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It’s hard to believe · 4:36pm Dec 22nd, 2021

8 years later and I’m still fully blown addicted to pony fanfiction.

So much has changed in my life since 2013 but this site has retained a comforting and cherished place in my heart.

I used to never read fiction, in fact I hated reading books in general. This site changed all that completely.

Thank you fimfiction community!


Sontavia: Sonata x Octavia Starting a new trend! · 12:09am Aug 11th, 2020

So, me and my friend theMysteriousStranger started a new trend a little while ago, and it's name is Sontavia!

Why Sontavia of all things? Because shut up! :trollestia: It's what shippers do! WE're like Fedex and ship everything that comes our way! XD Except Twixie because that's already overly saturated and we don't need more, along with LunaTrix, and arguably Suntrix, ven though suntrix is bomb! :heart:

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Thank You · 12:12am Feb 17th, 2021

CW’s for the story heavy depression themes, self harm and self harm scars and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

I don’t really know how to start, but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading Beyond The Frayed Threads and thank you guys for all the support for it.

When the contest and the prompts were announced, I only had one thought for a story; Moondancer going to a spa.

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How Hard it is to Turn the Page: Dealing with Grief & Writing What You Know · 12:29am Jan 9th, 2018

I didn't really realize what I was writing about when I wrote In the Dark of the Wood. I wanted to write something before the year was officially over, and for some reason I had an Applejack itch. I started looking through the impressive gallery of NCMares, an artist who I knew was A) one of my favorites and B) did a lot of Applejack, knowing I'd hit my inspiration when I saw it. I hit on the cover art for the piece, and in the terrifying, only semi-consensual way that my brain works,

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Summoning Twilight - plot and characters · 10:10pm Jul 27th, 2018

Hey all!

I decided since there's usually quite a bit of chatter in the comment's section of Summoning Twilight (and with the upcoming couple chapters having quite a bit of potential spoilers for the plot of the story in them) I wanted to throw up a blog for any any and all discussions people want to have regarding the plot and characters.

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Princesscipal Celestia; or, A Lesson On Universal Constants and Power Levels · 3:27am Apr 8th, 2017

Princess Celestia is in charge. Whether she is powerful, or competent, or even mildly sane is variable, but that which remains is that what Sun Horse says goes. Regardless of the story, regardless of the universe, Princess Celestia always runs the show, at least at the start. No matter the size of the show.

Let's get this started.

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Tell my wife I said "Hello!" · 12:07pm Jul 15th, 2020

New story! Good luck describing how it made you feel. I've yet to hear someone adequately say how it makes them feel, and I'm curious to know.

ETell My Wife I Said "Hello!"
Being kidnapped is the least of Twilight's concerns.
Silent Whisper · 1.5k words  ·  361  29 · 4.2k views

What We Write About When We Write About War · 9:16pm Nov 21st, 2017

I've never really looked at my own body of work and tried to suss out a general theme. As far as I know, I don't really have an identity as far as what I write, at best having one for how I write. I don't know that you could sum my work on Fimfiction up in one sentence, the way you could say that Majin Syeekoh writes irreverent comedy with intermittent navel-gazing, or that Carapace and friends write fluffy romances about the contrast between sour and sweet. Of course, if you can, feel free. I

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