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Ministry of Image - Your Human and You Book Printing Poll · 2:52am Dec 4th, 2020

Some news, everyone!

The amazing folks at the Ministry of Image have expressed interest in doing a physical edition of Your Human and You. It's not a sure thing right now, as they are currently in the polling phase for their next printing project. However, if you're interested, you can click HERE to go and vote in their poll (please only vote if you are indeed interested in getting a physical copy).

Here's the info of Your Human and You's possible print:

Your Human and You. Three books, 10-70 pictures (we'll discuss it with the author). The approximate price is 90$ + delivery cost.

I've always been hesitant to do a physical copy of the book (you are your own worst critic, after all), but I guess we'll just let the readers decide instead!

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Ah, hell yeah! :yay:
Just got my copy of Five Scores and this was next on my wishlist.

if only I could get my lazy ass and get a job for some money instead of being poor AF

Just curious, do they get permission from Hasbro to make and sell these books? Cause that seems like a legal fiasco especially with crossover fanfiction like fallout: equestria and stardust. Then again there might be a law I don't know about that allows them to do so. If anyone knows that would be nice

I love that both "Your Human and You" was well as "Fallout Equestria: Heroes" are both options. Truthfully I wish the sequel to "Past Sins," "Winter Bells" was also an option. Maybe next time.

Good luck having "Your Human and You" picked, that's what I voted for anyway.

Hopefully Hasbro has a sense of humor and will let you publish your parody and sell it to the masses!😎👍

The author Pen Stroke actually has those available in a collection he made on Lulu if you're interested. I bought it, and it looks great.

It was a tough choice between Fallout Equestria Heroes and Your human and You, but I went with you first. YH&Y is what got me back into FIMfic after a four year hiatus.

As someone who has two print books out with a third on the way, I look at it the same way I do a vendor hall at a con, and those people bring in thousands of dollars in a weekend as opposed to the few hundred I've made over the course of a few years.

Plus Hasbro probably doesn't know. Plus a lot of authors sell at cost, so there's no legal iffyness there.

Thank you I may just get this.

At first I was like, three books? Ninety dollars!? Then I looked at the word count and remembered YHaY is the better part of 2/3 of a million words. And was like..."Yeah, that makes sense."


(Looks at my wallet......)

I will find a way!!!

This was my 1st ever fanfic, and now because of it I've read almost every story over 500,000 words. I'd be more than happy to buy it if it wins. *if I have the money for it at the time* and if not I'll save up till I do.

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