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Equestrian Doom - tankmanbrony

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Chapter Eleven: Hell’s Wrath

Gorrog felt the ground rushing up to meet him. His body was gripped with agony, whatever that dark pony had done to him was very powerful. He turned to face her, breathing heavily and ready for to fight.
She wasn’t behind him. He looked around, where was she.
“Where are you dark princess” he shouted into the night. His demons were craving a bloody swath into the pony ranks. It was all going to plan when a massive shockwave shook the air.
He looked around and saw a circular rainbow shoot across the sky. He roared at it not understanding what had happened nor the gravity of what happened until his guards started materializing around him. They assumed a defensive ring around him arranging themselves so they could intercept any attack against him.
“Fight you cowards” he shouted to the demons in the gate who were not moving fast enough towards the enemy.
He was seething with rage at the injury that the dark princess had given him and he reasoned from it that she was the greater threat than her sister. This had caught him off guard as he assumed that since she was the larger of the pair that the white one was more powerful. This was a strange world if size was one of the determinations of strength.
A pony soldier was screaming as one of his guards threw him off a stair case going up to the top of the wall and he realized that that would have to fall.
Turning to one of his guards he said “take a force of a hundred demons and clear the walls of the pony weaklings.” His wounds and the pain they caused him slowly fading replaced by unearthly rage.
He turned to the main battle which despite being only a few minutes since he had broken the gate had already soaked the courtyard in blood. Seeing a group of ponies in a different type of armor caught his eye and he advanced towards them taking several arrows to the chest in the process. The demons in front of him parting as he strode forth like a monster from a child’s nightmare unstoppable and carried onward by hate.
He grabbed a pony from their ranks his resistance feeble compared to his might easily lifting him off the ground. He tore off the pony’s helmet and stared at him in the eyes. The pony’s skin was red and his eyes green. Gorrog reached forward and took hold of one of the pony’s legs and hurled him over the ponies assembled in front of him.
By now his guards except the one he sent to clear the walls were around him along with an ever growing tide of demons. Facing them were large metal clad ponies backed by far more numerous soldiers clad mostly in chain mail with portions of it made of plate.
“Charge my brethren to slaughter and blood” he shouted to his army. He faced the army arrayed in front of him despite of how compacted it was pushed back when they collided.
He smashed in a pony’s chest in with his fist and decapitated another with a bite through the neck. His wrath fueled by Hell itself. He slammed a plasma ball point blank into a pony splattering gore over its fellows. His army followed suit surging around him as he cut down everything that he got his hands on. His rage carried him despite taking dozens of wounds, deep into the heart of the enemy lines.
A pony slammed his spear into one of his wounds driving deep into his flesh. He roared in pain and felt blood flowing down his legs. It was boiling and got in the cracks in ponies armor causing him to back off screaming trying to get Gorrog’s blood off him.
Gorrog enraged by his pain was slowly but steadily clearing a path through the army in front of him taking more and more grievous wounds as he pushed forward but he was starting to notice them more and more. He pushed far past the front lines and was surrounded by soldiers his forces pressing in on them but the ponies were holding their ground and refusing to retreat. They were up against a wall and were fighting like trapped animals.
He felt a presence in the ranks of ponies slowly approaching him dark and angry. He turned to face it his movements painful.
The dark princess stood before him clad in battle armor and her horn was long and pointed, her eyes silted and burning with fury. This is new he thought she looked similar to other dark princess perhaps a sister or mother.
“Hardly a challenge” he said hoping that this battle would go smoothly as he was heavily wounded and calling on the artifact would kill him and he would not fall here.
“Gorrog, you underestimate the power of friendship” her smirk mocking him. His body protested as he moved towards her his rage however the sole focus of his mind. As their respective soldiers died around them they walked towards each other swatting aside the lesser opponents who tried to block them.
Gorrog saw her horn flashing miniature lightning crackling around it. He felt it crackle in the air allowing himself a slight smile, lightning had no effect on him and actually making him stronger. Yet that didn’t seem likely to him so he prepared himself for one of his now infamous abilities. He decided on Hell Time but knew that it would probably kill him but if he could slay this opponent than his sacrifice would be worth it.
He activated it feeling the sudden rush as time slowed down for him or at least he thought it did.(1) he charged moving extremely fast closing the distance in the blink of air, a whirlwind of fury and rage. Yet even with his great speed he was too late a blast from her horn smashed into him, burning his bruised and bloody body and slamming him through a wall.
Masonry fell in slow motion as he looked up and raised his fist onto the ground and pushed himself up, waiting for something to come and finish the job. His body rarely was ever burned like this his every movement was agonizing yet he pressed himself forward, knowing that he didn’t have much time left. Smoke drifted around him as he rose and his body screamed in protest. At this point no other demon alive would have risen, but him, he was determined to crush his opposition now.
“Demons you leader is dead, surrender and return to Hell and you shall receive no trouble but if you raise a hand or claw against anypony we will destroy you” Luna proclaimed over the army in front of her.
He stood now at the edge of the dust cloud his rage at her statement pushing him forward.
“Princess what would lead you to believe that, exactly?”
She turned around dumbstruck at how he had survived that blast. He leaned on part of still standing wall his wounds while still visible looked slightly healed as if he had taken a long break from the battle.
A sudden roar sounded from the demons rising in volume and starting to assume the shape of a word.

He smiled slightly as a feeling of pride swept over him his army called out his name. However when he took a step and pain shot through him he remembered his rage.

“Dark Princess, a valiant effort but futile” and with that final word all Hell broke loose around them. His body surging forward with the remnants of Hell Time sending him forward at blinding speed. Slamming into Luna they went tumbling through the ranks of ponies that were desperately holding back the demonic horde raging against them.
His fist smashed into her wings with a sickening crunch breaking it. She cried in pain and struck back with a different kind of magic. Gorrog felt the air around him suddenly grow cold around him.no not this he thought dreading the cold. Igniting a plasma ball in his hand he slammed it around the nearest thing he saw. The unfortunate pony screamed as she ignited into a living torch. The sudden rush of heat helped him yet he could still feel the cold slowly creeping towards him.
He rounded on her, his fear of the cold giving him desperate strength and there she stood her horn flaring as the air turned steadily colder and colder. He ignited another plasma ball and hurled it at her is explosion deflected off a magical shield.
He grunted and punched it doing no damage. He grunted and swung again doing no apparent damage and judging by the look of intense concentration on her face she wasn’t doing this. He tried again with a two handed blow and saw it flash for a spilt second before returning to normal.

His rage at being denied his target gave his blows strength even as his body was slowly giving up. His soldiers were starting to push towards him when due to the combined effects of being nearly torn to pieces, exhaustion and the cold wore him down. He collapsed upon the ground as the front lines finally enveloped him.
He felt several hands grab him and pull him away from the fighting. The battle also was starting to change especially as he learned when their air support had been scattered by a massive aerial shockwave. This battle would destroy his army if the stayed.
Turning to one of his guards he gave the order to retreat. It was a first for him having never in his years of fighting in Hell gave that order. The demons turned and started withdrawing from the city.
He had failed defeated by ponies in the first major defeat the demons had suffered in this campaign. His anger at this was directed at himself for failing to destroy the dark princess and failing to capture the city.

“Ready the Guardian and send a message to Hell this war has more than one campaign for slaughter.” He laughed to himself thinking of the new horrors his potential allies would bring.

Author's Note:

(1) when Gorrog goes into Hell Time it doesn't make him any faster it simply allows him more time to do things I.E. for every second the ponies use in Hell Time he gets ten.
Also his blood is about three hundred degrees Fahrenheit which is why it burned the soldiers who stabbed him