• Published 6th Aug 2013
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Rarity and the Thief - StormLuna

This story is about what happens once Rarity starts to offer credit at her boutique and the customers don't pay their bills on time.

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Prison or Freedom?

The train finally arrived in Canterlot after what seemed to take forever for the two defendants. Officer Silver Shield took them to the court room while the backup officer took Octavia to the court room. After escorting them to the court room Silver Shield went and got Princess Luna while his backup kept order in the court room.

"All rise, court is now in session. Overseeing the case of Equestria vs. Rarity and Spike the Dragon is the honorable Princess Luna." said the bailiff

"You may be seated." said Luna

Princess Luna had been detailed on the general happenings involving this case so she knew pretty well as to what was going on.

"I would like the prosecution to tell me what is going on with this and why it has been brought to court." said Luna

"Your honor, this has been brought to court because it is believed that the defendants, Rarity and Spike the Dragon, broke into Octavia's home and stole her cello. We do have evidence that suggests that this could be true." said the prosecutor

Luna replied, "Before we go on with the evidence, I believe we should hear testimony from the individuals involved."

The prosecution first decided to call Octavia Melody to the witness stand.

"Miss Melody," said the prosecutor, "what happened regarding your stolen cello."

Octavia replied, "Well I was gone to Las Pegasus for a week gambling and I figured that since I was not performing at a concert that it would be safe to leave it at home. After all, there has not been a home burglary in the entire history of Ponyville. I then come home to find that my cello is missing."

"Were there any other things that were going on before this that may have led to somepony breaking in and stealing your cello?" asked the prosecutor

Octavia replied, "Well several months ago I had placed an order for a dress at Rarity's Boutique and signed a credit agreement with her. It said that if the balance was not paid within ninety days of signing the agreement that she reserved the right to sue me and or charge late fees and finance charges."

The prosecutor asked, "Was there anything else that Rarity said to you or put in that credit agreement that may have led to this maybe not being theft?"

Octavia replied, "Well she did ask me if I wanted to read the fine print at the bottom of the credit agreement, but I told her it probably wasn't important and that I didn't need to waste my time with it."

Luna had a look on her face thinking that there must have been something in that fine print that may have allowed this to be legit but she did not say anything.

Luna said, "Ok, can I now see the evidence."

"Yes your honor." replied the prosecutor

The prosecutor then took the bag of evidence to Luna and handed it to her. Luna opened the bag and was looking through it. She then said to Officer Silver Shield, "You do know that by placing these two items in the bag together that you have contaminated the evidence don't you?"

"No your honor, I did not realize that. Does that mean the evidence is unusable"? asked Silver Shield

"Yes, this evidence would have had to be placed in separate bags for them to be used in a court of law." replied Luna

Octavia stood up and shouted, "But Luna, they broke into my home. Send them to prison now!"

"ORDER IN THE COURT! Octavia, such outbursts are not allowed in my courtroom. If you do this again you will be held in contempt of court, which is a crime in itself." said Luna

Octavia sat there with a scowl on her face as she thought that since Luna is friends with both Spike and Rarity, that this court proceeding was rigged. She also realized that they could not be tried for either crime again with a different judge as Equestria has a double jeopardy law which forbids ponies getting tried for the same crime twice.

"Officer Silver Shield, may I see the credit agreement?" asked Luna

"Yes your honor." replied Silver Shield

Luna was reading through the credit agreement and realized that what had happened was not a crime, but instead was in the fine print of the credit agreement.

Luna said, "I am looking over this credit agreement and I have found the following. First it states that customers must get their balance paid off within ninety days of putting the cost of an order on the credit account. It also states that there are finance charges and late fees if monthly payments are not made that are one-third of the balance. Did you understand this part of the agreement when you signed the agreement Octavia?"

"Yes your honor, I understood the terms and conditions." replied Octavia

Princess Luna proceeded, "Despite understanding these terms, you failed to make your payments anyway."

"Yes your honor." replied Octavia

"From what I understand, you were paid 1200 bits for your performance at The Canterlot Music Festival. Is that correct." said Luna

"Yes your honor, I did." replied Octavia

Luna asked, "Why didn't you just go pay at least what you owed Rarity's Boutique at the time?"

Octavia was getting agitated and said, "I just didn't think about it at the time. I didn't think it was that important."

Luna continued, "Also from what I understand you took over 1000 bits with you on a trip to Las Pegasus to go gambling when the 90 day agreement on the credit agreement would pass. Is that correct? Did you know that the deadline would pass while you were out of town?"

Octavia replied, "Yes your honor, I knew it would pass but I figured that since Rarity had asked for a one-third of the balance payment after the first month was over, that she didn't deserve to have any of it."

Luna replied, "Now that is not a good attitude to have, especially when it comes to a legal document such as a credit agreement. I have checked out the fine print and it reads, "Customers must pay off their full balance within ninety days or late fees and finances charges will be assessed, Rarity's Boutique reserves the right to file a lawsuit against the customer and/or confiscate customer's property with or without customer's consent. You should have read the find print Octavia."

"This can't be a legal document your honor. Who approved this type of credit agreement anyway." said Octavia

Luna replied, "Given that not only am I a princess and a judge, I also handle what types of agreements such as this are legal or illegal. I decided that this agreement and the consequences of non-payment are perfectly legal."

"What does that mean?" asked the prosecutor

"It means that Rarity and Spike are free to go. I am clearing both of you of all charges." said Luna


Luna shouted, "Order in the court! Octavia, I warned you. I am holding you in contempt of court. I am sentencing you to 30 days in prison."

Octavia said, "When will I get my cello back?"

Luna replied, "You will get your cello back once you pay your debt if full. The Bank of Equestria is going to pay Rarity's Boutique a sum of 500 bits. Once you pay this debt to Equestria, your cello will be returned to you."

Octavia sneered, "And how am I supposed to earn that kind of money without my cello? My livelihood is my performing in concerts."

Luna replied, "That is your problem. Bailiff, take Octavia to the dungeon. Rarity, Spike, you two are free to go. You have a great day."

"You too your honor." replied Spike and Rarity

"Court is adjourned." said the bailiff

Twilight who was in the audience all the time hugged Rarity and Spike as they headed out of the courtroom. Octavia could be heard shouting and screaming as she was taken down to the dungeon to serve her sentence for contempt of court.

On the train ride home Twilight said to the two, "Rarity, I am thinking you should just have a cash only policy from now on after what happened. Spike, I know Rarity means the world to you but I am very disappointed in you doing this. Luna didn't punish you but I will."

"What is my punishment going to be?" asked Spike

Twilight replied, "You are confined to the library for the same sentence Octavia got in the dungeon, thirty days. You are also not allowed to see Rarity during this time period. Sorry Rarity, but I can't have you coming over until thirty-one days from now."

Rarity looked shocked at what Twilight's punishment for Spike was. She said, "Twilight, how could you impose such a punishment on my Spikey-wikey? I am sure that going to court was punishment enough."

Twilight replied, "I'm sorry Rarity, but if I don't punish him any, he will not learn his lesson. It is like what happened when my brother stole the neighbor's vase and used it for target practice. He wasn't punished by Princess Celestia but my parents did give him a thirty day punishment of not being able to leave the house. So I figure that this would be a fair punishment."

The train arrived in Ponyville after a 45 minute ride. Rarity headed back to her boutique and shouted, "Bye Twilight, I will see you in a month my Spikey-wikey."

"Good bye Rarity!" shouted Spike

Once they got back to the library Twilight told Spike that not only would he not be allowed to leave the library but that he would clean the library on a daily basis and that he is forbidden from eating any ice cream during his thirty day punishment.

Spike didn't like it but he agreed to it. He was glad that he did not get punished by Princess Luna.

"Twilight, I know I shouldn't have let Rarity have so much influence over me. I guess that is where my crush on her caused me to be bad. I hope you can forgive me." said Spike

Twilight replied, "Oh Spike, I've forgiven you, but that doesn't mean you don't have to serve your punishment."

It was late so they decided to go to bed and get some rest after an extremely stressful day.

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Well that was a good fic :moustache:

I might suggest you get an editor but apart from that, great job.

Now Octavia learns that fine print is the devil. :pinkiecrazy:

I really liked it. Very interesting using the fine print, there were some words that were used too much but still awesome I give it 4:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: out of five

2999590 As they say... "The Devil is in the Details..." XD

I liked that story it was really good.

Very cute and a really neat concept too. I would suggest you work on descriptions and scenes as sometimes they fell a bit flat. Either way you're a great author and I'm sure will go far :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile::yay:

I didnt like how much of self entitled bitch octavia had been portrayed.
For the only two appearances she has had, i doubt she would be anywhere near this petty.
Maybe if it was somepony else being the bitch, i may find this story more believable and even enjoyable.

.....that and Octavia is literally my favorite of the backround character, so maybe im just biased.

4459919 It is your opinion Marcus and it matters just as much as anypony else's does. I chose to portray Octavia in this manner because she reminds me a lot of some upper class petty individuals I know.

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