The Doom Patrol

by Magenta Cat

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Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo

Discord is free (somehow) but this time he returned peacefully to his stone imprisonment after 16 hours, but why? and what has he done that he considers it as his last Magnum Opus?
When the Mane Six return to Ponyville they find it being attached by a group of three monster-mares, or are these new creatures something more.

New readers can start with the chapter Doom Patrol #1.

Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo but together they are... The Doom Patrol.

First chapter finally edited by VunderGuy.
Second chapter mercifully edited by Frazone.
Chapters six and seven edited by Diamond Dust.

Disclaimer: as you can see, there is already two other fics about the Doom Patrol in this page, both based on Grant Morrison's AWESOME run on the series. But I decided to make a different idea, using as a guide the Blessed whit suck/Cursed with awesome principle.

What in Equestria just happened?

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This was bad, REALLY bad.

Like, 'run for the hills! run for the moon! just run away!' kinda BAD.

Discord's statue lie shattered on the ground in a secluded area of the Canterlot Castle garden and was covered by a note that said, ‘Back in 16 hours.’

The moon hung over Equestria and the Pony Princess sisters were sitting in front of the debris with horns and eyes glowing, their combined magical auras covering the pieces of Discord’s statue. Behind them, with her Element of Magic on her head, Twilight looked in bated silence. Applejack paced back and forth with her Element of Honesty around her neck. Rarity and Rainbow Dash were moving their heads and bodies about like paranoid chickens in the Everfree, clad in the Element of Generosity and Loyalty respectively, and expecting Discord to appear from anywhere and everywhere. Pinkie Pie, wearing her Element of Laughter, was trying to calm down Fluttershy, with her Element of Kindness.

"It's... impossible," said Celestia with an air of finality, her eyes and horn's losing their glow.

"If Discord does not desire to be found, there isn’t a power me or my sister possess that can," Luna assured, her eyes and horn returning to normal as well.

"Then, what do we do about it?" asked Twilight, frightened out of her gourd at the possibility of an undetectable Discord running amok.

"Yeah! There’s gotta be something we can do!" said Rainbow Dash, holding her hoof up in righteous indignation.

"Are you certain that we can’t use the Elements to find Discord and put him back to his prison?" asked Rarity.

"I'm afraid that the Elements must be in Discord’s presence to act. Otherwise, they are ineffectual," answered Celestia. She looked back at the note. "The best we can do right now is wait and hope that Discord keeps his word."

"Speakin’ of which, how much time has passed?" Applejack was getting more nervous by the minute.

"Well, the gardener found the pieces this morning at nine o'clock,” answered Luna. She looked at the stars. "It’s about midnight now, so there must be less than an hour left."

"As a matter of fact, I like to wake up early." A familiar voice said from above. Everypony looked up to see Discord floating casually over them. "So, my sixteen hours of fun have run their course."

"How did you free yourself?" Celestia commanded to the draconequus.

"Always right to the point like a good little Dictator, aren't you Tia? No wonder Luna snapped and tried to kill you and everything on this planet," Discord said, smiling as he descended to the ground. "Very well then, I must confess: I did not free myself."

"What?" Everypony said in unison.

"You heard. A rather good humored fellow freed me for sixteen hours so he could have his kicks watching me doing what I do best," he responded matter-of-factly. He then started to laugh. "But I cheated him and performed rather little of any respectable spectacle, so he couldn’t watch very much. Hahahaha!” Discord rolled onto the floor, laughing as though he had said something profoundly funny.

Then Pinkie interrupted. "So that's why there’s no a chocolate rain! Phooey!" Pinkie said, as though it were the most important thing in the world.

Discord, his laughter now contained in a bottle that he then shoot right into the ocean like a basketball, said. "Correctomundo. I'm truly sorry for that, but you see, I have decided that my new concerto of chaos will be a bit more of a… focused piece, like a three instruments solo. But oh BOY, how you’ll all be impressed by how much effort I did so put into it."

"What have you done, you monster? ANSWER US!" shouted Luna in the royal Canterlot voice, stomping her hoof onto the ground.

"Hello pot, name’s kettle, have we met?" replied Discord, holding sock puppets of a pot and kettle in his hands.

Before Luna could fly towards Discord and show him personally just how much of a monster she truly could be, she started vibrating in place as the sound of a clock buzzing filled the room. Discord propped open her mouth with a hydraulic cart-jack, reached into her stomach, and pulled out an old, round, analogue alarm clock.

Leaving the jack in her mouth for her to feebly try to pry out with her hooves, Discord looked at the clock and his eyes bulged out of their sockets only for them to run back into their home, screaming.

"Oopsie loopsy. It looks like my time is up. See you in the next apocalypse!"

He waved them all goodbye and sat down on the pedestal of his former statue. Then, adopting the pose of The Thinker, he turned into stone.

Applejack scratched under her hat. "What the hay was that all about?"

Rainbow Dash was just as confused. "Yeah! "

"I don't know. Princess?" asked Twilight.

She looked at her mentor, who was busy trying to pry out the cart-jack from her sister’s mouth with her magic. "Your guess is as good as mine, my faithful student." Sweating, Celestia ceased the golden glow around the cart-jack to wipe off her brow. “Whew. That thing’s really stuck in there!”

“Mmph mmph mmph!” Luna muffled, waving her forehooves around frantically.

Before anypony could offer to help, a grey coated pegasi appeared, flying at full speed toward them and shouting, "Help! S.O.S! Mayday!"

Rainbow stopped the scared mare from her inevitable trajectory into herself in the middle air. "Derpy? Calm down. What's happening?"

"It's Ponyville! It's being terrorized by three weird monsters, and one of them is a changeling!"

"A changeling?!" Now everypony was concerned.

"We’ve got to high-tail it back to Ponyville faster than a coffee drinking jack-rabbit!" Applejack said, Twilight nodding in agreement. Still remembering vividly the mayhem caused by the changelings at her brother's wedding.

"Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph, Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph," Luna said as her horn and Celestia’s started to glow.

“Luna is correct. We will teleport you all back to Ponyville while the two of us investigate just who let Discord free this time.”

“Mmph mmph mmph!” shouted Luna.

“Right. And find someway to separate the cart-jack from Luna,” Celestia said, blushing embarrassingly at her own forgetfulness. "Good luck my little ponies." As a white-golden and black-bluish aura surrounded the six elements of harmony plus Derpy, and they were gone.


The elements and Derpy appeared inside the town hall, where it looked like everypony and their mother had taken refuge in after a particularly bad scheduled storm.

"My baby! Where’s my baby!?" shrieked Derpy, hyperventilating like mad.

"Mommy! I'm right here," Dinky waved comparatively calmly compared to her mother with her tiny forelegs from a corner accompanied by Doctor Whooves.

"Don't worry your pretty little bubble covered butt, Ditzy. I've been at her side all throughout this ordeal."

Derpy sighed in relief. "Thank you. I knew I could count on you, Doc."

Rarity spoke. "Speaking of counting on somepony, could somepony please explain to us what is going on?"

The Doctor was about to answer when Spike came up to her from the crowd and said, "Follow me."

With that said, the mane six obliged, leaving Derpy to vigorously hug crush the daylights out of her daughter and the good doctor. Rainbow hogged up the space around the window and dropped to floor in fear at what she saw. "W-wh-what was that?"

Pinkie assaulted her with questions as she got back up. "What? What did you see? Was it chocolate rain? Ooo ooo! Maybe it was a cotton candy cloud! Or even better, a--"

Before she could continue, Twilight stuffed a forehoof into her mouth. “Rainbow, what did you see?"

Rainbow gulped and said, "You guys are not gonna believe this, but there's some shadow thingy floating around the town!"

Pinkie Pie spit out Twilight’s hoof and said, "Sayeth Whaaaaat?"

Spike nodded and said, "That's not the only problem. There’s also a changeling hoofing at the front door, and a metallic creature shouting some kind of battlecry that's destroying everything made of glass in town.”

The mane six looked towards the rest of the crowd of ponies for confirmation. They all nodded. A voice came from the front door.

"Please! Let us in! We're scared." It sounded like a mare's voice.

Rarity walked towards the front door and asked, "Who’s there?"

Before she could reach, though, Spike was in front of her and blocking her path. "Don’t fall for it! It's the changeling! It's been trying to convince us to open the door all the night!" he said, before scratching at his chin. "But for some reason, it hasn't even tried shape-shifting into a pony or something to get us to lower our guard. It's weird."

Twilight was surprised by the commentary.

"Now that doesn't make sense. Assuming it’s far from Chrysalis’s mental commands, it shouldn’t be very bright, and its first instinct should have been to blend in with its environment in hostile territory. Why on earth would it reveal itself?”

“Please! Open up!” the maybe changeling shouted before hoofing at the door some more.

"And that poor thing sounds frightened too," added Fluttershy. "Maybe it’s not dangerous."

Applejack then started to approach the door, keeping Spike away with a hoof when he tried in vain to stop her. "Hey out there. What do you want?" she said through the door.

The changeling responded quickly. "We just want someone to help us! I don't know what happened! We we're playing and then Discord--"

"Hold on," Applejack interrupted, "Did you just say Discord?"

The scarred voice of the changeling answered, "Y-y-yes..."

“Don’t listen to it!” Spike yelled, still struggling in vain against Applejack’s hoof.

Twilight approached the door, her mind trying to put the pieces together. "Tell us, does Queen Chrysalis know that you’re here?"

The voice now sounded confused. "Who?"

"Well, now that is certainly peculiar." Rarity said in disbelief. "A changeling who thinks for itself and doesn't know about its Queen?"

Pinkie jumped to the side of the door and said, "If we let you in, you Pinkie promise that you won't harm anypony?"

"Why would I harm somepony?" the changeling said in a clearly confused tone. "I just want some help! Please! I'm looking for my sister!" And then, the changeling did something that astonished everypony in the room.

It started to cry.

Fluttershy's maternal instincts rose as she said. "We should let it in. I don't think it's dangerous."

Applejack looked at Twilight and asked, "Should we?"

"Well… it doesn't sound dangerous at least."

So, with that, Applejack unlocked the door and opened it, revealing a rather strange looking changeling. It’s chitinous exoskeleton lacked any and all black and was instead colored primarily with a dark tone of mustard yellow. Second, it actually possessed a mane and had a tail-like membrane, both a dark amaranth. Also its eyes, instead of being light blue and compounded, were gamboge colored and were singular like Chrysalis’s ones.

Finally, in its mane, laid a light brilliant crimson bow.

When the changeling noticed the others mares, it stopped to cry and tackle-hugged Applejack to the ground.

"Oh Applejack! You're finally here!” she said, sniffling and nuzzling Applejack’s neck. !Please help! I don't know what to do!"

Applejack stared at the creature with estrangement and a confused tone. "Sorry, but, do I know you?"

The changeling backed away and started to cry again while saying, "Don't you recognize me? It’s me, Apple Bloom!”

Everypony in the room gasped, and it sounded like the doctor said, “What a twist!”

“Please Applejack! You gotta believe me! You just gotta!"

Applejack didn't want to believe it. She COULDN'T believe it. "If you're REALLY my sister, then answers this: who crashed Big Mac's cart the other night?"

The changeling calmed down and answered ."It was you... but you promised to take me to that theme park down in Las Pegasus and you gave me five sweet tarts so’s I could keep my snout shut."

Applejack looked on in disbelief, her jaw hanging loose. "Apple Bloom?"

Apple Bloom tackle-hugged Applejack to the ground again. "It's been horrible Applejack! Horrible! Sweetie Bell tried crying for help and Scootaloo flew around trying to find somepony but everypony just ran away from us and into Town Hall so I tried to ask them for help, but nopony came out!"

As the waterworks from Apple Bloom continued to flow freely again, Twilight took a step closer to the sisters and asked, "What happened?"

Apple Bloom’s waterworks immediately stopped. "Well, like I said, Discord appeared and then--"

Rainbow interrupted her by saying, "Oh no! The shadow thingy’s back and it's coming towards us!"

But it was too late. The black silhouette of a pegasi surrounded by a cerise aura and with two purple glowing eyes of doom entered into the Town Hall and barreled into Rainbow Dash, but instead of impacting her like any solid object would, it went through the cyan pegasus, making her squirm and plop onto the ground with an unceremonious thud.

The shadow placed its hooves towards its mouth. "No! Rainbow Dash I'm sorry! I didn't mean-- I was only trying to get to you! Please forgive me!" it apologized in a familiar voice.

"Scoot--Scoot-a-loo? It's that you?" asked Rainbow Dash, still trembling.

Twilight looked at Scootaloo, saying, “Wait. If Apple Bloom was the changeling, and you were the shadow, then that means--"

However, before Twilight could finish, Rarity had, for once, long put two and two together before the bookish mare and shouted, "Sweetie Belle! Where is she!?"

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom pointed a hoof in the town park’s direction. Rarity galloped there, followed closely by the rest of the six sans Rainbow Dash, who was still trying to recover, and Pinkie Pie, who stayed behind to give her company as she did.

Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, and Fluttershy stopped a good twenty feet when they saw a mare made out of metal shouting so loud that even the ground under her started to shake and crackle.

They had all almost passed out, the sound pressure causing their eardrums to bleed, but Twilight managed to conjure forth a set of earmuffs for everypony as well as a magic dome to contain the mechanical being and its sonic shout. However, the sound waves were too much for the magical construct and smashed it into bits. When one single piece of solid magic fell onto the mare's head, making her to stop her crying and turning around.

"Rarity!" She said with oddly non-monotone robotic voice before running up to the fashionista and practically crushed her spine in her cold, metallic grasp. "Rarity! I was so scared! Discord came and then I was made of metal and I didn’t' know what to do and--"

Rarity was shocked. In front of her, crushing the life out of her, was her filly sister. Except she wasn’t a filly. She had the body type and voice of a full grown mare, and she was now made out of a gray silver metal and what looked like a plastic mane.

"Swee--Sweetie Belle?" she choked out.


Meanwhile, at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie and Spike put Rainbow on a couch to rest. Spike turned to Scootaloo and asked, "How did you do that?"

Scootaloo kneeled down next to her idol and said, "I'm sorry, it wasn't my fault. I just tried to reach Rainbow for help, but I didn't mean to pass through and harm her."

Spike made to put a comforting claw on her shoulder, but Pinkie stopped it with a hoof and made a face similar to the one Rainbow Dash had made when she touched Scootaloo.

“Oh, right. Sorry,” He all but whispered. He turned back to Scootaloo. "I know you would never try to harm anypony Scoots. What I meant was how could you physically pass through a solid pony and why did it seem to knock the living daylights out of Dash?"

Pinkie interrupted. "Well, it seems that our friend Scootaloo here is now made out of a more direct, more pure form of energy, energy, but I can't tell what kind, since she can pass through solid objects, but also can be solid enough to not pass through the floor when standing."

Spike, Scootaloo, and a reawakened Rainbow turned to look at Pinkie. "What? Twilight is not the only smarty pants pony in town ya know."


Not long later, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the Mane six, and Spike were reunited at the library after Twilight calmed down the rest of the town assuring that the three monster-mares were completely harmless.

As the whole town was now fast asleep back in their own homes, Twilight said, “So let me get this straight. You were playing at the town park, when Discord came out in front of you." The three ponies nodded. "Alright. In as much detail as you can, tell me, what happened next?"

In unison, the crusaders said, "Well..."

Secret Origins

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- Earlier, that day.

It was a sunny day, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were resting on a bench in the park after another failed attempt at getting there cutie marks. This time it was on stunts.

"Ow, next time, when a TV show says ‘do not try this at home' we should listen." Said Apple Bloom, rubbing her right foreleg with her other hoof.

Sweetie Belle added. "Yeah. By the way, what was that show's name again?"

Scootaloo looked to her friends and said. "Jackflank, and I really thought we could get our cutie marks doing stunts." The filly Pegasus was clearly exhausted. "It seemed so easy. It was just go to the hill, step inside the shopping cart and let gravity do her work." Gesturing with her hooves each step. "I didn't see that stone when we climbed up." The chat was interrupted as a poof of dust appeared, forming a laughing silhouette in front of them. When the smoke cleared, they saw Discord standing over them.

"Well well well, what have we here?" Said the draconequus looking down on the fillies. "Three little ponies, eh? Oh this is exciting."

The three fillies were paralyzed in fear. Scootaloo was the first to barely speak. "W-wh-what do y-you want with us?"

Discord approached the Pegasus as putting his lion claw around the filly's shoulders. "You see little filly." He said in a friendly voice. "When you are immortal, like me, you have all the time in the world to get bored, so you start looking for new ways to entertain yourself." With a snap of his fingers, a photo album appeared in front of them. It contained photos of discord dressed as a jester, followed by him sitting on his throne and one fighting Celestia and Luna. "I first tried being all funny but it got old very quick. A thousand years latter I was an evil overlord, it was better but they cut down my fun." He said 'they' with enough hate to melt the frozen north. "But this time I want to do something completely different." Discord helped the ponies to stand on the ground and continued. "I will give you three wishes, one for each of you." Opening his claws in a dramatic, over the top, pose.

"B-but, how can we tell that you are not going to trick us?" Sweetie Belle asked, remembering the chaos that Miss Cheerilee described as the Before Harmony Era.

"Yeah! The last time you almost destroyed our sisters and their friend’s minds" Now Apple Bloom was the one remembering something more recent. Something really bad.

"Well, I suppose that you couldn't tell. Very well." Said Discord shrugging in disappointment. "Perhaps this was a bad idea after all. I suppose that I will just go away and torture to death the bearers of the elements. Yeah that should pick me up."

Discord started to fly as Scootaloo tried to catch him. "Nooo! Wait. Come back. Don't hurt them!" But the draconequus was too high. "Please. Oh I wish I could fly." As soon as the word wish left Scootaloo's mouth Discord stopped himself, disappeared in midair and reappeared at the side of the young Pegasus.

"You see? That wasn't so hard, was it?" Discord said in a lighter tone. "So, you want to fly, don't you? Well that's easy to solve, in fact I'm feeling generous today, but first." He snapped his claws making a set of steel bars to surround Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. "There must be no interruptions." And then he turned to Scootalo again. "I will make you fly. Indeed you'll be capable of reaching beyond the skies, and to boldly go where no pony has gone before."

But the filly wasn't convinced "Really?"

"Of course, do I look like a liar? Don't answer that" He replied as raising a claw and shouting "SHAZAM!" But nothing happened. "Oh right, that's for the other guy. Then I will just say THUNDER!" From the sky felt a bolt of black lightning that hit Scootaloo right in the chest, making her fall to the ground in pain has lightning bolts came out of her body.

"Scootaloo!" Shouted her friends, putting their hoofs on the bars. "We need to get out and help her!" Said Apple Bloom.

Sweetie Belle responded. "But we can't even open this cage. I wish I was stronger" With that said, the young unicorn disappeared and reappeared in front of Discord.

"Stronger huh? Yeah I can do that too. Even more, I will make you invulnerable. Nothing will harm you ever again, and you will be the strongest pony that ever lived. But before that, you should prepare yourself for the-- Tank Missile!" A missile materialized out of nowhere in Discord’s right arm and it was fired directly at Sweetie Belle. She lifted a hoof defensively over her head but when the missile reached her it melted over her hoof and started to cover her in a metallic liquid. "It-It's cold." She said, trembling. "Please make it stop. It hurts. S-so c-old." Then she started to cry making a metallic sound.

"Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom was despaired. Her two best friends in the world were suffering and there is nothing she can do about it.

Then Discord approached her cage. In a casual tone he said "Well, that’s two out of three, and I must confess. It was pretty damn funny, but there is one last wish. So tell me, my little pony, what do you wish?" He looked into the filly's eyes with expectation.

"I, I don't know, I wish I was a doctor, or a magician to help them, or to be wiser to understand what's happening, and I wish I could stop you from hurting others, but I don't known what to do." She lowered her head with tears falling from her eyes.

Then Discord made the cage disappear and approached the little filly "There there. Don't worry, the pain will run out and they will be fine."

Apple Bloom looked up in disbelief "Really?" And Discord grinned.

"Well, that depends of your definition of fine anyways. And by the way, you made a lot of wishes. That's because you want to be a lot of things. Very well then, I will make you capable of being whatever you want." Discord materialized a gun in his claw and aimed it to Apple Bloom's head "Boom! Headshot." Apple Bloom felt a pain in her head that ran all through her body, and then, darkness.


- Now.

Everypony in the room was deathly silent. They already knew that Discord was a bast(beep)rd, but they never though that he would attack three little fillies in such a way.

Twilight broke the silence. "So after that, you started to look for help, didn't you?"

The three nodded as Scootaloo said. "But everypony was afraid of us, so we started to panic."

"And the rest is history. Now, can we please get my sister and her friends back to normal?" Rarity was totally worried that her little filly sister was stuck like this. Applejack and Rainbow nodded in approval too.

"We need to get ourselves in a circle around the girls first." Twilight replied. The CMC stayed together as the elder mares took their positions around them. "Now here we go." Twilight said as the Elements started to glow. A vortex made out of rainbows started to form around the fillies and a bright light filled the library.

When the light dissipated, a voice coming from the center of the circle asked. "Did it work?" But the voice sounded like something made by a machine instead of a pony.

Apple Bloom looked at her hooves, and saw that they had plenty of holes in them. She also noticed a shell and a pair of insect wings on her back. Scootaloo steeped out of the circle and saw Rainbow Dash's scared face. Looking at herself she realized she was still a living shadow.

"Why didn't it work?" Applejack asked completely surprised.

Twilight was shocked too. The Elements of Harmony are supposed to be the strongest magic in all of Equestria. "I don't know."

"Are we stuck like this forever?" Apple Bloom was starting to panic, but before anypony could say anything else Sweetie Belle started to cry.

"No." Whispered Sweetie Belle. "No, please no." Raising her voice with each word. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" She finally shouted, breaking anything made out of glass and sum eardrums before calming down and realizing what her cries could do now.

"What do we do now, everypony is afraid of us. I can't even touch anypony without shocking them." Scootalo was clearly scared of harming somepony again as she did with Rainbow early that night. For Sweetie Belle, she was now covering her mouth with her hooves, afraid of destroying everything around if she speaks to loud.

Finally Apple Bloom said. "I'm gonna always be a monster. Even my sister couldn't recognize me at first"

"Hold it right there you. You will always be my sister, doesn't matter how you look. I admit that I was shocked at first, but whoever treats you like a monster will have to tussle with me" Assured the orange earth pony putting both of her forelegs around her sister.

"The same goes with you Sweetie Belle. Never dare to doubt that I will be at your side" Rarity hugged her sister protectively.

Now it was Rainbow Dash’s turn. "It doesn't matter if I can't touch you without shocking myself. You can be sure that not even Discord’s magic will keep me away from you Scootaloo"

"Well, speaking of" Pinkie started to talk. "I think I known the pony that could help us with this problem, or at least make some sense out of it."

"Who Pinkie?" Twilight was put out of her initial surprise.

"Me" Said the pink pony. "Well not me like myself, but me as my other self" everypony looked at her in awe, thinking that she had finally lost it, but Pinkie added. "Guys, I think it is time for you to meet Pinkamena" and with that said she closed her eyes. Her mane deflated until perfectly straight and her colors became a darker tone. Pinks opened her eyes again revealing that they changed color from blue to green. She gave a grin that looked like a mad scientist from one of the old horror movies in Twilight’s collection as she spoke "hi everyone, Doctor Pinkamena Diane Pie at your service"

"Pinkie, are you all right?" Asked Fluttershy concerned about her friend's sanity.

"Please call me Pinkamena, Pinkie is the name of my other half and I would like to respect that." Pinkamena's grin shrank a little but without losing her crazy look. She takes a weird looking pair of glasses out of nowhere and approached Scootalo, looking at her with them.

"Yep, Pinkie's theory was indeed correct, apparently Scootaloo is now made out of energy, but keeping a portion of matter in her in order to be somewhat solid, yet without losing her properties, fascinating." She went to Sweetie Belle as she pulled, again from nowhere, a stethoscope and put it against the unicorn's chest.

"Interesting. Apparently you still have a cardiac system, or at least something that sounds like one and you are breathing. Is that necessary or just a reflex?" but before Sweetie Belle could answer Pinkamena hit her side with a hoof and paid close attention to the sound. "Not an alloy that I could identify right now, but sounds like ferrous maybe" And finally she turned herself and started to walk in Apple Bloom's direction. With a magnifying glass she examined her horn, her wings, her shell, her mane and tail and finally with a flashlight examined her mouth ears and eyes.

"To all appearances, you are a changeling, but your skin seems more like regular mammal anatomy than the insect kind of the regular changeling, also your eyes respond like a pony’s and your throat and hears work more like a vertebrate than an arthropod" diagnosed Pinkamena in a professional tone.

"Pinkie" started Rarity. "Will you please explain to us what's happening?" Pinkamena turned in Rarity's direction.

"*tt* What did I say before?" Pulling her glasses off her eyes and over her head "my name is Pinkamena and it would be nice for you to remember it" then she looked into a mirror at her right. "And you should've explained this before, now your friends think both of us are crazy"

"I think I understand" intervened Twilight. "You have dissociative identity disorder."

"I prefer the term 'multiple points of view' thank you very much." Responded Pinkamena. "But you are technically right." She turned to everyone "By the way, Pinkie want us to be friends. I told her already that I had no problem with that, but also assured her that you would be too scared to ever consider befriending a crazy mare like me." Now her grim faded away as she started to look at the ground.

"Hold a minute. You are already helping us by figuring out what's going on. As for me that makes you a friend" Applejack interrupted the silence.

"Yeah. Also if you are part of Pinkie, then we’re already friends" Added Rainbow Dash.

"Indeed. If you were willing to help us, even thinking that we won’t accept you, I think that we will be very good friends" Rarity added.

"You see Pinkie, I mean Pinkamena. We would like to know you better, and I'm sure that we will be very close friends" Twilight put a hoof over Pinakmena's shoulder.

"I would like to be your friend too Pinkamena, I mean... if that's okay with you" Fluttershy said from the left of Pinkamena, making her turn to her side, starting to grin again.

"That’s very nice of you guys, I suppose I overreacted, like that time on our birthday when Pinkie thought that you didn't like her parties and didn't want to be her friends anymore, and I tried to cheer her up by hosting a false party" Pinkamena was now rubbing the back of her head.

"So, now that we passed through that" Said Rainbow. "Any ideas of what to do Pinka?"

"Hey, I like that one" responded Pinkamena. "It's easier and also different from Pinkie's. It's perfect!" Pinkamena has returned to her mad scientist grim. "I have a couple of ideas, yes. But first I need to run some tests to be sure"

"Well, I have a lot of lab instruments in my basem..." started Twilight.

But Pinkamena interrupted her raising a hoof, somehow making a snap sound, as she shouted.
"To the Pink-Cave!".

Anatomy lesson

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-Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie and Pinkamena's room, 2:30 A.M.

Everybody was inside Pink's room, leaving barely enough space to move and still avoid Scootaloo's electrocuting touch. Pinkamena made her way to the wardrobe and, opening it, she called for everyone's attention. "As we are friends now, I will share my secrets with you. This is one of them." She pressed a hidden button inside the wardrobe making an inner door open revealing a hole in the floor. "Now will you please jump into the entrance quick, there are a lot of tests I want to run and I've gotten rather excited."

"Pinkamena, where douse this lead to?" Twilight was unconvinced to enter a hole inside a wardrobe in her friend's room. In fact, she wasn't sure about a lot of things recently, starting with how surreal things were right now.

"To my secret lab of course." Pinkamena replied. "Don't you know anything about science? Every mad scientist must have a secret lab with an impractical entrance." She said it as she was explaining why ponies must breath.

"It is safe?" Twilight didn't want to distrust her friend but the last rational parts of her brain forced her to ask.

"It is, you have my word of honor." Where Pinkie would have sang a song about trust and friendship, Pinkamena just replied with all the seriousness that the pink party pony lacked, but her voice sounded as sure and honest as Pinkie was.

"Well I trust you, so I will go." Twilight stepped into the wardrobe and jumped through the entrance, gravity pulling her out of sight from her friends. Applejack approached the entrance, looking at it with curiosity and fear.

"Are ya sure this is safe?" Asked Applejack nervously.

"Don't worry my nervous farmer friend." Pinkamena replied, putting a hoof around Applejack. "I designed it by myself and good aunt Pinkie constructed it all by herself."

"Yeah, that-- that's actually the part that worries me." Applejack wasn't sure at all.

"Don't worry big sister. I will go with you." Apple Bloom walked next to the orange pony so Applejack gulped, hugged her sister and silently prayed to Celestia and Luna as they both jumped together into the hole.

Pinkamena looked to the rest of the group. "Now, who' next?" But Rainbow was already jumping into the hole.

"Mare, this is gonna be awesome!" She shouted before disappearing into the darkness.

The next two where Rarity and Sweetie Belle who jumped together too. After that, Spike and Pinkamena had to force Fluttershy to jump. Pinkamena looked at Scootaloo. "Since you can pass through solids, do you think you could go in a straight line down until you reach the basement? It's just twenty meters or so."

Scootaloo's eyes glowed with confidence. Now that the first impression cooled down she was starting to be aware of her new abilities, ready to test them. "Of course, see you there." The pegasus passed through the floor and disappeared. Finally Pinkamena and Spike jumped as well. After a couple of seconds they arrived in a brightly lit cave. Everypony was already there, looking at the different items spread everywhere.

"Wow, what is all this?" Spike couldn't hold in his surprise.

"Welcome to the Pink-Cave, this is where I develop all my pinkventions." The dragon was speechless. "There is the Pinkcopter, and there is the prototype of the Party Canon. You should see when we first tested it. It almost blew both Pinkie and I to Celestia's heaven."

Pinkamena then approached Fluttershy who was staring at a showcase with a set of belt and straps attached to a pair of metallic wings with a hawk like helmet. Over the glass was a sign that read. 'Anti-gravity Nth Metal Wings.' Fluttershy then looked at Pinkamena who asked. "Do you like it? It's a piece of technology that my sister Blinkie found in an ancient tomb near Saddle Arabia. It allows the user to fly and resist extreme temperatures and pressures. The helmet also seems to work as an adaptable radio transmitter-receiver."

"What about this?" Rainbow was pointing at what looked like a full-body armor made out of steel with an S shaped shield in the chest and a red cape on the back.

"That's my Mare of Steel armor, Mark VII if I remember correctly. I use that for exploration trips or when I work with dangerous materials. A friend from, well, from far far away gave me the idea about how to make it. It can fly, is nearly invulnerable and is also equipped with a kinetic hammer." Rainbow Dash was amazed.

"But how is this even possible? I mean, from where does all of this come from?" Twilight was completely shocked now, first a magic stronger than the Elements of Harmony, then her friend's second personality and now THIS.

"It was a gift from Princess Luna." Now everypony was looking a Pinkamena. "What? I helped her with some issues she had and she was happy to give me a better work place than the cake's basement."

"So she's financing you?" Twilight was surprised with that revelation.

"No, it's just the cave. The rest comes from different sources, but explanations can wait. Now let's go to the test lab." She waved at her friends to follow her into a room that was carved in the stone.

Inside, the room was completely white. Different instruments, various monitors and weird looking machines decorated it all over the place. Over a bust of Princess Luna was a raven. Pinkamena stroked the bird's head saying. "Hi Edgar, did you miss me?"

The raven said. "Nevermore."

Pinkamena turned to her friends. "This is Edgar. He crashed into our window a week after we came to Ponyville."

Fluttershy saluted the raven but it just replied. "Nevermore." Fluttershy looked on with amazement.

"You will have to excuse him, that's the only thing he says." Looking at the Cutie Mark Crusaders Pinkamena said. "Now, will you please step inside the analyzing room." She pointed to a door next to a window that showed a black painted room. The three ponies stepped inside and Pinkamena shut the door. Sitting down in front of a computer she started to use the keyboard as she explained. "This is a three-dimensional scanner. It can pick up every detail from almost every kind of object and map it for study or replication. It's very useful for research."

“Where do you get something like that?" Twilight asked. This was now beyond weird.

"Believe it or not, I found this one." Replied Pinkamena. "Pinkie had the idea that there was a caramel mine under our parent's house, so she dug under the backyard for days till we found this. It took me a year to understand how it worked." But the answer only raised further questions. Twilight however decided that with Pinkamena, being essentially Pinkie too, it was better to not ask.

The computer then started to make some noises as inside the room a laser scanned Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. When the scan was complete Pinkamena told the fillies to get outside so she could tell all of them what she had found out. Approaching a printer she started to read the papers.

"First of all, apparently the three of them seem to have the anatomy and metabolism of a twenty year old pony. But with so unique physiognomies is hard to really tell." Everybody in the room went silent not knowing what to say, so Pinkamena continued.
"Scootaloo, according to this, is now made out of pure energy, negative energy to be precise. It's nearly limitless and very unstable, so the principal thing now is to find a containment method to prevent her from shocking everything around." She went to a table full of jars with different chemicals and started to mix some of them. "Can you help me with this?" She asked Rarity as submerging a roll of bandages inside the mix of chemicals. After that, the dark pink pony instructed her unicorn friend to retrieve the bandages form the bowl and then to cover Scootaloo's body with them. When she was almost done, Pinkamena used a pair of goggles to cover the pegasus eyes instead of the fabric.

"Now, these bandages should contain the negative energy." She explained. "At least until we can come up with a better solution. Now you will be capable of touching somepony without shocking her."

Rainbow Dash galloped to Scootaloo's side and without a second tough she hugged her. There was no electroshock, just her stepsister’s warm and now solid body. After a minute or so, she let her go and looked into the glowing eyes behind the goggles. Looking at her pink friend with tears under her eyes Rainbow said "Thank you Pinkamena, thank you."

Pinkamena smiled, but this time it wasn't her mad scientist grim. It was just a happiness fueled smile. Going back to the results again she started to read, now looking to Rarity and Sweetie Belle who was still pushing her hooves against her snout.

"There's no need to do that, just don't scream and everything will be fine." Sweetie Belle lowered her hoofs and tried to relax.

"Pinkamena, what happened to my sister?" Rarity was worried about her foal sister's condition. Pinkamena showed her an image that looked like Sweetie Belle's insides on the computer's screen and started to explain.

"First of all, I'm sorry to tell you this but Sweetie Bell is now a cybernetic organism without any trace of biological components in her." Sweetie Belle wasn't able to understand but Rarity understood perfectly. "But." Pinkamena tried to console them "Every component in her now works in the exact same way has a pony. For example: inside her head is a motherboard wired to her entire body, just like an equine brain. There's also good news, her senses and strength are now increased. Here try to lift that." She pointed to a set of weights, particularly to the 60 Kg. one.

"But..." Sweetie tried to say.

"No buts, just do it." Pinkamena pointed to the weight again. Sweetie Belle went to the weight and took it with her mouth. To her surprise it was light as a feather, then she tried with a 100 Kg. one, and it was as easy as lifting a spoon. Everybody in the room was just shocked with the obvious exception of Pinkamena who shouted. "A-Ha I knew it, now she is capable of lifting almost a ton without major problems. Now let's test something else." She turned the lights off making the room to go pitch black and asked. "Can you see us?"

"Yes, but you look funny, like all green and stuff." Sweetie Belle replied. Pinkamena turned the light's on again and explained.

"Her eyes are now sensitive to the non-visible spectrum, like in this case the infra-red light and--"

"Do you guys hear that?" Sweetie belle interrupted her. "It sounds like a whistle noise." But nopony seemed to hear it.

"That should be the bats, they live in the darker part of the cave and use ultra-sound to see in the dark, that corroborates my diagnosis of your increased senses. You should be capable of controlling them at will."

Rarity started to twitch a little before asking. "How does she? Hum. How does she..." But Sweetie Belle was faster.

"How do I work?"

Pinkamena was now back to full mad scientist mode and started. "You, my little mechanical friend, are a miracle of technology." That commentary picked her up. "Look here at the screen." She pointed to the chest of the image. "You see there?" Sweetie saw a metallic chamber with a window that was glowing green.

"That's my heart now?" Sweetie was getting curious.

"That, my metallic foal, is a green kryptonite powered reactor. It generates the energy necessary to keep you functional. Kryptonite it's a very rare mineral, it only seems to be inside meteorites."

Now Rarity was curious. A new kind of gem was something that attracted her attention, so she asked "and what is this kryptonite?"

Hearing that Pinkamena grimed as she answered "Its radiation is very versatile, you see, there are plenty of different colors of kryptonite, each one with a different effect. In your sister's case, green is highly reactive but harmful for most of species" Rarity showed a worried face. "But her reactor is completely safe." Pinkamena calmed her and continued "There is yellow kryptonite that would cause a pony to lose his or her special talent for five minutes, blue kryptonite that is lethal to changelings, and red kryptonite that reacts to and affects magic and alchemy.

"And what about her voice? Will she make that sound thing every time she screams?" Rarity frowned again.

"Well." Pinkamena explained. "It all depends of her ability to concentrate, as long as she can moderate her voice she will be fine."

"And what is she made of anyway?" Spike asked.

Pinkamena showed a graphic on the screen. "There are a large amount of metals in her structure, if it wasn't Discord who we are talking about I would be admiring him. Her exterior 'skin' for example, is made out of promethium, a practically indestructible alloy. It was supposed to be impossible to create it due to the star like heat required but apparently Discord's magic was capable of producing it." Approaching her computer again "Now for Apple Bloom, there are some interesting results."

She used a remote control to turn on a larger screen showing what looked like a radiography and zooming in on the head area as she started to explain. "First of all, Apple Bloom's brain is more like a pony than a changeling, but on the other hoof." She now changed the image to a cross-section of Apple Bloom's skin. "Her skin is now thicker with a higher concentration of calcium making it much stronger, like a changeling’s scales." Then she went back to the full body image now showing the back in detail. "Her wings seem to be perfectly functional and her back-shield is made out of bone instead of hardened skin. That means it is even stronger than a changeling’s one." Then she showed a DNA image with a lot of information at its side. "Her DNA is a hybrid of pony and changeling, neither side dominating, but her blood is still red and hot just like a pony." She continued. "Also, she will need to consume meat in order to get the necessary nutrients for her body and also her appetite will be bigger than bef--"

"Are ya sure?" But Applejack interrupted. "Ah mean, mah sister will eat meat now?" She was worried about her sister turning into a cold blooded predator.

"No need to worry." Pinkamena assured. "Her brain is developed enough to overcome the predatory instinct, but in order to keep healthy, she will have to eat meat in regular amounts."


"No Applejack." Now it was Fluttershy who interrupted. "Listen, when I take care of carnivorous animals they get sick if I don't give them fresh fish or other meat. If your sister has to eat it now then that will have to be okay with you." She finished without even raising her tone, but the word were a clear indication that she was in caretaker mode, or in other words, you better do a she says.

"But I don't want to eat meat, its gross" Apple Bloom responded, but Pinkamena approached a jar on a corner of a table. She opened it and pulled out a stick of something brown.

"This is a dry meat stick, Gummy and Edgar loves them, why don't you give it a try?" offered Pinkamena.

Apple Bloom looked at her sister. Applejack doubted for a moment before nodding. The changeling filly approached the stick, as she smelled it she started to fell hungry. She teased it with the tip of her tongue and found out that it was actually very good Without wasting any more time she ate the stick with a smile on her face, it was the greatest thing she ever tasted in her life. "Oh my Celestia, this is greatest thing I ever tasted in my life. Can I have more?"

"Of course sweetheart, take the jar. After all, you will need to eat more now that your metabolisms increased." But Applejack was still concerned as she watched her sister attacking the jar of meat. "Also, her adapting cells seem to be fully functional, which means that she should be able to change her form at will."

Twilight now forgot her last conclusion and dared to ask. "How do you know so much about changelings? The books I read didn't have that kind of information?"

"It's simple. I studied them at first hoof." Answered Pinkamena in a casual tone.

"Come again?" Was the only thing that Twilight managed to say but everybody in the room seemed about to say the same.

"I made a deal with their queen. You see? Simple,"

Twilight was now speechless, but Spike managed to say "Will you please tell us what kind of deal?"

"Sure. It all started some months ago when the Princess discovered that the changelings were starving to death. She ran the voice around the scientific community, searching for a solution. I think she felt sorry for them. Pinkie and I developed a nutritive serum that would replace the need to vampire others emotions but only for short periods. Remember that time when Pinkie went to Canterlot 'for party supplies'? That's when Princess Celestia took us to their hive castle to arrange a deal. We would explain how to reproduce the serum and she would sign a non-aggression treaty.”

“She agreed and, in an act of good will, she let me study her changelings. She can be actually nice when not trying to take over the world." Pinkamena ended her story.

"Are you’re saying that there’s a peace treaty with Queen Chrysalis without anypony else knowing about it?" Spike was the first to snap from the shock.

"Well, Princess Celestia is waiting for a good moment to make it public. But Shining Armor and Cadence know about it too since part of treaty included the Crystal empire after all. And I asked them to keep the secret because at that time I was still afraid of how others ponies would react to my uniqueness."

Inside Twilight’s head was a storm of confusion. The last strands of thinking came to the conclusion that her friends were having the same problem. After a moment she closed her eyes, took deep breaths and decided to focus on the more recent events and leave the matter for another moment.

"Pinkamena, do you known why the Elements didn't work?" She eventually asked.

Pinkamena cheered at the opportunity to expose her theories. "Well, for Scootaloo, nobody has been able to tell how negative energy really works. I can only presume that its disruptive nature affected the Elements. With Apple Bloom, since changelings are creatures with a massive amount of magic, it would be natural to think that her adaptive cells worked out a way to overcome the spell. And for Sweetie Belle, maybe the promethium is invulnerable to magic too, or maybe the k-radiation. But truth be told, I'm not sure for any of them." She went outside of the lab and into the cave to stand in front of a full body mirror.

Her friends followed her as she spoke to her reflection. "What about you? Do you have any theories?... really?... Now that's interesting. Go and tell them, after all it's your theory." With that, she turned around as her mane puffed again and her colors became brighter, when she opened her eyes they were blue again.

"Hi everypony!" Greeted the pink party pony who was back to her cheerful personality. "Did you miss me? Do you like Pinkamena? Was she helpful?" She asked as approaching her friends.

"She was very helpful, Pinky, but she said that you may know what's up with the fillies. Do you?" Rainbow Dash asked as she saluted her friend.

"Well, maybe it's because the Elements only change what's bad, and there is nothing bad about them."

"PINKIE!" Applejack shouted at her. "Mah sister is a changeling, Scootaloo shocks everything within reach and Sweetie Belle is a robot. How can you say that there is nothing wrong with them?" She was surprised by the pink mare’s words.

"But none of them are trying to harm anypony, like Discord did. And the changes aren't making them evil like in Nightmare Moon's case." That got everybody in the room to think about it, except for Applejack who was now losing her temper.

"Mah sister is eating meat!"

"So? A lot of creatures eat meat, and for that they aren't evil. Just ask Fluttershy how many animals eat meat." Fluttershy nodded her confirmation.

“That actually makes sense.” Twilight started to say. “I mean think about it, Scootaloo's energy can be contained, Sweetie Belle can moderate her voice and Apple Bloom is just another species so nopony is threatening anypony."

Applejack let out a sigh as she calmed down and looked around with tired eyes. "Ok, I'm too tired to discuss it anyways. Let’s go Apple Bloom Granny Smith and Big Mac will have a lot to swallow when we tell them about this." And then she looked for an exit, but didn't find one. "Pinkie, where is the exit?"

"There is a gallery with all of our things” Pinkie pointed to her right. “At the end is a stairway that goes to the Cake's basement."

Rarity looked surprised by the simplicity of that. "Then why did you make us jump into that hole before?" The white unicorn wasn't very amused that she had to make a twenty meters jump when she could have easily used the stairs.

"Pinkamena was having a little fun. Her sense of humor can be a little weird sometimes."

Then the group headed to the exit by a corridor full of display cases with different items inside and Pinkie took her time explaining what all they were looking at as if they were in a museum. "That's the cosmic rod; it can absorb and redirect any kind of energy. And this is the Blue Beetle gun; it's like a flash of light and sound to knock down dangerous beasts. Oh and those are night vision goggles..." They headed to Sugarcube Corner's basement and everypony went to sleep.

It was a weird night after all.

My Greatest Adventure (or how I defeated my first supervillain)

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-Three days later

It was a sunny day in Ponyville, everypony was in their jobs or in the school. In the last one the class was about tolerance.

Miss Cheerilee was having a rough time with this. After all in the last three chairs of the class room were a bandaged pony, a robot and a changeling. Word of Celestia in person explained to the whole town that those were Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom and that they will love and tolerate them as they do with everypony else. But the fillies on the room where a different history, specially Diamond Tiara. Despite Cheerilee best efforts, she still continued to pick up with them, and now it was even worse.

"But how about dangerous creatures?" Diamond Tiara raised a hoof. "Like changelings."

"Tiara! That was disrespectful. Apologize now." This was the third time now.

Diamond Tiara said. "I'm sorry." And then she continued. "I'm sorry that we have to live with those monster-mares."

That's it, Apple Bloom raised from her seat and raced to the door and galloped out. "Apple Bloom wait!" Cheerilee tried to chase her but it was pointless, now that Apple Bloom was starting to use her wings to thrust her she was out of sight, Cheerilee went inside again and looked how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon where laughing they flanks off.

"Diamond Tiara! Silver Spoon! Grounded for a week! And i want your parents here tomorrow." Then she headed to the rest of the class. "The rest of you can go outside" It was no use to try to retake the class after that.

Apple Bloom was in the Everfree Forest. In the past that was a place she was afraid of, but now that seemed like a life before. Now it was the forest creatures's turn to be afraid of her, just like everypony else. She stopped under a tree and cried, just cried. She knew that Diamond Tiara wasn't the only one, everypony in Ponyville and maybe in Equestria was afraid of her.

Back in Ponyville Scootallo and Sweetie Belle were at Sugarcube Corner chating with Pinkie and Twilight about their situation. "It's natural for a filly like Tiara to be afraid of what she can't understand, the primal fear is to the unknow." Twilight explained to the mares, also Pinkie added. "And she always had been a meany pants with you, don't mind about her and nothing will happen."

"But what if she's not the only one?" Protested Scootaloo. "What if everypony is really afraid of us?" Being energy now, she couldn't cry, but the others older mares knew that she was sobbing under those bandages.

"Then you will just have to prove to the world that they are wrong." Now Pinkamena was in Pinkie's seat. "You see, they are afraid because they don't know you at all, but if you show them that you are good mares everythig will be fine."

"And I will host a 'Not more afraid of the CMC's anymore' party." Pinkie returned to her spot.

But before any of them could say another thing, there was an explosion, followed by the cries of terror of everypony outside. The four mares stepped through the door and saw it. A white skinned bipedal creature was destroying everything at his path.

"Grundy destroys. Grundy crush." The creacture shouted as it moved.

A group of pegasi leaded by Rainbow Dash flew at full speed and tried to tackle the monster, but the creature was too strong, with a wave of his arm punched away all the pegasis at reach.

"You attack Grundy. Now Grundy attack you." The creature was stepping to the unconscious cyan pegasus in front of him ready to smash her when a black shadow took the pony and flee away.

"Hey you, stop attacking us." Twilight shouted to the creature as a purple aura came from her horn and surrounded the monster.

"Magic? Grundy hates magic!" The zombie smashed his hands together creating a wave that destroyed the magic aura around him, and also knocked down Twilight.

"Twilight!" Pinkie jumped to her side as Swetie Belle helped her to lift the unicorn. They looked at Grundy as he punched the ground making it to shake and Sweetie saw how a wall was about to fall over a pair of fillies. "Hold her." Said the mechanical unicorn before gallop at the wall, and leaning on her hind legs, held it.

Silver Spoon looked at the wall that almost crushed her and Diamond Tiara and barely manged to say. "Wow."

"You two better thank me for this later." Sweetie Belle told them as they ran away.


Applejack found her sister in the same tree as always she was depressed, she cleared her throat. "Hey there. Heard what happened at the school. Are ya ok?" the answer was obvious but she wanted the mare to speak.

"They fear me, everypony fears me. It's not my fault, I didn't asked for this." Apple Bloom was looking down but Applejack raised her head with a hoof.

"Nopony is afraid of ya, they just don't fully understand what happened." but her sister looked away. "I know I'm a monster, I just can help it."

"That's enough!" Applejack stomped the ground. "Abigail Bloom Apple, listen and listen well. Yer not a monster, yer mah sister, an' nothing in this universe will ever change that" Apple Bloom looked up to her sister.

"You promise?" The filly minded mare asked in hope. "Of course. Now clean those tears an' let's go to th' farm, there's a jar full of meat sticks with yer name on it."

The two went out of the forest when an explosion occurred in the direction of Ponyville. when they arrived to the town they saw a monster attacking the town as Sweetie Belle was holding a failing wall in front of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

"What in tarnation?" But the creature saw the metal mare and charged against her smashing his fist over the unicorn. But Sweetie Belle was resisting the weight of the punch over her, barely.

"Wait here." Applejack told her sister as she jumped to action. She galloped to the beast side and tried to tackle him. Grundy stopped his struggle with Sweetie Belle and focus his attention on the orange pony at his side.

"You attack Grundy too. Grundy crush yo..." But a yellow and red bull charged at the zombie and brought him down, then it changed to a griffin of the same colors and attached Grundy in the face with her claws. But Grundy was faster and punched the griffin to the ground. But before he could come with the final blow a stone hit him in the back of his head, it was Sweetie Belle's turn and she was trowing all kind of rubbish to the monster.

"Let her alone." then she jumped in Grundy's direction but Grundy took to stones and smashed them together over Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo was with Rainbow Dash. "Please be ok, i didn't know what else to do. I had to touch you and..." But Rainbow came back to her senses. "I'm fine Scoot, you didn't shock me this time." Then she looked to Grundy. "But do you think that you could shock him?" Scootaloo grinned. "Yeah." Rainbow grinned too. "Then go."

Sweetie Belle was resisting the giant's blows the best she could, as a wolf was attaching the giant's back. But a misstep cost Sweetie Belle's her equilibrium and Grundy launched her to the airs with a punch as he grabbed the wolf by the neck and trowed it at the same direction of Sweetie Belle.

Apple Bloom lost her concentration and went back to her changeling form in middle air and just when she was about to touch the ground a hoof grabbed her tail and then lowered her slowly to the ground. "But how?"

"That would be me." Scootaloo answered, Apple Bloom looked in disbelief as her friend was without her bandages but somehow didn't shocked her. "How did you..."

"Touched you without the electricity? I think I can control this if I concentrate." Sweetie Belle joined them. "A power that needs you to concentrate? We're doomed."

"Sweetie Belle. Are you ok?" Her friends asked. "Yeah, this body is almost invulnerable. But that guy is tough."

"Dont worry, I got this." Scootaloo flew at full speed and punched Grundy in the side shocking him, but he recovered fast and punched the pegasus back the way she came. "Well, maybe not."

"I think that we can bring him down, if we work together. What'd you say?" Apple Bloom put a hoof in front of her, the other two mares put their hoofs with her. "Cutie Mark Crusaders, monster busters. Yay!"

Scootaloo was the first to attach, passing through Grundy electrocuting the zombie, then Apple Bloom jumped in the air as she changed into a bear pushing the monster to the ground. Now was Sweetie Belle turn as she hopped to Grundy's head.

"Hey, big guy. I got a secret to tell you." And she screamed over Grundy's ear making him go unconscious.

When the dust of the fight dissipated the three mares were over Grundy's motionless body. The other ponies approached to the scene when Derpy said. "They saved us, they brought that thing down and saved us. They are heroes!" Everypony there cheered them up. Rainbow Dash was proud. "Nor I could have done better." Were her words. Pinkie was firing her party cannon "Yay, big Heroes party."


That night, the town hall was hosting a party that could easily compete with the Summer Sun Celebration, the Mayor Mare herself gave to the CMCs the key of the city. "To our great heroes, the saviors of Ponyville." As everypony in the town personally thanked them, even Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

The three friends were outside on a balcony discussing that day's events. "You know, when I first discovered what happened to us I tough the we're doomed." Scootaloo told, she was now with her bandages again. "I was afraid of electrocuting everypony around. But now I know that I can use this to help other ponies."

"I understand. The last three days I was afraid of screaming and smash every glass on Ponyville or to lose control and break something." Sweetie Belle was drinking a glass of oil as Pinkamena recommended. "But when that thing attacked us I knew that I could use that strength to save others."

"Yeah, and that finall scream was awesome." Scootalo congratulated her friend. "By the way Bloom. How you managed to change your form."

"It was pure instinct. When it was about to attach Applejack, the only thing I could think was to bring him down and when I realized I was already a bull charging." Apple Bloom was sitting with a meat pie that Pinkie baked her.

"And then a griffin, and then a wolf, and finally a bear." Pointed Sweetie Belle.

"And it was cool." Rainbow Dash joined them as behind her came Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rarity. "We want to congrat ya. Ya were very brave with that thing." Applejack put a hoof over Apple Bloom's shoulder.

"Indeed. I'm sorry for not being present but I'm very proud of how you saved those fillies lives even after how they treated you." Rarity was now talking.

"What else I could do?" Sweetie took another sip of oil. "It's not like i was going to let them die, it's just not good." The others nooded as Apple Bloom gulped a piece of pie. "Yeah, the town was under attack and we needed to do something"

"The same when I took Rainbow Dash out of there, it was just the right thing to do." Scootalo said removing the bandages over her mouth to take a piece of cake.

"You don't need to be so modest, after all you saved the whole town from that thing." Twilight assured them. "You are truly heroes." Applebloon then answered.

"Maybe, but we're happy to being just normal ponies with normal lives." Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nodded in agrement.

"That's very mature from ya." Applejack told them, then Pinkie added. "But that doesn't mean that you should miss the party." Everypony agreed as they went back to the party, but before going inside the three looked at each other in an accomplice look.

"So, how we should call ourselves now that we're heroes?"

Getting used (or what to expect when your filly sister becomes a superhero)

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- Somewhere in the Everfree Forest. Midnight.

Zecora was meditating in her hut, in front of her the fire was glowing in every color possible. The spirits of nature where anxious, some of the most ancients seals just disappeared seven nights ago. Now the magic in all Equus was in its primal form, some words without meaning before were now powerful again, the spells that sealed ancient evils beyond the wildest imagination weren't there anymore. The shaman zebra opened her eyes and saw in the deep of fire how this changes affected the world.

Somewhere in the austral fields of ice, a helmet made out of gold that withstood the test of time recovered its old magic, becoming an infinite source of knowledge. Inside a temple hidden from the rest of the world a black diamond that served as a prison was now a conduct for a spirit of vengeance and destruction. On her old homeland in the deeps of a forgotten jungle an old piece of cloth abandoned there was now the bringer of nine lives. Within the hidden chambers of Canterlot in an altar dedicated to the old world an armor from a time previous to Discord and two swords blessed and cursed by heaven and hell equally were now powerful again.

A soft breeze distraught Zecora from her visions as a tall pony with wings and a horn entered to her home, she had a crown an a necklace made of a blue and black metal as her mane looked as the night sky. Princess Luna greeted the zebra as she asked if she could come in.

"Greetings my princess of noc, welcome to my humble home." Zecora raised from her spot and knelt before the alicorn.

"There's no need for such formalities. After all, your family had served me in a way that I will never thank enough." Luna declared as she sat in front of the zebra.

"The legacy of the night is a honor I will say. To watch the magic through its way." Zecora said as she sat down too.

"Then I assume that you are aware of the recent events."

"The spirits of the jungle and the stars from the sky. Had warned me about a new age of might."

"Then I ask you, not only as my counselor but also as my friend. What do you think about this?"

Zecora looked again in the fire as it returned to its normal colors, then to her tiki masks and then to the Princess again.

"In this case there is a lot of side vectors. For our land we will need protectors."

A thunder roared in the distance as an announcement of the coming storm.


- Ponyville. The next day.

The First Bank of Ponyville was the insignia building of the new Equestrian Urbanization Program in Ponyville and also its pride. With a design that showed the same architectonic style of the new buildings back in Canterlot, it was presented as unbreakable. The security was composed of the last new recruits of the Royal Guard who were sent to serve in Ponyville as guards of the new Government buildings. They were fresh from the camp and ready to prove themselves to the world.

But the world had something else to say.

A car was now racing through Ponyville's streets, inside were a trio of pegasus celebrating they victory.

"Dude, did you saw their faces?" The only stallion asked to the mare in the back seat. "They couldn't believe they were being robed." He was now looking at a bag of bits and some newly printed money papers, but his companion was staring in a serious face.

"You idiot, they almost catch us, you were supposed to wait for us in the car." She was clearly angered. "If it were not for Air Wave here, who at least know how to react quickly, we would be in our way to Canterlot's dungeons"

"Could you calm down?" The stallion now responded. "I was bored, and you two were taking so long. When I entered you were still waiting for the money."

"Will you two shut up?" The mare at the wheel shouted now. "We have at least three PPD in our back and I need to concentrate and..." But she was interrupted by the stallion.

"Look, over there." He pointed at the front of the car, there was an unicorn mare in the middle of the road. "What's she doing?" But there was no time, they were heading at the mare at full speed. When the car crashed the unicorn it stopped right there, sending its three passengers through the windshield

Sweetie Belle sighed as she approached the crashed pegasus in the floor as she spoke.

"You should be more careful. You know? Speed limits and seat belts are there for a reason." Her metallic voice did nothing but scare the three ponies in the ground. "And rob a bank? That doesn't seems nice neither."

"S-Stay away." The stallion was now holding his gun. "I will shot if you come closer!" But Sweetie Belle didn't stop, so the pegasus pulled the trigger and a bullet bounced in the unicorn's head.

"Now that was rude."

- Cutie Mark Crusaders's Club House. Later that day.

"You didn't." Apple Bloom was amazed by the tale.

"Yes she did."Scootaloo was about to laugh.

"Against a car?" The changeling pony still couldn't believe it.

"Yes she did." Her bandaged friend repeated in a singsong voice.

"I did it." Sweetie Belle finally responded. "And I would do it again."

"Sweetie." Apple Bloom started. "You can just go an stand in front of a car. The police..."

"Thanked me for the asistance." The mechanical pony assured.

"That's not the point. When you show off like that." But she stopped for a second. "It feels good. Doesn't?"

"Like hiding Diamond Tiara's tiara." She was now showing a wide open smile.

"And it was awesome. The reporters even put a picture of her on the front page." Scootaloo was now showing a newspaper in front of her.

"They took pictures?" Apple Bloom was amazed again.

"Just one of her standing next to the destroyed car." The energized pony's eyes were now glowing from behind her goggles. "Now tell us how did you punched the robber in the face after that."

Sweetie Belle was now standing on her hind legs. "It was something like this."

- Carousel Boutique. That afternoon.

"You did WHAT?!" Rarity almost suffered a heart attack right there after her sister told her what happened in the center that same morning.

"Calm down Rarity, I'm perfectly fine" Assured Sweetie Belle. But the white unicorn wasn't very happy of her little filly sister standing in front of a car, receiving a bullet and fighting a dangerous criminal.

"You are just a filly." She was now about to fall on her couch. Twilight accompanied Sweetie Belle to help her to tell her sister. She approached to her friend and told her.

"I was there too and I saw it. She didn't get a scratch." She put a friendly hoof on her friends shoulder. "Also Pinkamena told us that she was now almost invulnerable."

"And four days ago I managed to defeat that monster that attacked Ponyville." Sweetie Belle added.

"That's different. It was an emergency and you received help. But you shouldn't risk in that way every time." Rarity was calming down. A little.

"But Rarity."

"No buts. Look Sweetie, I'm proud of you. I'm also proud that you decided to use your 'gift' to help others." Now she looked directly to her sister's eyes. It was like looking to a pair of cameras, but behind the glass and gear she still could saw a little defenseless filly. "But you can't just jump in front of a car and expect me not to worry." Now Sweetie Belle was looking down to the floor. "So the next time it happens you will make sure to help in a less dangerous way." Rarity concluded in a softer tone. "Now go to your room and finish your homework." Sweetie Belle smiled as she saw that her sister was smiling at her.

"Yes Rarity, I will do it now." And she went upstairs making some mechanical noises. Rarity sighed as she saw Twilight in front of her. She indicated to the purple unicorn to follow her to the kitchen. They sat at the table as Rarity put a teapot on the fire, then she spoke.

"Tell me again how she ended in front of a bank robbers car."

"I was on a store buying some paper and ink when we encountered. She accompanied me to the library, but before that she stopped for no reason. I asked her what was wrong and she looked to a car that was racing down the street. Before I could understand what was happening she was in front of the car and smashed it to stop it." Twilight concluded her tale.

"Those digital hears, she's like a sonar." She commented. "The other night I lost a nail on the floor and she managed to find it by looking in the direction where she heard it hit the ground." Rarity was in a calmer mod now she was serving the tea.

"Rarity she's fine. There is nothing wrong with her. It just that now she's a little bit different." Twilight tried to comfort her friend.

"She's not the one with the problem." Rarity responded. "It's me who is nervous with this. The sounds she make when she moves, the metallic skin, the visible articulations. I will need some time to get used to that. She's also growing, she talks about being a hero to help others. I don't know what to do." She then started to drink her tea.

"You know? You're not the only one with that problem. Applejack still can't process the image of her sister eating meat and also Rainbow Dash has some troubles getting used to Scootaloo being a walking thunderbolt." Twilight told her. "Maybe you three should talk about it. I'm sure you will feel better after speaking out loud what bothers you with somepony with similar problems."

Rarity looked to her friend as she raised from her spot. "This night would be good." was her answer.

- Sweet Apple Acres. Later that night.

"...and there she was stepping in the ceiling upside down as she was some kind of spider. Apparently the changelings can walk in walls and ceilings like bugs." Applejack concluded her story. She, Rainbow Dash and Rarity were in the kitchen as CMC's were upstairs in Apple Bloom's room. The three were now relaxing by letting things out. Rainbow already told them the problems she had when Scootaloo accidentally charged every cloud on her house into a storm cloud, now Rarity told them the events of that morning.

"Ah can assure ya that she was only doing what she though that was right." Applejack opened a bottle of cider. "Mah Bloom also has been doing stuff like that too. The other day we were at the town's new market when an old lady was having trouble with her cat trapped in a tree." She drank some cider. "The next thing ah know is that Apple Bloom is flying to catch the animal and bring it down"

"Yeah, Scoot is doing it too. Applejack pass me a bottle." Applejack gave the cyan pegasus a bottle of cider. "Thank you. As I was saying, yesterday she was learning to use her wings with the bandages on as some guys were testing one of those new copters or so. Then the vehicle started to malfunction and one of the ponies inside felt from it. I managed to catch the dude when the whole thing started to fall, but Scootaloo took off her bandages and quick as a lightning she pulled out the other two guys before the thing hit the ground." Then she took a long drink of cider.

They spent the next hour talking how they little sisters weren't fillies anymore, not only in appearance but they also changed for the better as they were now trying to do their best for helping others, then they finally concluded that since they could do things that the rest of the ponies could only dream about then they should decide if they were going to support or restrain this desire.

Upstairs a more lighthearted discussion was taking place.

"What about the Avengers?" Scootaloo suggested.

"And what we would avenging?" Sweetie Belle rejected the idea. "What do you think of the Freedom Fighters?"

"But Equestria is a free country already." Now Apple Bloom didn't like the idea. "What do you think of the Justice League of Equestria?" But her both friends weren't sure about if they liked it.

"I don't know, we're not too many ponies to make a league." Sweetie Belle responded. "Although the name sounds cool." added Scootaloo.

"So Legion of Super-Heroes is out to the table too?" Scootaloo nodded but Sweetie Belle looked to the window.

"Shush. Did you guys heard that?" The other two shocked their heads. "It sounds like there is a fire on the other side of the town."

"We should go and help with it." Apple Bloom stated as she jumped from the bed shaking her wings in worry for the fire as Scootaloo started to took of her bandages to reveal her energized form and her eyes glowed at the expectation of some action. The three went downstairs but befor going to the door they looked at each other and turned to the kitchen, once there Apple Bloom asked.

"Is there a problem if Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and I go outside for a while?." Applejack looked at her.

"To where? To buy a snack? To rent a movie?" But Sweetie Belle answered.

"Actually. there is a big fire on the other side of the town and we tough that we could go and help." Rainbow almost spited her cider and tried to say.

"Huh, that is..." But Rarity ended the sentence. "New." Then Rainbow managed to speak.

"...Uhhhh. You gals can handle it?"

Scootaloo answered this time. "Yeah." So rarity asked.

"No fights? No monsters?" She was worried to have another raging beast agains her sister.

"Nope." Assured Apple Bloom.

"Is the homework made?" Asked Applejack.

"Yes big sis." The older mares looked to each other as remembering the talk they just had and nodded. Applejack looked to Apple Bloom now. "Go, be careful and don't take unnecessary risks."

"And for later, if there is a natural disaster, and if not at school hours you can just go." Rainbow added.

"But if you can, you advice us first." Rarity finished.

"Thank you, we're gonna be careful." Scotaloo assured them and the three went to the door as Rarity spoke again.

" And no fights with monsters unless they start it."

"Okay Rarity." Sweetie Belle responded from the door. Then Apple Bloom took her into her hooves and with Scootaloo the three flew to town's direction. Inside the house Rarity sighed as she said.

"That wasn't in the manual."

"There was a manual?" Was Rainbow's answer.


- Somewhere else.

Peak Hardstone was a jewel artist. He dedicated his life to make the most notable pieces of work with metal and precious stones, that was the reason of his living. That and his daughter, a young mare who was now living in Canterlot as they exchanged letters every week.

His other passion besides the jewelry was the stone collecting, and this night a new kind of rock ended in his hooves. It was a beautiful piece of work, a black diamond shaped in a classic rhomboid form with its borders cut in a clean border. He found it in some kind of abandoned temple in his last vacations, it was like something called him inside the old building. Now, back at home, he was mesmerized by its simple and absorbing beauty, he could feel like the diamond talked to him, giving him advice, promising him power.

He took the diamond and, following it's instructions, he put it in the moon's light in front of his eyes. The light passed through the diamond marking the half of his face in a form of an eclipsed moon as he started to laugh. The pony known as Peak Hardstone was now vanished to the deeps of his own mind as the demon within the diamond was free again. Eclipso looked around him.

"Well. Lets see in what kind of world I awoke this time. Ahem. Heh, heh, heh. Hah, hah hah, hah hah! HA HA HA HA HA!!"

Doom Patrol #X. The lost issue

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-Cover concept:

Luna hoovering in the middle of a stormy gray sky, eyes glowing white and angry expression. Around her are Appleling and Energyloo flying each one to a side as Sweetie Bot is standing in the ground. Appleling is saying. "We have to defeat Princess Luna, or we are DOOMED!"


FIMFiction (not so) proudly presents:
Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo but together they are...

The Doom Patrol
Training day.

Written, edited and proofread by Wave (who I'm kidding? I just wrote it) Blaster.
The Doom Patrol created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney y Bruno Premiani.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust (and others I suppose).
Copyrights lololol.


-Meanwhile in Canterlot.

The royal gardens, a peaceful place for ponies to visit when they wanted some quiet, although most of the time it was opened to the public this morning the Princess had them closed for 'safety reasons'. Only a couple of guards were there as usually when they saw an object falling from the sky, they barely had time to take cover as the metallic object impacted near them. After the dust dissipated a mechanical looking unicorn raised slowly from the gap in front of the startled guards.

"Oh no, she didn't." She said and jumped in the direction from whence she came leaving the guards to wonder if what just happened was real or not.

In the middle of the Royal Gardens Princess Luna was standing in mid air with her eyes glowing in white as a black silhouette of a pegasi flying around her.

"WE DARE THOU TO TAKE US DOWN! WE DOUBLE DARE THOU!" She shouted in the traditional Canterlot voice.

"Challenge accepted your majesty." The shadow talked as it flew at full speed to the Princess, the alicorn adopted a defensive stand, but at the moment of the collision, instead of hitting each otter, the shadow passed through her creating a purple pulse of electricity around Luna, but she just shook off the energy without loosing her combat pose.


Scootaloo turned around to the Princess saying. "I wasn't attacking you, I was distracting you." A spider-web trapped her hind legs with a dark golden changeling pulling it at the other end.

"Yeehaw!" Using the strength of a diamond beetle, Apple Bloom forced Luna to descend, but the night alicorn used her wings to lift her and her captor to the sky, going higher and faster with the changeling pony hanging behind her and Scootaloo chasing them. Neither of them noticed an the mechanical pony falling in their direction.

"Incoming!" Sweetie Belle shouted as she felt from adobe and directly on Luna's back, she grabbed the wings of the Princess making the three of them to fall to the ground. Once there, Apple Bloom trapped the alicorn's hind legs as Scootaloo grabbed her fore legs saying.

"Gotcha Princess." They had her grabbed by every angle making it impossible for her to escape.

"Not a bad move." Luna responded in a more calm voice. "Allow me to reply." She banished in a cloud of blue mist and reappeared behind them and ready for more. "Now, surrender."

"Oh snap."

From the Palace's balcony Princess Celestia, the Elements of Harmony and Spike were looking at the battle in front of them in complete silence until Pinkie said. "I'm pretty sure that if there was a third person looking at this, he or she would be very confused by now."


-Canterlot. Earlier that day.

Twilight and her friends, along with the CMC's were on a train traveling from Poniville to Canterlot, they were summoned to the capital city for a meeting with the Princesses. To say that the trip to Canterlot was awkward was the understatement of the year since, unlike other occasions, this time they were traveling with a changeling, a robot and a pony inside a biohazard suit, the trio attracted all kind of looks from everypony around.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were inside their own wagon and feeling like outsiders with all the comments they could catch thanks to Sweetie Belle enhanced hearing:

"Why that pony is inside a biohazard suit?... Is that a changeling?... What are they?..."

When they got out of the train in Canterlot, Scootaloo noticed how all the ponies in the station were looking at them making she consider the idea of taking off her new suit (courtesy of Pinkamena and Rarity) and fly the rest of the path to the palace alone when a little filly, no older than they before their transformation, approached to them with a pen and a notebook while saying. "Excuse me, you are the ponies that helped the other night in the fire in Ponyville, don't you? Can I have your autograph?" At first the trio was shocked by the fact that a filly wasn't afraid of them and even more, she was asking them for an autograph as they were some kind of celebrity. Sweetie Belle was the first out of her shock.

"Of course we will sign it." Taking the pen with her muzzle and the notebook between her hooves. "What is your name by the way?"

"Swift Wing, miss Belle." The filly looked in amazement as the mechanical pony signed her notebook and passed it to the covered pony in next to her and finally to the yellow changeling.

"Here you got." Apple Bloom pass the notebook at the filly who looked it at it was the most valuable treasure in the world.

"To Swift Wing. Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom."

"Oh my, thank you, thank you, thank you." The filly took the notebook and bounced, Pinkie Pie style, to a group of other ponies waiting for her, the next thing the CMC's knew was that a line of colt and fillies from a Fillydelphia's school accompanied by their teacher were asking them for an autograph.

"She's Scootaloo." A colt with eyeglasses whispered to his friend. "I've heard that she chased Discord."

"Oh yeah, well I've heard that the unicorn can outshout Princess Luna." His companion replied.

Naturally, as with every secret in Ponyville, the whole situation spread like fire around Equestria and the events with Grundy and the innocents saved in that big fire only made things even more public, the newspapers were calling them the 'super ponies of tomorrow' and some gossip magazines even managed to get hold of the story of how Discord turned them like this after an aggressive questioning to Applejack who, being the worst liar on Equestria, spat the beams faster than a speeding bullet. Of course that the actual story never passed beyond the reporter's notebook but instead a tale of heroism and tragedy was on the main page of "The Daily Dawn" about three fillies opposing the draconequs and the last one taking his revenge cursing the valiant ponies whose, through sheer willpower, reverted those curses into blessings and became the heroes that the world needed.

After a while, and after every colt and filly had an autograph, the friends were back on their way to the Royal Palace, once there they were greeted by a couple of guards who led them to the throne room, since only Twilight and her friend were there before Apple Bloom and the others couldn't help but admire with the Palace beauty, the stained glasses amazed the younger ponies till they arrived to two majestic doors that the guards opened to reveal the royal sisters, Celestia and Luna, waiting for them.

"Greetings my little ponies." Celestia rose from her seat and walked to them. "We called you here today for a very important discovery that me and my sister did just made. Our country, no. Our world is about to pass through a series of changes."

"What kind of changes?" Twilight asked remembering the last time when the Princess looked that worried. The day of Discord.

Luna stepped forward to her and added. "The kind that can recreate existence as we know it." Everypony gasped at that statement but the Solar Princess just nodded in agreement.

"Twilight, my faithful student, do you know what the age of magic is?" Celestia asked to her pupil, the purple unicorn remembered reading about it somewhere, after a moment she recited the definition quoted literally word by word from the 'Magic Glossary'.

"The actual era is called the 'Age of Magic' because of the mystical energies that runs free around the world. It's divided in two periods: The Discord Era called that way for the draconequs that ruled in chaos and disharmony and then is the Harmony Era which is the actual one." That was all she could remember of the term 'Age of Magic' in any book she have read.

"Correct if following what was left on the official books." Her mentor replied. "But essentially wrong." After a pause longer than she could have wanted she continued. "The truth is that this is not 'the' age of magic." Twilight tilted her head to the side. "What we're a living is 'an' age of magic. You see, every time that the magical spectrum suffers a disequilibrium the magical energies rearrange themselves to compensate the lack of balance until there's equilibrium again." The expressions of everypony in the room made it very clear that nopony, except maybe Twilight, understood what Celetia just said, noting this Luna tried to male it more easy.

"Think of it as the universe is actually rewriting how magic works." She took a step forward. "The last time something like tihs happened, Equus knew Discord." Now everyone in the room gasped, Celestia lowered her head in defeat.

"The best way to put it is that when a new age of magic begins is like closing a book and starting a new one. As my sister said the last time it happened the elemental fortuitous magic took form in one being, that would be Discord, who reigned for hundred of years till the opposite magic finally arranged an effective countermeasure against him."

"The Elements." Said Twilight.

"No, the Elements we're meant to be just an instrument to keep the balance, the actual countermeasure to Discord were us." Celestia corrected. "But now chaos and order are not divided by specific avatars. After its time, the last age of magic has finally ended. This is a new age, and its rules are going to be wrote again."

"Usually this kind of changes happen when there is no life left to be affected but for some reason it's happening now." Luna spoke this time. "Now it's gonna be a time for transition and agitation through the super natural plane. Old barriers that protected us from dark places are vanishing." In Trottingham a caped pony an his companion arrived in a cart. "New things appear everyday." In a hidden place back in Ponyville, a mare took the most important decision of her life putting on a mask and a cape.

"Is there something we can do to stop it?" Twilight hopped that they could do something on time before somepony got hurt.

"I'm afraid that no, this changes are meant to happen in the same way that time flows. But this time we're not gonna wait till something bad happens to react." Celestia said. "Please follow us." She opened the door and, followed by her sister, they left the room with the Elements, the CMC's and Spike following them, they walked downstairs and to the gardens, Luna smiled to Apple Bloom and company and said.

"We have been following your action's very closely my little ponies." She walked further tho the center of the garden. "The point of this meeting was not only to inform the bearers about the recent events but also to see at first hoof what can you do." She went to the center of the garden and took fly, then she turned to confront them. "I want you to force me to the ground, and don't hold anything." The three of them looked at each other and to their sisters who were also looking at Twilight who was ultimately looking at the Princess Celestia. The Solar Princess nodded and the fillies jumped to action.

The three of them tried lo reach for her by their own being the first Scootaloo who flew in straight line to the night alicorn just for the Princess to evade her charge, then Apple Bloom just jumped at her but Luna simply hoovered higher, the charges and continued for a while but she was always eluding them till Apple Bloom took Sweetie Belle on her hooves to launched her at the Princess only that this time, instead of just evading the mechanic pony, she took her on her own hooves and launched her far away.

"Warm up is over, from now on I will defend myself too."



Luna walked back to her sister with the trio trapped in a bubble of blue magic.

"Not bad at all, they are a obviously inexperienced but at the end they managed to work as a team." She released the fillies as Celestia' just gazed her with her best 'Seriously?' face. "Although they could use some training."

Doom Patrol #1. Astonishing first issue!

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-Cover concept:

A picture in black and white of Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra looking down at the center where the picture is broken by the CMC's in their doomed forms; Apple Bloom at the center as a dark yellow and red changeling, Scootaloo flying at the left as a black silhouette with purple glowing eyes surrounded by an aura of the same color and Sweetie Belle as a silver robot. Long story short, the iconic cover from the All-New All-Different X-Men, feel free to hum the music theme, you know which one I'm talking about, that one that was like ta-na-na-na-naa na na... HA! enjoy you ear worm :trollestia:.


-Trottingham's outskirts. Midday.

A lonely unicorn mare was traveling in a carriage to the town, she was pulling it with her magic and humming a song when she spotted what seemed like a stallion, it was hard to tell since it was full covered by a dark purple hood attached by a necklace, he was covering himself under the hood like trying to avoid the sunlight as much as possible. She stopped the cart by the side of the hooded pony.

"Well, hi mister. Do you need a lift?" She asked as the stallion looked at the carriage as if he never had seen one before.

"How do you do that?"

And she looked at him strangely. "How do I do what?"

"That, with the carriage. How do you move it?"

"Well, with my magic." She raised an eyebrow, what kind of question was that?

"You can cast magic?" Stepping closer to the unicorn. She tried to look under the hood but his face was covered by the shadows, like a second hood.

"Of course, I'm a unicorn." Who was this guy?

"It's been a long time since the last time I saw one."

"You're not from here. Aren't you?" She supposed that he was from an earth pony community when she saw the diamond in the necklace, her mind stopped for a moment as she immediately felt attracted by it. "Nice jewel by the way." It was the most beautiful stone she ever saw.

"No, I'm not. I come from far far away, as in the old tales" But his listener was too busy looking at the diamond. "Do you like it? It's a piece of my own work." The unicorn nodded slowly without removing her eyes from the stone. "You see, I got this little problem with sunlight. Can I come inside your carriage?" Pointing at the entrance of the wagon. Without talking, the unicorn opened the door and let the stranger enter first as she followed him before closing the door behind her. Once inside, the hooded pony took off his cowl to reveal a pale gray coat and a short black mane, the mare was so mesmerized by the diamond that she didn't noticed that all the shadows inside the wagon seemed to react at this new pony's movements who just commented. "Too bad, too little space in here to move." He was clearly disgusted for being indoor but she barely heard him.

After a while the stranger started to ask her about Equestria as a child would do, at first she was confused for this but her mind was too distracted by the sight of the beautiful diamond that she didn't really cared, it was almost as if the diamond was calling her. The stallion asked her for the full history of Equestria now and she was telling him everything she could remember without even questioning; the tribes, the foundation, the Discord Era, the Princesses and the Elements of Harmony. He was actually surprised by the fact that magic ran free around the world but she didn't care about it anymore, the only thing on her mind was the diamond.

"So, you're telling me that a god like Princess felt to her owns desires and turn herself into a dark version of her?" He interrupted her toughs, the unicorn nodded with her eyes still on the diamond, something that her companion noticed raising an eyebrow and smirking.

"I can't help but notice that you like my diamond. Wanna touch it?"

Immediately the mare reached for the necklace with a hoof but the stallion stopped her, then he turned his head to show her the right side of his face: a big blue silhouette shaped like a circle covering that side.

"Tell me, heh. What do you most desire?."


FIMFiction (not so) proudly presents:
Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo but together they are...

The Doom Patrol
The beginning of tomorrow.

Written and edited by Wave 'hey, still here' Blaster.
Proofread by Giz 'Wave, you owe me one' and edited by Diamond 'doing Wave a big favor' dust.
The Doom Patrol created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney y Bruno Premiani.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust (and others I suppose).
Copyrights lololol.


-Canterlot's Cultural Center.

The old Underground River train station was an amazing display of engineering and architecture, designed by Iron Beam it was one of old Canterlot's symbols being the central station for trains before it was put out of service in the nineties to become a cultural center and since then it hosted various events every year, but its most important was the Future Inventions Expo or FIE which was possible thanks to the Princess support and the Blueblood's "voluntary" sponsorship.

The FIE was the Princess Celestia's way to support the technological advance as a way to reduce the dependency on magic that they had and also she enjoyed seeing how the pony mind could came with new wonders each years, also there was the international wing in the FIE that allowed other countries to make technological and cultural exchange that had the added bonus to improve the relationships between nations.

All the stands where and explosion of new ideas making their way in the modern world or old ones with new approaches, even the private sector was present too in the form of Hors Co. as the company showed the most advanced weaponry in the world presented by none other than its president and CEO Iron Will in person.

In a corner, near the exit, was a single stand that just showed various blueprints nailed to a blackboard. The only pony in the stand was a dark pink earth mare with green eyes resting her head on her hoof showing a professional 'I really wish I wasn't here' face. Pinkamena was actually on the edge, after a whole life hiding from the world behind the mind of her 'sister' it wasn't particularly easy to be in the driving seat of the mind for more than just a few hours but since Pinkie revealed her existence to her friends, correction, their friends, she agreed to go out more and the FIE offered a reasonable good occasion.

After two hours of nopony stopping by her stand, Pinkamena was ready to call it a day and go back to her room in the Palace when five mares and a dragon walked to her stand.

"Hi Pinks, how's going?" Rainbow saluted her.

"Hello girls, Spike." Pinkamena responded. "Not very well, I guess that nopony is interested in this kind of stuff." She said as she pointed the blueprints with her hooves.

"That's cause you're just showing the boring stuff." Rainbow replied as took a hoof-made book titled 'Anatomy and behavior of the Changelings by Pinkamena Diane Pie'. "Come on, you got a friggin robotic armor in your basement! Why didn't you brought that?"

"I agree darling, when I make a fashion show it's more productive to actually show the impressive stuff." The white unicorn added.

"I know, I know, but some stuff in that cave are dangerous to say at least--" But she interrupted herself to take a hoof mirror from behind the counter ant looked into it with an annoyed face. "No Pinkie, it isn't 'self sabotaging' to keep looks away from me... Well I'm not an expert attracting ponies attention, that's your job... Oh, you think you can do it better?... Go ahead and do it... What do you mean when you say this is 'my character development'?... Alright, I will keep with it." And she turned back to her friends. "As I was saying, some things in that cave are far too dangerous to even expose them so I just brought what looked inoffensive."

"But still Pinks." Applejack replied. "Ah remember seeing an arrow with a boxing glove instead of a tip, that seemed pretty save ta me."

Pinkamena opened her mouth to respond, but didn't said anything, instead she put a hoof on her chin to think about it. "I suppose that you're right." She finally said as wishing for a distraction to change the subject.

Incidentally a voice coming from a speaker called. "Attention everybody. Iron Will, president and CEO of Hors Co. cordially invites all of the guests of the FIE to the weapons exposition for the Royal and Night guards in the main stage."

Fluttershy reacted to that announcement raising an eyebrow. "Iron Will is here?"

"Oh yeah, the Princess told me that Hors Co. is trying to gain the military contract this year." Responded Twilight as they found their way to the last row of a massive group of ponies and others species like zebras, griffons and even crystal ponies, suddenly a voice called for them.

"Fluttershy, girls, long time no see." It was the minotaur in person. "What are you doing in the last row? Come here and have a look from the best seats in the place."

"Oh no, I wouldn't like to bother you." Fluttershy said but he just waved with a hand.

"No sense, anything for my best student and her friends." He smiled showing a perfect line of 'whiter than white' teeth as he conducted them to the first row, his imposing figure making its way with ease. "Now wait here and get ready to see the best weapons display in your life." And he walked to the backstage, Twilight took a moment to look around her and noticed a stallion dressed in a formal uniform from the Royal Guard standing in the first row next to them, at his side was a griffon wearing what she recognized as the Griffon's Republic uniform but she couldn't be sure after all the lights went off. Four spotlights illuminated four pedestals covered in blue blankets, four mares dressed in military outfits walked next to each pedestal and stood still like the Royal Guards would, after a moment a shout broke the silence crying.


A blue object felt from Faust knows where and landed at the middle of the stage, all the lights went on again to reveal a blue minotaur standing with his fist in the ground then rising up as if shouting his name as falling into the scene was the most normal way to enter, behind him was a cinema screen completely white.

"Ladies and gentlecolts." Iron Will said in an uncharacteristic serene tone. "Yesterday, the only thing that our devoted and loyal guards had was a well sharpened spear, a clean light armor and their unmatched courage to keep this country safe." He put his hands behind his back. "And that was all they needed, but today" Raising his voice and pointing with a finger to the air. "Today we see a world constantly changing, today we see new things like cars and planes. The times, they are changing." He raised both hands pressed into fists. "And in order to keep safety around the world, the nations armies need to change too." Taking a breath. "Ladies and gentlecolts, today I present you." Pausing for a dramatic effect, a music tune started to play and the screen started a countdown as he opened his arms at the crowd. "The new face of the armed forces of your country!" Then he turned to his right to point behind him. "Heavy weaponry!" The mare at the right pulled off the first blanket to reveal a white and black mini-gun, the screen showed Iron Will destroying multiple targets in mere twelve seconds. "Shock an awe!" The second showed a rocket launcher, in the movie Iron Will aimed the rocket launcher to his own feet and using it to launch himself in the air. "Hit and run!" The third table contained a set consisting on a modified scattergun, a pistol and an aluminium bat with the minotaur charging with the bat to a group of targets as background. "And finally. Tactical demolitions!" The last set was composed of two grenade launchers and, for some reason, a bottle of hard whiskey, the screen just showed a set of eight round objects in line that exploded making a flash of light that covered the screen and the scenario. After the movie ended the lights went on again as Iron Will said. "Ladies and gentlecolts, I bring you the weapons of tomorrow. Today!" The music stopped and the room exploded in applause and cheers for the spectacle.

But a different kind of explosion changed the ambiance as the ceiling collapsed over the crowd, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Twilight were the first to react, the first two moved as fast a they could dragging everypony on their reach away from the falling debris as the unicorn created a massive shield over them to stop the bigger pieces.

A group of ponies entered through the hole above them flying giant sized playing cards, they where all white coated and wore different outfits, the one riding the King of Spades spoke.

"Everypony freeze and kneel before the King!" It was a unicorn almost as tall as one of the Princesses with a yellow mane and beard as his cutie mark was a 'K' letter over a spades symbol, he was dressed in a red and black trench coat, a golden crown and was holding a staff in his right hoof. "Nopony gets in our way and nopony gets hurt." The crowd dispersed as fast as they could, meanwhile they descended their cards to the ground and jumped out of them. Another unicorn, a red maned mare walked next to King.

"You heard the King, nothing's gonna stand in the way of The Royal Flush Gang." She had a 'Q' over a spade as cutie mark and was dressed in a hood of the same colors as the king but wearing a tiara instead of a crown. The Hors Co. security guards as also the present guards of the place surrounded the five ponies aiming their weapons to them, King just showed a bored expression as Queen simply said. "Ten, Jack."

A pegasus responded first, she had a black mohawk and her cutie mark was a '10' over a spade and wearing only black boots and bands over her forelegs. She hoovered over a group of guards and aimed her forelegs over them, smiling. "Boom." She said as eight spades were shot from her bands and exploded when they reached the ground dispersing the guards.

The next one was a small earth pony with only a black and red jacket, his cutie mark was a spade with a 'J' over it, also he had only one eye and the other covered with a spade shaped eye patch. "Peek-a-boo, I see you." Shooting a laser from his eye patch that the surprised guards barely eluded. With most of the guards and civilians out of the way the Gang walked next to the scene where Iron Will was waiting for them with his arms crossed.

"Who do you think you are to steal from Iron Will?"

King simply replied. "Ace, could you?"

A bulky earth pony, as tall as Iron Will stepped in front of the minotaur, he had no mane nor tail and the only part of him that wasn't purely white was his cutie mark, a black 'A' and a spade. Iron Will didn't lost any second an punched him in the face with all his strength as in the background a voice shouted "Brave Punch!"

But the stallion didn't move nor seemed to be affected by the blow and simply looked back at him, before anything else could happen Ace punched back Iron Will so hard that he sent him to crash unconscious against the wall.

"Hey, stop that!" Rainbow Dash shouted a she tackled Ten, both mares started a struggle in the air. Twilight and her friends were back from evacuating the innocents out of the place and saw what Ace did to Iron Will.

"Stay still you two." Said Jack trying to aim for Dash but a lasso trapped him by the neck. "Ya heard the lady, cut it out."

Applejack charged to him as Fluttershy, Rarity and Spike attended Iron Will trying to wake him up, Twilight retained Ace by the hooves with her magic. "Why are you doing this? Attaching innocents and stealing."

"Money and emotion mon amie, nothing personal." Queen lightened her horn and ten copies of her surrounded Twilight aiming their horns to her, that made the unicorn to loose her concentration and that was all that Ace needed to break free. Roaring, the white pony charged at his former captor but was stopped by King's hoof.

"Don't tell me guys that you don't recognize them." He said. "They are the bearers of the Elements of Harmony." All the gang stopped short to look at him, that costed Ten and Jack to be knocked out to the ground as Queen only smiled wider when she noticed.

"New plan Gang, take them alive." The full gang jumped at them, the first to attack was Ten flying high bombing at them but Twilight rose a shield to protect them. After the dust dissipated Applejack and Rainbow Dash went against Jack and Ten respectively as Ace was having a hard time trying to hit Pinkie who simply evaded him with not much care.

"You miss, not there, almost, come on." Taunted the pink pony. Next to them, Queen walked to Fluttershy and Rarity but stopped to look how Spike was standing in front of her with his claws pressed into fist but trembling.

"I suppose that you're my rival in this fight. Pick a card, any card" She levitated five metallic cards and shot them to Spike, the cards stopped right in front of him by a blue aura.

"No, I will, en garde." Rarity charged at her but she simply passed through her, five more Queens appeared around her.

"Très bien mon petit adversaire, and I must admit that is some kind of honor to fight a high class designer, now try to hit the real me." The six unicorns around her said.

"Gang, we don't have the time, finish this now!" King ordered, Aced stomped in the ground, the wave sent Pinkie to the air where Ten grabbed her.

"Oh no, you wont." Rainbow Dash chased behind her but Ten simply whistled and a giant ten of spades knocked down Dash from behind, Applejack trotted to catch her but Jack jumped to her and hit her in the head with a pair of eskrima sticks.

"Did you forget about me?!" Asked Jack smirking. Meanwhile Queen dissipated her copies and exclaimed.

"Fifty-two! Pickup." A complete deck of razor sharp cards appeared over Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike, Twilight barely managed to put a defensive shield in time but the distraction allowed Ace to knock her out from behind. King walked to the left mares and dragon.

"Your friends and you represent a lucrative hostage material, just surrender peacefully and you got the King's word that we will not harm you needlessly." With Applejack, Dash, Pinkie and Twilight already down, Rarity was ready to give up but a new loud noise attracted the attention of both groups.

"Not so fast, criminal scum." There was a new hole in one of the walls and three equine looking creatures stepped in. They where Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, looking at the direction of the Royal Flush Gang Apple Bloom raised a hoof and cried. "Doom Patrol Assemble!"

Sweetie Belle and Scootallo looked back at her friend. "Hey, we never agreed to that name, and assemble what?" said the energy pegasus.

"But we are patrolling the place to impede doom and the cry was to assemble the team." The changeling pony replied.

"But we're all here, calling to assemble the group when we are already together makes no sense." But Sweetie Belle interrupted their argument poking at their sides.

"Uh, girls? Big evil pony coming right for us." Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked back just in time to dodge Ace's lunge, behind him Jack and Ten were also charging at them.

"Ten you got the pegasus, I call dibs on the changeling." Ten didn't replied but simply started to shoot her explosive spades to Scootaloo and chased behind her as Jack assaulted Apple Bloom with his laser but using the reflexes of a spider, the changeling pony evaded Jack's attack also noticing and dodging a eskrima stick trowed at her, she changed to the fly of a bat and then used the speed of a peregrine falcon to charge at him at fulls speed.

Meanwhile Sweetie Belle jumped in the air and aimed directly to Ace and using all the weight of her metallic body connected a hoof against the giant pony's head.


Ace just stood still against the mechanical mare, at the same time Ten finally managed to hit Scootaloo with her explosives as Jack shoot an electric pulse from his sticks electrocuting Apple Bloom into submission, the unicorn looked back at Ace who was about to hit her and only had time to say.

"This is not good."

Doom Patrol #2. Stacked Deck.

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-Cover concept:

A bone hand holding five cards but only three are visible. The one at the top is the queen of hearts, the image in the card shows Appleling. The next one is the jack of diamonds with Sweetie Bot in the place of the jack and the third one has Energyloo replacing the ace of clubs. The cards covered are the king of diamonds and the ten of hearts. Black background. In the upper right a round yellow circle with a small black shadow starting to cover a bit of it's side like in the initial phase of an eclipse.


-In a lonely place.

He was nobody especial. Just your average everyday young age stallion. Everyday he went to work on a desk in the mayor's office. It wasn't any important job either. Just arrange and organize the registers of the town. If the comments from the mayor's assistant were true, a baby dragon could do his job and even better. It wasn't like he liked his job anyway. Every afternoon he went to a cafe to order the exact same dandelion sandwich and after that he went to his apartment to read some book or to watch the television until he fell asleep, ready to start another day all over again.

Then he received it, in the morning's mail to the town hall. It was a small package without name nor address. As with every unclassified thing on the place, it ended in his hooves to be put somewhere. Just new garbage for the pony who arranged garbage to organize it. At first he was ready to toss it away in the 'found and lost' pile, but something inside him told him to not do it. He brought the package back home.

His curiosity drove him to open the package.

Inside the box was a black diamond, shaped in a classic rhomboid form with its borders cut clean. At first he didn't gave it a second thought and just left it on a ledge with some books.

Some days later he started to notice how beautiful was the diamond, like it was the one thing he always looked for in his life. He started to pack it as a lucky charm and it gave him the confidence he never had. The first thing he did was to yell to the mayor's assistant, that idiot, and tell him some truths before quitting. The next thing was to take a more lucrative job as security guard in a shop in the new mall at the town's north side, in the night shift. Usually, he would be too afraid of dark to even think of taking such a job but now the darkness wasn't scary anymore. It was welcoming.

By the week he was a completely changed pony. He got fit and started to date with mares, hanging out in bars and even fighting from time to time and winning. His life was now his and only his to do whatever he wanted. All thank to the little diamond.

Then, one night, they appeared. A stallion and a mare knocked at his door and asked to come in. He identified himself as the owner of the diamond and asked him to give him back. At first he was about to yell him 'hell no' but something inside his mind stopped him from doing so. Instead he calmly drawn the diamond from his saddle and gave it to the mysterious pony who also asked him if the diamond had helped him. He told him his story, how the diamond changed his life and even thanked him for not retrieving it early.

The gray pony just laughed for a while before telling him that whatever the diamond did for him, it wasn't free. He received a lot from it and now was time to pay. The idea of saying 'no' never crossed his mind this time.


FIMFiction (not so) proudly presents:
Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo but together they are...

The Doom Patrol
Royal pains (part one).

Written by Wave (at least it didn't took another six months) Blaster.
Edited by Diamond (working harder than an african ant) Dust.
The Doom Patrol created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney y Bruno Premiani.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust (and others I suppose).
The Royal Flush Gang created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.
Eclipso created by Bob Haney and Lee Elias
Anyone else, look in wikipedia.
Copyrights lololol.


-Canterlot's Cultural Center.

They were trapped.

Twilight slowly opened her eyes with a terrible headache. After her eyes focused again she managed to see her friends around her, all tied up. She looked down to discover that she was tied up as well, then she saw Iron Will and Spike tied next to them. The six mares, dragon and minotaur were completely defenseless as the Royal flush Gang were emptying the place.

"Look at this." Shouted Jack, holding a rocket launcher on his hooves. "I'm sure that this little baby can make a lot of damage well aimed." But Ace simply walked at him and took the launcher with his teeth. He then proceeded to toss it into a bag that was already full with other stolen weapons.

"You know the deal Jack." Said King. "They will only pay us if all of the stock is there." Jack frowned as he continued looking for any other pieces he could have missed.

Twilight tried to use her magic but instead of glowing with her usual pink energy, her horn only shot some sparks before a sharp pain went through it making her feel a nail in her brain. Looking up, she discovered a metallic cuff around her horn.

"No no no, mon prisonnier. That will not happen." Queen approached her. "You're now our hostages till the police, or the guards or whoever who is in charge can offer us something better." The white unicorn let out a laugh that had nothing to envy at Nightmare Moon's one. The purple mare looked around to discover that Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle where also tied together, both unconscious. Next to them was a black silhouette of a pegasus lying on the floor that she assumed was Scootaloo.

"We tried to restrain her too." Explained Queen. "But she electrocuted everypony that touched her and when Jack gave a try at tying her with a lasso but she burnt the rope with electricity, so we just let her sleep for now." A white hoof took Twilight's head and directed it to the left. She saw Ten pointing both of her hooves to Scootaloo. "And if she wakes up, our good old Ten will blow her up again." Twilight struggled to get out of the ropes. "I wouldn't try that either. Ten may not talk too much but she's sinfully good with knots. I doubt that even Mister Miracle could get out of those." She turned around, laughing again.

Jack and Ace were going from stand to stand retrieving whatever they considered worthy or that King ordered them to take. Meanwhile, consciousness was slowly returning to certain living energy pony. Scootaloo awoke but didn't move immediately, instead she barely opened her left eye to look at Ten. The mare was just pointing at her but didn't noticed that she was awake.

'What do I do? what do I do?' She thought. If they discovered that she was awake then they would open fire again so there was no use, even if she managed to avoid their shots she was still just one and they where five so no fair fight either. Her mind raced as fast as it could trying to come with some kind of awesome plan to save her friends and defeat the bad guys, as this happened with her thoughts she lost any awareness of her physic body. In your regular matter-based pony this would mean nothing but since she was made out of energy, it meant loosing her density which had the curious effect of making her intangible.

"Hey, get back here." Ten shouted as Scootaloo disappeared into the floor. When the black and white pegasus started to shot there was no one to receive the bombs. "King! Hey King! She escaped." King turned around from ordering Ace and Jack to look at the empty spot where seconds before was a pony.

"Find her! If she goes for help we'll--" But before he could finish his hypothetical phrase a black and purple blur tackled him from below so fast that the only thing the rest of the gang saw was King lying in the ground and a shadow disappearing in the ceiling. Queen galloped to his side but, again, the blur just flew like a bullet and hit Jack in the middle of his body. This time it passed through him provoking a shock wave of purple electricity.

"Get cover!" Queen shouted as ten more copies of the Gang appeared in the room. The black blur went from floor to ceiling and back hitting various of the images but never the real ones. After a while, Scootaloo started to grow tired so she stopped outside of the Center, trying to come up with another lifesaving plan.

'Come on, come on. They are just three, but then they're gonna be five if I don't act quick.' Instead of returning through the ceiling, she flew to the side of the place to not attract attention. Poking her head from a corner she could saw Queen and Ten awakening King and Jack as Ace was looking up waiting for her to come back. She thought her options. I could try to release Rainbow. But the time that would took her to untie any of the ponies hostages would be more than enough to give the Gang a very easy black an purple target. She could burn the ropes, she learned how to make a very powerful pulse of energy by concentrating but it has it's own disadvantages. The first one was that it would let her exhaust for a while leaving her defenseless. The second one was that the pulse wasn't selective into what it hit, if it could burn the ropes it could also burn the pony tied in them.

'Except.' She thought. 'Except for my nigh invulnerable robot friend.' As on cue she saw how Sweetie was starting to awake. Taking a moment to aim herself directly to the metallic unicorn, he flew as fast as she could crying out loud. "Incoming!"

Before any of the members of the Gang could react to the charging cry, a 'boom' echoed from where they had tied the robot pony. A bright pulse of violet lightning covered her as she awoke for the sheer electricity that hit her.

"Yikes!" She jumped to a side. "Scootaloo! Couldn't you give me some warning before doing that?!" Looking down she noticed the energy pegasus lying in the ground, barely moving.

"Too tired." She hit her hoof against Sweetie Belle's one. "You're it." Turning around, she spotted the whole gang minus King charging at her. The fastest where Queen and Ten, shooting explosives and razor sharp cards at her. Sweetie Belle's 'skin' was hard enough to take the shots without receiving any real damages, but the attack didn't stopped there. Jack tried to take advantage of the dust lifted by Ten's explosives and fired his laser in the unicorn's direction.

"Take that you freak!" He said.

"You shot lasers from you eye and call me freak?" A voice behind him asked as a pair of metallic hooves kicked him in the back. Dust should have covered his position from a regular pony. In the mecha-mare's case, her senses where enhanced to the point of making her a living sonar which gave her a full advantage in this scenario.

"Rawrr!" Shouted Ace, stomping in the floor and dissipated the remaining dust and spotted his target again. The humongous pony charged like a bull would do at the small filly, this time Sweetie knew that a direct hit from him would meant another knock out so she evaded the assault rolling to her side. When she looked again a full army of Queen's was in front of her.

"Set et match, ma petite licorne." Reverberated from multiple spots as twenty or thirty ponies ran to Sweetie Belle. She did her best to dodge and hit everyone on reach but, just like Scootaloo before her, never hit the real one. Ace used the distraction to walk silently to the white robot's back, ready to crush her when on range when one of Queen's copies turned around and tackled him.

"If yer not goin' ta play fair, don't play at all." A reddish green flame covered the copy, revealing a dark yellow and crimson changeling in it's place. Standing on her hind legs and punching the air with her front ones but Ace didn't moved at all, instead he just smirked. Apple Bloom felt an itch in the back of her head.

Silently as a breeze, Ten dive bombed to the changeling. To her surprise and horror, Apple Bloom turned just in time to avoid her which resulted in the pegasus hitting the floor with a loud 'THUMP'. Quick as a lightning, the young pony went airborne as Jack jumped to his flying card to chase after her, shooting his laser eye but missing every time.

Ace got on his hooves again, rage visibly on his expression, and charged one more time to Sweetie Belle who finally found the real Queen as she was defending herself with her steel cards. He never saw the black silhouette cutting his charge and even lifting his heavy body to the ceiling where it dropped the stallion who broke the floor and ended in the building's new ceiling.

"I'm back..." The living energy pegasus sang.

"Hey, need some help here." Scootaloo saw how Apple Bloom and Jack where engaged on a chase and shoot fight. She flew after Jack but he turned his card around to face her, electrical sticks ready to hit her but instead she aimed a little lower. Taking the flying card with her hooves and sinning it upside down she made the earth pony over it fell to the ground but Ten stopped the fall with her own card and now the two of them where shooting lasers and explosives at Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.

Meanwhile, back at the ground, Sweetie Belle was still trying to hit the real Queen as one of Ten's explosives brought down her two companions over her. At the same time, Ace recovered and, uncharacteristically for a pony of his size, jumped over the air to land right over the three fillies, using his hooves to press them against the floor.

"C'en est fini de vous." With a simple move of her horn, Queen vanished her copies and walked to them. "You have done well but we're stronger. There's no use trying to fight a lost battle."

"Yeah, what she said, dummies." Added Jack, lading from Ten's card.

What happened next was so amazing that not even the security cameras on the place could properly register it.

First, Sweetie Belle somehow lifted Ace over her head and tossed him away, freeing her friends to move. Scootaloo reacted next, flying at speeds that only her rainbow mentor could top, hitting Jack and Ten with a gazillion of volts tackle that sent the unprepared pegasus and earth pony to dreamland. Queen was already exhausted to make her illusions again, so instead, she assaulted the girls with her knife cards but Apple Bloom was faster. Taking the form of a cat, she jumped from side to side, evading the cuts, and landed perfectly on front of the unicorn mare to go back to her changeling form and hitting her in the jaw.

Finally, Ace managed to go back to his hooves and charged at them but Sweetie Belle shouted first.


The sonic waves were too much for the bulky stallion to handle. He barely managed to press his hooves against his ears but that didn't stopped the sound waves from sending him hard against the wall behind him. When the four members of the Royal Flush Gang were finally out of service Scootaloo said.

"We're good or what!"

The three of them then walked triumphantly to King as Apple Bloom spoke. "Just give up, we don't want to fight anymore."

"You foals think you can order the King to do against his will?" The tall pony said. "Mine's is the authority given by lineage and might for I am the King of Spades and I will no yield." Eyes glowing in red.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Scootaloo replied not giving too much of a though for the criminal's speech. "If you're not gonna step away we will-- Ugh!" A pink ray of magical energy hit her from behind. Her friends looked back and what they saw could only be described as bad.

With the same glowing red eyes as King, Twilight walked slowly to them, horn smoking. Behind her the other Elements, Spike and Iron Will had also the same slow movement and the glowing eyes. King allowed himself to smirk as he spoke again.

"You simple minded foals, you never guessed why I didn't wielded my rage against you when you ungracefully assaulted my royal curt?" His mouth turned into a terrifying grin. "Mine is not only the authority of a rich lineage but also the minds of the minor creatures bow to my will. The will of the King."

Iron Will snored and charged at them shouting in rage, the rest of them did the same.

Doom Patrol #3. Lets you and them fight

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-Cover concept:

The cover is vertically divided in three. The Doom Crusaders are in the middle section, white background. Energyloo in the left, hovering with her wings extended and looking defiantly at the left. Sweetie Bot in the right, more looking worried at the right. Appleling in the middle, looking at the viewer with a confused/surprised expression. At both sides, the Mane Six in black and white, with a black background.

Kind of sort of this cover.


-Canterlot's Cultural Center.

"FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU" Apple Bloom wasn't sure what did that mean, but she heard Applejack shouting it when something bad happened. and their actual situation could be only described as bad.

First of all, she had a literal powerhouse of magic firing every kind of attacks at her. Then, Scootaloo was doing her best to avoid one of the fastest ponies alive from hitting her at sub sonic speeds. Finally, Sweetie Belle was immobile under a dragon's fire. To top it all, those were Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Spike as the rest of the Mane Six were surrounding them, ready to join the fight. Although they weren't doing so by their own decision, mind you, but because they were all under the mind control of a madpony calling himself 'The King'.

And the day seemed to be going so well.

As she thought about it, a pair of horns picked her from the ground and pushed her till she was between those and a wall. A red-eyed Iron Will snorted as he kept pressing.


FIMFiction (not so) proudly presents:
Transformed by Discord, the trio known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders was turned into three monster mares. Now they use their new found powers to protect ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own they’re Apple Ling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo but together they are...

The Doom Patrol
Royal pains (part two).

Written by Wave (no free time) Blaster.
Edited by Diamon (da editor) Dust.
The Doom Patrol created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney y Bruno Premiani.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust (and others I suppose).

Copyrights lololol.


Twilight Sparkle was over the edge.

At first it was only Queen Chrysalis. She came back from the badlands, asking for help, and they believed it. Princess Celestia offered them all the help they could provide. They were fools.

The queen of changelings managed to get her hooves over the remains of King Sombra. More specifically, his horn. With his spirit still tied to the physical plane through it and able to channel his dark magic, Chrysalis used the horn to corrupt Luna again. Finally, having the power of Nightmare Moon on their side, the Dark King came back from the dead.

Canterlot barely lasted a few days.

Now, they were making their last stand. The sky roaring with the might of the storm and the fire rising everywhere around them. Twilight and her friends did the only thing left. Fight till the bitter end.

"How could you?!" Twilight was trying to get at Chrysalis. The insect queen was taunting at her, smiling. Twilight never was a confrontational pony, but right now she could only think of tearing that accursed smile from her face. "We trusted you! We wanted to help you!"

"So what. It's your fault for being so naive." The Queen spat. "It's your idiot Princess Celestia's fault thinking I wanted to make peace, now she's dead." And she laughed. She laughed long and wicked. The laughter hurt Twilight but the pain only gave her more motivation to continue. To avenge her mentor.

"Don't you dare to talk about her. Chrysalis, you monster!" With those last words, she discharged all her might in one single burst of energy.


"Twilight! It's me, Apple Bloom!" The half changeling tried to calm her. "Come on Twi, snap out of it!"

"Don't you dare to talk about her. Chrysalis, you monster!" A hurricane of pure magical energy came from her horn towards Apple Bloom. She felt that itch in the back of her head and, by pure instinct, she jumped out of reach and out of sight.

"Oh my, this is bad." The farm filly was about to move, but the itch kicked again. This time, it was Iron Will. She dodged him as she was doing so far with Twilight, turning invisible this time to have a breath. Looking around, she listened to everyone else.

"I'll get at you Nightmare!" Rainbow Dash shouted as charging once, twice and multiple times around a frightened Scootaloo.

"Burn Sombra." Spike said between each fire breath. "Burned the city, now you burn!"

The three meta equines were doing their best to only avoid getting hurt. None of them could get into striking back at their assailants.

"Doom Patrol Together!" Apple Bloom called, losing her cloak. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo jumped next to her.

"Will you please cut it with that name?!" Scootaloo asked, half serious, half joking. "Any ideas?" This time less joking and more worried. They were now surrounded by the six ponies, the dragon and the minotaur, all of them with pure aggression on their faces.

"Well." Said the white stallion, dressed like a playing card. "Will you now bow before your King? Or should I take more extreme measures?" The eight of them started to walk closer to the fillies when suddenly, Pinkie's colors darkened. Her air went straight and her eyes lost their red glow, showing green pupils.

Pinkamena broke formation and waved her hooves. "Let my friends go!" King lost his concentration and the remaining ones under his spell stayed still. The Patrol took the chance and dispersed around the place. Apple Bloom taking Pinkamena with them. The mind controller managed to focus again and everybody chased at them around the entire place once more.

"Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo. You two distract them." Pinkamena called. "Apple Bloom, we need to get to the next room." She said to the pony-changeling carrying her. The three of them looked oddly at the mare ordering them, not knowing what to do. "NOW!" And the doubt dissipated as they obeyed her. Scootaloo turned around and saw how Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were going directly at her.

"I'm going to regret this." She muttered while flying as fast as she could to her assailants.


"Ahh!" Fluttershy cried in fear as Nightmare Moon charged at them, she and Rainbow avoided the impact. Although she was deadly scared of the dark alicorn, she knew that they were the last ponies standing. If they fell, then Equestria would lose any chance of recovering. Swallowing all her fears, the butter pegasus flew next to Rainbow against the nightmarish pony in front of them.

Rainbow, being faster than Fluttershy, reached for Nightmare Moon first. The queen of nightmares managed to dodge her, but Dash was counting on it. A slight inclination of her left wing and she was in the right position to hit Nightmare square in the chest. Rainbow Dash kicked with all her strength.

"Gah!" Both ponies cried in pain. Fluttershy watched with horror how Rainbow was in the floor, trembling as if a bolt of lightning had hit her.

"You!" She called Nightmare. "You destroyed my home, killed the Princess and now hurt my friend."

"And what are you going to do mortal, fight me?"

Goodbye nice and collected Fluttershy, hi mean and dangerous Flutterrage. "I WILL STOP YOU!"


"Gah!" Since she was transformed into living energy, Scootaloo had the problem of giving electric shocks to everything she touched. Although Pinkamena and Rarity designed together a containment suit for her, she also learned how to focus and to not discharge all her electricity into everything she touched. It required a lot of concentration, hence why she still needed the suit, so when Rainbow kicked her chest she couldn't help but let go all the energy she was holding up.

"Oh no! Please Rainbow be okay." She knelt next to Dash, covering her snout in panic as her surrogate sister lied in the floor.

"You!" She heard Fluttershy's voice calling from behind her. "You destroyed my home, killed the Princess and now hurt my friend."

"Fluttershy, wait! It was an accident. I didn't meant to--"

"I WILL STOP YOU!" Before Scootaloo could apologize, or did anything for what it matters, something stared at her.


"He's doing what?!" Apple Bloom couldn't believe what she heard. She and Pinkamena were on the next room, door closed, and the pink pony was explaining her was the King doing with their friends.

"He's controlling them with illusions. I'm not sure if the others are seeing the same, but Pinkie believed she was in a destroyed Canterlot, facing Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra." Apple Bloom's jaw hit the floor hard and loud. "Also, it seems he can control their feelings too. Pinkie was so deep in rage and fear that she wasn't listening to me when I noticed that something was wrong. I had to take control by force to stop her." And then, the young filly ran in circles, panicking.

"What do we do? What do we do? What do we do?" The dark yellow changeling was pacing around her dark pink friend, who didn't seem to notice or hear Apple Bloom as her gaze was completely vacant as she was deep in thought.

"Severe the head and the body dies." She finally spoke.

"Wait, what?" Apple Bloom wasn't sure if she was hearing correctly.

"Sorry, coming to a conclusion here." Pinkamena apologized. "I mean, we need to knock out King to free them."

"How do we do that?! He's surrounded by our friends. We can't fight our friends."

"We don't need to. If Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are keeping them distracted enough, then we can surprise him." Pinkamena walked slowly to the door. "Well, more like you will. Can you become invisible like changelings do?" Apple Bloom nodded slowly, but explained that only for some seconds before exhausting herself. "Then you will have to be quick." Putting a hoof on the knob. "On the count of three." The farm insect pony swallowed. "One... Two... Three, go!" And she pushed the door open.

Apple Bloom ran and flapped her wing as hard as she could, using the additional thrust to gain speed. At first she wasn't sure of what to do with the King, but once she was next to him, some kind of impulse drove her next actions. As if centuries, if not millenniums, of instinct kicking in, Apple Bloom dropped her cloak and bit the King's neck from behind.

The sensation was unique.

At first the time seemed to stop, everything around her was immobile as a statue. She could only see gray. Different tones and silhouettes but mostly shades and blurs around her. But she noticed a particular burr painted in yellow. It looked like a pegasus and was shaking in the floor, staring at another red and green blur in front of her. Some hooves away, another blur appeared painted indigo, she realized it had a horn like a unicorn and it was running from two other shiny red blurs. Then she felt a very sweet taste in her mouth. That's when she realized she was biting at something, or somepony, and some kind of warm liquid was filling her mouth.

She looked at her snout to see a unicorn painted in green, orange and red whose neck she was biting. She spat him, not sure of what just happened.

"How you dare to attack me, the King of Spades!" King was holding a forehoof over the injury, not very amused of being bit in the neck. "You lower creature, prepare to meet your end!" He held his staff high in his hooves, separating the tip from the rest and revealing a small sword coming from it. King raised his weapon and pointed it towards Apple Bloom as the blade started to shine red. The King shot a fireball at her from his sword.

"You shoot fire?!" Apple Bloom asked as she jumped back and planted herself in the wall. "You have a flying card, a whole gang of weirdos and can control minds." The half changeling listed. "And now you shoot fire? What the actual hay mister?"

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room.

Scootaloo was feeling very numb. No, it wasn't numbness, it was more like being frozen. She tried to move, but her hooves and wings weren't responding. Feeling the same sensation she could feel when falling from very high, the vertigo paralyzed her as she was only feeling fear. Fear to the two round and black orbs gazing over her, watching her, making her to feel vulnerable and scared.

"Leave her alone!" Right from nowhere, a metallic object pushed the two orbs and suddenly, all the darkness around Scootaloo fade. Her vision came back as a pair of steel hooves held her by the shoulders. Sweetie Belle shook her friend in an attempt to bring her back. "Come on Scoots, come back."

Back with Apple Bloom, she had King waving his sword at her, shooting blaze after blaze. Somehow she saw it in slow motion, and easily dodged it. She couldn't explain how, but since that bite she felt more relaxed, more focused, stronger, faster. Better.

She needed another bit.

"Apple Bloom!" A pink voice called for her. "He must be concentrating to keep his control over the rest. Knock him out." From the distance, the analytic half of Pinkie Pie had deducted how to stop all this madness.

"No! You won't!" King replied. "Come for my aid!" Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the mind controlled jumped from their struggle with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to surround King. Flying over him or simply standing with limbs stretched in cross, they left no room for any harm to come to their forced leader.

"Scootaloo, charge. Sweetie Belle, cry from behind her. MOVE!" Pinkamena instructed them. Scootaloo wasn't sure of what she was doing but hearing the shy and collected Pinkamena ordering them was enough to persuade her. At first it didn't seem like anypony was moving out of the way from her charge, but then Sweetie Belle shouted from behind her. Although her electric body was shaking at the waves of sound around her, she realized they were like air currents. The living energy pegasus knew what to do with air currents, ride them. With the added impulse of the sound, Scootaloo was fast enough to surround the ponies covering King and push them out of the way. Right in time for Sweetie Belle's sonic attack to hit, full force, upon the white unicorn. As this happened, the ponies, dragon and minotaur's eyes glow flickered like an old light bulb.

"Apple Bloom, the head!" Following the instruction, Apple Bloom jumped with all the might of her back legs and spun in the air to get a better position to hit the King square in the head. The self-proclaimed monarch felt unceremoniously unconscious on the ground.

Without the King controlling her, Applejack came back to her senses. "Ow my head." She looked around, all of her friends scattered around, slowly awakening. Some hooves away from them were Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Pinkamena tying together a group of unconscious white ponies. "What the hay just happened?"


The dawn of the super-hero is here

Super fillies are go!

Urban terrorist group captured by meta equines

The new Doom Patrol

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were out of themselves with excitement. When Nightmare Moon returned and her sister became an Element of Harmony, Sweetie Belle searched, collected and cut every single article about them to put it in an album. When she met Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, they made a habit of collect the Elements' adventures in the same way. The Trixie fiasco, the parasprites, the Grand Galloping Gala's disaster, Discord, Princess Luna's first Nightmare Night and everything in between. They were not only their family, but they see the older mares as examples to follow.

Now, they were following that example to a tee by making their way into the newspapers too (in a way that didn't included property damage this time) and Apple Bloom suggested to do their own album. And their own album they did, back in the clubhouse were a half-changeling pony, her robot friend and a construct of pure energy inside a biohazard suit were doing their best with the scissors and glue to keep the records for the posterity.

"Girls, are you there?" Applejack called from the outside. "Here's a pony who wants to have a word with y'all." The three of them looked down from the window to see the farm pony standing with Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Princess Luna. At first they thought they were in trouble, as it always was when their three sisters and a figure of authority wanted to 'talk' with them. Talk being a one-hour long lecture.

But the smiles on the four ponies waiting for them down in the ground convinced them that there was nothing wrong, so they went out. Also, there's no way to let waiting an all-powerful alicorn princess when she's standing right outside your door.

"Abigail Blossom Apple, Sweet Cloche Belle, Scooter von Hammer." The night alicorn greeted them. "Me and my sister were meditating about you and your current situation. We both agreed that you are capable of great things. What you did in Canterlot requires bravery and a boldness that truly amazed us." She took a pause before proceeding. "But you're far too young to be allowed to jump into danger." There it comes, the lecture. "At least without a proper training, that's it."

They only stared at her, not really getting what she was getting to. "And thus is how my sister proposed me a very interesting idea; From now on, with your sisters permission, I shall be your mentor." A sectioned insect jaw, the under piece of a metallic muzzle and a bit of energy about the size of a filly's jaw felt to the floor. Applejack and the others walked next to their sisters, prideful as they could get, to explain them the details.

And snap them out of their surprise.

Author's note:
Well, that's it. My very first conclusion and the closure for my first fiction. I can only say thank you to all readers, favers, upvoters, commentators and friends who made this one possible. Don’t worry, this is not the last you hear about Equestria's Strangest Heroes, the next arc will be about

*knock* *knock* *knock*

It was very late in the night, or it was early before dawn? Well, that moment during the night where every single sane pony should be sleeping.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

Pinkamena groaned. She liked to spend the night researching and working in her lab alone. Not that she wasn't happy about having 'friends' but she still appreciated some moments of solitude.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

'Shouldn't we open?' Asked her emotional half inside her head.

"I don't know." She replied. "There are only ten ponies and a dragon in all of Equestria who know about this place." She started to summarize. "Two of them live in another city, I know the next two are sleeping and none of the remaining seven would be knocking at this hour if it's not an emergency." Sighing. "I don't like emergencies, I prefer calm. I don't want to open." She whined, finally reaching the door.

'Aren't you curious about who may be?' Pinkie wasn't the smartest of the two, but she knew herself. Or her other self in this case.

"Cheater." Pinkamena gave up to the only impulse that drove her besides Pinkie. By pure curiosity, she opened the door. Internally, she congratulated herself (Pinkie did too) for correctly guessing who was at the door. The purple unicorn looked awkwardly from outside the basement, as if waiting for the pink mare to speak first. Pinkamena on her side, didn't knew what to do next.

'Greet her.' Said the ego.

"Hello, Twilight." replied the superego.

"Pinkamena." Twilight nodded. "Can I come in?"

The dark pink pony moved aside to give her room. As Twilight entered she couldn’t help but notice how bigger the cave seemed now she wasn't there for an emergency with all of her friends. Each step made an echo as the door behind her shouted with a slow and rusty creak, raising the awkward-o-meter up to eleven. She waited for Pinkamena to take the front and lead them to a sofa next to the Pink-chopper.

"So, Twilight. What's so important that can't wait for the day?" Pinkamena sounded more annoyed than she expected. Pinkie was mentally facehoofing for the lack of social skill of her 'sister'.

"Well..." Said the other socially awkward pony in the room. "I was thinking, about what happened back in Canterlot." Twilight rubbed her left hoof with the right one. "I didn't know how to act or react. That was a completely new threat and was so fast." She looked down, thinking carefully what she was about to say. "I didn't know what to do. I still don't know what even happened for starters."

"Don't worry Twilight." Pinkamena followed was Pinkie told her to say. "You can't be prepared for everything." Getting closer and putting a hoof in Twilight's shoulder to show her support. With Pinkie in her metaphorical shoulder, Pinkamena was more comforting.

"But you were." Twilight said back. "I saw the security recordings and you managed to keep your head cold and to come with a solution."

"Well." Pinkamena replied, scratching the back of her head. "It's what I do. Living inside a mind gives you a lot of time for thinking--"

"I want you to teach me." Twilight interrupted her. Pinkamena could only look back at her with a confused expression and raising an eyebrow.

"Come again?"

"I want you to teach me about this." She opened her hoofs to point at everything in the cave. "Everything down here goes beyond anything I've ever seen. Where doctor Morrow invented an automated metal golem, you already have a robotic suit working. Where the Flim Flam brothers patent a coal helicopter, you have a hoof powered version already perfected. I want to know how you do it, I want to know how to think like that." She paused to take air. "Don't misunderstand me, I love learning how to do thinks but." Another pause. "I want to invent for my own too. I want to create something. I want to know how to do it." She finished, letting silence to consume the place once again.

Pinkamena only stared at her with a completely neutral expression. After pondering for a second or two, she grinned. It was a slight curve on her lips, barely noticeable. But then the curve became more pronounced, teeth showing. Her green pupils shrank to two little dots and her ears twitched before speaking.

"So, you want to know?"

"Yes." Admitted Twilight, just now noticing how creepy Pinkamena was when grinning.

"You really want to know?"


"Do you, Twilight Sparkle, REALLY want to know?"

"Yes, I do!" Not sure if following, but not wanting to start a circle. "I REALLY want to know. I want to know everything I don't know. I want to know all that fringe science you do and all that I can't find in a book. I want to know everything."

"Everything is good, it shows ambition." Pinkamena said. "But let's start with something smaller first. Here." Out of nowhere, she tossed Twilight a piece of metal, shaped like a parallelepiped with circuits all around it. "I found it in the rock farm some days before Pinkie's birth. That's how I started and that's how you will start. Make it work and I will know it's worth the effort to teach you the rest."

Twilight looked down at her hooves, slowly and closely examining the small box between them. A light tuned on in one of the faces of the box, making a strange sound.


Doom Patrol #4. The first night

View Online

Note: This chapter takes place between chapters thee and four of The Doom Patrol.

-Ponyville. Around 03:00 AM.

The front door of Sugarcube Corner opened as ten figures exited it. The first six were two ponies of each tribe, all mares in their mid twenties. Next to one of the unicorns was a young dragon. They reunited next to the door to talk with each other before going to their respective homes. At a moment like this, it would be expected parting words and good nights between friends, but instead there were only questions and doubts.

"How I'm gonna explain this to Mac and Granny?"

"And what i'm supposed to do? I have no idea what's going on anymore."

"Indeed. I believe we all will have some difficulties about it."

Yeah, questions and dubs. Just like you, out reader, who may be wondering why there are ten characters in the first sentence but only seven have been mentioned so far. The reason of all of this were the last three ones with them...

It's... complicated to describe those three.

The first one looked like the missing link between arthropod and equine. As a pony, it walked in four limbs ended in hooves, had a dark amaranth mane and tail with eyes wide and bright gamboge. So far it could be a pony, maybe an infant considering it stature and, by the form of her muzzle, a filly. But then comes the rest of 'her'. Instead of skin, she had what seemed like an exoskeleton, dark yellow and articulated in the joints, just like an insect. Following that line, a pair of translucent wings an a chitin colored as her mane covered her back. To end the details, she had a curved horn on her head and two sharp fangs sticking out from her mouth. As long as appearances went, he was a unusually colored changeling and nothing else. But she wasn't.

Next to her walked a figure of about the same stature. It looked more like a pony than her insect-looking companion, but one could tell something was very different about her. At first it was just the eyes. Nothing different in shape or size, but those two olive eyes were constantly shinning, like two greenish fireflies in the middle of the nigh. From a closer distance, a soft buzzing sound coming from the silver unicorn filly, perfectly coordinated her movements. An inquisitive observer would notice that what only seemed like a surprisingly bright coat was't fur at all, it was metal. Hard, cold and lifeless metal. The same with her mane, looking like real light pink hair but made out of plastic instead. Nothing about this pony looked biological at all, just a clockwork piece. A robot.

Closing the line came a pegasus filly covered completely in bandages. The yellowish white pieces of fabric covered every inch of her body, leaving only her silhouette to plain sight. All of her except for the eyes. Over her head, instead of only bandages, her eyes were covered by a pair of goggles. She could have passed for a normal pony under a curious costume if it wasn't for the purple glow coming from the lenses of her goggles. Also, around the pony was an electric feel, like the one around a place before being hit by the storm. Without knowing too much, somepony would say that she was surrounded by energy. Somepony would be wrong, very wrong. There was no magical or physical energy around her. She WAS energy.

The three oddities, walking at a slow and tired pace product of a very eventful day, each one next to one of the adults. The changeling-pony rubbing her head with the shoulder of an orange earth pony wearing a stetson hat. The robot kept its pace with an alabaster unicorn whose mane was perfectly combed in a stylized curl. Finally, the pony-shaped energy trotted right under a rainbow maned pegasus.

The group walked down the lonely streets of Ponyville under the silent veil of the night, separating at one point. Each one going home.


FIMFiction (not so) proudly presents:
Transformed by Discord, the trio known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders was turned into three monster mares. Now they use their new found powers to protect ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own they’re Apple Ling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo but together they are...

The Doom Patrol
A Midwinter's Nightmare (part one): The first night.

Written by Wave (running out of time) Blaster.
Edited by Diamond (awesome with editions) Dust
The Doom Patrol created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney y Bruno Premiani.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust (and others I suppose).

Copyrights lololol.


-The Apple Changeling.

Applejack and Apple Bloom arrived at Sweet Apple Acres some minutes before four in the morning. Both ponies were really tired and the calming silence of the farm at night was only making them to grow sleepier with each step. By the time the were at the door, Apple Bloom just gave up in trying to stay awake, curled in a ball and felt sleep right next to Applejack. The older sister could only watch her, while trying to get the door open, and think about the day's events.

First she's called by a frightened Twilight , telling her that Discord was free again. No time to do anything else, she followed her friend into get the others together and go to Canterlot as soon as possible. Then, find out that apparently the all-mighty spirit of chaos did basically nothing big. And THEN she discovered that he actually did something. By 'nothing big' he meant transforming her cute little sister into a predatory beast.

"What I'm supposed to do?" She muttered to herself as finally finding the key under the mat. Opening the door, she registered the living room, searching for anyone else inside the void of darkness. Nopony. 'Big Mac and Granny Smith must be sleeping.' She thought, considering the idea of just carrying the little foal to her bed, go to sleep herself and wait for the morning to start with the explanations. 'Yeah, that sounds alright.'

Applejack turned around to pick her sister, putting her on her back and started trotting inside. She didn't noticed it a while ago, but Apple Bloom looked effectively menacing as a changeling. As on cue, the little pony yawned and Applejack had a very good sight of her sister's new set of fangs. Two silver knifes now adorned the small muzzle, ready to tear something, or someone, to shreds. She shook that thought of her head when a loose plank squeaked in front of her. *click*

"Ahh! My eyes!" Applejack cried in pain as the unholy light of the living room's light bulb assaulted her. Although her first instinct was to stand in her hind legs, kicking with the front ones, she held herself in four in order to not awake Apple Bloom, who seemed complete oblivious to the older sister's recent shout.

"Applejack?" Granny Smith called for her. "Oh Applejack, thanks Celestia, is Apple Bloom with ya?" She seemed sick worried.

"Don't worry Granny, ah got her."Applejack replied, trying to hide Apple Bloom from her sight. 'Enough troubles for one night.'

"Well." Granny said. "Let me see her."

"See who?" Applejack tried (and failed) to smile innocently.

"My grandchild."

"Ah'm right here." Sweating bullets.

"My other grandchild."

"Ah don't know where is Big Mac." By this point, Applejack was more nervous than the proverbial long-tailed cat in the proverbial room full of rocking chairs.

"Applejack!" Granny Smith finished the gag. " Where is Apple Bloom?!"

"Alright, alright. Calm down." She waved her hooves defensively. "She's right behind me, but I warn ya, she's a--" But the surprisingly agile Granny Smith moved her aside.

"Changeling!" She jumped back as her familiar voice finally managed to awake the heavy sleeping Apple Bloom. The filly by her part, looked up and saw through blurry eyes how her dearest granny was running at her. With a broom.

"AHH!" Applejack could only stare in awe as her grandma physically assaulted her little sis. But Applejack was younger and faster, so she easily stopped Granny's broom with her hoof and positioned herself between both of them again. Looking defiantly at her granny, Applejack spoke slow and clear.

"Granny, she IS your grandchild." She started. "She may look different now but I can assure you she is the same Apple Bloom we know and love, so calm down."

Granny Smith looked again at the unholy creature over her granddaughter's shoulder. Just now she noticed how oddly colored it was to be a changeling, and that it was actually shaking. Then, she looked at its eyes. Those eyes, now in tears, weren't the ones from a predator or a beast. Black Smith Apple knew those two eyes pretty well. Those teary eyes could only belong to one pony.

"Apple Bloom, is that you?" She let the broom fall from her hooves as the small creature came closer. When they were close enough, both ponies comforted each other in a hug.


-The Sweet Robot.

Sweetie Belle just had a very hard day, sadly followed by an equally hard night. First, not knowing her own strength, she managed to smash the front door of Carousel Boutique into pieces purely by accident when she tried to open it. Then, when she went upstairs, her hoof broke through the first step as if it was made of cardboard, making her lose her balance and open a pony shaped hole in the wall next to her.

Behind her, Rarity made her best effort to not faint at the constant property damage made to her home, as also doing her best to fix all she could. Sure, she wan't a magical powerhouse like Twilight, but living in Ponyville taught her to be prepared. The quick-fix spell was one of the few ones she ever learned that wasn't directly fashion or gems related, and after the fifth or sixth crash she was thankful of learning it.

Deciding it would be less straining than slowly rebuilding her house, Rarity decided to pick Sweetie Belle up and levitate her to her room. She immediately regretted it.

A flesh and bone filly was easy to pick up and take upstairs to her room. An alloy filly on the other hoof was like lifting a heavy dumbbell. Although the promethium was actually lighter than other heavy metals, it was still almost too much for a dressmaker, almost. Determined to help her sister, and to avoid further damage to her house, Rarity used all her willpower to carry the mechanic filly upstairs.

It's been thirty three minutes and seventeen seconds since Rarity put her in the bed, wished her goodnight and left the room. Sweetie didn't know how, but she knew the exact time without even thinking about it. Twenty six minutes and forty two seconds later and she decided she couldn't sleep.

She shut her eyes tight, shifted position (producing a crack sound from the bed), stayed as quiet as she could but nothing. Two minutes and fifty eight seconds and she noticed she wasn't even tired. After a half day of crusading, encountering Discord, running in circles shouting for help around town and basically being awake for almost twenty hours and she didn't felt tired. Actually, she noticed something very strange just right now. She wasn't feeling a lot.

Back in Pinkamena's cave with her sister and the others, she discovered she had a very sensible hearing and could even see in the dark. But that was it. Now, alone with her thoughts, she realized she couldn't feel the softness of her bed sheets and it's been a while since since she remembered feeling any smell. She tested with her tongue by licking her hoof. Nothing.

Sweetie Belle was scared. She wasn't feeling anything. She just smashed a door and a wall without even noticing, for Celestia's sake. What was she?!

Coming to this realization, she jumped out of her bed. If she wasn't scared, she would notice the hoof-shaped crack she left in the floor next to the bed. But she still ran to the only pony who could offer some comfort to her.

"Rarity!" She called as entering in her bedroom (smashing the door in the process). The white unicorn, whose senses where actually ready to jump at any Sweetie Belle related emergency, jumped two solids meters in the air before turning the lights on and finding a very familiar sight. It wasn't out of the ordinary that Sweetie Belle would have a nightmare and run into her room. What WAS out of ordinary was that instead of the soft little pony she was used to find in this circumstances was replaced by what looked like a mannequin made out of metal that resembled her sister. Rarity shook the unease feeling for her sake.

"What's the problem Sweetie?"

"Rarity, I--" Sweetie Belle wasn't sure of what to say. She wasn't even sure of what was happening anymore. By this point, she couldn't even tell if this was real or if at any moment she would hear an alarm clock and Rarity calling her for breakfast before school.

Seeing the unease clear, even in her still metallic face, Rarity spoke first. "Want to sleep here tonight?" The filly nodded vigorously and Rarity made way in the bed for her. Remembering how her own bed cracked under her new weight and not wanting to break anything else, Sweetie slowly climbed the bed and snuggled near to her sister. Rarity was expecting her sister's 'skin' to be cold as any other metal, but to her surprise it wasn't.

Sweetie Belle on her part felt calmer being with her sister. It took her a few seconds to realize it and only lasted some more before she fell into the soft embrace of sleep. But, for the first time since it all started, she felt something.


-Energy is just accelerated mass.

"...and that's about what happened." Rainbow Dash finished her story to a very astounded Cheerilee and Spitfire. She decided it would be important to tell Scootaloo's legal tutor first and her older sister arrived some minutes after she and Scoot. Actually, right after Twilight send her letter to the Princesses, Spitfire flew as fast a she could to see what was happening with her sister-- Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait! What?!

Well, it's a hard thing to explain, but long story short; Spitfire is Scootaloo's older sister but, because of her life as head of a third of Equestria's militia, little old Scoots lives with a tutor in Ponyville. That tutor is Cheerilee. Since Rainbow offered to be Scootaloo's mentor, and after a long talk about responsibility between the three adults involved, Scootaloo started to spend her weekends in Rainbow's house. There, explanation served, lets go back to the story.

Rainbow Dash, Spitfire and Cheerilee were talking about what to do about the physics impossibility sleeping upstairs.

"So, what now?" Asked the rainbow pony, not entirely sure.

"I- I don't know. I want to see her first." Spitfire replied. "Where is she?"

"Upstairs, but sleeping." Cheerille said.

"I suppose it's better that way. Maybe she don't even want to see me."

The three ponies were so tense than none of them was able to pull more than just one sentence at a time. If they weren't in that state, at least one of them would have noticed how the silhouette of a filly's head with two purple eyes was peeking from the ceiling. Although the emotionally heavy day, Scootaloo wasn't feeling in any way tired. She actually tried to sleep but, she was way to agitated to do so. Unlike Apple Bloom who didn't know how, or Sweetie Belle who was too scared to, she managed to test some of her abilities early in the day. Because of that she was now making a little experimentation on her new found abilities.

"Flight? check." She wrote happily on her school's notebook. At first she was too scared to notice, but when things cooled down enough, she discovered she was actually flying. Flying! 'At least Discord didn't lied when he said he would make me fly. HA! In your face bro!'

Writing some more, she made a short list of every superpower she could remember from her comic collection.

"Super-strength, super-senses, heat vision, invulnerability." She wasn't sure of how to test them, but since the bandages were supposed to 'contain' her (that was the word Pinkamena used) she deduced she needed to take them off. Carefully to not rip them, she slowly unwrapped herself from the cloth.

"First, super strength." She said to herself as trying to lift her bed with her bare hooves. But, since without the chemically treated bandages, Scootaloo's body wasn't more solid than radio waves, her hooves just passed as if the bed wasn't even there. "Dang it!"

But she was standing in the floor, wasn't she? Sure she could touch something if she was focused enough. She tried again, this time concentrating into it. At first it didn't worked. Two or three tries more and her hooves finally touched the wooden cot of her bed. Scootaloo tried with all her might, but the bed barely moved, much less left the floor.

"Well, close enough." She scratched 'super strength from her list and read the next. "Super-senses?"

Going to the window, she looked at Ponyville under the veil of night. Searching for something to see, Scootaloo noticed a pony standing in a rooftop. She wanted to see it better, so she concentrated into it. Not even breathing, she looked as hard as she could till a headache forced her to stop it. Looking away, she never saw how the pony covered in a mauve an purple costume jumped from the rooftop and fired an arrow with a wire to swing between buildings.

"So, no super-sight. What about super-hearing?" Scootaloo closed her eyes, expecting to hear something. After a minute, what she heard surprised her. "Spitie?" She couldn't believe it. Sure, Spitfire would be there at some point after the news reached her, but right that night? Her first reaction was to run downstairs and greet her sister but. What if she doesn't react well? Although Spitfire never was anything but supportive with her, Scootaloo didn't know how was Spitfire going to react. Scared? Confused? Angry? Maybe she wasn't even to recognize her.

"I mean." She talked to herself. "I'm not even a pony anymore! I am a-- What the heck am I anyways?" She looked at the mirror in her closet's door. A black silhouette and two purple circles looked back at her. She opened her mouth and the 'thing' in the mirror did the same, showing a glowing mouth, not different from her eyes. She didn't wanted to show that to her sister, but also she didn't wanted to show herself wrapped in those ridiculous bandages.

Thinking about it, she decided to give her powers a good use. Bowing her head, she managed to pass her head through the floor and right over the Miss Cheerilee's living room. She could hear how her sisters, Rainbow Dash and Spitfire, were debating on what to do.

"Of course she will be happy to see you in the morning. Why wouldn't she?" Rainbow asked to Spitfire.

"Because." Spitfire bit her lip, really not wanting to say next word. "Because I failed her." There, she said it. "I couldn't be with her when she was a baby because of the Academy. Now I'm missing her foalhood for the Wonderbolts. Hell, she may don't even think about me as a sister anymore." As she talked, tears started to pour from her eyes. "And now, Discord attacked and I was too damn busy patroling to be here. I'm a failure of a sister!"

"Don't be so hard on yourself, you didn't know." Cheerilee put a hoof over her shoulder to comfort her.

"And you don't have to worry, you know I'm here to watch for her too." Rainbow added.

"That's my point." She looked away. "You're more her sister than I could ever dream to be. Maybe I should just leave the Wonderbolts and--"

"NO!" A filly's voice interrupted her from the ceiling. The three mares looked how Scootaloo's figure, all in black and purple, descended to the floor and galloped right next to spitfire. "Spit, please don't say that."

"Scootaloo!" Spitfire exclaimed, reaching to her but stopped by a cyan hoof. Rainbow shook her head, reminding her about the filly's electric touch. But Spitfire wasn't the Captain of the Wonderbolt by fearing some little electricity. Shaking the hoof away, she jumped to hold her sister. Purple bolts immediately running through her body.

"For-forgive me." Her voice breaking. "I-I'm sorry for no-not being he-here." Maybe it was the electricity or the sadness, but Spitfire's entire body was shaking. Noticing this, Scootaloo pulled away, revealing scorch marks over her sister's yellow coat. Spitfire was panting, but still continued with her apology. "I'm sorry, Scootaloo."

"I'm alright sis, see?" Scootaloo opened her hooves. "Don't be sad, I love you and I really would like to live together but." She stomped her hoof. "The Wonderbolts is your dream, please don't leave it for me."

Spitfire looked at her, this wasn't even close to the first time they had this conversation. Both of them loved their lives in Ponyville and with the Wonderbolts, so they always agreed that being away would be unfair for any of them. She reconsidered about it.

"Scootaloo, you still this?" The same question, after all those times discussing it, they both reduced it to a single question from the older sister to the younger. Scootaloo nodded vigorously. Spitfire looked at Rainbow Dash. "Rainbow, can I trust you?"

"Does Celestia controls the sun?" She answered before saluting with her hoof over her head. "It will be a nice day in Tartarus before I fail with this."

Spitfire could only thank for having such a good pony watching over her sister. Cheerilee suggested to talk about this in the morning, so the four ponies decided to call it a day and go to sleep. Spitfire and Rainbow Dash in the floor, right next to Sootaloo's bed.