• Published 28th Jul 2013
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Equestrian Doom - tankmanbrony

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The guards spoke in hushed voices as they opened the gate. Judging by the fact that Princess Luna herself had come to deal with this, this was big. Very big. She marched in and had an entire platoon of royal guards with her and a very large cage. This would change the face of Equestria forever.

They made sure the castle’s inhabitants were sleeping when they brought the beast in. It was in a cage and bound, but still it did not seem contained. Battle with the creature, though it had felt too easy, had taken an hour. It had taken forty royal guards to take it down, and even then it had fought on even after it was bound by Princess Luna’s magic. This, however, had not saved the guards that had first encountered the monster. Two of them had gone insane after the fight was over; they kept saying that they were drowning in blood. This was especially disturbing considering it had happened to hardened veterans of ten years of service, instead of the younger members of the guards. Everypony was startled and unnerved about the fact that they had gone insane so quickly and after that many years of service. They could not be kept in any form of room due to the effects the battle had on them.

This creature certainly had its own devious purpose and they had to know what is was. It had single handily ransacked a small village, leaving a massive glowing five pointed star in the center.

Luna removed its gag with disdain and said, “We demand to know what art thou, and why thou art here.”

The monster responded in a deep hellish tone that spoke of the horrors it was capable of, “I am the servant of Hell known as Gorrog and you shall know my purpose soon enough.”

Luna replied, “That is not the correct answer.” Then, turning to the guards she said, "Send him to the dungeons, we shall see how he answers after a couple of weeks in a cage.”

The response she got was one that sent shivers through every pony in the room, it was a sound like rocks being crushed. It was this monster's laughter…


Several days went by and the guards were never able last more than a day, or two in the case of the strongest, before they fell into insanity. This was making Princess Luna nervous, so she decided to take it up with her sister.

Walking through the castle had a different feel to it than usual as of late. In the beginning it was unnoticeable, unless you went by the dungeons. The dungeons had the strongest feeling of malevolence and malice she had ever felt. She entered the throne room, where her sister had just finished court. Luna caught her at the perfect time because she was about to have short rest.

“Sister we have some tidings of great importance,” said Luna.

“Yes?” asked Celestia. "How important?" she said, showing only a slight bit of interest.

“The creature we captured has been affecting the castle and our guards who have kept watch on it. The guards have greatly deteriorated in strength and resolve, just yesterday one snapped and attempted to kill one of the other guards until being restrained; afterwards he claims no recollection of the previous events," reported Luna.

Celestia paused to think on this new information. “These events require immediate action,” Celestia said decisively after a few moments. “I shall deal with them personally.”

“I shall ready the dungeons for your arrival."

“That can wait, we must warn the bearers and the surrounding kingdoms of this evil,” said Celestia. “I will send the message,” she continued, “but we shall face this evil together.”

They left the throne room and entered a stair well into the lower portions of the castle. As they walked into the bowels of the castle she thought, this Gorrog is a terrible power if he is capable of driving ponies mad by just merely being in his presence.

“Sister he mentioned some place called Hell and that he was its servant.”

“This place, if it holds such a monster in its thrall, will be most terrible. We must sever any contact he has with it,” said Celestia.

When they entered the dungeon they discovered it had taken an entirely different look to it. It was starting to change, what was most prevalent was the door and outer wall of Gorrog’s cell. His door was completely black and the stone around it look scorched; even the torch to right of the door was changed, it burned far higher than it should and far hotter.

Then one of guards motioned to the other to open the door for the princesses. As they opened it they heard a sound that would soon become all too common in Equestria, the deep blood curdling roar of a Hell Knight. The sound caused several of the guards to shy away from the monster, and around twenty more to come running down to the cell. He moved forward, his walk causing him to lurch forward, while swinging his powerful arms from which several chains dangled. Then the demon came into good view for the ponies. His body bugled muscle and stood several feet taller than even the two alicorn princesses, and all of his strength and presence was captured by his head. It was coming out of the top of his torso on a short neck, it had two black eyes which portrayed no emotion and his expression was one of pure contempt for the force gathered in front of him. His mouth took up most of the lower half of his face and was full of large teeth meant to shear through bone and flesh with one powerful bite. And yet, the most mysterious feature was the ridge of bone on his forehead in the shape of a five pointed star.

He spoke in a deep tone, “I see you brought your strongest warriors to face me. Hopefully they will not fall as easily as their brothers did.” The last part was all but spat at them. He continued, “But I do see we meet again Luna. I see you brought this sister you spoke of when we first encountered. But I must say I can’t leave out my brethren from meeting you, can I?”

Before the two stunned alicorns could react they saw his star start to glow on his forehead, it burned with a feverish intensity. Behind him a far larger replica burned behind him. With a sound akin to thunder several creatures appeared flanking Gorrog, several looked like him but much smaller and most curiously with many more eyes. In front of them were several creatures, that would later earn a reputation as some most feared demons in his horde. They had five limbs, two of which were legs, the other appendages ended in a different hand; one had five fingers and on the other side of its body one had a pincer. Beneath that, the third and final one was a blunt stump. In addition to these it had two heads with small faces on top with long tongues hanging out of them.

“These are some of my Imps,” he said, gesturing to the ones that looked like him, “and my Maggots,” he said pointing at the five limbed creatures.

“You can’t hope to defeat us with such a small force, we have forty royal guards and you are facing the two most powerful ponies in Equestria!” retorted Celestia. The guards around her looked at her, waiting for the order to strike.

The two alicorns looked at each other and nodded, Luna knew from the last time she had seen Gorrog fight and from the terror he inspired, that had transfixed the castle on these dungeons but that entire meant nothing if he was dead. The guards advanced with spears forward and collided with the maggots, while the imps conjured fire balls in their hands and threw them at the advancing guards; who were so close together that that missing would be impossible and several went down in screams. This was followed by the maggots leaping onto to the fallen ponies, only to be speared by their fellows and in return the guards met another volley of the fire balls, but joined by one far larger one from Gorrog. Only, it was green and when it struck a pony, he and the ponies adjacent to him went flying. This was followed by him charging into the ranks of the guards who had now started to panic in the face of this assault. Then came a sound that they wouldn’t forget for the rest of lives, the sound of a pony’s spinal column being torn out of his back.

This brought all attention to the hell knight, he had grabbed the largest pony he could have and was tearing his head off along with his spine. Princess Celestia, on seeing this, charged; intending to impale him on her horn. He saw her and shifted to intercept the charge and grab her. Luna tried to tell her to stop, when she saw the red glow appear on his head. Gorrog grabbed her horn right as it went into the side of his stomach, they disappeared in a cloud of smoke and fire. The slaughter continued as the last of the demons were slain, they lost the raw fear their leader projected. Looking around, she realized that they left no corpses or remnants of their existence other than what they had done to their surroundings. This prevented her from even learning how many demons had been there.

She knew what had to be done, what this meant… war.