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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • 1 week
    Anyone play Pony Waifu Sim?

    Pony Waifu Sim is a MLP: Fim fan made game. Has anyone played it? I find it's great fun, it made me smile.

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  • 1 week
    Homophobic Encounter

    Sorry, if this comes across as a little bit of a rant. I had a few beers. I was drinking some beers with some guys (one of them was my good friend) others were I never really met. I made small talk, talking about video games and stuff. Out of nowhere at some point, one guy came up to me and said "Are you gay"?

    I replied with "If I was gay, I could destroy your entire life."

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  • 4 weeks
    The best moment in all of Star Wars

    You can hear the spark of the light side there. Just for a moment. Despite how far he had fallen.

    "It is too late for me, son."

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  • 5 weeks
    Defending the rights of the inferior

    A drunk blog, forgive me. Some MLP FIM Fans made some truly disgusting stories. Like Friendship is Optimal/The Conversion Bureau. I don't care if humanity is inferior, we still have a right to exist. A bunch of high elf imperials impose human life does not matter. I don't care if humans are mortal or whatever, this is quite frankly disgusting.

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  • 8 weeks
    I got Grammarly premium

    So... my awful stories may get slightly better. It helped me quite a lot with my new story Horse Talk.

    In other news. How are you my followers?

    16 comments · 122 views

I got Grammarly premium · 8:11pm June 15th

So... my awful stories may get slightly better. It helped me quite a lot with my new story Horse Talk.

In other news. How are you my followers?

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Comments ( 16 )

Doing good.

How much does premium costs?

Something like 12 dollars (I think, I don't live in the US). It tells you on the site.

Doing good. Graduated from school today. I'm exhausted.

Right now, I'm currently with my girlfriend/partner and our daughter.

Bendy #4 · June 15th · · ·

Ah, nice. Hope you have a good day.

Ah. Kk. Thanks

Hot. Uncomfortably sweaty and miserably hot.

American sun is hell, I guess?

I live in the Deep South, in GA. Southeast GA. I'd kill someone to have the NYC summer sun, I mean an honest, hardworking person with a spouse and kids who are expecting them to come home. It's 98 F(36 C for those who are in the rest of the world) and it's only halfway through June. When August gets here and the dog days start, it's going to be brutal.

I'm doing quite well, thanks Bendy

Glad to hear it.

I wonder if cold shower could work? Or something like a near by river to cool off.

Not to good. Sister broke my arm. She jumped over the back of the couch and landed on me.

Dang. I hope you things be okay.

A cold shower would cause muscle cramps and can cause shock. Cool showers work for a short time until the heat and humidity starts kicking your ass again. The nearest river is 12 miles away and I've got no car.

Mildly cold water?

I dunno. It seemed you forced to suffer then.

We’re followers cuz you write :pinkiecrazy:

A lot about big fat pony butt.

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