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Best Librarian Twilight is just so darn shippable, she has story collaborations with Luna, Celestia, Chrysalis, even Cadence!

Left out of the micro-story goodness is Our Blessed Lady, Nightmare Moon. Oh, the shame!

Why don't we fix that? Assuming we have enough interest, we can have our own little MoonLight collab. The other Twilight x Princess collabs work quite well, so I think the same basic submission rules & guidelines should work.

Anyone up for it? I'd be happy to host the story collection, unless Peppy or someone else would rather do so.

Here, I even fabbed up some simple cover art (thanks to the MLP Vectorclub):

(Full Moon Fever is just a suggestion. I'm sure you can do better.)

Uuuuum... damn it. I really want to get involved in this, but between Twysalis, my story Supersymmetry, and college, I just... I just can't. Will favorite and read it when it goes up, though.

I think Peppy is permabanned. I'd be up for participating. There's only like, what, one active MoonLight story going on right now? Not enough of it and it must be rectified.

I'll write some. It should be fun.

...I can't promise much but all my yes! remember to link back to the hive my little Drone ^^:heart:

3576147 All these collabs are going to kill me. But I'd die with a smile on my face.

3576999 I know, right? It's turning exponential, or something. Geometric at the very least.

3577013 more like a Gaussian distribution. We're probably around the top of the collab-creation bell curve right now. I'm sure we'll run out of pairings to write these for soon :P

And we all know the end game is the Twiquestria collab where Twilight has smexy romance with the whole country/planet.

....:facehoof: or :rainbowlaugh:?

Really I can't decide if this is just crazy stupid or crazy awesome.

3577606 How you people keep finding my story notes is beyond me.:trollestia:

Crazy Stupid Awesome

Oh, let's make sure Twilight even tames the heart of the evil goddess.

I have an interest. I'm gonna ship Purplesmart with everything that moves! And some things that don't!

3578252 T-T-T-TwiBook!

I'd definitely be up for writing some MoonLight!

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