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A Decision to Make · 11:23am Jul 3rd, 2016

Hello, everyone!

It has been a very long time since I've done any sort of writing, and even longer since I've done anything with PonyFall. Even as I write this, I wonder if there is anyone left who really cares what I do with it now.

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Writing Plan · 11:02am Oct 21st, 2018

Hello all!

First of all, thank you to anyone who still bothers to check in on my blogs. I'd been inactive for so long that I can't blame anyone who gave up on me. It's the continued support of the readers who haven't that give me the enthusiasm to continue writing.

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Early Christmas Gift Incoming? · 9:54am Nov 8th, 2018

Hello everyone!

Well... I guess this is it. December 18th will mark the 5 year anniversary since If Only In My Dreams was released. It remains both my highest rated story, and the one I've been most-requested to write a sequel for.

I... just may have an official sequel coming soon. And I don't mean the "Coming Soon" listed on my user page as "Could be years from now." It's already been years. I think it's time.

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You Mean to Say I Actually Wrote Something? · 8:22am Oct 3rd, 2018

Yes indeedy,

I know it's been far too long (I blame work), but I finally updated Lyra's Ultimate Item Emporium.

And here's the good news:

The next two chapters are already outlined and ready for rough drafts. As is the finale of the whole story.

That doesn't mean it's ending soon, but it does mean that, unlike most of the times I write, there is a clear goal in sight. I know where we're going, and I'm going to steer this ship right where it needs to be.

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New Story! · 12:14pm Jun 3rd, 2020

Hey everyone.

I must be on some kind of roll. I began 2020 by posting a new story, Ever After Never Came. It's a sequel to Imaginary, but can be read as a stand-alone. It sadly hasn't been read by too many people, but maybe it'll get there eventually.

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Read It Now Reviews #24 – Butter Up, Seamless, Thicker than Water, Luna, There’s a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane, Allure · 1:00am Mar 6th, 2015

Apparently my birthday is a good day to read pony stories.

The stories I read today:

Butter Up by GaPJaxie
Seamless by Terrasora
Thicker than Water by DemonBrightSpirit
Luna, There’s a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane by boardgamebrony
Allure by TheSlorg

Butter Up
by GaPJaxie

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