along with the broken claw of Spike's could be costly for the pair.

They finally got back to the boutique and Rarity and Spike felt a sense of relief. "Well done Spike. Her is a bowl of fire rubies for you!" said Rarity. As promised, Rarity kissed him on the cheek.

Spike said, "Thank you oh most beautiful one. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Yeah, don't say a word to Twilight or anypony else about this. This is our little secret, ok." replied Rarity

Spike figured he better get home. After eating the fire rubies he headed back to the library not realizing the events that were to come.