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Along with our feature today, we have some news to announce: next week will be the first anniversary of the Royal Canterlot Library’s first interview. That’s right — 52 weeks’ worth of interviews with some of the fandom's best writers.

We thought we’d do something fun to mark the occasion. So, to celebrate one year of asking brony authors questions about horsewords, we’re giving you the opportunity to turn the tables on us!

For the next week, we invite all of you to ask us anything (individually or as a group). We’ll compile your questions and answer them in a special post on our website on Friday, Oct. 10, which will take the place of our usual feature next week. And yes, you may ask us anything.* Who’s best pony? Which was our favorite interview? Which one of us is the cute one? Anything you like!

(* Do note that, in order to keep a positive tone and keep our focus on the fandom's top stories, our answers won't discuss details of failed nominations — but we'll do our best to balance our mission with the full honesty of an AMA.)

To participate, just speak up right here in this thread, any time within the next week. We look forward to your questions!

Here's a few questions we brainstormed to get your mind going (don't worry, we'll answer these too!) …:

:twilightoops: What's the most surprising thing you've learned from being part of the RCL?

:trollestia: Have you ever nominated a trollfic?

:twistnerd: Pick a background pony to become an alicorn. What unexpected topic are they the princess of?

:duck: What fic is your guilty pleasure?

I'll go for an easy one. :moustache: What changes have you observed in the writing community over the past year? Do you feel the community has improved or worsened? (Quality of stories, number of good writers, attitude, whichever metric(s) you want to use)

What sort of stories have you guys rarely seen (if at all) that you'd like to see more of?

How long does it typically take you guys to decide upon which stories to feature?

How often are nominations turned down inside your little circle?

Oh, and why haven't you interviewed [insert name here] yet? You guys must have awful taste!

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Yay, off to a good start! Now to start figuring out who's answering what …

Because insert name here hasn't written any stories yet, silly! :V

You mean you only feature stories that have been written? Wow, biased much?

I've got a few for any who'd like to answer:
-Who's your favorite character to write/read and why?:pinkiehappy:

-What tags make you cringe when a story comes in?:twilightoops:

-Got a favorite genre to read/write?:coolphoto:

-Wildcard: What was your first favorite on Fimfic?:rainbowhuh:

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Do you feel that your work with the RCL has improved your own writing? If so, how?

What is your favorite word? Why?

Have any passages from the stories you've reviewed stuck with you?

If the Crystal Kingdom Limited leaves Ponyville going 60 miles per hour and the Canterlot Express leaves one hour later going 85 miles per hour, how long will it take the Express to catch up with the Limited?

What is your opinion of Trixie?

Copypasta from the site post:

I lurve the RCL. I used to have more time, but now going into my junior year of college, I'm busier than ever. So when I do read pony, I always go to for the best - and your suggestions are always awesome! :twilightsmile: Now for my questions!

How has the RCL vision changed over the year? Have you guys shifted gears at all?

Any plans to feature an already RCL featured author again? We all know there are some authors that have many outstanding works.

Among those talented authors how do you pick the story? Or does the specific story and what makes it unique matter more than the authors track record or magnum opus?

What do each of you bring to the table when it comes to:

1.) Story assessment, like your personal literary merit standards

2.) Story hunting - how do you find your suggestions that you share w/ other curators?

3.) Favorite stories - do your predilections for specific genres or characters get in the way of your assessment of the stories merit?

4.) Have your standards changed since starting the RCL?

5.) Personal favorite RCL feature so far?

Any plans for putting a file/document together with all the interviews and stories like RBDash47 did with the PFV? I'd like that! :pinkiehappy:

Each of you has read an insane amount of stories. How has the fanfiction community changed from past year to now?

Has it become harder to find stories up to your standards? Do you foresee the "well" of quality stories for you to find and feature running dry? Or has the community continued to grow stronger?

And finally, what happens if a curator goes rogue? Like evil evil

3673870 two questions.

1. What was it that got you hooked into the fandom in the first place? Friend recommending? Random scrolling online? What was the single thing that got you into it?

2. How do you get chosen for interviews? *cough* :trollestia:

How do you choose the stories/authors for interviews?

1. What is your name?

2. What is your quest?

3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen zebrican swallow? :trollestia:

4. Of all the writers on Fimfiction, what are the top four you think would be good additions to the show's writing staff?

1. What is your personal writing workflow like?
For example, do you have a specific wordcount goal for how many words you will write each day? Has it been work to make writing a consistent habit, or is it something that comes naturally to you?
Do you take the time to do additional drafts for fanfic that you write, if so how much, and what's your process for editing and rewriting?

2. How many people do you ask to preread a story you wrote before submission?

3. Which character do you find most difficult to write?

4. How has writing pony fanfiction affected your day to day speech? Any funny moments or slip ups?

5. What story concept can you not stop reading about you love it so much?

6. What story concept have you read so many times you've gotten sick of it?

7. Which two characters have the most interesting relationship to read about?

8. Do you believe Sturgeon's Law is real?

9. Do your friends and family know how much fanfic you read/write? How did you tell them, or how do you avoid bringing it up?

And finally, a portal to Equestria opens up at your local supermarket next to the dairy section, what do you do?

Comment posted by Crystal Secret deleted Oct 4th, 2014

1) Would you eat an aborted Foetus for one billion pounds?
2) Would you rather wipe your ass with clingfilm, or sandpaper?
3) Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or a duck sized horse?
4) Would you rather watch porn OF your parents, or watch porn WITH your parents?

When will senpai notice me? *sudokus all over Horizon*

Group Admin

At 1:37 a.m. local time, six hours and 22 minutes after your question. :trixieshiftright:

3690007 \
You know what I meant. :trollestia:

How is it that the RCL is 90 weeks old, and adds 1 story per week, and has 156 stories?

How come you asked for questions, then didn't answer any of them?

Group Contributor


How is it that the RCL is 90 weeks old, and adds 1 story per week, and has 156 stories?

I think that the same story gets counted multiple times by FiMFic when we put it in multiple folders; for example, The Fight for Cranberry Hill is SoL/Comedy, so it shows up in both folders, and appears to count as two stories.

Also, because we're all time wizards.

How come you asked for questions, then didn't answer any of them?

We did! They're over here, if you're interested it seeing what we said.

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