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Right... where were we again? · 5:35am Jul 19th, 2022

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He's alive!!!!!!! Glad to see you're back, I hope everything is going well on yourside!

Uh I think we left off on your family and you. Or was it batty family I can't remember

Oh hai gurrlfrend

MOAR Mask she Wears chapters!!!!!

You were about to teach us what BM meant.

After that was Nora getting spitroasted by Princess Luna and "Princess" Celestia.

I think you were gonna write us some sexy Ember fics.

Something about bats??

The past was blast, the future is a present to look forward to, if you continue your art in text form ♡

'Your Family and You' is something i look forward to!

I remember Cadence was leading Selene through the Castle when Celestia found them, and had a panic attack, because she's incapable of letting go of the dead.

Nora was drinking with "Majestic Sky" and some other friends.

Well Holy shite, the prodigal sons return

Welcome back; Frien

Author Interviewer

Any more YH&Y: D&L coming?


Glad you're back.

Oh, it appears the zombie hoard has yet to claim you. Good to see you again.

5673509 It's getting better now that a new company has taken over us, and I'm no longer expected to work almost 60+ hours a week.

5673513 Definitely! It's one of the stories I miss working on!

5673545 I want to work on Selena more, but first I need to do some tweaks to the past chapters. Rereading the chapters made me cringe at how edgy my past self was. Just a few edits here and there, but the next chapter is definitely on my mind!

Welcome back! Are you going to continue “Chris’s batty family”?

Fingers crossed for more Batty Family. Glad to see you back though

Pretty sure their co writer is busy so it is on hold.

I'm just waiting for the next part of "Shoot for the moon". Man, what a great story.

Welcome back.

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