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John Fanning, a mobile suit pilot that was serve in a military unit, was sended to Equestria for an invasion. John however, have find himself in an awkward situation where a blue unicorn trying to remind him who he really is. The adventure that he later get into have convince him to fight against the invaders and prevent Equestria from getting devided again.

"My Little Pony" owned by Hasbro
"Gundam" owned by Sotsu, Sunrise

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What do you require to travel to another world while leaning against a lamp post at the start of a storm? A bolt of lightning striking that very pole.
Yep. That happened. It was a sunny day with no expectations of a storm.
Mother Nature: 1.5 million
Forecasters: 0

Anyway, seems that I didn't die? And on top of that, I'm now in the body of a model I built recently and show up somewhere where two ponies seem to move the sun and moon!? Talk about being speechless after that spectacle.

Anyway, I doubt there is any way to get home. So I might as well see if I can protect this new world. I mean, I am living here now.

(Warning: Will involve violence, possible dark humor, and other suggestive moments. Enter at your own risk)

I do not own the original art pieces used for the cover. The vector of Wing Zero Custom (besides a little change to the eyes) is from Gundam SD Generation Cross Rays. Background used was done by MintyRoot. Link following:

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What would happen if Twilight were to appear in a completely different place and environment upon her ascension to an Alicorn? Would she meet anyone friendly or instead meet other hostile beings? And would those she met be as focused on friendship as her or would they seek to enslave and control? Will Twilight find something more than friendship? Or will the life of a spacefarer be too harsh on her?

Join me as we take a fantastic sci-fi adventure in Gundam: Pilots Of Harmony. This story is co-authored by BlackWarGreymon and myself. If you wish to add your input on direction and/or OCs feel free to contact Greymon or me.

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