• Published 25th May 2013
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Bloody Show Ponies! - GentlemannlySniper

When Twilight and Fluttershy move to another world to learn more about a race that even Celestia knows nothing about, they get into a very unusually strange, friendship-less world...

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Chapter 2: Butter with wings and grapejuice with a pointy straw

Fluttershy and Twilight quickly looked around themselves at the scene in front of them, as their portal back home dissipated into nothing, then, all havoc struck loose, as everyone aimed their guns at them, and a little mounted robotic machine gun firing weapon was built for backup.

"Alright you little child dreams! Put those hands...er...hooves where we can see em!" The angered man from before said, tipping his rocket launcher as he readied to shoot them if they disobeyed.

Fluttershy looked to Twilight with a scared look, as she slowly rose off her front hooves and held them up, with Twilight following suit.

"Oi, wouldn't ya think it would be more polite to ask what they're doin' here mate?" The Sniper said, as he emptied out a bullet in his rifle.

"Aye, Mr.Aussie's right, let's ask two bloody ponies from another dimension wat their favorite tea is why dont 'cha?!" Said a Scottish accented man, geared up with a flak jacket and bombs attached to said jacket. "I swear, ya seem bloody drunkier than me!" He said, as he shoved a grenade into his launcher and aimed it.

"What the hell are those things anyway? One of 'ems got wings too! Think it can carry a person or two?" The Scout said, as he reloaded his shotgun.

"Nein, zat little zing vould not be able to carry such a large mass! Despite your slim frame!" A man in a doctor's coat said.

"So, what do we bloody do wit' it then?" The Sniper said, as he slowly lowered his rifle to look at his teammates, should they offer an idea.

"Ve should slice zem open! Get a look at zeir insides!"

"I say we use th' easier way, AN' BLOW EM UP! Heh heh"

"Hudda Hudda hu?" A man (Or at least it looked like a man) in a full body firesuit said through his gasmask. Everyone looked at the Pyro in confusion, before it began to speak again. "Hu huddara hudda huh... Huh huddra hu hudda hu hudda huh..." it suggested, lowering its flamethrower down a bit. Everyone looked to each other, then back to the two ponies, who were close to the point of a heart attack due to the amount of stress they were in.

"Spy, you tell 'em." Scout said, nodding at Spy, who nodded back and looked to the ponies.

"Vell? Say somezing!" The Spy said, rolling the barrel of his revolver around, as he looked to the two ponies.

"Are you bloody insane mate?" The bomb expert said, lowering his weapon like everyone else began to do.

"Oi, it put its hands up when Soldia told 'em too, didn't they?" the Sniper sided with Spy on this one, if these ponies could understand it, they could most likely speak it.

"A-a-a-a-a-actually...Um..." Fluttershy began to speak, but then even more chaos broke out.

"OH MY GOD, THAT PONY JUST TALKED!!!" The Soldier yelled, backing away with his rockets aimed for the yellow pony.

"'OLY MOTHER OF BEER IN A BOTTLE! IT'S A BLOODY MUTANT!" the Demoman screamed, backing away, grenade launcher aimed.

"Yo, could you all...uh..." The Scout tried to say, but to no avail, as the chaos still raged on.

"LITTLE TINY PONY THING JUST TALKED!" The biggest of the group said, backing away as he revved up the minigun that he carried around with great ease.

"OI!" The Sniper tried to yell, but to only get as far as Scout.

"YOU ARE ALL TRYING MY PATIENCE!" The Medic yelled over all the chaos, which seemed to shut everyone up.

"That thang ain't like anythang I've ever seen b'fore!" A hardhatted man said, readying his shotgun as he pulled his sentry gun he built earlier closer to him and away from the two colorful ponies in front of him.

The Medic sighed in aggravation, and adjusted his glasses, before kneeling down to the ponies, who slowly began taking their four legged position, taking relief off of their hind legs. "Now zen, vat is your name?" He said, trying to be as friendly as possible.

Fluttershy bashfully hid behind Twilight sparkle, who gulped a bit and began to sweat. "W-w-well...I am T-T-Twilight S-Sparkle...A-and this is my f-f-friend...F-F-Fluttershy...S-s-say hi F-F-Fluttershy!" She said, as she tried to sound as calm as possible as it was painfully obvious that she was very scared.

Fluttershy stuck her head out from behind her friend's mane, as all the other mercenaries slowly collected themselves and began closing in on the colorful duo with a new curiosity. "H-hi...." Fluttershy said in the most quiet voice she could humanly muster.

The Medic closed in, on the yellow mare, putting a hand up to his ear. "Vat vas zat?" He asked again, trying to hear the little yellow pony talk a little bit better.

"She said 'Hi!' Now if you'll excuse me we really need to get going! We enjoyed the stay but you see my poor little Fluttershy here needs her beauty sleep so I suppose we'll just be taking our leave and-" Twilight turned around to see the big, muscular man standing tall over her.

"Little pony try to escape? HA! Only cowards run away from problems!" He said, with a slightly mocking tone.

Twilight gulped as she started backing away. "W-w-well...I uh..." Twilight tried to say something, but she was too focused on keeping as much distance from these maniacs as equestrianly as possible, before she bumped into another one, who proceeded to pick her up.

"Woah! Look at this one! It's like some kind'a unicorn!" He said, pointing to the little tip of Twilight's horn.

"H-HEY! Put me down!" Twilight said, as she squirmed under the slim man's grip, but to no avail.

Fluttershy gasped, as she poked the man holding her friend. "U-u-um...Excuse me mister, if you would please be as kind as to d-d-drop my f-friend please...T-t-that is, if you don't mind..." She said, before sheepishly giving a smile.

The Scout dropped Twilight gently, as she quickly scooted away from him. Scout picked up Fluttershy, and smiled at her, which led Fluttershy to give a confused smile back. "'Ey, look! She's all concerned an' stuff! Ey, can we keep 'em?!" He asked, looking to his teammates, who all just facepalmed. Scout frowned at this. "Soooo...That's a no?" He asked, before getting smacked in the back of the head, causing him to drop Fluttershy as he covered his head.

"Idiot..." The Spy said, with a groan.

"Ow! Hey man, I was only askin' a question!...Jeez..." Scout replied, rubbing his pained head.

"Aye, maybe the lad's right..." The Demoman said, holstering his weapon over his back. "Maybe we should keep 'em out of their way..." He suggested. Everyone looked to each other, and nodded in slight agreement.

"Um...If I may ask...who are...they?" Twilight asked, with uncertainty in her voice as a new curiosity peaked her interest.

Everyone gasped, as they began to chit-chat among each other.

"She doesn't know who the bloody blus are? Real shut ins, ain't they?"

"I doubt they would hold one lil' ol' minute out there without our help, right fellas?"

"I still say we should keep 'em"

"Oi lads! The bloody talkin' purple one asked ME, Didn't she?" the Demoman said, which led everyone to shut up. "Aye...now...come 'ere lassies n' sit down so uncle Demo can teach 'ya about..."

"The blus!"

Twilight and Fluttershy looked at each other, before both slowly nodding in agreement to listen, as they took a small seat down next to each other on the wooden floor in front of the Demoman.

The Demoman took out a bottle of beer, and drank it all down, before slamming it on the ground, and leaning in closer to our heroines. "Aye, i've got ye a lil' ol story then lassies! Like a 'lil fairy tale t' ya...but in this story lass..."

"There ain't no happy endin'..."

Author's Note:

I tried my best, please send me your comments on what I should improve c: