• Published 28th Apr 2013
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Dr. Star Wars Chainsaw Massacre: the Next Generation is Magic - GhostWriter17

What happens when Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Texas Chainsaw mix with ponies? EVERYTHING.

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For The Love of The Empire

Dr. Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Trek Star Massachusetts, USA.

Chapter 3: For The Love of The Empire

A My Little Pony Crossover Fanfiction That Is Entirely Too Uncomplex

By: GhostWriter17


Darkness swelled in the room of evil darkness in which The Emperor resided. His evil room of evil dark chambers of dark darkness was so eccentrically dark that even darkness itself could not see in the darkness that The Emperor resided in. This darkness was truly evil. It was so evil, in fact, that there had to be a new word created to describe how eeeevvvviiiilllll this room/chamber/house/thing truly was. This word was Erponculous. This room was definitely, stupendously, absolutely Erponculous. The Erponculousness of this room dwarfed all other Erponculous things. Erponculousness was hard enough to come by in these trying times of galactic domination, but somehow, The Emperor had discovered a way to embrace Erponculousness itself in this room.

This dastardly Erponculous room was none other than The Emperor's Royal Spa room. It. Was. FABULOUS horrible. Nothing went right in this room. Between the soothing, pink, buublegum-flavored bubble baths, the copious amounts of fine wine, the overly faithful servants who would do anything for and to The Emperor (if you catch my drift), and the booming, freeing sound of Lady Jabba's music in the background, this room was truly not fit for an evil overlord such as The Emperor. Obviously, nothing in this room was tailored to The Emperor's Dark Side-y needs whatsoever. He simply came in here because it was very Erponculous. Obviously. Okay, I lied. This room was actually well-lit, at all times. Forever. Never was it dark. Ever. It was actually the exact opposite of a room considered to be Erponculous. Whatever. It didn't matter.

Soaking in his pink bubblegum bath with pink towels and pink lights and blue bubbles, The Emperor was truly content, for it was Tuesday. Tuesdays were always wonderful. But not this Tuesday. This particular Tuesday was... Off for some reason. A disturbance in The Force signified this. Something has happened to Vader. He thought. That something is making me lose my focus on soaking in the totally wonderful bubble bath! Ya know, I'm sure Vader has probably gotten himself into a load of life-threatening trouble that he will barely walk away from, and I will, once again, have to spend another six trillion credits fixing him up beacuse he's too much of a baby to care for himself. Heck, he couldn't even survive a flesh-wound and some minor burning on Mustafar! What. A. Baby. For a few moments, The Emperor actually feared for his apprentice's life. Maybe... Maybe I should send someone to look for him. Maybe he's really in true danger this time and- ooh look, Cherry-covered Wampa Legs! My favorite! And thus, without a second thought, The Emperor decided to indulge in his beautiful, if unhealthy, cherry coated confection, not worrying about his apprentice who may or may not be trapped on an unknown planet filled with unpredictable creatures, magic, and murderous ponies.