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Patriot Pony

I like military, metal music, and I love Princess Luna. And I have mild autism. I'm a brony since before my 21 Birthday. And I would also honestly would write stories of any different types.


Suffering Anxiety and Depression Disorders · 7:00pm March 14th

Guys, I do have a confession to make! I have Depression and Anxiety Disorders, despite that I have mild autism.

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Feeling Depressed · 11:40pm March 13th

I’m just sad of FiM is coming to an end, and the same time I’m feeling a bit upset of the briny fandom is dying. I don’t want the fandom to fade, but to continue to coexist. I want every brony know that they’re not the only one as I am. And I never felt that upset of this in my life, and I hope G5 MLP will be decent.

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Jacksepticeye hits 11 million Subs! · 1:52am Jun 21st, 2016

Hey everypony! Jacksepticeye just hit this milestone, 11,000,000! Let`s celebrate!

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Happy Mother's day! · 6:18pm May 7th, 2016

I want to wish everypony and everyone a Happy Mother's day! Hope you spend time with your moms and grandmas for the holiday! And stay safe wherever you guys are.

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