• Published 30th Aug 2013
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Love with a Twist - flawlessvictory20

They were schoolmates. They were friends. But each one had a secret that they kept from each other. After being apart for four years, will these two ponies be able to share their feelings that they kept hidden so long ago.

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Chapter 02

As if their tails were on fire, Snips and Snails ran to the train station.
“Pick up the pace, Snails,” huffed Snips.
“I'm right behind ya,” he panted, as he followed behind.

As they sped through Ponyville, they ran through the marketplace. Narrowly avoiding the early bird shoppers, the two colts weaved in and out of the crowd. Snips looked over to his comrade, huffing in the process.
“You better hope we make it on time, Snails!” shouted Snips.
“Snips, look out!” warned Snails.

Snips turned to see he was on a collision course with the local cabbage merchant's cart. With no way to avoid it, Snips plowed right into it. The impacted caused all the cabbages to fly in all directions. Luckily the owner of the cart wasn't around at the time, or things could've been worst. Running to his friend, Snails showed a look of concern.
“Snips, you alright, eh?” asked a concerned Snails.
“Yeah, I'll be fine,” winced Snips.

At that moment, Snails remembered what he learned from the class on healing magic that Twilight had taught awhile back. His horn then began to emit a bright goldenrod glow.
“Snails, what're you-” Snips asked, slightly confused.

His sentence was cut short as he found his body engulfed in the same bright goldenrod aura. After a few seconds, Snips minor injuries were healed.
“Thanks, pal!” said Snips.
“Anytime, eh,” smiled Snails.

Just then, the bell of the clock tower chimed. It was 8 am.
“Pony feathers! We gotta hurry!” shouted Snips.

As he helped his friend to his feet, Snails then made a dash for the train station. Snips then followed suit. As they disappeared, the owner of the cart came out of his home. He's an old earth stallion with a yellow coat and a dark green mane with a cabbage Cutie Mark. As he saw his cart in ruin, he fell to hind knees. With his forehooves on the sides of his face, he screamed,

With very little time to spare, Snails was the first to make it to the station, with Snips right on his heels. Somehow they manage to get to the station just as they were boarding the train.
“Whew...we...made...it,” Snails panted.
“You're lucky...to have such an...awesome friend...like me. You would've missed the train if it hadn't been for me!” panted Snips, while holding his chest.
“Snipsy!” shouted a voice in the distance.

They both turned to see a juvenile filly running to greet them. It was Golden Belle, Snips' marefriend. She slightly corpulent mare, with a swirly cinnamon mane to compliment her cream coat and a golden bell wrapped with the red ribbon Cutie Mark. Snips eyes lit up as he saw her familiar sky-blue eyes.
“Goldie!” Snips answered, with the biggest smile on his face.

The fatigue of their earlier run seemed to have vanished instantly, as he ran off to greet her. As they met halfway, the two shared in an affectionate nuzzle.
“I missed you so much, Snipsy!” she exclaimed.
“I missed you too, Goldie. How was your trip to Fillydelphia?” inquired Snips, breaking away from the nuzzle.
“It was fun! I got to see my grandmother and...” she said, bouncing with energy.

Before she finished her statement, she caught a glimpse of Snails. Seeing that Snails was standing in the distance, she made her way over to him. Snips soon followed right behind her. Upon reaching him, she delivered a small punch to his shoulder.
“Why are you over here alone, mister?” she asked, as she tapped her forehoof.
“Sorry, Goldie. I just wanted to give you two some privacy, eh,” responded Snails.
“That's sweet, but you have to do that,” she grinned.
“I wouldn't want to be a third wheel,” he said, rubbing the back of his head.
“Don't be a silly head. You know we'd never think of you like that. Right, Snipsy?” she asked, as she turned her head slightly.
“Of course, Goldie!” he answered, with a small smile.

The two shared another affectionate nuzzle, which caused Snails to feel sad. The truth was that he was feeling regret for not telling Twist how he felt all those years ago. It was then his mind began to wander.
'Maybe if I had told her she wouldn't have left. Maybe she would have been my special somepony. Maybe we could've spent the rest of our lives together. Maybe...'

He then heard a faint voice calling him.
“....ello. Hello, Equestria to Snails! You in there...”

As he snapped back to reality, he saw Golden Belle was waving her hoof in front of his face. Upon seeing him blink, she stopped waving her hoof.
“Sorry, I just spaced out for a second there,” apologized Snails.
“Geez, you silly. I was asking you about Twist,” she said, as she rolled her eyes.

Just hearing her name was like a dagger in his heart.
“What about her?” he said.
“Do you know what school she is going to?” asked Golden Belle.
“No. I haven't gotten a letter from her in two months. I'm assuming she is going to Manehattan High,” he sighed.
“Really?” she responded, as her ears fell flat.
“Yeah...” he nodded.
“Well, at least you still have us right?” she added, with a smile.
“I guess so...”

As Snails was about to respond, Snips chimed in.
“Come on, we need to get on the train before it leaves us.”
“Right, let's get going,” said Snails.

The three then headed for the train.

As they were boarding the train, Snips noticed Spike sending off his marefriend Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle had developed into a beautiful young mare. She's a head shorter than her sister but had inherited her sense of beauty. Spike, on the other hand, had a significant growth spurt (being just four inches taller than Big Mac). His frame was slightly more muscular than had been in the past. Her swirly mane, which now shoulder-length, lightly swayed as she was saying goodbye to her dear dragon.
“Have a good day, Sweetie Belle. I'll be here waiting for ya when you get back,” Spike said with a cheerful grin.
“Aw, thanks, Spike. You're the best,” she replied, with a kiss on the cheek.

That display of affection caused a light blush to sprawl across his face.
“I just wish you could stay with me all day though,” stated Spike, a little saddened.
“I know, but I'll be back before you know it,” Sweetie Belle smiled brightly.
“Oh, I almost forgot,” he replied, as he was reaching into his bag.

Sweetie tilted her head in confusion, wondering what her dragon had up his sleeve. After a brief moment, he revealed a bouquet of blue roses. The instant she saw them, tears began to stream down her face.
“You remembered...” she sniffled.
“Yep, I sure did. Happy Anniversary Sweetie Bel-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Sweetie Belle pressed her lips against his. The two shared a passionate kiss, leaving bystanders watching in admiration. Once they came to the realization of their public display of affection, they ceased the embrace. Her face now flushed with a healthy tint of red, Sweetie Belle made her way to the train swiftly. Seeing their friend heading for the train, Scootaloo and Applebloom chase after her. With the passengers now boarded, it was off to Canterlot High.

After some time, Snails finally spotted a place to sit. He could've gone and sat with the others, but he decided against it. Even though they told him otherwise, he still wanted to avoid the chance of being the third wheel. As he sat and gazed out of the window, he felt his eyes slowly begin to close. Within moments, he slipped off into a peaceful sleep.

On a different train also headed for Canterlot High, Twist was lost in deep thought.
'I wonder if Snails is going to be surprised to see me? It's been four years, I wonder if he'll recognize me?'

As these thoughts swirled in her head, she reached into her bag. After a few seconds of searching, she found the item she sought after. It was a picture of her and Snails by the tree in the schoolyard, they were smiling while reading a book together. It was then the memories of their time spent together began to flow. She recalled the day when they had started their friendship.

It was a typical school day, and the foals were playing in the schoolyard. Twist was sitting under a tree reading a book she got from the Ponyville Library. While she was reading, she was approached by the CMC.
“Hey, Twist,” greeted Applebloom.

Taking a brief second to stop reading, she greets her friend.
“Oh, hey Applebloom,” smiled Twist.
“Whatcha readin' there?” she asked.
“The latest chapter of the Nightmane the Lunar Avenger series.”
“Ooh, is it any good?” asked Sweetie Belle.

Twist a giant smile snaked across her face.
“It's amazing! It the tale of a daring earth pony battles many foes as she searches for the one killed her parents. It already has fifteen volumes.”
“Wow, that sounds pretty cool,” said Scootaloo.
“That it is Scootaloo. That it is,” said Twist.
“Anyways, ah was wonderin' if y'all want to come crusading with us?” asked Applebloom.
“What are you guys doing today?” she asked, tilting her head.
“We're going hang gliding, zip lining, shark surfing, and a bunch of other stuff,” exclaimed Scootaloo, bouncing with excitement.

After hearing what they're going to be doing, especially hearing shark surfing, she decided against it.
“Maybe next time girls,” said Twist.
“Aww...” the three groaned, with their heads hung.

Applebloom then looked up and gave her trademark smile.
“Alright then. We'll catch some other time then. Come on girls! We got crusading to do!” said Applebloom.
“Yeah!” chimed in Sweetie and Scoots.

The three then trotted off toward the playground. Breathing a sigh of relief, Twist returned to her book. While lost in the adventure she reading, somepony unexpectedly crashed into her causing her glasses to fall to the ground. Unable to see, Twist began to feel around for them. She felt a tap on her shoulder, which made her turn and see a blurred pony standing before her.
“You okay, Twist. I ran into you pretty hard, eh,” inquired the figure, with concern in their voice.

At that moment, she recognized the voice. It was none other the Snails.
“I'm fine, but that kinda hurt,” she stated, rubbing her head.
“Should I take you to the nurse?” he questioned, in a worried tone.
“No, I'm alright, Snails. Just help me find my glasses,” Twist answered.
“Sure thing,” said Snails.

After a few seconds, Twist felt her glasses being levitated onto her face.
“There ya go, Twist,” Snails said.

Finally able to see again, she saw Snails crouched down apologetically.
“I'm really sorry, Twist. The other colts and I were playing catch and Snips overshot me. I was so focused on the ball I didn't see you,” explained Snails.

Seeing that his apology was sincere, she relieved his guilt with a warm smile.
“No problem, Snails. It was an accident,” she responded, with her eyes closed.
“Okay well, I'll see ya-”

Wondering why he stopped mid-sentence, Twist opened her eyes to find Snails staring at the book on the ground.
“No way, the new Nightmane is out!”

She didn't think that anypony else at the school read Nightmane, let alone Snails.
“Y-You read Nightmane ?” she asked in amazement.
“Yeah, but I can never get Snips to read it with me though. Is the new chapter any good?”
“Yeah. Nightmane has just found a clue that will finally lead her to parents' murderer.”

His eyes grew to the size of saucers.
“Awesome! Say was there another copy at the library?”
“Nope, this was the last one.”

His ears drooped downward.
“Oh, I see. Well, let me know how it turns out, eh.”

He turns to head back to Snips. Seeing him so downtrodden, Twist comes up with a compromise.
“Say if you want, we can read together. If ya don't mind,' she said, with a cheerful smile.

Suddenly his ears perked up, a grin spreading across his face.
“Really? I wouldn't want to be a bother...”
“It wouldn't be a bother at all.”

Suddenly they hear yelling in the distance, sounding like Snips.
“Hey, Snails! What's the holdup?” yelled the portly colt.
“Oh, sorry about that, eh,” he said levitating the ball.

He then tosses the ball back to Snips.
“You guys go ahead and play. I'm gonna hang with Twist for a bit.”

Snips looked at his friend with one eyebrow arched.
“Because I want to.”
“Okay, then. Whatever you say. See ya Snails.”

With that, Snips runs back to the group. Now that his friend is gone, Snails then takes a seat to the left of Twist. A light blush flashes across her face he scoots closer to see. As he noticed her blushing he asked,
“Are you okay, Twist?”
“Yes I'm fine...” she answered.

NEXT STOP CANTERLOT... NEXT STOP CANTERLOT...” the voice from the intercom announced formally.

Gathering her belongings, she a small smile dances across her face.
“We'll be reunited soon, Snails,” whispered to herself.

Back at the other train, Snails was lost in a deep sleep. The fellow passengers laughed at the sleeping colt's random mutterings.
“I know, put my earmuffs on the cookie...”

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