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Princess of the Night, Mover of the Moon, Sentinel of the Dreamlands, Marshall of the Night Watch, Co-Regent of Equestria... Luna has many titles, and as many duties: to keep the night soft and safe; to keep her subjects hale, in flesh and in dreams; to keep her realm and its allies strong.

But sometimes, all she wants is to be there for her sister. Is that too much to ask?

Chapters (3)

Carrot Top's best friend, Derpy Hooves, has always been... different. She has always had difficulties dealing with life's exigencies. And Carrot Top has always been there to help. Through highs and lows, through thick and thin, no matter what. She takes care of Derpy—that's what friends do.

But who takes care of her?

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When a crash reveals how badly Rainbow Dash has been neglecting proper hoof care, her friends insist she get a hooficure. It's for her own good, after all! But why does the prospect seem to bother her so much? A concerned Fluttershy tries to help... and uncovers a painful secret she never suspected.

Rainbow has always kept her friends at foreleg's length -- can the two ponies' relationship survive such close contact?

Chapters (7)