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Featured?! · 7:44pm Dec 2nd, 2018

My new story, S.M.I.L.E. and Bear It was featured today!

It’s my first feature, and I couldn’t be happier! :twilightsmile: Double thanks go out to CoffeeMinion for editing and making sure the quality was up there!

And thank you to everypony who upvoted and favorited it! :twilightsmile:


Site Post » CoffeeMinion's "Petunia and the Coelacanth" [Royal Canterlot Library] · 1:51pm Feb 1st, 2019

Dig into today's story.

Petunia and the Coelacanth
[Slice of Life] • 2,705 words

Sometimes young Petunia Paleo's dreams seem impossible.

Good thing dreams are Princess Luna's specialty.

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Paul's Thursday Reviews CII · 10:13pm Jan 25th, 2018

Alrighty, folks. I'm gunning for 2,000 words/day this month, and even with my great run these last three weeks I'm still way behind on that goal. So I shall attempt to keep this short in spite of the many topics I want to cover today. Here's to 4k for the day!

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Read It Now Reviews #47 – Daring Do and the Goggles of Shipping, Last Words, Keskiyönnon, To Whom It May Concern, Lost and Never Found · 10:55pm Aug 27th, 2015

I actually had this set done yesterday, but I forgot to post it. As such, you can all expect to get another set of reviews this weekend.

Today’s stories:

Daring Do and the Goggles of Shipping by CoffeeMinion
Last Words by BlazzingInferno
Keskiyönnon by Bradel
To Whom It May Concern by Pascoite
Lost and Never Found by Oroboro

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Read It Now Reviews #59 – Mare of Many Hats, The Counselor, There Is Always Some Madness In Love, Tick, This Side of the Mirror · 3:00am Oct 18th, 2015

For those of you who missed my post earlier today, Mistletrapped’s sixth chapter went up earlier today.

But Mistletrapped is not all there is to the world of ponies today. There was an episode, which I actually liked! And, of course, new stories to be read.

None of which relate to today’s episode, so maybe that was a bit misleading. Still! I’m sure at least some of them will be good, right?

Today’s stories:

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Read It Later Reviews #51 – Plainswalker; The Brief, Torrid Love-Affair of Fernando the Straw and Madame le Flour; “So… what IS your call sign, anyway?”; The Gentle People; The Element of Audacity; The Mechanical Donkey · 7:03pm Jun 8th, 2016

Procrastination on writing creates a surprising amount of motivation to review stories.

Today’s stories:

Plainswalker by Burraku Pansa
The Brief, Torrid Love-Affair of Fernando the Straw and Madame le Flour by CoffeeMinion
“So… what IS your call sign, anyway?” by Vivid Syntax
The Swap by Monochromatic
The Twilight Zone by Bad Horse
- The Gentle People
-The Element of Audacity
-The Mechanical Donkey

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