• Published 13th Jul 2013
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The Doom Patrol - Magenta Cat

Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo

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Doom Patrol #X. The lost issue

Author's Note:

Attention Doom Patrol fans.

Okay, first of all, I want to take this opportunity thank Diamond Dust for all the help he gave me. Basically, it's thanks to him that Doom Patrol came back from development hell, so you guys should thank him too.

Well, lets get down to busyness.

The thing is that I had this scene, that I wrote during one of the multiple rewrites this fic went through during its unofficial six months hiatus, and now I don't know where to put it. It's not that relevant to the plot but it explains a very big plot-hole left on the Origins arc. Here is you lost issue, the events described here aren't canon to the main story but the backstory is kinda sorta important.

Enjoy it and f*cking comment. No, seriously. Who the hell do I have to kill to have a bloody comment?

-Cover concept:

Luna hoovering in the middle of a stormy gray sky, eyes glowing white and angry expression. Around her are Appleling and Energyloo flying each one to a side as Sweetie Bot is standing in the ground. Appleling is saying. "We have to defeat Princess Luna, or we are DOOMED!"


FIMFiction (not so) proudly presents:
Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo but together they are...

The Doom Patrol
Training day.

Written, edited and proofread by Wave (who I'm kidding? I just wrote it) Blaster.
The Doom Patrol created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney y Bruno Premiani.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust (and others I suppose).
Copyrights lololol.


-Meanwhile in Canterlot.

The royal gardens, a peaceful place for ponies to visit when they wanted some quiet, although most of the time it was opened to the public this morning the Princess had them closed for 'safety reasons'. Only a couple of guards were there as usually when they saw an object falling from the sky, they barely had time to take cover as the metallic object impacted near them. After the dust dissipated a mechanical looking unicorn raised slowly from the gap in front of the startled guards.

"Oh no, she didn't." She said and jumped in the direction from whence she came leaving the guards to wonder if what just happened was real or not.

In the middle of the Royal Gardens Princess Luna was standing in mid air with her eyes glowing in white as a black silhouette of a pegasi flying around her.

"WE DARE THOU TO TAKE US DOWN! WE DOUBLE DARE THOU!" She shouted in the traditional Canterlot voice.

"Challenge accepted your majesty." The shadow talked as it flew at full speed to the Princess, the alicorn adopted a defensive stand, but at the moment of the collision, instead of hitting each otter, the shadow passed through her creating a purple pulse of electricity around Luna, but she just shook off the energy without loosing her combat pose.


Scootaloo turned around to the Princess saying. "I wasn't attacking you, I was distracting you." A spider-web trapped her hind legs with a dark golden changeling pulling it at the other end.

"Yeehaw!" Using the strength of a diamond beetle, Apple Bloom forced Luna to descend, but the night alicorn used her wings to lift her and her captor to the sky, going higher and faster with the changeling pony hanging behind her and Scootaloo chasing them. Neither of them noticed an the mechanical pony falling in their direction.

"Incoming!" Sweetie Belle shouted as she felt from adobe and directly on Luna's back, she grabbed the wings of the Princess making the three of them to fall to the ground. Once there, Apple Bloom trapped the alicorn's hind legs as Scootaloo grabbed her fore legs saying.

"Gotcha Princess." They had her grabbed by every angle making it impossible for her to escape.

"Not a bad move." Luna responded in a more calm voice. "Allow me to reply." She banished in a cloud of blue mist and reappeared behind them and ready for more. "Now, surrender."

"Oh snap."

From the Palace's balcony Princess Celestia, the Elements of Harmony and Spike were looking at the battle in front of them in complete silence until Pinkie said. "I'm pretty sure that if there was a third person looking at this, he or she would be very confused by now."


-Canterlot. Earlier that day.

Twilight and her friends, along with the CMC's were on a train traveling from Poniville to Canterlot, they were summoned to the capital city for a meeting with the Princesses. To say that the trip to Canterlot was awkward was the understatement of the year since, unlike other occasions, this time they were traveling with a changeling, a robot and a pony inside a biohazard suit, the trio attracted all kind of looks from everypony around.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were inside their own wagon and feeling like outsiders with all the comments they could catch thanks to Sweetie Belle enhanced hearing:

"Why that pony is inside a biohazard suit?... Is that a changeling?... What are they?..."

When they got out of the train in Canterlot, Scootaloo noticed how all the ponies in the station were looking at them making she consider the idea of taking off her new suit (courtesy of Pinkamena and Rarity) and fly the rest of the path to the palace alone when a little filly, no older than they before their transformation, approached to them with a pen and a notebook while saying. "Excuse me, you are the ponies that helped the other night in the fire in Ponyville, don't you? Can I have your autograph?" At first the trio was shocked by the fact that a filly wasn't afraid of them and even more, she was asking them for an autograph as they were some kind of celebrity. Sweetie Belle was the first out of her shock.

"Of course we will sign it." Taking the pen with her muzzle and the notebook between her hooves. "What is your name by the way?"

"Swift Wing, miss Belle." The filly looked in amazement as the mechanical pony signed her notebook and passed it to the covered pony in next to her and finally to the yellow changeling.

"Here you got." Apple Bloom pass the notebook at the filly who looked it at it was the most valuable treasure in the world.

"To Swift Wing. Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom."

"Oh my, thank you, thank you, thank you." The filly took the notebook and bounced, Pinkie Pie style, to a group of other ponies waiting for her, the next thing the CMC's knew was that a line of colt and fillies from a Fillydelphia's school accompanied by their teacher were asking them for an autograph.

"She's Scootaloo." A colt with eyeglasses whispered to his friend. "I've heard that she chased Discord."

"Oh yeah, well I've heard that the unicorn can outshout Princess Luna." His companion replied.

Naturally, as with every secret in Ponyville, the whole situation spread like fire around Equestria and the events with Grundy and the innocents saved in that big fire only made things even more public, the newspapers were calling them the 'super ponies of tomorrow' and some gossip magazines even managed to get hold of the story of how Discord turned them like this after an aggressive questioning to Applejack who, being the worst liar on Equestria, spat the beams faster than a speeding bullet. Of course that the actual story never passed beyond the reporter's notebook but instead a tale of heroism and tragedy was on the main page of "The Daily Dawn" about three fillies opposing the draconequs and the last one taking his revenge cursing the valiant ponies whose, through sheer willpower, reverted those curses into blessings and became the heroes that the world needed.

After a while, and after every colt and filly had an autograph, the friends were back on their way to the Royal Palace, once there they were greeted by a couple of guards who led them to the throne room, since only Twilight and her friend were there before Apple Bloom and the others couldn't help but admire with the Palace beauty, the stained glasses amazed the younger ponies till they arrived to two majestic doors that the guards opened to reveal the royal sisters, Celestia and Luna, waiting for them.

"Greetings my little ponies." Celestia rose from her seat and walked to them. "We called you here today for a very important discovery that me and my sister did just made. Our country, no. Our world is about to pass through a series of changes."

"What kind of changes?" Twilight asked remembering the last time when the Princess looked that worried. The day of Discord.

Luna stepped forward to her and added. "The kind that can recreate existence as we know it." Everypony gasped at that statement but the Solar Princess just nodded in agreement.

"Twilight, my faithful student, do you know what the age of magic is?" Celestia asked to her pupil, the purple unicorn remembered reading about it somewhere, after a moment she recited the definition quoted literally word by word from the 'Magic Glossary'.

"The actual era is called the 'Age of Magic' because of the mystical energies that runs free around the world. It's divided in two periods: The Discord Era called that way for the draconequs that ruled in chaos and disharmony and then is the Harmony Era which is the actual one." That was all she could remember of the term 'Age of Magic' in any book she have read.

"Correct if following what was left on the official books." Her mentor replied. "But essentially wrong." After a pause longer than she could have wanted she continued. "The truth is that this is not 'the' age of magic." Twilight tilted her head to the side. "What we're a living is 'an' age of magic. You see, every time that the magical spectrum suffers a disequilibrium the magical energies rearrange themselves to compensate the lack of balance until there's equilibrium again." The expressions of everypony in the room made it very clear that nopony, except maybe Twilight, understood what Celetia just said, noting this Luna tried to male it more easy.

"Think of it as the universe is actually rewriting how magic works." She took a step forward. "The last time something like tihs happened, Equus knew Discord." Now everyone in the room gasped, Celestia lowered her head in defeat.

"The best way to put it is that when a new age of magic begins is like closing a book and starting a new one. As my sister said the last time it happened the elemental fortuitous magic took form in one being, that would be Discord, who reigned for hundred of years till the opposite magic finally arranged an effective countermeasure against him."

"The Elements." Said Twilight.

"No, the Elements we're meant to be just an instrument to keep the balance, the actual countermeasure to Discord were us." Celestia corrected. "But now chaos and order are not divided by specific avatars. After its time, the last age of magic has finally ended. This is a new age, and its rules are going to be wrote again."

"Usually this kind of changes happen when there is no life left to be affected but for some reason it's happening now." Luna spoke this time. "Now it's gonna be a time for transition and agitation through the super natural plane. Old barriers that protected us from dark places are vanishing." In Trottingham a caped pony an his companion arrived in a cart. "New things appear everyday." In a hidden place back in Ponyville, a mare took the most important decision of her life putting on a mask and a cape.

"Is there something we can do to stop it?" Twilight hopped that they could do something on time before somepony got hurt.

"I'm afraid that no, this changes are meant to happen in the same way that time flows. But this time we're not gonna wait till something bad happens to react." Celestia said. "Please follow us." She opened the door and, followed by her sister, they left the room with the Elements, the CMC's and Spike following them, they walked downstairs and to the gardens, Luna smiled to Apple Bloom and company and said.

"We have been following your action's very closely my little ponies." She walked further tho the center of the garden. "The point of this meeting was not only to inform the bearers about the recent events but also to see at first hoof what can you do." She went to the center of the garden and took fly, then she turned to confront them. "I want you to force me to the ground, and don't hold anything." The three of them looked at each other and to their sisters who were also looking at Twilight who was ultimately looking at the Princess Celestia. The Solar Princess nodded and the fillies jumped to action.

The three of them tried lo reach for her by their own being the first Scootaloo who flew in straight line to the night alicorn just for the Princess to evade her charge, then Apple Bloom just jumped at her but Luna simply hoovered higher, the charges and continued for a while but she was always eluding them till Apple Bloom took Sweetie Belle on her hooves to launched her at the Princess only that this time, instead of just evading the mechanic pony, she took her on her own hooves and launched her far away.

"Warm up is over, from now on I will defend myself too."



Luna walked back to her sister with the trio trapped in a bubble of blue magic.

"Not bad at all, they are a obviously inexperienced but at the end they managed to work as a team." She released the fillies as Celestia' just gazed her with her best 'Seriously?' face. "Although they could use some training."