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How to make Undertale's ending 100% perfect · 2:24am Dec 31st, 2015

When Toriel comes into your bedroom with the butterscotch pie and lays it on the floor...

She turned around after exiting the room and says to you, "Goodnight my child."

And THEN closes the door, screen fading to black.

If this wouldn't make the ending perfect what do YOU think would have made it so?

Only people who have played Undertale or spoiled the ending for themselves can answer this.

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Comments ( 8 )

Playing Genocide and the Pacifist again to see what changes.

Annoying Dog defeating Omega Flowey


I'll answer later. In the middle of a Genocide Run.

Don't do it.

3652876 I'll never kill these characters.

I'll kill myself.

Not really, but I won't hurt these characters.

Too perfect.

The only thing that's missing is the dog stealing the pie at the last moment, and then having a minigame where you catch the dog.

3653153 Considering how insane the special thanks minigame got, I'd love to see what Toby would make up for catching the annoying dog. And hey, maybe we'd find out what the dang artifact does. :applejackunsure:

3653697 The artifact from what I've learned apparently doesn't do anything. It's a joke at games that involve collecting artifacts.

But I have heard differently, things such as the artifact allows you to 'summon' the Annoying Dog if you fulfill a special condition at the start of the game with Toriel. Something about her telling you to wait for her during the tutorial, and if you do choose to wait as she says, she calls you on the phone and talks about the Annoying Dog stealing her phone.

3653949 Yeah, she calls you to say she's been delayed a lot of times, and then annoying dog accidentally calls you as it has stolen her phone.

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