• Published 25th May 2013
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Bloody Show Ponies! - GentlemannlySniper

When Twilight and Fluttershy move to another world to learn more about a race that even Celestia knows nothing about, they get into a very unusually strange, friendship-less world...

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Chapter 3: The story of the never ending war between ex-friends

About six years ago, every single one of us were called up and told that "If you fight for us, we will give you money of the likes that you have never seen before!". So, naturally, we accepted! The first place were we got stationed, we ended up getting slaughtered...and then bombed...so we didn't get our paycheck. That happens everytime, right? Sometimes you don't win because you didn't do good enough, right?


You see, the reason we lost was because they looked


It was like looking at a mirror of demons in blue! And that wasn't the only time....

We had to go capture a small farm shed, which was the center of a warzone already between the blus and half of us reds. We honestly had no idea why they looked just like us, but our Spy, the one with the mask over there, tried to focus on his own weaknesses, and told us that if they were exactly like us, then they should have the same weaknesses, right?

So, that's how we won that, but then it started becoming a wild chase to stop the blus from attacking all of our bases, and from capturing all of our control points. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose, but as far as we know, they've never given up at all, so we never stopped fighting.

After about two years of this, we've both realized that we didn't know what we were fighting for, other than to protect certain areas and attack others. We didn't know why, we just did as we were told, and after a while, we decided that after the battle was over, we would try to sit down and talk, right? Well, apparently, we couldn't do that either.

You see, when you make a friend in this place, you end up breaking up and hating each other even more.

"Psst, hey, tell 'em about what spy did t' my ma..."

"Aye, give me a moment..."

Yes, the Scout's story about his mom is a good example...You see Spy over there? Apparently, he...well...slept with Scout's mom, and they've always hated each other since then. Before Scout found out about that, they were apparently the best of friends, and always looked after each other...

but that was only before...now they hate each others guts to the point that when they see their opposite on the other side, they drop everything they were doing to completely massacre each other...it's gotten that brutal.

"That isn't even th' worse of it either lassies..." The Demoman said, as he took his beer that Scout gave to him, to encourage him to keep talking. "Ya see, I was friends wit' th' blu Soldier, and before we were friends, we 'ated each other already..." He said, rolling his shoulder to cause it to crack. "Afterwards, durin' vacation, we sat down n' talked when we both went t' the same gun show. Apparently, he was workin' for blu, and we became th' best of friends! But then, this announc'a lady came t' me home, and said that he was playin' me fer a fool!" He began to drink down his full bottle of beer...and he kept drinking until it was empty, before he let it drop from his now shaky hands and roll off somewhere.

"He neva' cared fer our friendship! As a matta of bloody fact, he said that he would kill me fer a bunch of bloody weapons!" He said, taking his bottle that rolled back and banging it on the ground in anger.

The Soldier jumped up from his seated position to butt in. "YOU AGREED TO THEIR OFFER TOO, YA DAMN ENGLISHMAN IN A DRESS!"

Fluttershy and Twilight looked to eachother, and they both smelled trouble.

"Ah geez, here they go again..."

"My money's on th' Demoman..."

"Heavy put bet on Soldier this time..."

Twilight and Fluttershy looked to the 7 mercenaries, as they reached into their wallets and began betting on who would win this fight.

The Demoman got up from his position, and this led our two pony heroines to start taking cover behind the mercenaries betting. "Lad, shouldn't I mention that ya' bloody traded me fer BLOODY WEAPONS?!"

"And you didn't?! HA! Don't make me go hysterical, cyclops!"




That was when all chaos broke loose yet again, the Soldier threw a hard punch at the Demoman's jaw, knocking it out of place. The Demoman fixed it back, before returning the favor and sending the Soldier into the wall, whilst everyone cheered for whoever they thought would win.

This sent Twilight over the top, as she jumped over the 7 mercenaries, and used her magic to stop any other kind of blow that could be thrown at another. "What are you two DOING?!" She questioned, giving both mercenaries a displeasing look, only to notice they were both still trying to fight each other, against Twilight's magic. "It's like you're trying to free discord from his stone prison!" She said, but only for her voice to fall on deaf ears.

"Ey, are they cryin'?" the Scout said, as he pointed to the two floating mercenaries.

As a matter of fact, they actually were crying!

"Oh...my...." Fluttershy gasped, as she flew up to both of them and examined them closely, as they flailed about the magical sphere they floated in, trying to attack each other despite how separated they were. Fluttershy flew to the Demoman, who was openly sobbing, than back to the Soldier who was growling in rage, with tears flowing down his cheeks.

So Fluttershy did what she thought was the most sensible thing to do in this kind of situation...

And gave them a hug...

The Soldier and Demoman abruptly stopped their everything, their crying, their insults towards one another, and began to feel...

Slightly awkward...

"Oi, is she...."

"Hugging us?....I believe so..." The Soldier finished the Demoman's sentence for him. Everyone that was betting earlier began lowering their wallets...then giving all the money they bet to the Pyro, who won the bet because he bet that Fluttershy would win.

Fluttershy smiled a shy smile at the two mercenaries. "I hope you feel better now!" She said, as she broke the hug, flying between the two mercenaries, who just blinked at Fluttershy.

"Aye, I kinda do feel better...truce fer now, lad?" The Demoman offered, holding his hand out to the Soldier.

"Alright...but only if you promise not to call me a civilian anymore..." The Soldier said, as he reached out to shake hands, only to realize that they were still in balls of some some kind of magic force field.

"Oh, right, sorry..." Twilight said, feeling a bit stupid afterwards as she lowered the two mercenaries and freed them from their spell. She had momentarily forgot that the fight had been pacified.

After they shook hands, and grumbled a bit in anger, everyone was now staring at the two ponies.

"What?" Twilight asked, as she looked around at everyone, who continued to stare, dumbfounded by this turn of events.

"Well zen...that was a first..." The Spy said, rubbing his chin in thought...

"Noone 'as eva' been able ta' pacify a fight between those two...ever..." The Scout explained, twiddling his thumbs a bit.

"We gave up on that a long time ago, pardner..." The Engineer said, as he was trying to pack up his sentry in a little toolbox. "Usually, someone like you would'a been killed quicker than a snake would with a gallon of venom..." he said, cracking his fingers individually.

"So, why didn't you just try and calm them down?" Twilight suggested, as she took a step closer to the group.

"We've tried everything mate, not a bloody thing you can do about them two..." The Sniper said, before tipping his hat. "Until now, that is..."

"Aye....anyway, wasn't I tellin' a story or somethin'?" The Demoman said, taking a seat down again, like everyone else did as well.

"Anyone else wanna hear the end?" the Scout asked...





"And I vote no too...Come on, we'll hear the end tommorra'...I just wanna go to sleep now..." The Scout said as he was starting to get up and leave.

The Spy stopped him half-way through getting up. "Aren't you forgetting something?" He said, nodding to the two ponies, who looked back in slight confusion.

"Oh...right...well, I had the idea so, they're sleepin' with me tonight!" He said, feeling proud for making up an idea like that. "And I guess it would be fair for them to cycle with all of ya's, right? We can make plans for that durin' breakfast!" The Scout said with finality, with a cocky little grin that made him feel like he was better than everyone else right now. Everyone looked at each other, than gave a small nod of understanding, and began separating ways, leaving two confused ponies alone with the slim man.

"Well? Come on than! My rooms ova' here!" He said, as he quickly walked over to an overly large door, locked by chains, which the Scout used a key to open. Inside the room was just a fairly simple bedroom, with a bed and a closet full of what could only be assumed to as clothes.

Fluttershy and Twilight looked to each other in slight fear, but at least it was someplace to stay...and it was getting pretty late...

Who knows, maybe they'll wake up early to learn more about this troubled world, and help it develop into a world of friendship!

Unluckily for them, they wake up early to an alarm that they would never expect....

Author's Note:

One of the more emotional chapters. The beginning was supposed to be what the Demoman was telling the ponies, before it went to general narrative afterwards. Just clearing that up just in case you got confused c:

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