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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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G5 vs. Young 6: the numbers · 9:44am Jul 13th, 2022

There were some Discord discussions recently: who has more stories, the G5 cast or the Friendship students?

I took  a minute to investigate:

Note that I shall define "Y6" as Gallus, Silverstream, Sandbar, Ocellus, Smolder, and Yona, and "G5-five" as Sunny, Izzy, Hitch, Pipp, and Zipp.

"Porn" is not defined as the #porn tag, but instead, as "#sex + #mature" tags.

Some conclusions jump out.

  • The G5-five have a mean of 253 stories, compared to 251 for the Y6, despite being three years newer.
  • Cozy Glow is the run-away most popular character, but perhaps surprisingly, has the lowest percent porn.
  • Terramar is the least written-about of the school cohort, but has the highest percentage of porn stories. (I'm doing my part dot gif.)
  • Yona is, perhaps unsurprisingly, far and away the least popular Young 6, and single-hoofedly dragged their mean down.
  • The Y6's median is higher than the G5-five's, due to the skew in the distribution that is Yona.
  • Pipp, perhaps surprisingly, has the highest Mature-percentage porn of the G5-five. I assume this is because Pipp Streams Lewd.
  • Hitch has the lowest Mature percentage of the G5-five; I need to bump that up.

Anything else seem interesting in the data?

Comments ( 12 )

Fun and weird fact: I’m still the only writer who has done watersports of Hitch, even though there are a couple of other stories having that stuff. Where’s Shakespearicles when we need him?! :rainbowhuh:

perhaps surprisingly

Odd. In art, Golly is apparently for porn.

I think I did the first Pipp watersports though. And possibly the first Pipp streams lewd?

Hmm, I wonder if the trends in art are similar. Or whether all boorus would have similar ratios.

I find your porn number actually fascinating because I started on a similar bit of research over the July 4th weekend. You and I arrived at roughly the same numbers (likely due to different sample dates), but here's a bit of additional info to guide things: most characters on the site average about a 15% porn percent. The Y6 are actually significantly above-average on that rank. (The Mane 6 as a comparative example range from Pinkie's 12.1% to Rarity's 19.5% with a dead average of 15.006%.)

There's also the fact that Pipp has the only canonical sibling in G5. This is presumably why said sister is the runner-up and their mother is somewhere in between.

Well, incest seems to be one of fimfic's most popular fetishes (also, Pipp being a streamer provides an easy porn setup).

Incest is one of the fetishes that benefit most from the pre-established characters that fanfiction inherently provides, so I'm not surprised.

I’m not sure why Yona’s lack of popularity would be unsurprising. Yaks best.

Still, fascinating stuff.

The Young 6 in general have a high percentage of porn, but I suppose that's because of their Highschool Students status :ajsmug:

Ha, that's great.

Stay classy, Fimfic. Stay classy. (Don't tell anyone I wrote the first Pipp-Zipp-Haven-Hitch foursome.)

Yona is difficult to make interesting. Or tolerable. The Terramar bit surprised me most, but maybe shouldn't have.

Yeah, I think so.


Fans think of her as a ”hairy girl” or too childlike to like. I find her just adorable.

I find the hulk-speak insufferable. I can't stand any of the yak episodes (Yona or Rutherford).

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