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I’m a Brony since the late of April 2013. I love Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Flitter, Cayenne, and Moonlight Raven. I love metal music and getting along with others.

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When Twilight discovers she gained the power of immortality along with the ability to control the sun and moon from Celestia and Luna, she decides immortality is a fate worse than death and decides she must give her power to someone else rather than suffer generations of loss.

Now has a midquel taking place between chapters one and two, Luster Dawn Friendship Successor.

Was for a long time deleted and combined into one story after being edited. Luster Dawn New Days. Read whichever one you want but this is the original story brought back at the request of another user. The first story of the Successor Verse.

Authors Notes: These stories use a theory I developed gathering info through the mlp wiki rather than the widely believed theory that immortality is the ability of alicorns.

If you believe immortality is a gift you are entitled to your opinion, but please be respectful. I'm trying to give people who don't want Twilight to suffer the curse of immortality an alternative. I would not read this if you are someone who firmly believes immortality is a gift.

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