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Princess of the Night, Mover of the Moon, Sentinel of the Dreamlands, Marshall of the Night Watch, Co-Regent of Equestria... Luna has many titles, and as many duties: to keep the night soft and safe; to keep her subjects hale, in flesh and in dreams; to keep her realm and its allies strong.

But sometimes, all she wants is to be there for her sister. Is that too much to ask?

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Why doesn't this story have a Celestia tag?


The tags are for characters that are of major importance to the story, to help fans of those characters find stories about them. While Celestia is a critical element of the story, she is mostly involved in absentia, as presence in the backdrop of Luna's thoughts; she will only appear in the last two chapters of the story. She is not an actor in the story, and so I felt the tag was not warranted.

This is an awesome story. You have captured Luna almost perfectly.

Have you seen season 7's "A Royal Problem"? That reveals more about Celestia and Luna's relationship. The 200th episode in season 9, "Twilight's Seven" also featured them, however, it mainly focused on Twilight and Shining Armor.

I'm afraid I haven't seen it--I stopped watching the show when my mother died, about 3 years ago, and have only watched a couple episodes since... and I'll watch them in order, or not at all.

It doesn't really matter, though. I rushed the first chapter of this story out so it would publish just before the episode that revealed that Luna dreams, because I'd decided that she didn't for this story, that she was always partway into dreams and thus no longer dreamed herself. By getting it out just before that episode aired and made her dreaming canon, I can say that I'm continuing a vision of the show I had before they dashed it. (Had that episode come out first, I would have abandoned or substantially altered the story, as I like to play around within canon rather than re-write it.)

One of my other still-unfinished stories, "Who Pulls the Plough," is inspired by Derpy and Carrot Top's portrayal in the season 2 episode "The Last Round-Up," and so features an Equestrian population that is overwhelmingly skewed towards the female sex, as it appeared thus early in the show. Part of the fun was thinking of how such a population might sustain itself.

I already know generally what will happen in all three of my unfinished-for-years stories; I won't alter them just because the show's creators write faster than myself. If it's too divergent, we can just say it's mildly Alternate Universe.

Good, good, GOOD!

I can only hope that I won’t have to wait too long for the next chapter.

Fun first chapter. Despite this chapter being almost entirely an info dump about how this world works I was engaged the whole way through. Well done.

Oh jeez, you've got me hooked but good. I really like the originality of the Heart-of-the-Mountain monster. Its not yet another cockatrice or manticore. Good descriptions of what it looks like and how it moves. Makes for a genuinely intimidating force that gives the story urgency. Excellent Luna adventure fic!

Luna NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gerd darn it! I didn't just get into this story to have the most epic of cliff hangers! Oh jeez. Curious what you'll do with it now. The Heart of the Mountain reminds me of the corruption demons from Princes Mononoke. Also, bat ponies are rad.

Luna, Princess of the Night, Mover of the Moon, Sentinel of the Dreamlands, Marshall of the Night Watch, Co-Regent of Equestria, once Bearer of the Elements of Harmony, and the bearer of several other titles besides, shifted on her reclining couch to take a quiet sip of crystal berry wine. It had been quite some time since she had last used a drinking straw; the novelty amused her.

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