• Published 13th Jul 2013
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The Doom Patrol - Magenta Cat

Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo

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My Greatest Adventure (or how I defeated my first supervillain)

-Three days later

It was a sunny day in Ponyville, everypony was in their jobs or in the school. In the last one the class was about tolerance.

Miss Cheerilee was having a rough time with this. After all in the last three chairs of the class room were a bandaged pony, a robot and a changeling. Word of Celestia in person explained to the whole town that those were Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom and that they will love and tolerate them as they do with everypony else. But the fillies on the room where a different history, specially Diamond Tiara. Despite Cheerilee best efforts, she still continued to pick up with them, and now it was even worse.

"But how about dangerous creatures?" Diamond Tiara raised a hoof. "Like changelings."

"Tiara! That was disrespectful. Apologize now." This was the third time now.

Diamond Tiara said. "I'm sorry." And then she continued. "I'm sorry that we have to live with those monster-mares."

That's it, Apple Bloom raised from her seat and raced to the door and galloped out. "Apple Bloom wait!" Cheerilee tried to chase her but it was pointless, now that Apple Bloom was starting to use her wings to thrust her she was out of sight, Cheerilee went inside again and looked how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon where laughing they flanks off.

"Diamond Tiara! Silver Spoon! Grounded for a week! And i want your parents here tomorrow." Then she headed to the rest of the class. "The rest of you can go outside" It was no use to try to retake the class after that.

Apple Bloom was in the Everfree Forest. In the past that was a place she was afraid of, but now that seemed like a life before. Now it was the forest creatures's turn to be afraid of her, just like everypony else. She stopped under a tree and cried, just cried. She knew that Diamond Tiara wasn't the only one, everypony in Ponyville and maybe in Equestria was afraid of her.

Back in Ponyville Scootallo and Sweetie Belle were at Sugarcube Corner chating with Pinkie and Twilight about their situation. "It's natural for a filly like Tiara to be afraid of what she can't understand, the primal fear is to the unknow." Twilight explained to the mares, also Pinkie added. "And she always had been a meany pants with you, don't mind about her and nothing will happen."

"But what if she's not the only one?" Protested Scootaloo. "What if everypony is really afraid of us?" Being energy now, she couldn't cry, but the others older mares knew that she was sobbing under those bandages.

"Then you will just have to prove to the world that they are wrong." Now Pinkamena was in Pinkie's seat. "You see, they are afraid because they don't know you at all, but if you show them that you are good mares everythig will be fine."

"And I will host a 'Not more afraid of the CMC's anymore' party." Pinkie returned to her spot.

But before any of them could say another thing, there was an explosion, followed by the cries of terror of everypony outside. The four mares stepped through the door and saw it. A white skinned bipedal creature was destroying everything at his path.

"Grundy destroys. Grundy crush." The creacture shouted as it moved.

A group of pegasi leaded by Rainbow Dash flew at full speed and tried to tackle the monster, but the creature was too strong, with a wave of his arm punched away all the pegasis at reach.

"You attack Grundy. Now Grundy attack you." The creature was stepping to the unconscious cyan pegasus in front of him ready to smash her when a black shadow took the pony and flee away.

"Hey you, stop attacking us." Twilight shouted to the creature as a purple aura came from her horn and surrounded the monster.

"Magic? Grundy hates magic!" The zombie smashed his hands together creating a wave that destroyed the magic aura around him, and also knocked down Twilight.

"Twilight!" Pinkie jumped to her side as Swetie Belle helped her to lift the unicorn. They looked at Grundy as he punched the ground making it to shake and Sweetie saw how a wall was about to fall over a pair of fillies. "Hold her." Said the mechanical unicorn before gallop at the wall, and leaning on her hind legs, held it.

Silver Spoon looked at the wall that almost crushed her and Diamond Tiara and barely manged to say. "Wow."

"You two better thank me for this later." Sweetie Belle told them as they ran away.


Applejack found her sister in the same tree as always she was depressed, she cleared her throat. "Hey there. Heard what happened at the school. Are ya ok?" the answer was obvious but she wanted the mare to speak.

"They fear me, everypony fears me. It's not my fault, I didn't asked for this." Apple Bloom was looking down but Applejack raised her head with a hoof.

"Nopony is afraid of ya, they just don't fully understand what happened." but her sister looked away. "I know I'm a monster, I just can help it."

"That's enough!" Applejack stomped the ground. "Abigail Bloom Apple, listen and listen well. Yer not a monster, yer mah sister, an' nothing in this universe will ever change that" Apple Bloom looked up to her sister.

"You promise?" The filly minded mare asked in hope. "Of course. Now clean those tears an' let's go to th' farm, there's a jar full of meat sticks with yer name on it."

The two went out of the forest when an explosion occurred in the direction of Ponyville. when they arrived to the town they saw a monster attacking the town as Sweetie Belle was holding a failing wall in front of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

"What in tarnation?" But the creature saw the metal mare and charged against her smashing his fist over the unicorn. But Sweetie Belle was resisting the weight of the punch over her, barely.

"Wait here." Applejack told her sister as she jumped to action. She galloped to the beast side and tried to tackle him. Grundy stopped his struggle with Sweetie Belle and focus his attention on the orange pony at his side.

"You attack Grundy too. Grundy crush yo..." But a yellow and red bull charged at the zombie and brought him down, then it changed to a griffin of the same colors and attached Grundy in the face with her claws. But Grundy was faster and punched the griffin to the ground. But before he could come with the final blow a stone hit him in the back of his head, it was Sweetie Belle's turn and she was trowing all kind of rubbish to the monster.

"Let her alone." then she jumped in Grundy's direction but Grundy took to stones and smashed them together over Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo was with Rainbow Dash. "Please be ok, i didn't know what else to do. I had to touch you and..." But Rainbow came back to her senses. "I'm fine Scoot, you didn't shock me this time." Then she looked to Grundy. "But do you think that you could shock him?" Scootaloo grinned. "Yeah." Rainbow grinned too. "Then go."

Sweetie Belle was resisting the giant's blows the best she could, as a wolf was attaching the giant's back. But a misstep cost Sweetie Belle's her equilibrium and Grundy launched her to the airs with a punch as he grabbed the wolf by the neck and trowed it at the same direction of Sweetie Belle.

Apple Bloom lost her concentration and went back to her changeling form in middle air and just when she was about to touch the ground a hoof grabbed her tail and then lowered her slowly to the ground. "But how?"

"That would be me." Scootaloo answered, Apple Bloom looked in disbelief as her friend was without her bandages but somehow didn't shocked her. "How did you..."

"Touched you without the electricity? I think I can control this if I concentrate." Sweetie Belle joined them. "A power that needs you to concentrate? We're doomed."

"Sweetie Belle. Are you ok?" Her friends asked. "Yeah, this body is almost invulnerable. But that guy is tough."

"Dont worry, I got this." Scootaloo flew at full speed and punched Grundy in the side shocking him, but he recovered fast and punched the pegasus back the way she came. "Well, maybe not."

"I think that we can bring him down, if we work together. What'd you say?" Apple Bloom put a hoof in front of her, the other two mares put their hoofs with her. "Cutie Mark Crusaders, monster busters. Yay!"

Scootaloo was the first to attach, passing through Grundy electrocuting the zombie, then Apple Bloom jumped in the air as she changed into a bear pushing the monster to the ground. Now was Sweetie Belle turn as she hopped to Grundy's head.

"Hey, big guy. I got a secret to tell you." And she screamed over Grundy's ear making him go unconscious.

When the dust of the fight dissipated the three mares were over Grundy's motionless body. The other ponies approached to the scene when Derpy said. "They saved us, they brought that thing down and saved us. They are heroes!" Everypony there cheered them up. Rainbow Dash was proud. "Nor I could have done better." Were her words. Pinkie was firing her party cannon "Yay, big Heroes party."


That night, the town hall was hosting a party that could easily compete with the Summer Sun Celebration, the Mayor Mare herself gave to the CMCs the key of the city. "To our great heroes, the saviors of Ponyville." As everypony in the town personally thanked them, even Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

The three friends were outside on a balcony discussing that day's events. "You know, when I first discovered what happened to us I tough the we're doomed." Scootaloo told, she was now with her bandages again. "I was afraid of electrocuting everypony around. But now I know that I can use this to help other ponies."

"I understand. The last three days I was afraid of screaming and smash every glass on Ponyville or to lose control and break something." Sweetie Belle was drinking a glass of oil as Pinkamena recommended. "But when that thing attacked us I knew that I could use that strength to save others."

"Yeah, and that finall scream was awesome." Scootalo congratulated her friend. "By the way Bloom. How you managed to change your form."

"It was pure instinct. When it was about to attach Applejack, the only thing I could think was to bring him down and when I realized I was already a bull charging." Apple Bloom was sitting with a meat pie that Pinkie baked her.

"And then a griffin, and then a wolf, and finally a bear." Pointed Sweetie Belle.

"And it was cool." Rainbow Dash joined them as behind her came Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rarity. "We want to congrat ya. Ya were very brave with that thing." Applejack put a hoof over Apple Bloom's shoulder.

"Indeed. I'm sorry for not being present but I'm very proud of how you saved those fillies lives even after how they treated you." Rarity was now talking.

"What else I could do?" Sweetie took another sip of oil. "It's not like i was going to let them die, it's just not good." The others nooded as Apple Bloom gulped a piece of pie. "Yeah, the town was under attack and we needed to do something"

"The same when I took Rainbow Dash out of there, it was just the right thing to do." Scootalo said removing the bandages over her mouth to take a piece of cake.

"You don't need to be so modest, after all you saved the whole town from that thing." Twilight assured them. "You are truly heroes." Applebloon then answered.

"Maybe, but we're happy to being just normal ponies with normal lives." Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nodded in agrement.

"That's very mature from ya." Applejack told them, then Pinkie added. "But that doesn't mean that you should miss the party." Everypony agreed as they went back to the party, but before going inside the three looked at each other in an accomplice look.

"So, how we should call ourselves now that we're heroes?"

Author's Note:

What name will they choose? How ended Grundy in Ponyville? Why I'm doing these questions?
As always, thank you for reading, and as always, don't forget to comment.