• Published 28th Apr 2013
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Dr. Star Wars Chainsaw Massacre: the Next Generation is Magic - GhostWriter17

What happens when Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Texas Chainsaw mix with ponies? EVERYTHING.

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My Dearest...

My Dearest,

I am making sensational progress in my work. I surely wish you could see it! It is a thing of beauty, to have such power in my hooves! The sparks that fly from my power, my magical prowess, is simply astounding! I surely wish you could see it! But, of course, I am getting ahead of myself, My Dearest. Let me tell you of what has been going on in my life recently.

It has been two months since I last wrote to you, and that saddens me deeply. Nevertheless, as I am sure you know, I have been very busy with my work. However, as I stated earlier, I am making tremendous progress! The work is finally starting to pay off, and for that, I am very proud.

I guess I must explain the progress I have been making. For one, The Society is making progress in its current operations. We have now established members in several cities across the country, with some connections even in the Inner Circle of Canterlot, of all places! Yes, I admit, it is a sensational feeling to know that The Society is growing in size! However, due to our current plans, The Society cannot meet in one sanctioned place. But, believe me when I say this, My Dearest, when The Society strikes, which will be soon, we shall become such a consummate fire, a conflagration so great, that the Path to The Great Turning will finally lead me to you once more, My Dearest, This, I promise. My plans will be carried out, and I shall find you, even if Celestia herself stands in my way...

Speaking of Celestia, her second in command,The White Warrior, Alya, was on the train last night, meditating. I had to deliver some cargo to Ponyville, a quaint little town (I surely wish you could see it!), and she was there with her royal guards. However, there was something I did not expect on this train ride of ours. A dark figure, one not of this world, destroyed every one of the guards, all except for Alya, who escaped with the bodies of the fallen before the dark figure known as Darth Vader could strike her down. How unfortunate, I so wished to use those bodies. However, I feel I have gained an ally in this Vader. He is working for another one of my opponents, Master N. N is quite a tricky one. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of my inside sources, I have not yet figured out the identity of Master N. I do surmise, however, that he, she, or it, is located in Ponyville. I feel that maybe N is planning something sinister, if it has found a being such as Vader and has been able to control him in some way. No matter. Vader seems independent, and I could use him in my plans for a short while, then let him be on his way. When my plans are carried out, and The Great Turning occurs, I shall then have the resources to bring him back home, fulfill his wish, and get him out of my mane.

There has been a murder in Ponyville. I must confess that I have had nothing to do with the actual murder, as I do not plan on hurting anyone that need not be hurt with The Great Turning, but I must confess that I needed the young dragon's blood for The Great Turning to commence. It took some complicated magic to complete the extraction. I do not believe that N was behind the murder. I believe it is watching, as I am, from the shadows, seeing what comes to pass, before it strikes. I do believe there is another threat behind the young dragon's murder, and I most surely know who the murderer is. Yes, I know who it is without a doubt. She is a crafty one, so deviously malicious. If I can recruit her in The Society, she could prove useful, My Dearest...

Another thing, My Dearest, that I must mention is a dream I had last night. A voice spoke to me, feminine, yet suitably insane. She spoke saying words like 'we' instead of 'I'. She was mysterious. She was also a major bitch. That is all I can say for now.This Bitch The Voice may be N. She may not be. She most certainly is not the murderer of the young dragon, but this annoying Bitch vowed to haunt my dreams, to bring bad memories back. My Dearest, I must admit that I am very scared. I am frightened to know of the memories that may come back, the utter agony that I may feel from these memories...

No matter. I must stay strong, My Dearest, if I am to ever see you again. I am doing all of this for you. Only for you. I must see you, My Dearest, hold you again. Feel your warmth. In all of my malice that I portray in my meetings with the other members of The Society, to those that oppose me, such as the annoying Mister Cake, I am frail without you. You are my rock, My Dearest. You are what keeps me going. You are the reason I am doing all of this, the reason I am sacrificing so much. Without you... I would be nothing. I do this to see you again, in the hopes that I may feel you, hold you, smell you, kiss you, again. I promise I shall not fail you. Never.

Your Dearest, With All Of His Heart,
-Elio The Dreamer