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The winter weather has played havoc on poor Scootaloo. She's suffering from one of the worst colds on record! And Rainbow Dash, being the helpful guardian she is, decides to do whatever she can to make her feel better. It will involve board games. It will involve medicine and making sure Scootaloo gets her rest. But first, it's cheering the little filly up through mischievous means.

A quick, cute, one-and-done story inspired by the cover photo.

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After a terrible fire nearly claims the lives of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rainbow Dash has to seriously consider what it takes to be a sister when she has to face the prospect of disciplining the newly-adopted Scootaloo.

Nopony ever said that being a good big sister was gonna be easy.

Big props to Isseus and ShootingStar159 for pre-reading and editing.

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After living in a state of depression you realize the only source of happiness is in the show My Little Pony. But sadly, cartoons don't love back. It is a term you have grown to hate. But after a freak accident in Equestria, will your life turn out for the better? All you need is a bundle of joy - or six - to show you the right path.

NOTE: Two things. One, the beautiful cover art was made by Bitter-Knitter. Link to his/her deviantart page: http://bitter-knitter.deviantart.com/
And also, this is my first fanfic, so be wary of that. I will continue my writing only if supported to do so.

EDIT: Ho-ly shi-t. Did not expect in a million years to have this much support ;) THANK YOU!!

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