• Published 13th Jul 2013
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The Doom Patrol - Magenta Cat

Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo

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Secret Origins

- Earlier, that day.

It was a sunny day, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were resting on a bench in the park after another failed attempt at getting there cutie marks. This time it was on stunts.

"Ow, next time, when a TV show says ‘do not try this at home' we should listen." Said Apple Bloom, rubbing her right foreleg with her other hoof.

Sweetie Belle added. "Yeah. By the way, what was that show's name again?"

Scootaloo looked to her friends and said. "Jackflank, and I really thought we could get our cutie marks doing stunts." The filly Pegasus was clearly exhausted. "It seemed so easy. It was just go to the hill, step inside the shopping cart and let gravity do her work." Gesturing with her hooves each step. "I didn't see that stone when we climbed up." The chat was interrupted as a poof of dust appeared, forming a laughing silhouette in front of them. When the smoke cleared, they saw Discord standing over them.

"Well well well, what have we here?" Said the draconequus looking down on the fillies. "Three little ponies, eh? Oh this is exciting."

The three fillies were paralyzed in fear. Scootaloo was the first to barely speak. "W-wh-what do y-you want with us?"

Discord approached the Pegasus as putting his lion claw around the filly's shoulders. "You see little filly." He said in a friendly voice. "When you are immortal, like me, you have all the time in the world to get bored, so you start looking for new ways to entertain yourself." With a snap of his fingers, a photo album appeared in front of them. It contained photos of discord dressed as a jester, followed by him sitting on his throne and one fighting Celestia and Luna. "I first tried being all funny but it got old very quick. A thousand years latter I was an evil overlord, it was better but they cut down my fun." He said 'they' with enough hate to melt the frozen north. "But this time I want to do something completely different." Discord helped the ponies to stand on the ground and continued. "I will give you three wishes, one for each of you." Opening his claws in a dramatic, over the top, pose.

"B-but, how can we tell that you are not going to trick us?" Sweetie Belle asked, remembering the chaos that Miss Cheerilee described as the Before Harmony Era.

"Yeah! The last time you almost destroyed our sisters and their friend’s minds" Now Apple Bloom was the one remembering something more recent. Something really bad.

"Well, I suppose that you couldn't tell. Very well." Said Discord shrugging in disappointment. "Perhaps this was a bad idea after all. I suppose that I will just go away and torture to death the bearers of the elements. Yeah that should pick me up."

Discord started to fly as Scootaloo tried to catch him. "Nooo! Wait. Come back. Don't hurt them!" But the draconequus was too high. "Please. Oh I wish I could fly." As soon as the word wish left Scootaloo's mouth Discord stopped himself, disappeared in midair and reappeared at the side of the young Pegasus.

"You see? That wasn't so hard, was it?" Discord said in a lighter tone. "So, you want to fly, don't you? Well that's easy to solve, in fact I'm feeling generous today, but first." He snapped his claws making a set of steel bars to surround Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. "There must be no interruptions." And then he turned to Scootalo again. "I will make you fly. Indeed you'll be capable of reaching beyond the skies, and to boldly go where no pony has gone before."

But the filly wasn't convinced "Really?"

"Of course, do I look like a liar? Don't answer that" He replied as raising a claw and shouting "SHAZAM!" But nothing happened. "Oh right, that's for the other guy. Then I will just say THUNDER!" From the sky felt a bolt of black lightning that hit Scootaloo right in the chest, making her fall to the ground in pain has lightning bolts came out of her body.

"Scootaloo!" Shouted her friends, putting their hoofs on the bars. "We need to get out and help her!" Said Apple Bloom.

Sweetie Belle responded. "But we can't even open this cage. I wish I was stronger" With that said, the young unicorn disappeared and reappeared in front of Discord.

"Stronger huh? Yeah I can do that too. Even more, I will make you invulnerable. Nothing will harm you ever again, and you will be the strongest pony that ever lived. But before that, you should prepare yourself for the-- Tank Missile!" A missile materialized out of nowhere in Discord’s right arm and it was fired directly at Sweetie Belle. She lifted a hoof defensively over her head but when the missile reached her it melted over her hoof and started to cover her in a metallic liquid. "It-It's cold." She said, trembling. "Please make it stop. It hurts. S-so c-old." Then she started to cry making a metallic sound.

"Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom was despaired. Her two best friends in the world were suffering and there is nothing she can do about it.

Then Discord approached her cage. In a casual tone he said "Well, that’s two out of three, and I must confess. It was pretty damn funny, but there is one last wish. So tell me, my little pony, what do you wish?" He looked into the filly's eyes with expectation.

"I, I don't know, I wish I was a doctor, or a magician to help them, or to be wiser to understand what's happening, and I wish I could stop you from hurting others, but I don't known what to do." She lowered her head with tears falling from her eyes.

Then Discord made the cage disappear and approached the little filly "There there. Don't worry, the pain will run out and they will be fine."

Apple Bloom looked up in disbelief "Really?" And Discord grinned.

"Well, that depends of your definition of fine anyways. And by the way, you made a lot of wishes. That's because you want to be a lot of things. Very well then, I will make you capable of being whatever you want." Discord materialized a gun in his claw and aimed it to Apple Bloom's head "Boom! Headshot." Apple Bloom felt a pain in her head that ran all through her body, and then, darkness.


- Now.

Everypony in the room was deathly silent. They already knew that Discord was a bast(beep)rd, but they never though that he would attack three little fillies in such a way.

Twilight broke the silence. "So after that, you started to look for help, didn't you?"

The three nodded as Scootaloo said. "But everypony was afraid of us, so we started to panic."

"And the rest is history. Now, can we please get my sister and her friends back to normal?" Rarity was totally worried that her little filly sister was stuck like this. Applejack and Rainbow nodded in approval too.

"We need to get ourselves in a circle around the girls first." Twilight replied. The CMC stayed together as the elder mares took their positions around them. "Now here we go." Twilight said as the Elements started to glow. A vortex made out of rainbows started to form around the fillies and a bright light filled the library.

When the light dissipated, a voice coming from the center of the circle asked. "Did it work?" But the voice sounded like something made by a machine instead of a pony.

Apple Bloom looked at her hooves, and saw that they had plenty of holes in them. She also noticed a shell and a pair of insect wings on her back. Scootaloo steeped out of the circle and saw Rainbow Dash's scared face. Looking at herself she realized she was still a living shadow.

"Why didn't it work?" Applejack asked completely surprised.

Twilight was shocked too. The Elements of Harmony are supposed to be the strongest magic in all of Equestria. "I don't know."

"Are we stuck like this forever?" Apple Bloom was starting to panic, but before anypony could say anything else Sweetie Belle started to cry.

"No." Whispered Sweetie Belle. "No, please no." Raising her voice with each word. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" She finally shouted, breaking anything made out of glass and sum eardrums before calming down and realizing what her cries could do now.

"What do we do now, everypony is afraid of us. I can't even touch anypony without shocking them." Scootalo was clearly scared of harming somepony again as she did with Rainbow early that night. For Sweetie Belle, she was now covering her mouth with her hooves, afraid of destroying everything around if she speaks to loud.

Finally Apple Bloom said. "I'm gonna always be a monster. Even my sister couldn't recognize me at first"

"Hold it right there you. You will always be my sister, doesn't matter how you look. I admit that I was shocked at first, but whoever treats you like a monster will have to tussle with me" Assured the orange earth pony putting both of her forelegs around her sister.

"The same goes with you Sweetie Belle. Never dare to doubt that I will be at your side" Rarity hugged her sister protectively.

Now it was Rainbow Dash’s turn. "It doesn't matter if I can't touch you without shocking myself. You can be sure that not even Discord’s magic will keep me away from you Scootaloo"

"Well, speaking of" Pinkie started to talk. "I think I known the pony that could help us with this problem, or at least make some sense out of it."

"Who Pinkie?" Twilight was put out of her initial surprise.

"Me" Said the pink pony. "Well not me like myself, but me as my other self" everypony looked at her in awe, thinking that she had finally lost it, but Pinkie added. "Guys, I think it is time for you to meet Pinkamena" and with that said she closed her eyes. Her mane deflated until perfectly straight and her colors became a darker tone. Pinks opened her eyes again revealing that they changed color from blue to green. She gave a grin that looked like a mad scientist from one of the old horror movies in Twilight’s collection as she spoke "hi everyone, Doctor Pinkamena Diane Pie at your service"

"Pinkie, are you all right?" Asked Fluttershy concerned about her friend's sanity.

"Please call me Pinkamena, Pinkie is the name of my other half and I would like to respect that." Pinkamena's grin shrank a little but without losing her crazy look. She takes a weird looking pair of glasses out of nowhere and approached Scootalo, looking at her with them.

"Yep, Pinkie's theory was indeed correct, apparently Scootaloo is now made out of energy, but keeping a portion of matter in her in order to be somewhat solid, yet without losing her properties, fascinating." She went to Sweetie Belle as she pulled, again from nowhere, a stethoscope and put it against the unicorn's chest.

"Interesting. Apparently you still have a cardiac system, or at least something that sounds like one and you are breathing. Is that necessary or just a reflex?" but before Sweetie Belle could answer Pinkamena hit her side with a hoof and paid close attention to the sound. "Not an alloy that I could identify right now, but sounds like ferrous maybe" And finally she turned herself and started to walk in Apple Bloom's direction. With a magnifying glass she examined her horn, her wings, her shell, her mane and tail and finally with a flashlight examined her mouth ears and eyes.

"To all appearances, you are a changeling, but your skin seems more like regular mammal anatomy than the insect kind of the regular changeling, also your eyes respond like a pony’s and your throat and hears work more like a vertebrate than an arthropod" diagnosed Pinkamena in a professional tone.

"Pinkie" started Rarity. "Will you please explain to us what's happening?" Pinkamena turned in Rarity's direction.

"*tt* What did I say before?" Pulling her glasses off her eyes and over her head "my name is Pinkamena and it would be nice for you to remember it" then she looked into a mirror at her right. "And you should've explained this before, now your friends think both of us are crazy"

"I think I understand" intervened Twilight. "You have dissociative identity disorder."

"I prefer the term 'multiple points of view' thank you very much." Responded Pinkamena. "But you are technically right." She turned to everyone "By the way, Pinkie want us to be friends. I told her already that I had no problem with that, but also assured her that you would be too scared to ever consider befriending a crazy mare like me." Now her grim faded away as she started to look at the ground.

"Hold a minute. You are already helping us by figuring out what's going on. As for me that makes you a friend" Applejack interrupted the silence.

"Yeah. Also if you are part of Pinkie, then we’re already friends" Added Rainbow Dash.

"Indeed. If you were willing to help us, even thinking that we won’t accept you, I think that we will be very good friends" Rarity added.

"You see Pinkie, I mean Pinkamena. We would like to know you better, and I'm sure that we will be very close friends" Twilight put a hoof over Pinakmena's shoulder.

"I would like to be your friend too Pinkamena, I mean... if that's okay with you" Fluttershy said from the left of Pinkamena, making her turn to her side, starting to grin again.

"That’s very nice of you guys, I suppose I overreacted, like that time on our birthday when Pinkie thought that you didn't like her parties and didn't want to be her friends anymore, and I tried to cheer her up by hosting a false party" Pinkamena was now rubbing the back of her head.

"So, now that we passed through that" Said Rainbow. "Any ideas of what to do Pinka?"

"Hey, I like that one" responded Pinkamena. "It's easier and also different from Pinkie's. It's perfect!" Pinkamena has returned to her mad scientist grim. "I have a couple of ideas, yes. But first I need to run some tests to be sure"

"Well, I have a lot of lab instruments in my basem..." started Twilight.

But Pinkamena interrupted her raising a hoof, somehow making a snap sound, as she shouted.
"To the Pink-Cave!".

Author's Note:

First of all, i would like to make the mental images of some scenes:
The bored immortal comment from Discord comes from Mr. Mxyztplk spech in Superman: Wathever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
For Discord sayin Tank Missile? search in youtube: How Iron Man should have ended.
And Sweetie Belle's transformation into a robot? go and watch Matrix's mirror scene.
And finally, Pinkamena's glasses are the same as Doctor Insano's glasses.
And if you didn't get the Pink-Cave reference, shame on you.
That's all, thanks for reading, and please leave a comment pointing out what do you think. Also, my English is not the best, so any correction will be considered.