• Published 28th Jul 2013
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Equestrian Doom - tankmanbrony

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The Storm

Spike had one month to prepare for Gorrog’s assault and he was extremely glad of it. They had built proper barricades in the streets and even had prepared a few hold fasts for the civilians should the defenses fall to prevent a Fillydelphia from happening again. Several nights ago darkness descended over the city. You hardly saw ponies on the street s any more except when they went out to get their rations or soldiers taking positions. They had spent the month emplacing stakes into the river and drilling the army into a worth fighting force.

“Commander I spotted them”

He turned to see a breathless pegasus in front of him.

“They are coming about ten miles away from the pace they are moving at they will here at nightfall.”

“Thank you private you are dismissed” he told her before turning and running towards the castle. His run broke into a jog due to the weight of his armor and the distance from wall to castle. He turned the corner and raced up the steps. The platoon of guards parted for him as he raced pasted them. Finally he reached the throne room he saw Luna seated on her throne.

“Commander Spike why did you leave your post at the wall.” She asked surprised at his visit.

“Gorrog is here his army will beat our gates by nightfall princess.” His statement causing her jaw to drop and recoil slightly away.

“The day that I’ve feared has come rally the elements I shall have Shining Armor muster the army” he saw her fear replaced by grim determination.

“We must warn the bearers of this threat immediately go commander we must not tarry.”

He ran out of the throne room searching for Twilight as she could get to the rest much quicker than he could. His search lead him past a several companies of soldiers filing out of the castle barracks. Eventually he realized it would be much easier to raise the alarm. He saw several officers leaving their barracks clad in the mail that ponies usually wore.

Captain, lieutenants raise the alarm I want every pony at their posts now” they saluted and did as he asked. Soon Spike could hear the bells tolling. He smiled that had taken care of both of tasks but now he had to get back to the wall to lead the preparations until General Shining Armor took over. His unit would be on the ground directly in front of the gate. They were the largest citizens of the kingdom each selected for raw strength and size. They were one of the few full plate armor units. Most used standard chain mail under it but no other unit had full plate like his and he was proud of this achievement.

He was walking to the wall when he heard the marching of the army the clatter of thousands of hooves on the ground. He turned onto one the main roads and saw thousands of soldiers marching past bearing spears swords and bows depending on which unit they were in. He marveled at how numerous the army actually was and remembered that this scene was being repeated on each of Canterlot’s main roads about ten of them all leading to the gate. He saw his unit marching at the head of this column and ran as close as he could the edge of the massive out pouring of troops as he could. He saw that his entire battalion had lowered the visors on their helmets and were fully encased in steel. He in solidary with his soldiers lowered his but unlike them it was easy to tell who he was due to him being eight feet tall.

They took their positions in front of the gate, he saw the archer companies take position on the battements about nine deep to provide maximum fire onto the approaching horde. He heard several officers shouting orders and the spear ponies took position around his unit. They carried both swords and spears to provide the most efficient combination of targets to fight with the exception of the Cacodemons and Forgotten Ones. However his soldiers were tasked with fighting the most dangerous of the enemies demons, Hell Knights. Each one ten feet tall and extremely muscled capable of ripping a pony to pieces, and his job was to prevent them from getting in among the regular soldiers.

Several hours in the ready position caused most of the ponies to become relaxed and let their guard down but what came next jarred them awake and on edge it was a noise that every one of them feared. The battle roar of a Hell Knight no not just one the battle roars of thousands of Hell Knights. He looked up at the commanders on the walls they were nervous telling the archers to hold fire and wait for them to pass the markers.

“SEND THESE DEMONS CRAWLING BACK TO THEIR HOLE” the volume of the voice meant that Princess Luna had arrived.

“Charge, CHARGE” he knew by the stark contrast to Luna’s Royal Canterlot Voice that this had to be Gorrog. The ground shook beneath the charge of the demons. he saw several platoons of soldiers take a step back before moving back into position. The shaking was drawing closer and a steady howl rose over the walls.

“They have a battering ram get the unicorns over here” he heard one of his fellow commanders shout by the looks it was Commander Strong Wing. Than the realization hit battering rams had one purpose the smash gates. If they could smash the gates than they could get into the city.

“Concentrate ballistae fire on the Hell Knights carrying the ram.” He heard a different voice shout.

“They are throwing maggots up the walls” he heard somepony shout. However most of what he heard was screams as he saw Cacodemons firing onto the walls mainly targeting the ballistae but others just were firing willy nilly.

That’s when he heard the first thud as the ram struck the gates. How they made it across the stakes was beyond him unless they had somehow cleared them. However that was for him to worry about after the battle his main concern was halting the advance of the demons should they break through the gates. This was his priority number one .

The thudding continued for several minutes but made no progress as the unicorns were channeling their magic into the gates to hold them shut. He behind the chosen unicorns who were aside the strongest members of their kind stood Princess Luna she was in full battle armor and was judging by her expression very angry. The thudding stopped and the unicorns relaxed. If it weren’t for the constant explosions from the Cacodemons and Hell Knights he might have heard it, the thud of a large creature moving towards them if it weren’t for the screams of ponies and demons dying he would have heard them but it was far too late. A massive thud shook the gates. The entire courtyard focused on the gates and the unicorns who were tasked with holding it shut redoubled their efforts sweat was pouring off the weaker members. Whatever was hitting the gate struck again and two of them collapsed to the ground. A third thud followed denting the door. By now the ponies on the walls were doing their best to slow the tide of demons entering the area around the gates but it wasn’t very successful.

“They are breaking through the gates” he shouted up at the other commanders. This was going to get very bad very quickly. A fourth thud deepened the dent and around it he saw the wooden sections splintering badly and four of the unicorns fell to the ground breathing heavily. Only four were left hold it shut and all of them were showing signs of breaking beneath whatever was slamming into the gate. It was striking with immense force since not only had it nearly broken through the gate it was doing so in spite of the best efforts of the most powerful ponies in Equestria.

The next blow wasn’t a thud it was a crack as the doors ripped from there hinges and went flying into the tightly packed ponies that had no move to maneuver to get out of the way. One was caught by the princess and thrown back at the demons. The other embedded itself into the ground after cutting through ten ponies.

A huge cloud of dust was floating in the gate and something was moving through it its progress marked by a pair of glowing eyes and pentagram. Slowly it closed in on them striding closer. The ground trembled beneath it shaking from its immense weight.

“This is an impressive welcoming committee Luna I hope you it will be enough” his voice sounding deeper than usual. He stood in the gate the cause of all Equestria’s woes in all his glory in all his terror. Gorrog lord of Hell Knights harbinger of Hell’s wrath. He slammed his fist into his open palm causing a small shockwave to go through the air.

“Gorrog you and your ilk are the worst creatures to ever walk this fair land and I will not have disgraced with our presence any longer.” Luna shouted at him.

“I WILL BURN YOUR SOUL IN THE FIRES OF GREAT DARKNESS, CHARGE MY BRETHREN WE SHALL GRIND THEM INTO DUES BENEATH OUR STRENGTH.” His voice filling the courtyard and signaled a second charge as demons charged past him followed by Hell Knights and the other spawn of Hell.

Spike stared in wonder as Luna’s horn crackled with a sudden burst of power and shot it at the Hell Knight. The blast sent him flying back through his forces easily crushing imps and maggots beneath him until he hit a wall. Than his chest smoking he got up as if he had merely sat down. Roaring he slammed his fist into the ground shaking it like an angry god has decided to shake to very earth they stood on.

Luna took to the air and behind her rose the entire Third Army. Everyone who was watching saw the massive number of Pegasi took to the air. The demons despite being surprised at the sudden change of direction of the ponies but they quickly resumed their assault. Spike saw a hell knight bearing down on him its fist raised to smash into him. He got ready to slam his sword into the Hell Knight when he saw a fireball form in its other hand. He didn’t have time to react as the concussive blast pushed him back into his battalion.

A loud roar broke out over the fighting. It was Gorrog battling Luna he had lifted the massive battering ram and hurled it at Luna.(1) she effortlessly dodged it but everypony could tell that the Hell Knight was getting more and more enraged at Luna’s constant bombardments of magic. He turned and charged Spike’s group seeking out the dragon personally. The other Hell Knight got out of his way as fast as he could considering Gorrog was charging at what had to have been twenty five miles per hour. He lowered his shield and shouted “charge soldiers charge for the princess!!!” he lowered his shield and charged against him when he felt something in the air looking up he saw it before Gorrog did storm clouds were forming around Luna. His adversary slowed and looked up as did most of his forces. Out of the clouds came a bolt of lightning striking Gorrog and him alone. They were close enough together for Spike to see him not burning and screaming but flexing his muscles and staring at her his face or at least what spike could see of it through his helmet was twisted in a smirk.(2)

To Spike's horror the lightning hadn’t even scratched him but form a pulsating shield.

“You see I have a affinity for lightning thanks to my good friend the Invulnerability Hunter.” He said giving him a show of his teeth.

Spike snarled and closed the distance between them with a leap swinging his blade at Gorrog’s neck intending to decapitate him. His leap was halted when a fist impacted him with the force of runaway train. Sending him sprawling back thirty feet. He looked at Gorrog wondering how strong this brute was but noticed that his glowing eyes were starting to dim slightly. He tried to get up but his chest suddenly hurt. He looked at it and saw that his breast plate had been caved in. his breath was starting to wheeze. He glared at Gorrog as he strode towards him effortlessly swatting aside ponies who tried to block his path occasionally throwing one at Luna or the wall. He saw the slobber starting to drip to the ground as he was hoisted into the air.

“I can’t fry you you’re a dragon but I doubt that resilience extends to being crushed or broken.” He stared into Gorrog’s now black eyes “you know this could have been avoided had you simply taken my offer.” He turned and hurled Spike at the wall. His vision started to darken as Gorrog approached. He was going to be completely broken by this demon that would than no doubt harm his friends. His friends wouldn’t be touched by this demon. He grabbed a large stone to raise himself.

“Impressive most creatures would be dead after that and yet you still rise to challenge me I commend your courage but you can’t win.”

Spike looked up and saw the Hell Knight staring down on him and he could almost see pity on his face.

“You could have gone so far.”

“I’d… rather…see it burn” he replied staring into what must have the last sight for many ponies.

The Hell Knight curled his hand into a fist and struck Spike in the face. He turned over and spat out teeth.

“Defiant to the last I will remember you the only creature beside the white princess to stare me down even as I crushed the life from her.” The fist came down again this time hitting him in the stomach. He looked up and saw it being raised again but as it fell he saw a horn pierce Gorrog’s chest.

“Drop him and your end shall be quick.”

He felt the ground hit him as he fell and stared into Luna’s eyes as she teleported him from the battle and into an infirmary. His last sight was of several doctors and medics trying to get his armor off. The pain swallowed him.

Author's Note:

(1)when Gorrog goes berserk as he did in this chapter to break the gate his strength increases one hundredfold and makes him slightly more resilient to damage.

hoped you enjoyed this chapter more will be here soon also next chapter but not the Gorrog one will happen at the same time this one does Gorrog's will pick up right after Spike is teleported out of the battle.