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I’m a Brony since the late of April 2013. I love Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Flitter, Cayenne, and Moonlight Raven. I love metal music and getting along with others.

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Besides Princess Luna plays video games and royal duties, she came across in human world, American Metalcore band, Blessthefall. She then also checks out bands like; The Color Morale, Memphis May Fire, Phinehas, Caliban, and Miss May I. She then became fascinated with Metalcore music, which she never heard before in her immortality. She then decided to form her own Metalcore band. Is it going to be "fun" for the Mare of the night? Will her sister not mind about it? Let's find out.

this fan fiction isn't going to be will-written. I hoped to do my best to keep this in mind. Hope you enjoy. I also would not make a crossover with other shows and all, but with music that I enjoyed listening. And I would put videos are music related. That's it!

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On one Peaceful day at Canterlot, one of Princess Luna's Royal Guards has a plan to make them laugh and to enjoy. He done it before and knew that they haven't tried it before. So this is a story of about Golden Star, an autistic Royal Guard of Princess Luna, plans to make his superiors to laugh about and remember how funny they could inhale gas called helium to do funny and ridiculous voice sounds.

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