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It never quite happened exactly (for some reason), but they came very close, and certainly formed a close bond with the Tree. And looking at the point where they really should have got them (the Season 8 finale) we can make a reasonable deduction as to their Elements.

Is there really not a closer-up shot?

Anyway, if you assume that the auras matching the Mane 6's coat colours isn't a coincidence, then:

Gallus = Magic. A combination that seems odd at first, since griffons don't seem to have any. But if you use my alternate interpretation of it as an Element based in opening one's heart to others, then he would certainly qualify, having recently made the first friends in his life. (And he's had longer to bond with them then Twilight did!)
Yona = Honesty. Like AJ, she almost seems like a shoe-in - does she ever lie? But she does, in the following season, face a test in being herself as opposed to conforming to societal expectations, which fits.
Silverstream = Laughter. Another "obvious" one - she's the lightest hearted (and most airheaded) of the group, and almost impossible to hate. But like Pinkie, she grew up in a loving but stifled environment, where fear was more prevalent then joy - and unlike Pinkie, she only very recently got out.
Smoulder = Loyalty. Well, she certainly has it, even though dragons tend to a more selfish lifestyle - Garble has his band, but older ones seem to live solitarily. And Dash did say she wanted to try being a dragon at some point - and they've both been mistaken for guys. So why not?
Ocellus = Generosity. Well, that she went from all take to all give is part of her species backstory... but I do wonder if she was one of the holdouts who Thorax mentioned in Season 7.
Sandbar = Kindness. Well, he certainly seems like a nice guy - but now I kind of wonder if he always was.* And like Fluttershy, he seems almost more comfortable with non-ponies than with his own kind.

*In case you haven't figured out yet, my personal belief is that Element Bearers are not "naturals", but rather choose to follow a certain principle, even if it isn't always easy.

So what do you think? Would you have sorted them differently?

I agree with a bit of this and each elements (To me) suit each of the Young Six

School Raze makes sense because the Mane 6 had been shafted out (in-universe and by Hasbro). But the Tree seemingly having a fixation on the Knockoff Mane 6 is one of the stupider ideas from the later seasons.

Yes, the Mane 6 used the Elements in Season 9. But only because the Young 6 weren't there I feel. Otherwise, the Tree would have given the girls the middle hoof once more I feel.

Heck, Gallus getting Magic makes even less sense. What does he have that makes him worthy? The others have at least some claim to theirs. He doesn't. Your idea doesn't make much more sense for him either if I'm being honest.

What's wrong with my idea? It fits both him and Twilight, as well as others associated with the Element of Magic.

And is there something wrong with the Young Six serving as a new generation of Bearers? Others bore them before the Manes - that their students follow in their hoofsteps is only natural.

They pretty much confirmed the young six as element bearers (perhaps different names and variations just like they changed from the Pillars to the Elements) when Twilight said in the final confrontation against the three big bads that there would always be someone to carry on. Each generation in this interpretation would be the new Element Bearers, the old ones don't have theur connection severed-just like the Pillars still had their connection, but thenew ones have their own connection and help the elements grow and evolve.

I always wondered which elements the Young Six would best represent. Silverstream was obviously a representation of the Element of Laughter, but I had trouble figuring out what the others represented. The things you pointed out made perfect sense, and I’m glad I found this post.


Incidentally, both Spike and Smolder are basically the Element of Loyalty (well, Spike was a substitution attempt initially, but there was... other problems with that plan in S2; he went with Dash in S7's finale as a nod to that, and he participated in the final Rainbow Blast), and they are both dragons.

Magic not being 100% equivalent to raw sorcery itself is probably the premise of the show; it's in the title itself.

Well, the coloured auras helped... but once you see it, it is pretty obvious.

One might almost wonder if there's some link between dragons; hoarding instinct and the desire to keep your friends that's at the root of Loyalty...

7389290 Magic is basically a stand in for friendship. Twilight described it as "The spark that resides in the heart of us all.", and it at least was initially required to ensure the other elements could work. Gallus seems pretty worthy in that regard because friendship became so important and valuable to him.

It's not the idea. It's that Hasbro shafted the Mane 6 so badly to make the Knockoff 6 look good. And there was never a good explanation of why the Elements had gone to new beings.

At least with Celestia and Luna, the Nightmare Moon fiasco was a good explanation of why the Elements had gone to new ponies. Here it only feels like Hasbro said "Because reasons. Stop asking smart questions!" As the only reason.

Didn't help that the idea of the new six as the new Elements was only explored a few times, and then forgotten about. It's another sign of that Hasbro didn't put as much thought as they should have into some of the late season ideas and just hoped fans would blindly buy into it.

"They were there when they were needed and met the criteria" seems like a decent enough reason - it's how the Manes got the parts, after all.


"Hey Gallus, wanna be an Element Bearer and get superpowers?"

"Nah, I'm more of a bitten-by-a-radioactive-spider kinda guy."

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