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1. What is your favorite non-MLP franchise?

2. Have you ever done anything for a non-MLP franchise?

3. How does it feel being the secret Leader of the Barcast and/or the multiverse?

1) How was Christmas?
2) Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
3) What are the secrets of the Snufics?

?) Also, I don't know if I just missed it or if circumstances mean it isn't possible, but are you doing a Secret Santa this year?

  1. Whats your favorite video game?
  2. whats your favorite boss fight?
  3. have you accepted skeletor the master of the universe into your heart?
  4. you are in itty bitty equine city what business do you start ?
  5. Do you even praise bro?

\ [+] /

Can you -- can you slap me in the face? Just once, on the cheek? Just so I can feel the awesome power of your talented hand? (Is that a good enough backhanded compliment for ya?)

How are you today?~

1. What is your favorite heartwarming experience at a convention?
2. What writing advice would you give to those starting out who would like to create their own stories? This is not limited to MLP.
3. Do you have any Christmas or New Year’s Eve traditions?
4. Where would you like to see yourself in the next 3-5 years both personally and professionally?
5. I just inherited a bagged milk factory that supplies bagged milk to hospitals and pre-schools, what should I do with it?
6. What inspires and motivates you to continue riding this roller-coaster we call life?
7. Knowing that when you die, none of your accomplishments, dreams, or goals will matter and everyone will forget you ever existed, does this bother you?
8. We are born into this life alone and we pass on from this life alone. Are you afraid of being alone, knowing that no one will ever truly understand you?

9. You are in Ponyville and have just run into the famous Rainbow Dash. As you go to say hi, she turns around and screams, ROBCAKERAN53 WROTE MY LITTLE DASHIE!! All at once, thousands of voices start screaming “Robcakeran53 wrote My Little Dashie”, proclaiming that this is best story. Your head starts to pound, your knees start to shake, blood begins to ooze out of your ears, and you fall over, clutching your head as you violently scream. You will give in to the voices and proclaim that My Little Dashie is best story, or will you defiantly hold your ground and scream out your own meme?

10. [Starts Singing] Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around, and hurt you! Just as begin to sing the next line, Princess Celestia comes at you and pimp slaps you, declaring, “We do not sing that despicable song in our great nation. If you ever speak another verse of those wretched lyrics, I will personally banish you to the sun!” Will you turn around and let her down, or never give up, make her understand, and tell her how you’re feeling?

How does this make you feel?:


Question 1: Why are we screaming?

Question 2: Equestria: Vacation spot or permanent residence?

Question 3: Choose a piece of famous artwork (this includes literature) and choose a piece of your own artwork. Now... replace the famous artwork with yours and tell us how it affects history. (Your work gets the same exposure and use in classrooms, etc.)

The Most Beloved & Hated Canadian this side of Noveau Brunswick haaaaaaas some questions for yah!

One - Whaaaaaaaaat is your favorite meal, snack, or foodstuff that is really unhealthy but so friggin' delicious?

Two - What is the biggest or weeeeeeeeeeeirdest fear that you have?

Three - Whyyyyyyy is Bagged Milk the Best Milk?

Four - What is your one annnnnnnnoying habit?

Five - What's the theme sonnnnnnnnng for your sex life?

Six - Did you like your bunnies and laaaaadders?

Seven - If your entire life thus faaaaaaaar was a movie, what would be the title of it?

Eight - Just how big is your poooooooooorn stash?

Bonus - Anime fan by chance? If so, what are your faaaaaaaaavorites?

So, how is Snuuuu?
1.) What's it like to write the words?
2.) If you were given 33 drinks of your choice every week, would you give Knighty
a place to stay at/near your home?
3.) Would you hug thing-pone? Kiss them good night? Tell them every little thing is going to be alright?
Would you stick your peener in it?
4.) *How can you be soo cute?*
5.) Has the disappointment kicked in yet?
6.) On a scale of non-fat almond milk to full cream milk, how would you rate the barcast's huggability?
Have a great day, and stay snuute

Group Admin

Describe snu speeeak

How many wine glasses are appropriate to share with friends for enemas?

What's your most favorite food?

How is pooper the cat doing?

What inspires your writing?

What's the best way to describe your writing style?

When are you taking over the world?

Dirty talk and aeroplane noises!

Hello adorable and luxurious snu. I havent had the opportunity to pound your snu boo on my show so I'll ask a few questions here for all to see.

What does milk taste like?
Is thing pone readily available to give daddy some symbiote cummies?
What do you do to make yourself happy?
Would you fuck your waifu/husbando if they were made of spaghetti
Does a ship featuring daddy, milk, you, and Flutterpriest have any chance? <3

please read this limerick

In this fandom you will find neck beards who have lost their minds
they beat their dicks so cute and small to pony asses big and tall
Beta virgins hugging pillows loudly say

Also I love you snu I missed you.

If Snu won the Powerball, what would Snu do with the muns?

Group Admin


There once was a fandom of autists,
And sperglords of all the worst sort-ists.
Their dakis with cum
Were congealed like gum,
And all the diseases they'd caught-ists.

Yessir :(

There once was a writer named Priest
Whose cunt was all flaky with yeast.
He wrote of an ape
A horse wanted to rape,
Because he's a wonderful beast.

Masterpiece theatre right there.

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