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What In The World Happened To MadMaxtheBlack - Corona Edition · 6:23am Apr 2nd, 2020

*pours a glass of whiskey. Adds a drop of coke. Chugs it*

Welp. Here we are. And what a month it was. Let's start from the beginning.

At the start of March, I got a mini-promotion at work: a different shift, a slightly higher wage, and more hours. A lot more hours. I went from working thirty-four hours a week to almost sixty. The new increased paycheck was nice, but unfortunately, I was so exhausted when I got home that I would just collapse into bed, fall asleep, and remain asleep until it was time to go to work again. And this lasted for about two weeks.

Then, the coronavirus hit.

There were seven cases in the same county as my work on practically day one of the news going public. Fifteen miles from where I worked. And the numbers only increased daily. I thought for sure that I'd be getting my hours cut (which, while meaning a smaller paycheck, also meant more time for writing). However, apparently my new position meant that I was more essential than my other coworkers, which meant that while most of my coworkers were getting their hours cut, I maintained my normal shifts.

Okay, cool. I'll take the money, especially in this time of confusion and uncertainty. After a week or so, they decided that there wasn't enough business to continue that though, and finally, we got our hours cut as well. Instead of getting home at 2.30 - 3.00 in the morning, I was now getting home at 1.30 instead.

The first day of my new, reduced schedule, I got home at 1.00am, a whole half-an-hour early. I was going to grab a bite to eat, and take advantage of this extra time and get some writing done. I arrived home, expecting everyone to be asleep and to have the house to myself. Instead, as I was coming in, my dad was in the process of leaving in a hurry.

My grandfather had passed away.

Needless to say, that hit all of us rather hard. Yes, he had been getting on in his years, and he was dealing with dialysis and diabetes and other things. But still, the suddenness of his passing combined with the current global situation left all of us stunned.

It's been about a week and a half since his passing, and despite having more free time now due to a reduction in hours, I find myself unable to get motivated enough to do anything productive. I just eat, sleep, and mindlessly play video games or watch tv until it's time for work; just going through the motions until it's time to sleep again. It's getting a little better, and I'm hoping that as more time goes on I'll be able to find more motivation. There's still so much I want to tell you guys--so many more chapters I want to write for all of my different stories--but at the moment I'm just taking everything day by day.

I hope you all understand.

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Sorry to hear about that man, just try to take care of your self and stay healthy. Never easy dealing with so much all at once so do try to spend time with your family, they understand better than any of us what your going through.

I lost a grandparent not too long ago myself. Take all the time you need.

I recently lost a good friend, and have lost more than a few other family members and other friends in the last year or two. Shit gets hard, no doubt about that. So, I think I can speak for most of us who can identify with your struggles, take your time. Get yourself in a better headspace, take care of your family, and come back when you know you can do your best.

Lots of us have been waiting for the next chapter to drop, there are more important things that seeing how things will progress in your story. Namely, you, the author.

Take care and we'll be here when you get back. But if writing can help you cope, by all means, but those emotions to text. Even if you don't share them, just get them out of your head. That's what I've been doing, and in some ways, you've helped to inspire my story in terms of trying to capture the epic themes while mixing in humor. (I think I told you before?)

Regardless, get well soon, bro.

I’m very sorry for your loss, take all the time you need.

Please take all the time you need. Everyone here will agree. Take all the time you need. I know the feeling well. We can wait. You heal. That is what is important.

I'm really sorry to hear that, it's understandable to need a little time after all that happening so quickly. Hope you stay safe and that you and your family can begin to recover from your loss.

Best wishes to you and yours, we'll be here when you're ready! :twilightsmile:
Also, I have to mention that whiskey and a drop of coke was Dimebag Darrell's favorite (called it Blacktooth Grin), so you're a man of culture. :ajsmug:

Big oof. Stay safe out there!

We totally understand. Times are crazy enough but to compound it with loss would leave anyone in s fugue state.
Take care and come back to us when you're ready.

I'm sorry for your loss and I'm sure all your readers are with me in saying that your priority is that you take care of yourself

I do understand, and I'm sorry all that stuff happened to you. I know we haven't talked as much as we used to, but it's good to know what you're okay, despite the situation you're in. And when I said I do understand, you know I do because you're seeing what I went through when I lost my grandmother a few years back. Probably comes off wrong more than I want it, but I'm here for you man. You're still a cool guy and it's been a blast knowing you and talking with you.

Good Luck and my condolences man

Absolutely. We're in a time of sorrow and survival.

Family and health come first. We understand.

I lost my dad in January so I totally understand. It gets better with time.

Sorry about your grandfather, man. Take all the time you need.

Sorry for your loss though I am glad you got a promotion. Take your time.

Absolutely understand. Be well, persevere, and think equine thoughts.

i am sorry for your loss, take the time you need and take care of yourself !

We understand your absence. Take all the time you need, friendo

Christ mate, take your time. Funny horse words can wait.

Sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Take as long as you need to deal with the multiple crises that the world seems to be dumping in your lap all at once, because we will all be waiting here for you to return. In the meantime, stay safe & stay healthy.

No worries on my part, Max, take as much time as you need.
First, your health, both phisical and mental. And then the fic.

We'll be waiting for you to be ready :pinkiehappy:

No worries friend, glad to hear you're still with us, life happens! We will be here waiting for you whenever you recover. Take care of yourself first and foremost!

sorry for your loss, stay safe and take your time

I feel this blog post hard, take care of yourself king.

I'm very sorry to hear that. I had a close call with my grandparents a few days ago when someone ran a red light and T-boned them. The car was totaled but they were lucky enough to escape with only heavy bruising. I didn't find out about their condition for the whole day though since we couldn't go to the hospital. I'm sorry to hear that your grandfather passed on but I hope he is in a better place now. As for your updating just don't feel pressured into anything. Your mental health is worth more than any story. Hope you feel better soon.:pinkiesmile:

Take all the time you need buddy. Ponies can wait.

Take your time, the passing of family is hard.

I lost my grandfather I believe about mid 2018 and it hit hard for me too man I hope all the best to you and that things work out I'm very sorry to hear of this, take care of your self ok.

Completely understandable. My condolences. Take your time. I'm sure many of us will still be here.

Take as much time as you need...we'll be here:heart:.

I recently lost my mother to cancer, so I know the feeling of how it is to lose a family member. So take all the time you need

I'm late to this, but I'll still leave a friendly comment.

Take all the time you need. It's alright to feel lost or confused, or just taking everything one day at a time.

Life is full of strange events, and you can't plan out everything. Sometimes just going one step at a time, or doing everything as your thinking it, is the best option.

Your stories are well worth waiting for, I can tell you that. No matter how long you might be gone for, people will be waiting for you.

Seriously, take care. We've lost too many people in the world. It's always better to take care of yourself than force yourself, now more than ever.

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