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Who's seen any? Besides 'Double Rainboom'.

I'm still looking around for them. Even better, has anyone made a video of a fanfiction?

Comment posted by Frosthowl deleted Aug 2nd, 2013

Have you seen Snowdrop? How about derpy's toy? Or maybe even some pmv's?
(please don't hurt me)

1416068 I'd be interested in getting into making videos with my background being in production. But I haven't found many opportunities so I write fanfiction while looking for the chance.

It'd be interesting to see, to say the least.
Being able to watch proper movie-length fanfiction videos would be utterly awesome.
Getting voice actors, though... That might prove a challenge.


I might start a new project on Source Filmmaker where a detective and a pony (Spitfire) to investigate a case in Japan.

Not sure if its fanmade, but its worth a shot.

I don't think that there's anybody out there willing to make movie length fanfic videos. People just don't have the time or the patience to animate a video that long. Consider it takes many animators months to put out five minutes of animation, all done in their free time. The only reasons Double Rainboom didn't take forever to put up was because they had teams of animators and they were working mostly with memes.


They're everywhere. Fluffle Puff's videos, Snowdrop (meh), Children of the Night (meh), endless amounts of PMVs (both bad and so very good), abridged series (Mentally Advanced, Friendship is Witchcraft), Rainbow Dash Presents, EQUESTRIA GIRLS (that one poorly made but funny parody, I mean). That's all I got for now.

1416065 here are some to look for

Snow Drop
Luna's General Work Day
Children of the Night
Luna's Cutie Mark
A Day at the Dentist
The Doctor and his Assistant
The Mentally Advanced Series
Friendship is Witchcraft
Rainbow Dash Presents

You can also subscribe to Jhaller's YouTube channel. He does a monthly top 10 count down of all the Brony made videos each month.

1416065 There are some nice shorts out there, but none as long as "Double Rainboom". Actually there should be dozens out by now. Have you seen Epic Wub Time?

Well, for a given level of 'animated', you shouldn't ignore Turnabout Storm!

1416065 What about the the epic pony battles of history (spoof of ERB)

1416090 That's not the biggest problem at all. There are complete episodes with own voice actors (Friendship is Witchcraft) and other readings of comics and such. The usual problem seems to be the animation.
How come you've missed them all? Don't you ever look around Youtube?

No, I don't look around on YouTube a lot, to be honest. But whenever I put any sort of keyword that would relate to a 'fanmade' 'my little pony'/'mlp' I get nothing.

1416269 That's because none of them have that in the description, as you usually find them via related videos and can already tell then that it's a fanmade video.
Aside from the mentioned videos, there is also a "Top Ten Pony videos" released every month. Here, here, and here, for example. But you should really watch Epic Wub Time first - see above! It's the best fanmade video I know.
For more videos just click on a related video at the end.

1416269 Not looking around on YouTube is kind of the problem. :facehoof:

1416152 no Turnabout Storm on that list? :fluttercry::applecry::raritycry:

1416130 I've actually been trying (not movie-length, mostly one-shots). I just don't have a computer powerful enough to run Flash yet. (This bucking thing crashes when I open my Folders)

Got to deviantArt and search mlp animations. There are DOZENS!
Specifically, have you seen the "DVNO" animation? One of my all time favorites! :D

What OS do you use? Mac or Windows?


You haven't seen Snowdrop...:unsuresweetie:

is more of a parody of this day aria but here ya go

Everytime someone mentioned Snowdrop I think of Snowblind...
Can't ever take that vid seriously anymore:rainbowlaugh:

This probably isn't the fan-made that you're requesting but these are some of my fav PMVs and such
Village of the Dead
Wild Pinkie Appears
There is also all of the re-enactments by ponies, namely Star Wars, LOTR, Pokemon.
Two best sisters play is awesome too!


I only watched it once and that was the day it came out

Ah, the thing with trying to make videos with windows is it's actually not formatted to run creation software optimally. Macs run the software better. There are some programs that run better on windows but most are formatted for mac.

1440324 So I've been told. But too much at once going on right now. Can't really afford a Mac on a Subway salary at the moment:twilightblush: (I just graduated high school and haven't gotten a REAL job yet)

I hear you. I've been out for over a year now, still working at Teavana part time...

1441139 Thanks for nothing, public education system:facehoof:

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