• Published 28th Jul 2013
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Equestrian Doom - tankmanbrony

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The Guardian and the Knight

Gorrog awoke his body still was in pain from his many wounds. His first thought was that he had been captured by the ponies but when he looked around and saw his guards around him he quickly dismissed the notion. He placed a fist on the ground and pushed himself up. Surveying his position he saw that they had moved him to a building still inside the city.
The whole room was covered in blood and the broken forms of what had once been ponies each one suffering from innumerable injuries. He looked around taking in surroundings as clearly as he could. It was large enough for him to stand in so he assumed it must have been a public meeting place. His heavy footfalls marked his progress of exploring the room.

,”We must leave this city; I have an important task to accomplish.”

The other Hell Knights grunted and followed him. The walls in front of him had a massive hole in it and scorch marks all around it. He assumed that a battle had been fought here and as they passed a large blood splatter confirmed his suspicions. He however saw no live ponies in the entire city. How long had he been out? He heard the myriad sounds of his army moving throughout the city. As he passed through the city the demons fell into a chaotic formation behind him.
He was approaching the edge of the city the buildings growing smaller along with the signs of battle. A dark power filled him almost as if Hell itself was giving him strength. He left the city and faced a large field. Here is where his victory would be sealed.

His army halted behind him staring into his back. He knew it was time. He opened his palm and in formed an ethereal red skull. He hurled it into the center of the field conjuring an identical one in his other hand. He raised it high into the air feeling the crackle of raw power in the air. The Pentagram on his head glowed red as he channeled the power of Hell into his hands.(1)

“COME NOW DARK GUARDIAN, COME NOW TO GLORY!!” he roared. The ground in the field collapsed into a vortex of lava. He saw a large pentagram forming in front of him. The day darkened above him as thick clouds blocked the sun. He threw back his head and roared a roar that every demon joined him. It was a terrible sound immense in volume and strength. By now the very air around him thrummed with the immense power coursing through it.
A massive fist came out of lava it was mace shaped and rocky with glowing cracks. It sunk into the ground lodged its fist in. Next came its massive head its great horns and glinting in the light of Hell. A green fire appeared above the portal bringing forth the Guardian unto this world. The great demon lurched forward as if propelled by some great force. It turned its head to face Gorrog.

He felt a sudden heat around his skull dwarfing the heat of flames but his resolve didn’t waver his power sustaining the portal as demons poured through it following the Guardian to this new world. His army swelled absorbing the new demons into the fold.

The skull in his hand started to fade and the flow of demons lessened. The raw power that had coursed through him started to fade consumed by opening a portal and transporting several thousand demons through it. However by the mere fact that it had been bestowed upon him meant that he was Hell’s champion. He turned to face his army eyes still glowing and spoke, “we have but one target now my brethren the great city where I was held captive. We shall storm this fortress and conquer it in the name of Hell!”

His voice carried over his entire army with a projection ability that speech givers would forever envy. His guard took up positions around him and they prepared to move out to Canterlot. He turned to city.
“Go into the city” he said, “find the ponies still inside it and I don’t care if they are in pieces just alive, bring them to me.” Several thousand demons heeded his command and entered the ravaged city. He turned to his guards and had a map of the Equestria brought to him. He puzzled over it for a while having tried these things before unsuccessfully until one his Arch-Viles tortured it out of a soldier. He pointed to where they were.

“We are here” he pointed to Fillydelphia “we need to go here” he pointed to Canterlot.

“I suspect that the majority of the pony’s feeble strength is concentrated there. Along with the majority of their leaders.”

His face than twisted into a look of hate he remembered the dark pony who had captured him. Somehow her magic had affected him something no other pony could claim. He would see that she burned for that but right now he had more pressing matters to deal with. The foremost was getting his army to Canterlot. He also had to get used to the gift that Hell had bestowed upon him and to find out what it even looked like. He then shrugged let his next enemy tell him.
“We will split our flyers into two groups and use them to ferry in imps and maggots to disrupt our enemies while others bombard the city to cause maximum damage. The main body of demons will advance with me into their walls and we will smash them against the mountain. The Guardian and ten thousand of the demons will not participle in this battle they will be held in reserve for a battle in the field or an attack on the rear.”

Having finished his battle plans he looked at his fellow demons they couldn’t talk but they did have enough intellect to know a bad plan from a good one and thought his was good so they grunted in agreement.

He turned to the city ad to surprise he saw several hell knights walking out each carrying ponies in their fists. He grunted and two Hell Knights dropped the four ponies in front of him. He looked at them. All had some sort of burn injury on their body. One had part of its face clawed off and was barely alive. The others clung close to each other fearing what the demons were going to do next. One the one closest to him appeared to be a survivor of the garrison judging by the armor he still wore and the way he positioned himself in Gorrog’s way as if he could protect the mares and foals that they had with them.

“It is impressive you survived this long soldier what is your name” Gorrog’s tone was slightly softer than usual but brooked no argument.

“Sergeant Golden Wings “the confused pegasus spat at Gorrog.

“Careful or I will rip your tongue out and choke you with it after ” he actually spat at the sergeant to get his point across. His patience for this behavior was short at best.

“How many soldiers are stationed in Canterlot” he asked? The other demons surrounding them were edging closer waiting for him to give the order to tear them to pieces.

“About sixty thousand and growing” he said trying to intimidate the eleven foot tall demon in front of him.

Gorrog smirked staring down on the pony in front of him he hadn’t done this in a while. He only had to maintain his presence for a few more hours as he could see the resolve of the pegasus wavering. One of the foals started crying, its wails seeming somewhat suited to the army surrounding it. He still had it. He ignited a fireball in his hand and crouched next to pony.(2)

“You can see my army around you yes? Sixty thousand bodies is what we will make out of that army the same way that I killed your princess my demons will do to every living creature pony or otherwise in that city.”

The mares shrank back from him as he stood up as strode over to them. He looked at them sizing up the group. All of them had at least one foal with them ranging in size from what looked like a newborn to what looked like a smaller adult pony. He looked them over noticing that one was trying to hide its wheezing behind one of the less damaged ponies. He grunted to a Hell Knight behind them who stooped and grabbed the wheezing pony in its hand.

“I do not tolerate weakness even my prisoners.’ He gestured to the Hell Knight who tossed him the now absolutely terrified pony.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you” he said smiling at the pony who squirmed in his grasp. He started stroking it under the chin his large fingers dancing over the pony’s face. This display all the more terrified it. He closed his fist tightly and conjured a fireball in it catching the now screaming pony on fire. Dropping the writhing fireball he turned to the rest.

“That is how I deal with weakness unless you want that to happen to you, you will do as I order. Now get in line with the demons.” He was visible angry and the raw fear the emanated off him intensified to the point where several ponies almost fainted. He turned to his guards “get this army moving we are going to battle.

Several hours later they were on the move leaving the city behind in the direction of Canterlot the ponies in the center of the mass of demons to prevent escape. It would roughly a month for the host to reach the city but when it did he had full confidence that it would be crushed. However he expected that several of the prisoners would die on the march to Canterlot but that wasn’t a problem they were after all in front of the demons who would gladly pounce on the dead as they would the

Author's Note:

(1) Gorrog can receive immense amounts of power from Hell but generally only when he is about to open a portal to Hell. he however can also draw upon Hell when he is close enough to it like in his battle with Celestia.

(2) Gorrog radiates fear that if he needs too he can drive ponies insane with his very presence like in the prologue but can also regulate the amount of fear he instills as it is a drain on his strength.