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Equestrian Doom - tankmanbrony

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Chapter 19: Downfall Part one

Gorrog saw the vast armored bulk rushing towards him, in front spears lowered and behind them he saw ballista gunners taking aim, their twelve foot javelins were known for lifting Hell Knights off their feet.

“Bring me the Arch-viles, Imps, Hell Knights, fire!”

Conjuring a fireball Gorrog hurled it through the air, impacting the ground next to the formation, downing one of the ponies, who was immediately trampled by his compatriots. He heard the thumps of ballistae firing, and a Hell Knights next to him grabbed the bolt imbedded in its chest, and collapsed, dissolving into fire.

They would be sitting ducks here due to the lack of cover and he had three alicorns in the pony army and they would obviously seek him out and fight him here, so he ordered a small retreat, trying to draw the ponies into a tight close quarters fighting.

“Where are the Arch-viles?”

Gorrog was nervous now, the ponies were closing on them roughly two hundred feet and without the Arch-viles they would lack the support to hold the pony armies at the breach. Turning around he saw Imps and Maggots swarming towards them, many crawling along the walls and few Imps on the ceiling, accompanying them, a line of Demons with Hell Knights behind them marched towards the breach, the majority of Gorrog’s strength was concentrated for this battle, with only one hundred demons in deep hibernation, in reserve.

Gorrog braced himself for the impact, the ponies had narrowed the distance to where, he could see the whites of their eyes, the smell of their fear.

“Demons of the five edged star, charge!”

The demons, bounded over the Imps and Hell Knights, and charged the ponies , howling as they collided with the frontal sections of the pony charge, rearing up and slamming their front section down the ponies, some of who were crushed outright, except one, a pony with an orange coat who slashed the Demon’s legs and stuck his sword through the Demon’s chest. The pony was a remarkable with his weapon, and overall a good soldier, but Gorrog knew that he was no match for a Hell Knight.

Bellowing, Gorrog advanced into the battlefield, behind him his guards followed, and the empty space was quickly replaced by other demons, trying to force their way to the fight, some crawling out the hole, from the side resembling a swarm of insects.

He raised his fist and it expanded as a fireball formed, and he slammed it into the army of ponies, who had now slowed to a steady advance, several went flying, but they didn’t panic as they often did. This puzzled him. But it was quickly forgotten as he noticed the six ponies who had frozen the Guardian, each with a piece of some type of jewelry, around their necks, the only exception, being one with what resembled a crown.

Now, Gorrog was worried, if they could reduce such a monster to stone, what could they do to his guard or him.

Gorrog, took a soldier by the legs and slammed his face into the upturned shield of another soldier, crushing though it, and taking the adjoined soldiers, he flung them into the maggots, as they rushed up behind him, and after hearing their screams, he continued forwards.

Slamming a soldier out of his way with a blow he started killing in earnest, several had their chests crushed by his fists or feet, another torn in half and finally one had her guts pulled out through her stomach, wrapped around her neck and used as a flail. Gorrog, having used such a flail before, knew he had roughly only a few good swings until her body broke.

On his downward stroke he felt something large slam into him, knocking him to the ground. Looking up he saw the dragon standing on his chest. Turning his face, he felt the dragon’s fist smash into his helmet. He raised his hands and grabbed the dragon, but he sustained several more his to his head, as he wrenched the dragon off him, pushing him into the man body of the ponies, and stood up.

The dragon drew a large blade, six feet long and single edged. Gorrog, conjured a fireball in both hands, letting them expand to their apex, as his rage poured forth, this was the dragon that had slayed one of his Black Hell Knights, his death would be avenged he vowed, and now this dragon would pay the price as he drowned in his own blood.

He hurled one of the fireballs at the dragon, hitting him square in the chest and putting a small dent in his chest plate. Gorrog say the dragon shift his weight forward and charge, swinging his sword, the weapon aimed for his head. Catching the blade in his hand, Gorrog leaned in close, the flames of the plasma ball giving him a small buffer between the blade and his hand. The dragon dropped the blade and slammed his fists into Gorrog’s stomach, ducking under his attempts to grab him. Gorrog brought his knee up and hit the dragon in the face, breaking his lower jaw.

As the dragon stumbled back, Gorrog walked towards him, grabbed him by the lower back and his neck and threw him into the walls of his fortress. Walking towards him he felt like something was wrong, the his head turned to either side, as he tried to make sense of what was happening, the dragon, and the strange nature of the fight, the quick change from lethal to non-lethal methods of fighting, the familiarity of the dragon’s color.

Gorrog, turned to face what he now recognized as Spike, and to his surprise he saw the dragon laughing, and staring behind him, his shadow suddenly appearing on the wall, turning around he saw the flash of a blinding rainbow colored light surging towards him, and the red burst of something exploding…