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Questions for Everytime Part 2... · 3:05am Oct 13th, 2018

Hi everyone! Tranquil Stone here!! Whether you've read my story 'Everytime' or not, I need some help. Okay, so if you've read it, you'd know that part one of 'Everytime' is over! Yay!!! (But I am a little sad to say goodbye too :fluttercry:) Anyways, I'm not sure where I should write part in should I make a new story with 'Everytime' as the prequel or continue the story in Everytime? Thank you all for your time and I hope to see you in the comments again for 'Everytime''s second part!

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Schedule for Stories!! · 9:44am Sep 17th, 2018

Hey everyone!! If you've noticed, I'm back :pinkiehappy::heart::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::scootangel:.....ahem. Yep, so I've decided for an effective schedule for updating stories, so if you ever need to have a look, it's sitting here!!

Surprisingly, I didn't need to take that long of a break on Fimfiction, a good thing I hope :scootangel:!! Anyways, I'm gonna be updating every weekend!!! So a new chapter for any story should come on a Saturday or Sunday!

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How to make Undertale's ending 100% perfect · 2:24am Dec 31st, 2015

When Toriel comes into your bedroom with the butterscotch pie and lays it on the floor...

She turned around after exiting the room and says to you, "Goodnight my child."

And THEN closes the door, screen fading to black.

If this wouldn't make the ending perfect what do YOU think would have made it so?

Only people who have played Undertale or spoiled the ending for themselves can answer this.


ducks!!!!! · 5:20pm Mar 28th, 2019

FRIENDS I BRING A COMMERCIAL I want to share but before that I want to say that

there is an alternate universe out there where I wrote the Ducktales / MLP Crossover I was destined to write in which the Ducktales gang gets thrown into Equestria and shit happens BUT THE IMPORTANT PART IS THAT WE WOULD HAVE THE CRANKY DOODLE EP but with Donald and Pinkie instead of Cranky and Pinkie AND HONESTLY WE LIVE IN A LESSER WORLD FOR NOT HAVING THAT

anyway here's the commercial

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