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The Doom Patrol - Magenta Cat

Transformed by Discord the trio know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were turned into three monster mares, now using their new found powers to help ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own the're Appleling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo

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Doom Patrol #3. Lets you and them fight

-Cover concept:

The cover is vertically divided in three. The Doom Crusaders are in the middle section, white background. Energyloo in the left, hovering with her wings extended and looking defiantly at the left. Sweetie Bot in the right, more looking worried at the right. Appleling in the middle, looking at the viewer with a confused/surprised expression. At both sides, the Mane Six in black and white, with a black background.

Kind of sort of this cover.


-Canterlot's Cultural Center.

"FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU" Apple Bloom wasn't sure what did that mean, but she heard Applejack shouting it when something bad happened. and their actual situation could be only described as bad.

First of all, she had a literal powerhouse of magic firing every kind of attacks at her. Then, Scootaloo was doing her best to avoid one of the fastest ponies alive from hitting her at sub sonic speeds. Finally, Sweetie Belle was immobile under a dragon's fire. To top it all, those were Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Spike as the rest of the Mane Six were surrounding them, ready to join the fight. Although they weren't doing so by their own decision, mind you, but because they were all under the mind control of a madpony calling himself 'The King'.

And the day seemed to be going so well.

As she thought about it, a pair of horns picked her from the ground and pushed her till she was between those and a wall. A red-eyed Iron Will snorted as he kept pressing.


FIMFiction (not so) proudly presents:
Transformed by Discord, the trio known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders was turned into three monster mares. Now they use their new found powers to protect ponies as Equestria's strangest heroes. By their own they’re Apple Ling, Sweetie Bot and Energyloo but together they are...

The Doom Patrol
Royal pains (part two).

Written by Wave (no free time) Blaster.
Edited by Diamon (da editor) Dust.
The Doom Patrol created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney y Bruno Premiani.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust (and others I suppose).

Copyrights lololol.


Twilight Sparkle was over the edge.

At first it was only Queen Chrysalis. She came back from the badlands, asking for help, and they believed it. Princess Celestia offered them all the help they could provide. They were fools.

The queen of changelings managed to get her hooves over the remains of King Sombra. More specifically, his horn. With his spirit still tied to the physical plane through it and able to channel his dark magic, Chrysalis used the horn to corrupt Luna again. Finally, having the power of Nightmare Moon on their side, the Dark King came back from the dead.

Canterlot barely lasted a few days.

Now, they were making their last stand. The sky roaring with the might of the storm and the fire rising everywhere around them. Twilight and her friends did the only thing left. Fight till the bitter end.

"How could you?!" Twilight was trying to get at Chrysalis. The insect queen was taunting at her, smiling. Twilight never was a confrontational pony, but right now she could only think of tearing that accursed smile from her face. "We trusted you! We wanted to help you!"

"So what. It's your fault for being so naive." The Queen spat. "It's your idiot Princess Celestia's fault thinking I wanted to make peace, now she's dead." And she laughed. She laughed long and wicked. The laughter hurt Twilight but the pain only gave her more motivation to continue. To avenge her mentor.

"Don't you dare to talk about her. Chrysalis, you monster!" With those last words, she discharged all her might in one single burst of energy.


"Twilight! It's me, Apple Bloom!" The half changeling tried to calm her. "Come on Twi, snap out of it!"

"Don't you dare to talk about her. Chrysalis, you monster!" A hurricane of pure magical energy came from her horn towards Apple Bloom. She felt that itch in the back of her head and, by pure instinct, she jumped out of reach and out of sight.

"Oh my, this is bad." The farm filly was about to move, but the itch kicked again. This time, it was Iron Will. She dodged him as she was doing so far with Twilight, turning invisible this time to have a breath. Looking around, she listened to everyone else.

"I'll get at you Nightmare!" Rainbow Dash shouted as charging once, twice and multiple times around a frightened Scootaloo.

"Burn Sombra." Spike said between each fire breath. "Burned the city, now you burn!"

The three meta equines were doing their best to only avoid getting hurt. None of them could get into striking back at their assailants.

"Doom Patrol Together!" Apple Bloom called, losing her cloak. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo jumped next to her.

"Will you please cut it with that name?!" Scootaloo asked, half serious, half joking. "Any ideas?" This time less joking and more worried. They were now surrounded by the six ponies, the dragon and the minotaur, all of them with pure aggression on their faces.

"Well." Said the white stallion, dressed like a playing card. "Will you now bow before your King? Or should I take more extreme measures?" The eight of them started to walk closer to the fillies when suddenly, Pinkie's colors darkened. Her air went straight and her eyes lost their red glow, showing green pupils.

Pinkamena broke formation and waved her hooves. "Let my friends go!" King lost his concentration and the remaining ones under his spell stayed still. The Patrol took the chance and dispersed around the place. Apple Bloom taking Pinkamena with them. The mind controller managed to focus again and everybody chased at them around the entire place once more.

"Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo. You two distract them." Pinkamena called. "Apple Bloom, we need to get to the next room." She said to the pony-changeling carrying her. The three of them looked oddly at the mare ordering them, not knowing what to do. "NOW!" And the doubt dissipated as they obeyed her. Scootaloo turned around and saw how Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were going directly at her.

"I'm going to regret this." She muttered while flying as fast as she could to her assailants.


"Ahh!" Fluttershy cried in fear as Nightmare Moon charged at them, she and Rainbow avoided the impact. Although she was deadly scared of the dark alicorn, she knew that they were the last ponies standing. If they fell, then Equestria would lose any chance of recovering. Swallowing all her fears, the butter pegasus flew next to Rainbow against the nightmarish pony in front of them.

Rainbow, being faster than Fluttershy, reached for Nightmare Moon first. The queen of nightmares managed to dodge her, but Dash was counting on it. A slight inclination of her left wing and she was in the right position to hit Nightmare square in the chest. Rainbow Dash kicked with all her strength.

"Gah!" Both ponies cried in pain. Fluttershy watched with horror how Rainbow was in the floor, trembling as if a bolt of lightning had hit her.

"You!" She called Nightmare. "You destroyed my home, killed the Princess and now hurt my friend."

"And what are you going to do mortal, fight me?"

Goodbye nice and collected Fluttershy, hi mean and dangerous Flutterrage. "I WILL STOP YOU!"


"Gah!" Since she was transformed into living energy, Scootaloo had the problem of giving electric shocks to everything she touched. Although Pinkamena and Rarity designed together a containment suit for her, she also learned how to focus and to not discharge all her electricity into everything she touched. It required a lot of concentration, hence why she still needed the suit, so when Rainbow kicked her chest she couldn't help but let go all the energy she was holding up.

"Oh no! Please Rainbow be okay." She knelt next to Dash, covering her snout in panic as her surrogate sister lied in the floor.

"You!" She heard Fluttershy's voice calling from behind her. "You destroyed my home, killed the Princess and now hurt my friend."

"Fluttershy, wait! It was an accident. I didn't meant to--"

"I WILL STOP YOU!" Before Scootaloo could apologize, or did anything for what it matters, something stared at her.


"He's doing what?!" Apple Bloom couldn't believe what she heard. She and Pinkamena were on the next room, door closed, and the pink pony was explaining her was the King doing with their friends.

"He's controlling them with illusions. I'm not sure if the others are seeing the same, but Pinkie believed she was in a destroyed Canterlot, facing Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra." Apple Bloom's jaw hit the floor hard and loud. "Also, it seems he can control their feelings too. Pinkie was so deep in rage and fear that she wasn't listening to me when I noticed that something was wrong. I had to take control by force to stop her." And then, the young filly ran in circles, panicking.

"What do we do? What do we do? What do we do?" The dark yellow changeling was pacing around her dark pink friend, who didn't seem to notice or hear Apple Bloom as her gaze was completely vacant as she was deep in thought.

"Severe the head and the body dies." She finally spoke.

"Wait, what?" Apple Bloom wasn't sure if she was hearing correctly.

"Sorry, coming to a conclusion here." Pinkamena apologized. "I mean, we need to knock out King to free them."

"How do we do that?! He's surrounded by our friends. We can't fight our friends."

"We don't need to. If Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are keeping them distracted enough, then we can surprise him." Pinkamena walked slowly to the door. "Well, more like you will. Can you become invisible like changelings do?" Apple Bloom nodded slowly, but explained that only for some seconds before exhausting herself. "Then you will have to be quick." Putting a hoof on the knob. "On the count of three." The farm insect pony swallowed. "One... Two... Three, go!" And she pushed the door open.

Apple Bloom ran and flapped her wing as hard as she could, using the additional thrust to gain speed. At first she wasn't sure of what to do with the King, but once she was next to him, some kind of impulse drove her next actions. As if centuries, if not millenniums, of instinct kicking in, Apple Bloom dropped her cloak and bit the King's neck from behind.

The sensation was unique.

At first the time seemed to stop, everything around her was immobile as a statue. She could only see gray. Different tones and silhouettes but mostly shades and blurs around her. But she noticed a particular burr painted in yellow. It looked like a pegasus and was shaking in the floor, staring at another red and green blur in front of her. Some hooves away, another blur appeared painted indigo, she realized it had a horn like a unicorn and it was running from two other shiny red blurs. Then she felt a very sweet taste in her mouth. That's when she realized she was biting at something, or somepony, and some kind of warm liquid was filling her mouth.

She looked at her snout to see a unicorn painted in green, orange and red whose neck she was biting. She spat him, not sure of what just happened.

"How you dare to attack me, the King of Spades!" King was holding a forehoof over the injury, not very amused of being bit in the neck. "You lower creature, prepare to meet your end!" He held his staff high in his hooves, separating the tip from the rest and revealing a small sword coming from it. King raised his weapon and pointed it towards Apple Bloom as the blade started to shine red. The King shot a fireball at her from his sword.

"You shoot fire?!" Apple Bloom asked as she jumped back and planted herself in the wall. "You have a flying card, a whole gang of weirdos and can control minds." The half changeling listed. "And now you shoot fire? What the actual hay mister?"

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room.

Scootaloo was feeling very numb. No, it wasn't numbness, it was more like being frozen. She tried to move, but her hooves and wings weren't responding. Feeling the same sensation she could feel when falling from very high, the vertigo paralyzed her as she was only feeling fear. Fear to the two round and black orbs gazing over her, watching her, making her to feel vulnerable and scared.

"Leave her alone!" Right from nowhere, a metallic object pushed the two orbs and suddenly, all the darkness around Scootaloo fade. Her vision came back as a pair of steel hooves held her by the shoulders. Sweetie Belle shook her friend in an attempt to bring her back. "Come on Scoots, come back."

Back with Apple Bloom, she had King waving his sword at her, shooting blaze after blaze. Somehow she saw it in slow motion, and easily dodged it. She couldn't explain how, but since that bite she felt more relaxed, more focused, stronger, faster. Better.

She needed another bit.

"Apple Bloom!" A pink voice called for her. "He must be concentrating to keep his control over the rest. Knock him out." From the distance, the analytic half of Pinkie Pie had deducted how to stop all this madness.

"No! You won't!" King replied. "Come for my aid!" Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the mind controlled jumped from their struggle with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to surround King. Flying over him or simply standing with limbs stretched in cross, they left no room for any harm to come to their forced leader.

"Scootaloo, charge. Sweetie Belle, cry from behind her. MOVE!" Pinkamena instructed them. Scootaloo wasn't sure of what she was doing but hearing the shy and collected Pinkamena ordering them was enough to persuade her. At first it didn't seem like anypony was moving out of the way from her charge, but then Sweetie Belle shouted from behind her. Although her electric body was shaking at the waves of sound around her, she realized they were like air currents. The living energy pegasus knew what to do with air currents, ride them. With the added impulse of the sound, Scootaloo was fast enough to surround the ponies covering King and push them out of the way. Right in time for Sweetie Belle's sonic attack to hit, full force, upon the white unicorn. As this happened, the ponies, dragon and minotaur's eyes glow flickered like an old light bulb.

"Apple Bloom, the head!" Following the instruction, Apple Bloom jumped with all the might of her back legs and spun in the air to get a better position to hit the King square in the head. The self-proclaimed monarch felt unceremoniously unconscious on the ground.

Without the King controlling her, Applejack came back to her senses. "Ow my head." She looked around, all of her friends scattered around, slowly awakening. Some hooves away from them were Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Pinkamena tying together a group of unconscious white ponies. "What the hay just happened?"


The dawn of the super-hero is here

Super fillies are go!

Urban terrorist group captured by meta equines

The new Doom Patrol

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were out of themselves with excitement. When Nightmare Moon returned and her sister became an Element of Harmony, Sweetie Belle searched, collected and cut every single article about them to put it in an album. When she met Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, they made a habit of collect the Elements' adventures in the same way. The Trixie fiasco, the parasprites, the Grand Galloping Gala's disaster, Discord, Princess Luna's first Nightmare Night and everything in between. They were not only their family, but they see the older mares as examples to follow.

Now, they were following that example to a tee by making their way into the newspapers too (in a way that didn't included property damage this time) and Apple Bloom suggested to do their own album. And their own album they did, back in the clubhouse were a half-changeling pony, her robot friend and a construct of pure energy inside a biohazard suit were doing their best with the scissors and glue to keep the records for the posterity.

"Girls, are you there?" Applejack called from the outside. "Here's a pony who wants to have a word with y'all." The three of them looked down from the window to see the farm pony standing with Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Princess Luna. At first they thought they were in trouble, as it always was when their three sisters and a figure of authority wanted to 'talk' with them. Talk being a one-hour long lecture.

But the smiles on the four ponies waiting for them down in the ground convinced them that there was nothing wrong, so they went out. Also, there's no way to let waiting an all-powerful alicorn princess when she's standing right outside your door.

"Abigail Blossom Apple, Sweet Cloche Belle, Scooter von Hammer." The night alicorn greeted them. "Me and my sister were meditating about you and your current situation. We both agreed that you are capable of great things. What you did in Canterlot requires bravery and a boldness that truly amazed us." She took a pause before proceeding. "But you're far too young to be allowed to jump into danger." There it comes, the lecture. "At least without a proper training, that's it."

They only stared at her, not really getting what she was getting to. "And thus is how my sister proposed me a very interesting idea; From now on, with your sisters permission, I shall be your mentor." A sectioned insect jaw, the under piece of a metallic muzzle and a bit of energy about the size of a filly's jaw felt to the floor. Applejack and the others walked next to their sisters, prideful as they could get, to explain them the details.

And snap them out of their surprise.

Author's note:
Well, that's it. My very first conclusion and the closure for my first fiction. I can only say thank you to all readers, favers, upvoters, commentators and friends who made this one possible. Don’t worry, this is not the last you hear about Equestria's Strangest Heroes, the next arc will be about

*knock* *knock* *knock*

It was very late in the night, or it was early before dawn? Well, that moment during the night where every single sane pony should be sleeping.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

Pinkamena groaned. She liked to spend the night researching and working in her lab alone. Not that she wasn't happy about having 'friends' but she still appreciated some moments of solitude.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

'Shouldn't we open?' Asked her emotional half inside her head.

"I don't know." She replied. "There are only ten ponies and a dragon in all of Equestria who know about this place." She started to summarize. "Two of them live in another city, I know the next two are sleeping and none of the remaining seven would be knocking at this hour if it's not an emergency." Sighing. "I don't like emergencies, I prefer calm. I don't want to open." She whined, finally reaching the door.

'Aren't you curious about who may be?' Pinkie wasn't the smartest of the two, but she knew herself. Or her other self in this case.

"Cheater." Pinkamena gave up to the only impulse that drove her besides Pinkie. By pure curiosity, she opened the door. Internally, she congratulated herself (Pinkie did too) for correctly guessing who was at the door. The purple unicorn looked awkwardly from outside the basement, as if waiting for the pink mare to speak first. Pinkamena on her side, didn't knew what to do next.

'Greet her.' Said the ego.

"Hello, Twilight." replied the superego.

"Pinkamena." Twilight nodded. "Can I come in?"

The dark pink pony moved aside to give her room. As Twilight entered she couldn’t help but notice how bigger the cave seemed now she wasn't there for an emergency with all of her friends. Each step made an echo as the door behind her shouted with a slow and rusty creak, raising the awkward-o-meter up to eleven. She waited for Pinkamena to take the front and lead them to a sofa next to the Pink-chopper.

"So, Twilight. What's so important that can't wait for the day?" Pinkamena sounded more annoyed than she expected. Pinkie was mentally facehoofing for the lack of social skill of her 'sister'.

"Well..." Said the other socially awkward pony in the room. "I was thinking, about what happened back in Canterlot." Twilight rubbed her left hoof with the right one. "I didn't know how to act or react. That was a completely new threat and was so fast." She looked down, thinking carefully what she was about to say. "I didn't know what to do. I still don't know what even happened for starters."

"Don't worry Twilight." Pinkamena followed was Pinkie told her to say. "You can't be prepared for everything." Getting closer and putting a hoof in Twilight's shoulder to show her support. With Pinkie in her metaphorical shoulder, Pinkamena was more comforting.

"But you were." Twilight said back. "I saw the security recordings and you managed to keep your head cold and to come with a solution."

"Well." Pinkamena replied, scratching the back of her head. "It's what I do. Living inside a mind gives you a lot of time for thinking--"

"I want you to teach me." Twilight interrupted her. Pinkamena could only look back at her with a confused expression and raising an eyebrow.

"Come again?"

"I want you to teach me about this." She opened her hoofs to point at everything in the cave. "Everything down here goes beyond anything I've ever seen. Where doctor Morrow invented an automated metal golem, you already have a robotic suit working. Where the Flim Flam brothers patent a coal helicopter, you have a hoof powered version already perfected. I want to know how you do it, I want to know how to think like that." She paused to take air. "Don't misunderstand me, I love learning how to do thinks but." Another pause. "I want to invent for my own too. I want to create something. I want to know how to do it." She finished, letting silence to consume the place once again.

Pinkamena only stared at her with a completely neutral expression. After pondering for a second or two, she grinned. It was a slight curve on her lips, barely noticeable. But then the curve became more pronounced, teeth showing. Her green pupils shrank to two little dots and her ears twitched before speaking.

"So, you want to know?"

"Yes." Admitted Twilight, just now noticing how creepy Pinkamena was when grinning.

"You really want to know?"


"Do you, Twilight Sparkle, REALLY want to know?"

"Yes, I do!" Not sure if following, but not wanting to start a circle. "I REALLY want to know. I want to know everything I don't know. I want to know all that fringe science you do and all that I can't find in a book. I want to know everything."

"Everything is good, it shows ambition." Pinkamena said. "But let's start with something smaller first. Here." Out of nowhere, she tossed Twilight a piece of metal, shaped like a parallelepiped with circuits all around it. "I found it in the rock farm some days before Pinkie's birth. That's how I started and that's how you will start. Make it work and I will know it's worth the effort to teach you the rest."

Twilight looked down at her hooves, slowly and closely examining the small box between them. A light tuned on in one of the faces of the box, making a strange sound.


Author's Note:

You really thought I would leave without a proper cliffhanger?

Stay tuned for the sequel. Doom Patrol Vol. II: A Midwinter Nightmare.
Coming soon. No, really. At least before Halloween.