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All I ask is that you give it a chance...


A changeling-alicorn hybrid -an abomination from a time when Discord ruled Equestria- returns to Equestria thousands of years later, having been raised in a world not his own with a skill-set the likes of which Equestria has never seen. This is his story.

Any form of criticism is appreciated.

Inspired by this thread. The character concept belongs to this fellow whereas I fleshed out the story and character that is Selas Nightwind.


Story takes place some time after Season 3 but before Season 4, on account of me not having seen it.

Many thanks to ChasingResonance for editing/proofing/motivating!

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A concept that many beings strive tirelessly for throughout their entire existence, yet also might never have the privilege to see.

A concept that the whole of Equestria might finally be able to enjoy for a good long while.
Nightmare Moon has been defeated and Princess Luna restored, the changeling invasion was repelled, King Sombra was banished eternally and the Crystal Empire returned to its former glory, and even Discord himself was eventually reformed towards a better state. Indeed, it could be said that the ponies of Equestria might finally be able to relax and recuperate from many an averted crisis.

But peace is a fragile thing...is it not?

Since her recovery, Princess Luna has been pushing herself ever harder towards finally gaining her subject's acceptance that she longs for so much. However, as the months drag on, the stress has slowly begun threatening to bring her towards the breaking point. Whilst seeking out what she believes might finally show the ponies that she only means well, the Princess of the Night happens to stumble upon something not ever once seen upon the face of the planet. A piece of ancient knowledge, all but completely lost to the passage of time.

However, even the greatest of knowledge...has the potential for unmatched destruction.

I won't ask that you take it easy on me, only that you try to keep any criticism on the constructive level (unless I do something blatantly stupid and abhorrent...). In turn, I will do my absolute best to take all of your suggestions to mind, and attempt improve the story in any fields necessary.
All in all...it won't be perfect, but it is my greatest hope that it will in some way pique your interests.

Proofreading credits go out to Chasing Resonance

Cover art was commissioned by Eosphorite over on Deviantart.

Chapters (9)
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