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Here we go! Guidelines below are adapted from the TwiLuna and TwiLestia collabs, which in turn copied them from the AppleDash collab.

What the title says. Here are the rules:

Someone starts off by posting a short mini-fic about Nightmare Moon and Twilight Sparkle. 100-1500 words is a suggested length, though if they go over we won't complain. At the end will be a one word prompt. If you would like to write a short MoonLight mini-fic relating to that prompt within the next few hours, comment right away to claim that prompt. Post the story in this thread when you finish, and add a one word prompt at the end for the next author to claim.

Simple enough?

Just to make sure everything is clear:

* The mini-fic can be in any style, any tag: AU, humanized, whatever. It can be a cute scene, a snippet of conversation, or an excerpt from an Equestrian history book. It's not expected to be preread or proofread, and if you've never written before that's just fine. Just keep it rated teen or lower and make sure it's about Nightmare and Twilight and it relates somehow to the prompt you claimed.

* Claim prompts with a quick post responding to the last post. Just the word "claimed" is fine. When you finish, make a post with the mini-fic and the next prompt.

* Your claim is valid for twenty-four hours, to keep someone from accidentally holding things up all day. After that, another person could post a claim for the same prompt. If you ran out of time, and no one else has claimed it, and you still want to write it, just go ahead and reclaim it.

* In the event that people become confused, and two fics are posted for the same prompt, the first one posted contains the official next prompt.

* Please include a one word prompt at the end of your fic. There are lots of words, and they can mean lots of things, and it's up to the next writer what they want to do with it.

If you'd like to play, I'll give the first few prompts. After we have a few prompts completed then I (TheLastBrunnenG) will put it into a story and we'll just update that as we play on this forum.

Here are the first prompts, whoever's up for them:

Prompt: Armor
Prompt: Research
Prompt: Slowly

I'll post a link to the published story as soon as it's a go. Also, if anyone has a better title for the collection, do please say so. Otherwise...

Claiming slowly

My, that was quick. Trying to outdo the Chrysalight start, huh?

Not a competition, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want this collab to get some serious attention.

Y'all are fast! Got one in the pipeline myself, once a good prompt shows up. Might actually write one for the Twysalis collab too.

3581559 Question, teacher! What if I have an idea, but it might take a bit to get the romance going? Would that be acceptable?

I know this is a Moonlight collab, but I'm totally gonna work in Lunamoonlight. I've had something I've been meaning to write for that for a while now.

Threesome time? Threesome time. Now all y'need to do is somehow work Celly into it and you've got yourself a powerful orgy!

Oh god that sounded like a salesman pitch in my head. Creepycreepycreepy.

Grasshopper, so long as we know it's heading toward Romance, let thy words fly! Maybe a hint or two early on would be nice.

Go for it. I had a similar idea, sort of.

Creepy? Creepy.

A very good pony response, but I was thinking more of this.

3581626 Does this mean we have a host for the threesome prompt collab?:duck:


3581559 If you're still taking ideas for the name of the collab, Mares in Moonlight is something that popped in my head.

Anyway, Armor.
Shining not included


Nightmare-Moon could be called many things. Maniacal, manic, monstrous, psychotic, impulsive, obsessive, brooding, dark, sexy, fat ass.

Those last two she actually had been called quite recently. The ever cheery and pro-organization Twilight had called her sexy. That had made her blush. The ever snacking and hypocritical Celestia had called her fat ass. That had made her blush as well.

Have you looked behind yourself lately, Celestia? Wait, there’s no point because you cannot even see behind yourself. Nightmare thought with a smirk. Which was quickly turned into a frown. Why couldn’t I have thought of that earlier?

Nightmare sighed. Stupid Celestia, calling my rump fat, when it is she who possesses the fattened behind. Stupid Twilight, calling me sexy, making me blush in front of stupid Celestia. her frown deepened as she looked down and realized she was polishing her own hoof instead of her breastplate. Stupid trivial things distracting me.

Obsessive was the one they liked to whisper now, the ones that weren’t Celestia or Twilight. So what if she would go into her tower, spending all day in there, polishing her armor? She needed to be presentable!

“I am not obsessive,” Nightmare said to the air as she placed the breastplate aside and picked up her helmet, beginning to give it its fifth coat of polish.

“You keep talking to yourself and ponies will start calling you crazy,” said a voice from a corner.

For all her insistence on being unshakable, Nightmare jumped. She rounded on the source of the voice, horn lighting up as she prepared to smite the intruder.

But the magic died down once she realized it was only Twilight. “Oh, hello,” Nightmare said, turning away from Twilight and back to her task.

“Is that all I get? ‘Hello’?” Twilight asked in mock offence.

“Hello, Twilight,” Nightmare said, giving the purple pony a little smile to indicate she wasn’t really upset.

“Hello, Nighty, how are you this fine pre-dawn?” Twilight said as she trotted over to the larger mare.

Nightmare blushed at the mention of her pet name, but then tilted her head at Twilight’s words. “Pre-dawn? I worked through the night?”

Twilight nodded. “Yep. Again.”

Nightmare frowned. “I am sorry, Twilight. We had a date, yes?”

Twilight shrugged. “It’s alright, you can make it up to me next time.” she looked over Nightmare’s set of armor, all laid out on the floor before the alicorn. “Your armor looks good. All nice and polished.”

“No,” Nightmare said as she picked the helmet up again. “It needs another polish.”

Twilight’s next smile looked pained. “Nighty… have you even considered going outside without your armor on?”

“Of course I have.”

“And?” a bit of hopefulness there.

“It was a foolish idea that was quickly discarded to make room for better ideas.”

Twilight’s smile fell. “Nighty… I think it would be better if you stopped hiding inside this metal skin of yours.”

Nightmare stopped her polishing and looked to Twilight. “Hiding? Do you mean to imply I live in fear of something and must hind from it? I am the Mistress of Nightmares and I-”

Nightmare’s speech was cut short by Twilight pressing a hoof to her lips. “I know Nighty, I know. But you told me you were unhappy the nobles and commoners seemed afraid of you.”

Nightmare pushed Twilight’s hoof away. “But I mean them no harm! They are simply too-”

Twilight put her hoof back where it was. “I know that, Nighty, but some ponies have a little trouble understanding that when you insist on being dressed in full battle armor all the time.” Twilight sighed and removed her hoof. “Tomorrow, for me, will you leave all this here and just walk around with me?” Twilight asked softly. “Luna and Celestia can be there too, if it would help.”

Nightmare frowned. “I would prefer it if I was not strutting around naked and venerable. But for you, Twilight? I will try it.”

Twilight smiled. “Thank you. I can practically guarantee you’ll like the gardens more without lugging around all that metal all day.”

“Perhaps, Twilight,” Nightmare said, looking at her helmet, a small smile forming on her muzzle. “Perhaps.”

Next Prompt: Lotion

First entry! Rock and roll, y'all!

Renewing my claim on slowly

3584244 Anticipation Intensifies.


I...I don't really know what happened here. I started this as the original idea I had, gave up on it about a third of the way through, started two completely new ideas, gave up on them, then returned to this and had it morph on me as I wrote it. Writing is weird sometimes.

For Twilight, chances to take a break and relax were relatively few and far between. Between her duties as a Princess, her ongoing studies in magic, as well as a certain…other project, it left little time for her to sit down and take a moment for herself.

She was grateful, then, when she managed to find the time to have a cup of tea with Fluttershy at one of Ponyville’s small cafés. Sadly, her other friends had been unable to attend for various reasons, ranging from an insect infestation for Applejack, large pending orders for Pinkie Pie and Rarity, and being asked to assist Spitfire in overseeing Manehatten’s Water Lift for the Cloudsdale weather factories.

Though she was disappointed that the rest of her friends couldn’t be there, Twilight was no less happy when Fluttershy arrived. The two exchanged a quick hug before choosing a small table in the café’s outdoor section.

“Oh Twilight, it’s so good to see you again,” Fluttershy said with a smile, which Twilight returned brightly.

“You too Fluttershy. How’s life in Ponyville been in the last few weeks?”

“It’s been wonderful!” Fluttershy gushed excitedly, before quickly shrinking down again. “T-that’s not to say it’s been great because you’ve been gone, because it would’ve been even better if you’d been here, but please don’t think I’m trying to convince you to come back, unless that is you want to—“

“Fluttershy, would you like me to stop you?” Twilight asked with a raised eyebrow.

Fluttershy clamped her mouth shut tightly and nodded. Twilight resisted the urge to giggle and motioned for a waiter. It was something she enjoyed about Ponyville: she might have been a Princess, but in this one small corner of Equestria, she was still Twilight Sparkle. Well…at least to most ponies in town. She could hardly blame the fillies and colts for being fascinated with the brand new Princess living just up the street.

“Your Highness, Fluttershy,” the waitress, Wheat Grass, greeted them warmly. “How are you ladies doing today?”

Fluttershy, having something to focus on other than trying not to accidentally possibly offend somepony maybe, peaked out from behind her mane. “I’m doing very well, thank you. How is Ms. Flappy doing?”

Wheat Grass’s smile broadened, from the generic ‘server smile’ into a genuine one. “She’s doing much better, thanks to you. I really can’t thank you enough.”

Fluttershy blushed and looked down in embarrassment. “Oh, I didn’t do much. I just wrapped her wing up nice and snug so it could heal right. Anypony could do that.”

“Maybe, but I’d still like to repay you somehow.” Wheat Grass let her words hang in the air for a long moment before resuming her professional bearing. “In the meantime, what would you two like to drink?” Twilight and Fluttershy each gave their orders, and Wheat Grass quickly departed to let them peruse the menu.

The moment they were alone again, Twilight shot her friend a devious grin. “Well, somepony made a new friend while I was away.”

While many ponies thought her an island of innocent ignorance, Fluttershy was more than able to pick up on what Twilight was implying. Her face lit up like the setting sun, and she shook her head furiously.

“O-oh no, its not like that at all!” she insisted. “I-I just helped her pet parrot after she broke her wing last week.”

Twilight’s smirk didn’t waiver, but she let the matter drop to spare Fluttershy’s heart the strain of maintaining her entire blood supply in her cheeks. Her mercy was ‘rewarded’ with a teasing prod of Fluttershy’s own.

“How are things coming with Nightmare Mo—“

Twilight leapt across the table and covered Fluttershy’s mouth with her hooves, panic in her eyes. “Don’t say her—“


“—name,” Twilight finished lamely, her hooves and face, falling onto the table. Fluttershy looked around in confusion for the source of the downright maniacal laughter, but her focus quickly changed when the sky was engulfed in dark, foreboding storm clouds. The rolling thunderheads materialized from nothing, and swirled into a dark mass so deep it overpowered the noonday sun and bathed Ponyville in darkness.

Where is Our Beloved?” a voice boomed from everywhere and nowhere, all consuming and intangible as the wind.

With a resigned sigh, Twilight raised a hoof and waved it about. “Right here, Moonie.”

From on high, a figure of pure darkness descended to the ground. The figure slammed into the ground, a thunderbolt striking just behind it to punctuate the landing. The shadows around the figure slowly receded, revealing the imposing form of Nightmare Moon, the Reborn Darkness.

“Twilight,” she whispered urgently, glancing around to see if anypony else had heard her pet name, “Not in front of the peasantry.”

“For the hundredth time, Moonie,” Twilight repeated, louder this time to ensure the café’s other (terrified)customers had heard her, “They aren’t peasants, they’re subjects.

“Um, Twilight? That still sounds a little demeaning,” Fluttershy ventured.

Twilight ignored her, instead deciding to continue berating her marefriend. “And why are you here, interrupting my lunch with Fluttershy?” Twilight demanded as she stood and pushed into Nightmare Moon’s personal space, somehow managing to look intimidating next to the alicorn who was nearly twice her size.

Nightmare Moon dropped her gaze to the ground in shame, idly kicking a loose stone. “I…I missed you,” she said quietly, her tone easily likened to that of a kicked puppy.

Twilight’s heart melted at the sight, and she quickly enveloped the larger mare in a hug.

“I know, but we’ve talked about this. You need to get to know some ponies other than me, and I need to spend time with my other friends. Do you know this is the first time I’ve been back to Ponyville since your Rising?” Twilight said gently.

Nightmare Moon nodded, unwilling to meet Twilight’s eyes. “I did, and I’m…I’m sorry. This was foolish of me.”

Twilight lifted Nightmare Moon’s face with a hoof and forced her to look up. “No, it wasn’t foolish. It was actually kind of sweet, in a way.” Twilight lightly kissed her marefriend before releasing her.

“But right now I would like for you to go back to Canterlot. If I’m not mistaken, Lieutenant Whisper Wind’s horror movie marathon is today. I think you’d enjoy it.”

Twilight smiled supportively, which Nightmare Moon eventually returned. “Very well, I shall take my leave then. I—“ Nightmare Moon once again looked around suspiciously at the various ponies watching the exchange, before continuing in a whisper audible only to Twilight, “I love you.”

Twilight’s eyes glistened for a split second before she closed them and gave her marefriend another quick peck. “I love you too, Moonie. Now, off with you. I’ll see you tonight.” Twilight punctuated her statement with a light slap of her wing on Nightmare Moon’s flank. It was quickly proven that black coats were not, in fact, 100% effective at hiding blushes.

Like a rocket, Nightmare Moon departed the quiet village, leaving Twilight to retake her seat across from Fluttershy. As the clouds and shadows dispersed, Twilight watched the retreating form of her marefriend as she headed towards Canterlot. With a blissful, far away look, she turned to her friend.

“To answer your question, Fluttershy, things with her are coming along. Slowly, but I think I’m making progress.”

Word count: 1224

New Prompt: Date

*snatches Date* MINE!:pinkiecrazy:
:twilightoops::twilightblush: Ahem I mean... I claim date.:facehoof:

3589893 Alright, that ending is legit one of the most adorable things I've seen in a while, especially Twilight slapping that flank.:twilightblush:

3589893 Writing is weird at time.
And I love it!:pinkiehappy:
Wheat Grass x Fluttershy OTP

3589946 Damn.:trixieshiftleft:

All the same:trixieshiftright:. I look forward to it.:raritywink:


Claiming Lotion

Prompt: Lotion

"What are you wearing?" Nightmare Moon had asked her.

Twilight was wearing her hair up in a ponytail, perched on her bed, cross-legged and nose deep in a book. She looked up at her. "Huh?" Followed her eye-line, she skimmed her hooves along her mane. "Oh, you mean my ponytail?"

"Is that what it is called?" Nightmare asked, plopping herself on the bed.

"Yup." Twilight shrugged. "I wasn't in the mood to brush my hair today, so I just did this instead."

"I like it," Nightmare Moon surmised, before leaning her head against Twilight's shoulder. "Hmm, your coat is really soft today as well." She perked up. "Am I getting a surprise of sorts?"

Twilight frowned. "I'm sorry, Nighty, but no. I just bought a new brand of lotion earlier."

"Lotion for what, exactly?"

"To make sure your coat and skin is hydrated and smooth," Twilight explained. "Most ponies don't want to be all dry and rough when they touch somepony else."

"Oh." Nightmare had nodded.


In the present, Nightmare Moon sighed. Her bath had been wholly relaxing, but the sigh was bittersweet. As nice as it had been, she had to get out sometime. Standing up, she wobbled but ultimately found her balance. Moving aside the shower curtain, she stepped onto the tiled floor.

Her hoof slid like greased butter, dropping her like a sack of potatoes. With the rest of her gangly lags flailing about, she collapsed into a yelping, soaked, rubber ducky shower curtain-wrapped mess.

The door barged open seconds later. "What happened?!" Twilight cried.

Two bottles of hydrating lotion clattered to the floor, hollow and empty. Nightmare Moon's head popped up from the wreckage, mane bound in a ponytail.

That's that. My first time writing this ship so there's definitely some kinks to work out.

Next Prompt: Grumpy

3591303 Hah, well, it's an extreme anomaly. Usually I work at a snail's pace.

3591258 I like it.:pinkiehappy:

Also, Grumpy is mine now.:pinkiecrazy:


Usually I work at a snail's pace.

*cough*Kinetics*cough* Though seriously, take your time. It's worth the wait.

Rated BD: Beyond Diabeetus.

Like Ancient Relic Luna readjusting to modern times, except with added evil.

We're at 2K words, y'all. I'll give Fuzz time to submit Research, if possible. Otherwise, we'll go live with whatever's done in the next day or two. Likely Tuesday. I'll group-bomb it then, and blog it too. It'll be my 100th blog post and my 2-year anniversary "thing".

Current prompts:

Prompt - Claimed by

Research - Fuzzyfurvert

Date - Foals Errand

Grumpy - (none)

I might throw out a couple of extra prompts just in case.

I'm gonna claim Grumpy, but I won't get to post it until tomorrow. If someone else wants it before then, they can take it.

3592010 Ah, Grumpy was claimed up there.:twilightsheepish:


Yeah, I see that now. Sorry, kind of skipped to the current prompt post without verifying if the data was 100% correct.

3592059 Is 'K bra.:twilightsmile:

I'll get working right quick so there's a juicy prompt for ya soon.:raritywink:

And since I'm running out of ideas for prompts, suggestions are welcome.

Had my post written for over an hour before I hit the "Post" button, so I missed Grumpy getting claimed. No sense wasting a good idea, so either / both of you write Grumpy if you have inspiration! We'll take two, thanks.

Don't want to bottleneck the creativity early! Here, have some bonus prompts:

Prompt - Claimed by

Research - Fuzzyfurvert

Date - Foals Errand

Grumpy - TheWraithWriter and ultra1437

Onyx - (none)

Dictionary - (none)

Balcony - (none)

Kitten(s) - (none)

Going to see if I could write something with "Balcony".

Prompt: Balcony
Under the glow of the full moon perched high in the sky, the late hour ensured the streets of Ponyville were quiet and empty of its usual liveliness. The calm silence was broken by an inky shadow that passed through the beams of moonlight to land before an awe inspiring tree created from shining crystal, this, the home of the newest Equestrian Princess was like the streets, quiet and still.

The inky shadow reformed to the shape of a tall mare whose feathered wings were shaped similar to those of a bat, a long horn protruded from her forehead its tip gleaming with razor sharpness; her form encased in full battlegear of pale blue. Her teal eyes lifted upwards towards the overhanging balcony that led into the personal chambers of the resident Princess.

“Oh Twilight, Twilight” she called out in a silky tone out while weaving a small spell to ensure that only her intended recipient would hear her so as to not awaken the citizens of the small town. “Wherefore art thou Twilight?”

Her call was answered mere moments later by an irate alicorn of lavender colouration. Her purple eyes were glaring deeply at late night intruder. “Nightmare, it is well past midnight!” She too had woven the same spell to keep the words between them but her volume was still effective to the Nightmare’s ears. “What’s worse is you quoting from a well-known romantic scene from one of the playwright Spear Shaker’s plays and in the completely wrong way!”

Her intruder merely gave a sly smile, “Should such minor details be imposed upon matters of the heart? For what other ways is there to claim another’s heart but with the recitation of words from a master?”

The mare on the balcony growled, “With your own words. Which is not an invitation to start! I told you I have no interest in looking for a coltfriend or marefriend!”

With no flicker of light the onyx coated mare vanished only to appear once more by the irated alicorn whose glare merely intensified. “Oh? No interest whatsoever? Was the invitation for the play a lie then?” Her wing outstretched and gently began caressing the other mare. “Is it not customary for courtship to begin with events such as those?”

Raising her own wing she brushed away the onyx wing, “Perhaps in your time but it was to allow you to catch up on things you’ve missed over the millennium. Luna was banished centuries before this play was written and it seemed to be a good starting point. Besides battlegear does not fit that play in the slightest, your appearance is more suited to be in Wagner’s play as a Valkyrie.”

“Perhaps I am a Valkyrie” Nightmare purred, “It was the custom for one to be the dominant in the courtship, the stallion who would protect his mare.” Closing the gap to face the peeved Princess in the eyes, “Perhaps for the relationship of two mares there is one mare is the protector.”

“Just leave!” Breaking contact with the visitor intent on reclaiming what sleep had been robbed from her by this late night encounter.

To this the Nightmare reappeared once more in front of the Princess and pounced. A full deep kiss the Nightmare gave, the Princess startled yet made no move to leave its embrace. Instead she chose to deepen the kiss yet even as she did she felt the soft lips leaving her. “No hesitance have I sensed, that kiss you certainly enjoyed. You can’t fight this my dear Twilight.” purring out a final message before vanishing altogether. Behind she had left a Princess dazed and now unsure of the depths of her feelings for her once enemy.

New Prompt: Rose

First time writing Nightmare Moon, two inspirations for her portrayal; this and this song.

Here's my version of Grumpy.

“Please?” Nightmare Moon curled a wing around her smaller, purple companion as they surveyed the stars from a large balcony.

“Hmph.” Twilight Sparkle shifted away, huffing petulantly.

“Come on, please?” Nightmare shifted closer again.

“Don’t want to.” Twilight kept up her retreat, standing up.

“Pretty please?” Nightmare was on her hooves now.

“The physical appearance of the word please has no bearing on my decision.” Nightmare sighed at Twilight’s lengthy reply.

“Pretty please with an extra hour of night on top?” Nightmare’s eyes betrayed her true feelings on the matter.

“Getting better.” Twilight slowed down and turned to look back.

“Pretty please with an extra hour of night and the librarians won’t bother you?” Nightmare showed her trump card morosely.

“... Fine. What do you want?” Twilight made her return to Nightmare’s side.

“To spend this glorious evening with you. That is all, I swear.” Nightmare wanted so much more, but she would take what she could get, for now.

“Nothing… more?” Twilight had almost caught her, it seems.

“Not unless you want to.” Not a lie, at least completely.

“Fine. I’ll stay.” Nightmare held her shout of joy, settling for nuzzling Twilight’s cheek.

“Why are you so grumpy around me?” Nightmare asked as she pulled back.

“I… don’t know. I can’t describe it.” Twilight looked away, a small sadness taking her over as she slouched.

“Try, for me, please?” Another nuzzle, this time against Twilight’s forehead.

“Why?” Twilight pulled away slightly to look Nightmare in the eyes.

“Because if I know why, I can help you be rid of that grumpiness, Miss Grumpypants.” A black hoof tapped Twilight’s muzzle softly.

“We don’t wear pants.” Twilight shot her a flat look.

“My joke still stands.” Nightmare chuckled lightly, drawing a wing against Twilight.

“Okay, Okay. I’ll try.” Twilight took a deep breath.

“Maybe it was from when we first met. You tried killing me; then when my friends and I beat you with the Elements, I had the feeling you weren’t gone. Not completely.” Twilight trembled slightly. “Then you returned. Not having taken over Luna, but as your own pony. That scared me far more than you know. But… you came to me of all the princesses to surrender yourself. To prove you weren’t going to take over the planet and cause eternal night.”

Nightmare replied, “At first… at first I planned on doing just that. Somewhere along the way, I got distracted.” Her eyes sparkled. “By this beautiful, purple mare who’d defeated me the first time I came back. She had grown some wings and fit perfectly into her role as princess so well that I knew if I were to try, I would stand no chance, even without the Elements against me. So I improvised.”

“You surrendered, and you were put into my custody, to make sure that you weren’t evil,” Twilight stated smartly.

“I think the words Pinkie used were, ‘We gotta make sure she’s not the evil Queen Black Snooty we once knew. Once she’s good, then I can throw her a party!’” Both mares chuckled. Nightmare continued softly, “I know I harbor no grudge against anypony. I just wish to help you in any way I can.”

Twilight jumped slightly. “I… think I know why I’m so grumpy around you now. I keep wanting to see you as evil. I keep wanting to see another great villain rise up for my friends and I to fight. These last few years of doing just that has made me antsy when there’s nothing going on. I keep expecting a fight, yet not getting one.”

Nightmare asked, “We could spar?”

Twilight shook her head. “No, other ponies would likely see that and think you’re attacking me.”

“If you wish to relieve some tension, I could help with that, too.” Nightmare laughed once as she kept her eyes on the sky, refusing to look down at the pony in her wing.

Twilight’s blush made her rival Philomena’s feathers. “No! I don’t need… that. I just need time to settle down and get used to your presence.”

“I will wait as long as it takes, Twilight.” Nightmare lifted her wing before standing and walking away.

Twilight felt as though she’d kicked Nightmare like a puppy. “We could…”

Nightmare turned, her ears folding back. “No, Twilight. Do not force yourself to do anything for my sake. Come to me when you are ready. That is all I ask.” Nightmare turned back around, spread her wings and took off from the balcony.

Edit - Gdocs link because i'm an idiot and keep forgetting to add this. I usually do just in case of formatting like BBCode, since I write it with the code inside. There wasn't any, this time.

This was originally just the first third of the chapter, but then the scene played out in my head and the rest of it took shape. Still a ton of fun to write!

New prompt: Hammer.

Nicely done! I think we're ready to roll.

Current Prompts:

Prompt - Claimed by

Research - Fuzzyfurvert

Date - Foals Errand

Grumpy - TheWraithWriter

Onyx - (none)

Dictionary - (none)

Kitten(s) - (none)

Hammer - (none)

Rose - (none)

So when are we going live?

Prompt: Kitten
“How was that possible? Music, the sound that is both wondrous and terrifying, how was it used for this? I have heard music, battle hymns sung in the heat of battle to channel mighty war spells but this….” said an alicorn with an onyx coat.

Her companion, an alicorn with a lavender coat answered back, “It was just luck that she was flying over at the time. She’s not Pinkie so I’m certain she doesn’t have a sense for when ponies are looking for pets.”

The onyx mare gave a frustrated stomp, “I have brought low creatures of great skill and might and yet one pegasus has brought me down with singing?” The mare gave a snort, “What form of foul magic has granted her such power?”

Her companion only shook her head, “None, its just Fluttershy. The only unusual ability I’ve noted is her Stare which is able to calm down rowdy creatures. She just gets enthusiastic when somepony declares they are looking for a pet.”

“A pet, yes! Why would you even suggest such pitiful creatures as pets? Why would you even suggest one to begin with?”, the onyx said turning to face her companion.

Meeting her companion’s eyes the lavender mare answered, “Owning a pet can be rewarding, they are good at providing companionship which is something you need to work on is connecting with others. A pet is a place to start since besides myself and Luna you’ve refused to speak to anypony else. Pets in this day and age are not meant to intimidating hence the “pitiful” creatures as you described it are appropriate as pets.”

“I have spoken with others….”, the onyx mare began.

The lavender mare glared at her companion, “You scared them, even Fluttershy once she finished singing flew into her cottage. It took her animals and me several minutes for her to come outside again.”

“The mare is skittish.”

That mare is my friend.”

“Skittish is apt. I merely desired a powerful being as my pet.”

“You wanted a black panther, it’s not even native to Equestria!”

“The choice was perfect, with an onyx coat like mine and a predator much like I am!”

“The idea was for us to help lessen other ponies’ fear of you not increase it.”

“A small ball of white fluff is not a pet!”

“It was a kitten, one that could use a good home.”

The onyx mare broke eye contact and turned to leave, “If that is what passes for a pet then I will not take one in.”

The lavender mare sighed, “A pet really a good way to help connect with other ponies.”

“I will not take a kitten in” the onyx mare said in a finite tone that refused further arguments on the matter.

A sound of rustling broke the growing tension and from the bush came a small deep grey pup made from wood.

“It looks like an Everfree Timberwolf likely from some of the deeper parts of the Forest as I haven’t seen that colouration before.” said the lavender mare.

The pup made its way over to the onyx mare who lifted it in her magic, “Not my first choice but it is an acceptable pet! I shall name you Nightfall.

Her companion sighed, it seems the onyx mare was getting her dangerous pet after all.

New Prompt: Runes


So when are we going live?

How about now?

Just hit the Submit button, and my 100th blog post is loaded & ready. We've got some good stuff here, folks. This'll be a fun ride!

Current prompts:

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Research - Fuzzyfurvert

Date - Foals Errand

Grumpy - TheWraithWriter

Onyx - (none)

Dictionary - (none)

Runes - (none)

Hammer - (none)

Rose - (none)

3599600 Oh, I forgot I still had Grumpy. I'll have to let that one go.

Pf-Pft...W-What...W-Why-...Well I never, why was I not informed about this wonderful collab!?:flutterrage:
On a later note, awesome to see one finally going:pinkiehappy:

How was I not told of this either!? Seems that the Chrylight thread is starting to die a little:fluttercry::pinkiesad2:
Eh, I claim Onyx

Prompt: Onyx

Twilight huffed as she trotted up the mountain, a large cart of onyx being toted by a young earth pony colt.
On the top of the mountain sat a half-finished castle, made of dark black onyx, sat, its coloring matching the eternal night sky.
Nightmare Moon, Twilight's former enemy and present boss/lover, was shouting orders at the working ponies while she lounged on a tall throne made of pure amethyst.
Twilight sighed at the sight of the beautiful mare. She soon reached the top, the panting colt behind her collapsing the second she used her magic to carry the load of onyx to a large pile of the stone.
Twilight gave the colt a minute to rest before making him get up and go down the mountain to get another wagon full of onyx.
Twilight trotted up to the amethyst throne in the unfinished throne room, the chair of her lover. She reported her findings and reports of the work ethic and quality of the worker ponies.
Then Nightmare Moon floated Twilight onto her lap, kissing her deeply. No pony was around, so they kissed while the castle of onyx was built around them.

Hope you liked it!:rainbowwild:
First try at Moonlight
Next Prompt: Nightmares


Seems that the Chrylight thread is starting to die a little


3600514 Pouncing on NIghtmares

Hm, gonna try my hand at Rose. Never wrote anything for Moonlight so this might take a bit:ajsleepy:


Current prompts:

Prompt - Claimed by

Research - Fuzzyfurvert

Date - Foals Errand

Grumpy - (none)

Nightmares- Macho Madness

Dictionary - (none)

Runes - (none)

Hammer - (none)

Rose - ShinyMoon

I think the power might have gone to your head....

Anyway claiming "Hammer".

Ok my fellow Moonlight fans, here's Rose. I thoroughly hope you enjoy it. :pinkiesmile:

“Nightmare? Nightmare?” yelled a lavender alicorn as she roamed the halls looking for said goddess. Twilight had already searched the throne room, the bakery and the baths (she knew how much Nightmare Moon loved to take long showers.)

Twilight was getting a tad tired from searching for Nightmare, having been up all night working on a few new spells, she didn't get much sleep. She was surprised when she awoke to see her lover not still asleep beside her. Nightmare Moon wasn't known for being an early riser. This only made it hard for Twilight to wake her up.

Sighing, Twilight trotted further through the halls intent on finding where the mischievous alicorn was hiding. She ended up in the Royal Gardens, the only place she hadn't thought to look.

As she walked through the maze, she came across a secret passage. Peeking inside, Twilight saw the onyx coat of the person she was looking for, huddled over something that seem to enrapture her. If she weren't so taken with whatever it was, she would've heard Twilight come in.

“Nighty? What are you doing all the way back here? And what’s that in your hooves?” asked Twilight, very curious as to what was going on.

“T-Twilight?! W-What are you doing in here?” Nightmare stammered, startled at Twilight's sudden appearance. Her muzzle now bright red from hearing the lavender alicorn’s nickname for her. Her black coat wasn't so good at hiding blushes. Actually, it only made them even more pronounced.

“I was looking all over the palace for you, only to find you here. I didn't know you liked flowers, Nighty,” said Twilight.

“I...don’t actually like flowers,” came the meek reply. Unusual meekness for the proud and frightening Queen of Nightmares.

“Then why are you in the garden?” Twilight’s curiosity started to get the better of her. Realizing this, Nightmare Moon knew she couldn't hide it from her any longer.

Turning around so that her front was now facing Twilight, Nightmare revealed a very unique rose in her hooves.

Twilight gasped at the rose. It was gorgeous, exotic and breath taking all together. The petals were onyx and appeared to be moving like the ethereal manes of the princesses. Inside the onyx petals were miniature stars, surrounded by what looked like miniature galaxies and the milky way. The stem was wispy but it did not bend from the weight of the flower, instead it added an air of grace to the already elegant flower.

“It was meant for you, as a gift for being such a kind and loving pony. For helping me integrate into society, even though that process took some time. It took me months to grow this, having to ensure that there was enough energy so it would grow and blossom, flourish you could say. Too much energy, and the rose would literally explode; but too little, and it would wither and die instantly. I wasn't sure if you would like it-” Nightmare’s rant was cut off as she heard sobs above her.

Raising her head, she saw Twilight with tears pouring from her eyes.

“D-Do you not like it?” Nightmare asked, fearing the answer.

“What’s it called?” sobbed Twilight, hardly getting any words to come out.

“A Nebula Rose,” was Nightmare’s response before Twilight threw herself into her lover’s hooves. Sobbing harder, truly flattered that someone would do something like this for her.

“Thank you, thank you,” whispered Twilight, “I love you so much.”

Hearing this, Nightmare’s eyes widened, never had someone said they loved her. Her own eyes began to swell from the declaration.

“You’re welcome,” she paused, ”...and I love you too.”

Next prompt: Sweet

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