• Published 6th Aug 2013
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Rarity and the Thief - StormLuna

This story is about what happens once Rarity starts to offer credit at her boutique and the customers don't pay their bills on time.

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Cash or Credit

Seventy days had passed since Octavia and Lyra had placed their orders. Rarity also had multiple other orders placed after the musician ponies had placed their orders and left. Twilight was over visiting Rarity when she had finished all the dresses.

"Wow Rarity, those look amazing!" said Twilight

"Thank you! I just hope that my customers like them as these were difficult to make and the fabric was not cheap." replied Rarity

Lyra was the first to arrive at her boutique that day, as she wanted to pick up her dress before anypony else since she paid well in advance. She did not want other ponies knowing the discount that she was able to get.

"Lyra dahling! How are you doing today?" asked Rarity

"I am doing great! I figured I would get here early to pick up my dress because I am so excited to see how it looks on me!" replied Lyra

"Lyra, where is Octavia?" asked Twilight "I really thought you two would come together since you will be performing together."

"With the kind of mood she is in, I am trying to keep my distance from her. She is mad at me because you gave me those discounts for paying early and paying in cash." replied Lyra

Twilight tried to reassure Lyra that everything would be ok and that eventually Octavia would get over it and be her normal self again. Lyra is Octavia's best friend and she is hoping that Octavia won't be mad at her forever.

"I certainly hope you are right." replied Lyra, "She is my best friend after all and I hope a little thing like a discount over the price of a dress wouldn't drive a wedge between us."

Rarity brought out Lyra's dress and she was astonished at how good it looked. She went into the dressing room to try it on, when she came out to ask Rarity how it looked, Rarity said, "Lyra dahling, that looks absolutely perfect on you!"

"I knew you would say that!" replied Lyra "What do you think Twilight? Do you think it looks good on me?"

"Lyra, you look amazing! You are really going to wow the crowd in Canterlot, not just with your music, but with how good you look as well." said Twilight

"Well I better get going," said Lyra "I need to get home and practice."

Lyra left the boutique as happy as can be. Colgate and Vinlyl were the next ponies to come to pick up their dresses. As they entered the store Twilight said, "Wow, I didn't even know that the music festival let ponies with your type of music play."

Colgate replied, "They just started allowing rock musicians this year. Luna was sick and tired of them only having classical musicians up there so Celestia caved in and started letting other types of music there."

Vinyl added, "Yeah, Colgate and I are going to have that place rockin'! I know Luna will finally show up and with her being part of the judging team, we are going to win for sure!"

Rarity came over and showed them their dresses. They weren't the elegant style that Lyra and Octavia ordered. They had a lot more flash to them and while Rarity thought they were not the best looking dresses, Colgate and Vinyl loved them.

"This is perfect Rarity!" said Colgate "This is exactly what I wanted!"

Vinyl added, "This dress looks awesome! We are going to wow that crowd, aren't we Colgate!"

"Hay yeah we will!" shouted Colgate "Are you coming to watch us bring home top prize?" asked Colgate

"I don't know." replied Twilight "It will really depend on my schedule."

"It is still fifty days from now" said Vinyl "You can't put it in well in advance?"

Rarity asked Colgate, "Will this be paid for in cash or are you going to take advantage of my new credit program?"

"I am not going to get something unless I have the money for it, so I am paying in cash." said Colgate

Rarity said, "Alright, those who pay in cash get a ten percent discount, so that will be 90 bits."

Colgate levitated a bag of money out of her saddlebag and paid Rarity for the dress. Vinyl has the same mindset as Colgate and told her that she would also be paying in cash. The two left the boutique very happy and headed off to take their dresses home.

Octavia finally showed up to pick up her dress at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. When she entered the boutique she said, "So, is my dress ready?"

"Of course it is! I always have my customers' orders ready on time." replied Rarity

Octavia wanted to try on her dress before she payed for it. She liked how it looked and Rarity thought it looked fabulous.

"So, are you going to pay with cash or would you like to use my new credit program?" asked Rarity

"Well, given that I don't have that much cash right now I would like to use your credit option." replied Octavia

Rarity had Octavia read over the terms and conditions of the credit agreement. It said that customers must get their balance paid off within ninety days of putting the cost of an order on the credit account. It also mentioned finance charges and late fees if monthly payments of one-third of the balance is not paid. Octavia was not thrilled with this but signed the contract anyway.

Rarity asked, "Octavia, aren't you going to read the fine print at the bottom of the page?"

Octavia replied, "No, It probably isn't important enough for me to waste my time with. So how much will be going on my credit account?"

Rarity told her that since she was using credit that it would be 100 bits and that late payments would add 33 bits to the balance and any finance charges would add 15 bits to the balance.

"Don't worry, I will pay my balance every month and will have it all taken care of within ninety days." said Octavia as she left the boutique.

Rarity replied, "I know you will, you have a marvelous day!"

If only Octavia had read the fine print which read, "If the customer does not pay the full balance within ninety days Rarity's Boutique reserves the right to turn the account over to collections, sue the customer or go into their home and confiscate personal property to make up for the balance owed."