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An Adventure into Mediocrity · 4:03am Aug 26th, 2019

So. This is it, eh? Your Human and You gets a sequel. Going into this story, I have a general idea of where I want it to go. No behind the scenes tomfoolery, no hidden enemy lurking in the background, no long, convoluted plots—just Max and his moronic adventures.

Although, as I sit down and beginning plotting out the stupid, obnoxious Slice-of-Life tales you all so clearly want, I have to wonder. Is there anything you guys and gals would want to see? Anything that you might want me to expand on? More food porn? More sex scenes? More Max and Primrose getting fucking high and doing stupid shit because 'originality'? No guarantees that you'll see what you want in the story, but I am curious to see what people expect from Your Family and You.

Also, sorry for the blog spam of two blogs back-to-back...

Report MadMaxtheBlack · 1,241 views · Story: Your Family and You ·
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Comments ( 44 )

More primrose and max stuff. That shits good.

I'd like to see more of Sunny Breeze: we didn't get to see Max's reaction to the injuries his first friend in Equestria sustained. Also, Lyra and Shooting Star have good chemistry, so it'd be wonderful to see more of them.

If you want a slice of life thing how about Max playing some dungeons and dragons?

Two things: the implications of slavery, and the inherent differences between primates and equines.

Slavery as a society-wide institution will be on its way out in Equestria, but nothing that big stops all that fast. Show all the little disruptions that it causes, all the ways this good and necessary change still hurts individuals caught up in it. Make us miss the good old days of bondage we escaped in YHAY.

We should also see free humans trying (and often failing) to find their place in the world. Racism is discredited (in polite company) here on Earth, but all humans really are pretty closely related. We’re a young species with low overall genetic diversity as these things go. In Equestria though, the attitude is much more justified because the differences are more real. What can humans do that nopony can? How can they turn that into a stable living? What will it all look like a few generations hence?

You don’t need an epic plot line of Max and Co Saving The World to explore these issues. They’re best explored from ground level, one petty (but not-so-petty to those involved) little problem at a time. And ya: Max and Primrose, sex scenes, and stupid shit all have a big role to play too!

The diversity in jobs, the problems with lack of job experience, ponies being biased against humans, nobles lobbying for the keeping of humans as slaves, etc.

You do write some fine clop

Honestly? I'd like to see just more of his "normal" (And really as NORMAL as it gets) life. Day to day, living as he does and seeing the ponies/characters around him reacting to his new found voice and just expanding on those interactions/relationships/friendships with the others in the mane 6 and beyond.

Honestly? I'd love to see him confront Ms Cake about the shit she tried to pull. I can see it now. Kick open the door, walk in silently, lean over the counter and stare her right in the face. "Stop. Trying. To. Fuck. Me." Turns heel and leaves.

I'm really just glad to see more of this shit, even if it's just Max laying on the floor and screaming into the floor boards. Still readable to me.


Straight to the point i like that

5111679 Oh. Don't you worry, my friend. :trollestia:

I want to see more of Max being an epic Troll on Celestia. Plus I think he is now the new Discord as Paul is dead and Max would make a great god of Chaos.

Does Twilight ever actually wear the collar pictured in the cover art?

5111690 Of fucking course, mate. We gonna be getting all kind of weird with this story.

Comment posted by Windy_Swirl deleted Aug 26th, 2019

Mrs Cake's reaction to finding out Max is sentient.


still waiting on the cute Irish lass to get dicked down by Celestia

Actually I was just wondering if Max knew about Twilight’s pregnancy and his reaction to it. Thanks!!!

Let's see if I remember what was on my "oh man I wish YHaY covered that" list...

- Max's reaction to Twilight's pregnancy
- Ms. Cake, reaction to knowing Max was sentient all along
- The picture on the cover shows Twilight in her Castle, are we getting chapters with your version of 'Twilight's Kingdom' like you did with 'Princess Twilight Sparkle'?
- How will the Canterlot elite react to the sapience of Humans
And last but not least:
- More of Max digesting and living in a world where basically his race was treated like pets and now must earn their place in society.

Also, while Slice of Life stuff is good, I'd like to see at least some mini-arcs with a more deep plot to keep us on our toes all the time once more.

Thanks a lot for writing this sequel, YHaY is hands down the fic that I've re-read the most and I always have a blast doing it. Can't wait for what's to come!

Jokku #22 · Aug 26th, 2019 · · 11 ·

Anything but sex scenes please

I want to see more stuff with twilights family. I love seeing velvet act like a mom

I'd really like to see Max learning about Twilight's pregnancy.

I'd also love to see more of Pyresteed. Though I agree with Max... that's a terrible name for a human.

No behind the scenes tomfoolery, no hidden enemy lurking in the background, no long, convoluted plots—just Max and his moronic adventures.

O Rly?

I wanna see Max and Primrose getting high and doing stupid shit personally!
I also want to see Ms. Cake's reaction to Max's sentience.
Maybe some CMC antics.

Oh and also Twilight’s family reaction to her being pregnant.

Holdup, I don't recall seeing Max's reaction to Twi being pregnant. Was there one, or did my reading bender coupled with sipping whiskey all day result in me just failing to note that amongst all the hubbub going on at the end of the tale?

Celestia needs to face some actual consequences for her crimes. Almost every bad thing that happens in YHAY can be traced directly to her violating the mind and body of the human that would become Discord; not to mention how she essentially sentences all the Earth Humans to death via drowning when she sends them home. A gentle slap across the face from a crippled, half-dead human is insufficient comeuppance for her crimes.

That a whle different story. But yes you are correct.

And for shits and giggles for myself, Max taking all of Twi's meat.

Comment posted by Masterbeef117 deleted Aug 26th, 2019

Just please for the sanity of the 2 people that probably agree with me no sex scenes

Edit: wow a lot of people dislike this comment when I said "2 people" I was joking didn't think it would be close to a reality :/.

Big oof

Oh, I know one. I want to see Max just epic kick some dick bag of a pony in the face. Just that long wind upswing and BAM! right in the muzzle sending them end over end. Don't care the reason, just to see it happen.

“No behind the scenes tomfoolery, no hidden enemy lurking in the background, no long, convoluted plots—just Max and his moronic adventures.”

Doubt. I give you ten chapters tops before some hidden plots starts taking shape.

I definitely agree, the chapters with Twilight's family were great, and I felt like they were not really present after they learned he was intelligent. While the family dinner thing has already been done twice, I would love to see them and Max discover Twi's pregnancy at the same time :twilightsheepish:

I mean, I kinda get the impression that you don't actually want to write this story. Which would be fine with me, really. I thought YHAY ended perfectly fine... well, except for the part where Twilight never told Max about their spawn. But that reeked of "babies ever after", so I was fine with ignoring it.

This setting got me and the couple of fellow bronies I knew back in the day squealing like fangirls. I absolutely love the way you do slice of life and Max shenanigans.
BUT... personal opinions ahead... I absolutely hated the way you did the whole “enemy lurking in the shadows” and “Long convolute plot-ings”. To the point that I ended up jumping out of the train of this story.
But now this sequel is about the good stuff and I have mixed feelings about revisiting the first story... I’ll probably stick to the sequel.

in the middle of re-reading YHAY & i've come up with something else i would like in the sequel, just let Melodic Wind be okay, i want things to be all better for her =(

Honestly just more max being max. The first book is my all time favorite story. I would like to see more interaction between vinyl and max. And more cute scenes with twi. Other than that keep up the great work I eagerly await each chapter. I personally hope this book is at least as long as the first! :twilightsmile:

If you're still listening to suggestions and this is something you would be able to add, I would like to see more of Sunny Breeze because she was one of my favorite characters and I kind of wish to see more of her.

perhaps you could focus on Max having a growing frustration on his lack of control he has on his life and a continuation of his story could be about not just accepting the world around him but about him figuring out what to do with his new reality and starting a family is a perfect place to start when one decides where he currently resides is an acceptable place to start building a new life for himself

5111683 Nope, the exact opposite with Mrs Cake, he needs to fuck with her. Turn her on, get her slick, then hand her a carrot. Mic drop the fuck out.

Oh I second that melodic wind thing

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