• Published 30th Aug 2013
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Love with a Twist - flawlessvictory20

They were schoolmates. They were friends. But each one had a secret that they kept from each other. After being apart for four years, will these two ponies be able to share their feelings that they kept hidden so long ago.

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Chapter 01

“So you're moving to Manehatten?” asked Snails.
“Yeah, my dad got a new job and had to relocate there,” said Twist.
“But I'll be sure to write you every day. Okay?” she added, trying to cheer up her friend.
“Yeah, okay...”
“We'll always be friends, right?”
“Of course we will, eh,” he answered with a smile.

He then wrapped his forehooves around her neck to give a tight hug.
“I'll see ya around...” he whispered sadly.

After releasing herself from his embrace, Twist turned to leave.
“Bye, Snails....”

As she was walking away, his felt his heart sink. All he wanted to do was shout the four words that he had kept from her. The words that he'd been longing to say: “I love you, Twist.”

But his mouth wouldn't let him. As he waved bye to his dear friend one last time, Twist disappeared from his sight.

As the sun began to rise, her rays crept into the room of one sleeping colt. After a few seconds, the unwanted light shone brightly on his face. With his thoughts of remaining sleep now gone, Snails made his way out of bed. As his hind legs hit the ground, he rubbed his face with his forehooves.

“Ugh, it's a new school year...”

It had been four years since that fateful day, and Snails has never found anypony that came close to her. Over the years, he had grown much taller, only a head shorter the Big Macintosh, though he is tall, his physical build is that of your average teenager. The golden coated colt headed for the bathroom, moving his long legs with a pure memory of the path. As he looked into the mirror, he lets out a deep sigh.

“I wonder how she's doing?”

After giving himself the once-over, he used his magic to grab the comb from off the counter.

“It's a new school. Time to get a new look,” he said examining his mane.

While his seafoam green mane hadn't gotten much longer, but the bangs over his brow were another story. They remained the same matted mess they'd always been. But not this school year.

After several minutes of grooming, his mane was now slicked back. The new hairstyle gave him a debonaire type of attitude. Admiring his work, he gave himself a quick wink.

“Looking good, eh...” he said with a suave smirk.

But this feeling didn't last long, as his mane work poofed back into its original shape.

“Oh for the love of Celestia!”

The one thing that had followed him throughout foalhood was his mane's uncanny ability to never want to change. As he was prepared to grab the comb for one more attempt, he heard a gentle knock at the door.

“Snails, you alright in there?” asked his worried mother.

“Yeah, ma. Just trying to fix my mane,” answered Snails.

“Oh, okay. Well, hurry up, eh. Your breakfast is getting cold.”

“Okay... I'll be right down,” said Snails.

After hearing his mother's departure, he tried one more time to tame his mane.

“Alright mane...round two, eh,” he said levitating the comb.

That same morning, in a house just on the outskirts of Manehatten, a particular light amber filly arose to greet the day.

“It's morning already?” Twist yawned.

She then reached for her glasses, rounder, and frame-less, on the nightstand next to the bed. Many things had changed for this young filly. Since leaving Ponyville, she had developed both mentally and physically. She no longer speaks with her common lisp, but rather with a soft and melodious voice. Though her form is slender and more maidenly, she was slightly taller than the average mares. Her scarlet mane was now stylish, with her curly bang now drape to the right side of her face. She then sat up on the bed and put on her glasses.

As her hind legs hit the floor, she noticed the picture sitting on the nightstand. It was taken during the party to celebrate the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally discovering their talents. In the photo were the CMC, Snips, and Snails and herself. It showed Applebloom dancing awkwardly while Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were laughing hysterically. In the background, Snips was drinking punch and Twist, and Snails were cheering on Applebloom. She then picked up the photo.

“I really miss you guys,” she sighed.

She looked at Snails in the photo. Seeing his trademark goofy grin, she lets out a little chuckle.

“Especially you...Snails,” she said, setting the picture back on the nightstand.

Ever since that day four years ago, she had always thought about her dear friend. She wrote whenever should could, but eventually stopped when she had studied for her entrance exams. Placing her hooves on the ground, she made her way to the bathroom.

I wonder what he's up to? she thought aloud.

Upon reaching the bathroom, she turned on the shower. Placing her glasses on the counter, she entered in. While she washed her body, her mind began to think back on all the times her and Snails spent together. As the water trickled down her mane, she reflected on how much he really meant to her. When Applebloom formed the CMC, she rarely hung out with Twist as she used to, leaving with few friends she saw regularly. It wasn't until Snails came along that she started having fun again. Remembering the times they enjoyed together, she lets out a small chuckle.

“...Twist, are you alright in there?” asked her mother.

Suddenly snapped out of her trip down memory lane, she realized she had been in the shower for a few minutes.

“Yes, I'm fine mother,” replied Twist.

“Okay, well hurry up, or you're going to miss the train for school.”

“I'll be right out, mother.”

Turning the shower off, she reached for the towel that was draped over the railing. After drying off, she headed for the mirror. She grabbed a comb from off the counter to brush her mane, and after a few moments, it was acceptable in her eyes. She put on her glasses, and she headed to her room.

“Oh, I give up. You win this round mane.”

After five failed attempts to reign in his mane, he eventually conceded in defeat. As he walked out of his bedroom, and down to the kitchen, he was greeted by his family, who were patiently waiting at the table.

“Glad you could join use son,” his father, Red Sprint, a stocky unicorn with a crimson red coat and a long spiky raspberry red mane, spoke up first.

“Geez, bro. You always take forever to get ready,” Snails' younger earth pony sister pouted. She was a small earth pony with a dark orange coat and a short, spiky bright yellow mane.

“Eat up, dear. You don't want to start the new school year with an empty stomach, eh,” Snails' mother, Caramel Sweetie. She was a slender earth mare with a light brown coat and a long navy blue mane that cascaded down her shoulders.

He then sat down silently and took inventory of all that was in front of him. Today meal was rather extravagant than it usually is. A stack delicious blueberry pancakes, his mother's infamous honey-n-oat toast, a plate of hash browns, full bottles of honey and syrup, four glasses in front of each dish, and a pitcher of milk.

“Sorry about that, eh. My mane didn't wanna listen to me,” chuckled Snails, as he levitated food to his plate.

“What else is new?” Sugarheart said, rolling her eyes.

“Anyways, let's enjoy our breakfast okay,” Caramel Sweetie said as she poured a glass of milk, trying to keep the morning free of sarcasm.

The family then began to eat their breakfast. After a brief moment of silence, Red Sprint spoke.

“So, Snails? Did you ever hear from your friend? What was her name...Twine...Twit?”

“It was Twist, dad. And no I haven't gotten any new mail from her in about two months,” answered Snails.

“Well, maybe she was studying so she could get into Manehatten High,” offered Caramel Sweetie.

“Maybe...” Snails said, as his ears fell flat.

“Still can't believe youof all ponies got into Canterlot High. It must have dumb luck. With the emphasis on the dumb,” said Sugarheart, trying to get a rise out of her brother.

Snails turned to his sister.

“What's that supposed to mean, eh?” asked Snails, slightly annoyed.

“Well, you're not the smartest pony around. Besides, with the way you always act it's hard to believe you're smart,” she said, sticking her tongue at him.

“Well, it's not like I'm doing it on purpose, eh. I'm just natural silly. Besides, you're one to talk. You act more ditzy than Derpy,” Snails retorted.

“I do not!”

“What about that one time when she had to help you out of the well?” said Snails.

“That only happened once!” she huffed, as she slammed her forehoof on the table.

“And then there was that time you tried bake cupcakes, but they all burned,” Snails chuckled.

“Sh-Shut up...” Sugarheart said, lightly blushing.

“I still remember saying 'I just don't know what went wrong.' It was hilarious, eh,” Snail laughed, holding his sides.


“Now Snails, it's not nice to tease your sister,” Caramel said in a parental tone.

“I'm sorry, eh. I was just fooling," he apologized.

He then walked over his sister and wrapped her in a tight embrace.

"She knows I love her,” he said, ruffling her mane.

As he ruffled her mane, she lets out a series of giggles.

“Okay...Snails. I get...it...I love...you too,” she says giggling.

Before letting her go Snails gave her a kiss on the forehead, causing her to blush lightly. As Snails returned to his seat, he heard a knock at the front door.

Who could that be this early?, Snails thought.

Opening the door, he saw his running buddy Snips. Over the years, Snips has thin out a little but not enough to see much of a change. His face is still as rounded as I was when they were foals. He's taller than he used to be, but even a head below Snails. His mane was scruffy-looking but had grown longer (at least shoulder length).

“Morning, Snips,” Snails said, smiling.

“Morning Snails,” Snips answered back.

“We're having breakfast right now. Do you wanna come in and have some?”

“Not this time, Snails. I just came to get you.”

“Huh? Get me for what?” he asked, tilting his head slightly.

Snips face-hoofed.

“You do know what time it is, right?” asked Snips, with an arched eyebrow.

Snails turned to look at the clock on the wall.

“It's 7:45 am. Why?” replied Snails.

After a few seconds of complete, Snips statement finally registered with him.

“Oh, pony feathers! We're gonna miss the train!” shouted Snails.

“Yeah, I know!”

As if he was on fire, Snails bolted upstairs to pack his saddlebag. After double-checking that he had everything, he ran downstairs, almost falling down them in the process.

“I'll see you, later, eh!” he shouted, rushing out the door.

“Bye, dear. Have a good day!” Caramel said with a smile.

“Work hard, son,” muttered Red Sprint, engrossed with the morning paper.

“Have an awesome day, bro!” Sugarheart chirped.

With that, Snips and Snails raced for the train.

Twist made her way through the crowded train station, she was accompanied by her mother Winter Star, a tall, slim mare with a light yellow coat, and curly bright red mane. As they arrived at the Canterlot terminal, the two found a spot to sit. Curious she asked,

“Are you sure about this, Twist?”

“I'm sure.”

“But why Canterlot High?”

“I just wanted a change of scenery. Besides it's only a 15 minutes train ride,” Twist explained.

“I know. I just worry about you riding the train alone,” Winter said, in a worried tone.

“Mom, I'm not a little filly anymore. I can handle myself,” Twist huffed.

“I know...I know,” Winter Star chuckled, as she nuzzled her daughter. “But there's must be another reason for choosing that school...”

“Well, there is a reason...” Twist started a hint of red appearing on her cheeks.

“My, my Twist. Is there something you're not telling me?” asked Winter Star, raising an eyebrow.

“The thing is-” said Twist.

Their conversation was cut short as the train whistle sounded. The conductor called out. “All aboard!”

They rose to their hooves and headed for the train doors. Twist gave her mother gave her a tight hug.

“You be careful out there okay,” Winter Star said, with a motherly smile.

“I will mother,” Twist replied.

Stepping on the train, Twist waved bye to her mother. The door closed, the train began to pull off. As the image of her mother vanished in the distance, Twist headed for her seat. Placing her saddlebags down she then stared out the window. She looked at the passing scenery, and she let out a small chuckle.

“I wonder if he will be surprised,” she giggled to herself.

Author's Note:

If you made this far I thank you for the read:twilightsmile:. In any case, I would like to know what you think. So please let me know what you like and/or didn't like (constructive criticism please:twilightsheepish:). Thanks again for the read:pinkiehappy:.

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